8pen Wordcup (game) for PC and MAC

Nice idea A game is a nice way to teach people something. Personally it bugs up on level five, but that's a technical thing. As soon as that's fixed I think this would be a great way to learn 8pen. After using the practice feature with the longest word I could think of... I need all the help learning I can get!

How to use 8pen Wordcup (game) for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type 8pen Wordcup (game) in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use 8pen Wordcup (game) on your PC or MAC.

Can't evaluate Like AJ, I am unable to get past Level 3 because the T just doesn't work. I am on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Hope they fix it, as I would like to test the 8pen method of typing/swyping.

Buggy, directionless The concept is hard enough. Fail to explain (the video on the 8pen app should be the first thing shown when the game opens), then add lots of bugs and you've done everything required to prevent someone from bothering with 8pen. ESPECIALLY since it's a paid app.

Excellent, but stopped working on my S4 If you're interested in using 8pen this is the best way to "try" it out. However, it stops working at level 1-5 on my Samsung Galaxy S4

Needs a lot of work I can open level 4 but letters don't show up to play. I suggest that anyone having this problem email the developers. This would definitely be a big help learning the keyboard. I really feel as though I rewarded the developer by buying the keyboard even though this experience was so bad. If you want to know what I think of the keyboard, I think it has a lot of promise even though it isn't there yet. I'll write more about that in a review of the actual keyboard.

Stopped working This game is a pretty good idea to teach people how to use the 8pen keyboard but letters/words stopped popping up on level 5 on my nexus 5. I think ill just stick with the swype keyboard

Great game for learning It's a great game for learning the keyboard. I give it three stars thou. I must say that although it does provide a way to learn it somehow, sometimes knows to get frustrating. For example as I play through the levels I've noticed that much of the levels are way to long, and I find myself not finishing a level just because I am tired of writing the same LAST word over and over again. I get tired and I lose the level just because the last word escapes. If you realy want to make a game for learning, make it to be easier on the next update. I am a great user of 8pen and this is just my opinion for the game.

Some issues Could be better with a few tweaks: * Allow settings changes that are available in the 8pen keyboard * Don't have so many levels with hard split-up-into-letter words (7-3 is ridiculous), they're just annoying and they don't teach anything you'd actually use, or show off the keyboard * LOAD FASTER! Is the Facebook integration what takes so long? Make that wait for actual login to do anything. Seriously, the game takes a really long time to load. * The Pause functionality is broken. Why does it exit the level when the screen turns off? What is the point of that? * Make it so, if you keep clicking "Back", it exits the game. Really annoying to have that prompt open that I then have to click on

Decent game, very good tutorial, nice free trial As a game, it's kind of fun. You use gestures to "shoot down" letters and words as they appear on the screen. As a tutorial for the keyboard, it's very effective, as you learn and practice common letters and simple words, building up to more complex things and increasing pace as you go. But it's most valuable to me as a free trial. I quickly learned how the keyboard works, how simple it really is to use... And how, because of my mild to moderate dyslexia, this keyboard just isn't for me.

8pen is FUN, but not fast. It's a great way to learn 8pen, though it quickly ramps the difficulty beyond novice. Slower speed and a 3 lives rule would help a lot.

Great for learning Great way to learn and get practice! However, the game stops working at level 1-5. Once fixed, this rating will easily go up to 5 stars!

Frustrating I find the game to be annoying. I used the keyboard for a while a long time ago and don't find the game's method of teaching easier than learning the positions yourself. It also makes my index finger ache. I'll try 8pen again someday but not because of this game. On the third level it's already outpaced me and getting finicky about the loops. Galaxy Nexus 4.0.4

Good 8pen learning exercise, too slow to progress I was thinking about buying the 8pen keybouard and thought I'd try this game to see how long it takes me to learn. It is good and I picked it up relatively quickly (although I didn't realise that I had to return to the center after each letter initially which I stubbled upon after many frustrating failed attempts). As a learning tool, I wish I could skip to the harder levels without going through every single beginner level to see what it is like to use the whole keyboard and not just a limited 5-10 letters. TL;DR Good game for learning on although is very slow to progress through to the harder levels.

I really want to like this, but... There's two main things that really annoy me about this method of learning 8pen, I don't know if I will buy it because of the first. The letters are really unresponsive for me, I'm doing the right movements over and over again but it's completely random whether or not it will register and type the letters. That makes me wonder if the actual keyboard is that touchy, and if so, I will be less inclined to buy it. I thought maybe I just needed to stay more towards the center lines but that didn't help, I still only get the word I'm trying to type maybe 3/5 times. Also, this is the only app I have that covers up my status bar (I have the LG Optimus V btw). Granted, I don't play any other games on my phone so maybe that's normal, but I don't like that I have to back out of the app to get to a text message or something. I really love the idea of 8pen and when I can get the game to actually respond quickly enough it's super fun... and maybe this is just an issue with the Optimus V because my Pandora app buttons are also really unresponsive. Overall though, it does make for an annoying experience.

I enjoy and hate the game and is has limits I think this game is really helpful and fun until a certain point. In Tokyo at stage 11 I can't pass because the game requires me to move faster then light. What a shame, but the game has quite a few flaws, simply lacks the appropriate build quality. I really want to get better. I will find other means...

Great idea but... Great concept but too unresponsive. Simple gestures are not always recognized on first attempt as others have commented. Would like to try the 8pen app but due to this poor "touch" experience has put me off. Also as others have said, of restarting a failed level, out shouldn't be right from the start. Gets a bit annoying and frustrating. Improve on the "flow" and I may consider to use.

Great idea, but probably not for most people I think this keyboard is really interesting. It reminds me a little of writing chinese characters. I wonder if anyone is actually faster typing with 8pen than regular keyboard or swiping. It's a great concept project. However I doubt it will gain traction. The game sure helps. But I just can't imagine it catching on in a big way. If the same could be done for flowing cursive that still resembles writing I think it could be big. Never theless, great ideas.

Fun Way To Learn New Layout I really like that that this feels less like a typing tutorial and more of a fun game that gets progressively harder. Because I play this on a tablet, and I have small hands, I have to use my stylus to really get a good flow going, even when in portrait view, but this somehow makes it more fun, to me, as it almost feels like a drawing game. My only issue is that my arm, wrist, and hand eventually tire out. But that should change, with more practice.

Good game for learning. Unlike quite a few people who rated this game poorly, its a good game and teaches you how to use the interface. After level 4 it stops giving you hints, but everything works fine. To those of you experiencing issues due to your phone, that stinks, because it really is a fun way to type.

Bug on 5 No letters shoot out at level 5. Please fix. Other than this. The app its incredible, but with this it's useless.

I love 8pen. It's the touchscreen homerow! This input method is truly amazing in how fast one can begin to type with certainty, fluidity, vocabulary, and eloquence of speed that one would only otherwise be able to achieve with a physical keyboard using touch typing. Brilliant!

Level 5 Level 5 never starts. I really can't give an app more than one star if only four levels appear to work. Happy to revaluate if level 5 is fixed.

Buggy as hell Interesting concept, but buggy as hell. When backspacing in dolphin browser often moves the cursor randomly backward. Sometimes the numpad button gets stuck, and types "1" instead of opening the n numpad. Paid $1 for this but these bugs make it unusable. Recommend not paying money for this open beta test.

Geez! app no longer on store I love the actual keyboard and had it on my last 4 phones. Have a new phone. Went to install and can't bc its not on the market. Have a htc one M9 sprint

Accuracy and responsiveness It is a great learning tool, however i think the experience is not that good. You'll need to play with your pointing finger. Thumb seems to be not working for me. But the keyboard itself is fine with me.

Good with too many flaws Level 5 does not work on my nexus 5. the letters simply do not appear and the inability to skip levels makes this game pretty much useless. That is probably why I am typing this with the Google keyboard now.

Level 5 Level 5 does not work. It would be great if there was a way to skip a level, in case this happens.

Having same issues as every one else You built the game how hard is it to fix level 5 after all these complains?

Is this some sort of joke? Can't hit more than the first letter on the first level, as it just does not respond after that.

I LOVE the 8pen keyboard but can't find the app anymore! Where is it??!! Please bring back the 8pen Keyboard.

Game stops working after level 4 Started out as a nice diversion, but the game stopped functioning after the 4th level on my Galaxy S4. If this is the level of effort they put into the "teaser" game, I see no reason to pay for the full "keyboard" app.

Level 5 unresponsive I love this keyboard but the game needs some work! It becomes unresponsive on level 5. Samsung galaxy s4 active

Meh Would be far better if the letter placement was actually the same as the latest updated 8 pen keyboard

Don't ever n bother getting the keyboard unless you want fun, not functionality. Waste of time typing this easy.

Great concept. . . The app itself is a great idea that is poorly executed. It stops working after the 5th level. Some bug fixes and we have a product!

Gets boring After a few level the game gets boring and frustrating due to the unclear instructions.

Great idea, poor attempt I would love to have a way to practice and train my self on 8pen but this apparently isn't it. The keyboard icons don't update with the next lesson unless you restart the app. Gestures often don't register. If I was an 8pen developer, I would pull this and fix it.

If I can't play the game plan I won't learn the keyboard Yes indeed at the fifth level the game no longer spits out letter combinations to enter. This is my experience on an HTC DNA.

Crashes after level 4 The game is fantastic but crashes after level 4 Please fix it is amazing

Doesn't work Ignores my input and force closes right after opening

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Price Free
App Size 16 MB
Instalations 10,000 - 50,000
Score 3.0
Developer 8pen Ltd.

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