Age of Card Fighter for PC and MAC

Original Could be an amazing game. Some ideas are PvP with leagues and ranks. Maybe some armor/ weapons that change how you look and could be enhanced. And maybe add a store for some of these items ( for both IGC and IAP currency). You could also add separate dungeons for ex. One for Extra gold and one for extra EXP, and one for enhancement materials. You could add various allies we could upgrade that auto fight behind us or give us bonuses. That we get from chests we buy or find. Hope to see some of these in future

How to use Age of Card Fighter for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Age of Card Fighter in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Age of Card Fighter on your PC or MAC.

Seems ok But more explanation could be needed. The tutorial seems very.... half-hearted. Drop rate of items used to upgrade skills could use an increase or rework on how many items drop per monster. Too time consuming to farm. Would also be useful if long pressing an icon, I could see what the buffs do for the monsters when they cast it cause right now I am clueless what does buffs even do.

Could be good Not far in so can't really judge yet,But they wanted a review. So based on the little I have played before being prompted to come here, I would say it is a good concept and has potential. Unfortunately it is pretty unpolished. The dialog is terrible, combo explanation is nowhere to be found, " you basically have to watch the combos they do and copy it. And apart from doing dungeons there is literally nothing else to do. In conclusion this has 5 star potential with 2 star execution.

Amazing potential What an awesome unique gameplay style! I love it. And yet, the execution of these ideas just falls flat. I guess maybe work a little harder on developing these ideas to make the game more enjoyable is all I can say. 8/10 for this game, nice effort.

Fun but lacks direction It's a really good concept and a fun game overall. Found myself playing for a couple hours. However the combos are rather confusing for only having one little tutorial. Overall great job guys

Decent... Needs atleast a help to teach you combos and stuff... A simple 111 won't last you long throughout the game... The droprate is very low %... The enemy AI knows you are going to combo 90% of the time and will counter it using a spell card... Needs more improvement...

Not worth The game was interesting, but suddenly i lost all my data and had to restart from the beggining for no reason... UNISTALING dont lose your time trying it, it dont use cloud save, so it will happen to u too.

Stupid stamina mechanic, uninstalled. Quick way to ruin a game and get 1 star. Why punish players for wanting to play your game? One of the most pathetic money grabbing techniques

Good so far Smooth game, and i like the combo gameplay. Seriously needs a story though, or at least a purpose to all the fighting and leveling up. Also, the characters lack distinction, or anything that would make them likeable like a signature move or a catch phrase.

The thing that's hard to understand is making combos with the cards. It really wasn't obvious in the walkthrough. I see the enemy keep getting them, but I'm not. Even if I copy the same combos.

Flawed but good It's a really good concept for a game but it has flaws on the combos and story. You should add something like a reminder or a combination book that lists the combos of its character. Also a story so it will make the game more interesting.

It's a good game. The graphics are nice and the card system makes it stand out from the standard puzzle attacks. The problem is with the combo tutorial. The player has no clue what the the combos are throughout the game and it has no special aspect - except the first aid and debuff - to the game except beating standard card plays.

Something to do... Not to bad of a game, just looks like it was made on a flash player lol... RNG card system 100% and would probably get 4 stars but game bribes you with 100 gems for leaving 5 so here you go ;)

RNG It's a neat idea, but it's just really luck based. Other than that a combo list would be nice. The only way I know combos is seeing the enemy perform a combo. 'Oh 3,7,8 is a combo wish I knew that earlier'. Not sure if that is intended, but it's silly.

Good concept Need need more music/sfx for increasing beat...when combo and spell meet need something else like each other got attack together...i hope more complex this game after that

Good mechanics, but no training. I really want to love this game. It's got new fresh games mechanics. It's themed like I like. It looks like a great game. It's biggest downfall is the lack of explanation as to what's going on. In general, you pick 3 cards and compare to the monster's cards and highest score wins. However there are skill cards, combos (3 of the same card), and probably other things that affect who wins. But you are never given a detailed explanation of what those rules are. They would expose a new way to win(mechanic) and I would try it and lose and not know why. Then I would be playing and play what I thought would be a losing hand, but I would win and not know why. Then things would happen in a different order and I wouldn't know why. Are you seeing the theme. I could probably sit down with a spreadsheet and figure out the rules (and I might), but I shouldn't have to. I'm frustrated that there seems to be no support for this game, in forums, documentation, or anything else. The game isn't even listed on the company's website. Perhaps it's just because it's so new, and it will eventually be all fleshed out, but for now my recommendation is watch, but wait.

Great potential But the combos hardly work for your charecter. The enemy almost always gets to attack. Your only chance is spell cards!

Pay to Play Tried playing for a few weeks, got hunter to level 9, stuck on boss that uses (4) skill card that is guaranteed to hit since you only have (3) cards. It may seem like a unique concept but once you know all 5 card combos, its really no different than flipping a coin to hit or miss, there is minimal skill required, and high dependence on items to progress.

Good idea, bad outcome. The art style and concept of this game is nice and unique, but the gameplay is horrible with nothing but a guessing game with the AI and trying to memorize combos the lackluster tutorial tells you next to nothing about. While the game looks cute and has potential, it is not worth installing in this condition.

The combo system is so random and unbelievably frustrating. Tell me why 2,5,9 is a combo. Or why 1,1,1 is a combo, but no something that makes sense like 3,3,3. There seems to be no logic on what makes a number pattern a combo and the only way to learn is to take damage from an enemy combo and try to remember the random numbers that chain together to make a "combo". Was having a great time with the game until this mechanic reared its ugly head.

Needs combination book Who can remember all those card combinations anyway? A highlight of cards for possible combinations would be nice. Also a book to view combinations you already know would be even better. So right now all those need implementation. Drop rates are extremely low to the point where they don't even exist. A decent game but just falls short of becoming good with all those flaws.

Thought I've found a game similar to Chain of Memories mechanic but this thing sucks seriously play the game yourself and compare your sucky mechanic. This is an incomplete game. Rework it and relaunch. The title is also lame. It's a nice gesture to make unique games but this ones really executed badly. It's not bad to copy other game mechanics as long as you put your own twist into it looking at you Gumballs and Dungeons. They copied Dungeolot but made it fun and gave it a twist that everyone loves.

it needs work i absolutely love card based battle systems but this one feels like it's incomplete. i think the gameplay system that needs tweaking is the combo list. make it more in depth and maybe give us a combo guide in a future update. it's going to stay on my phone but i hope this game does get some loving updates. also, for anyone struggling with combos, here's the ones i figured out: 2,5,9 (attack) 3,7,8 (attack) 1,4,6 (heal) 3,6,9 (dispel) and the tutorial combo 1,1,1 (attack).

Combos The only flaw I can see now is that combos are not really listed, even the ones you have used. Other that that, it's fun and originL

The game appears to blatantly cheat The bosses of later stages have way too many combos and skill cards than randomly possible

I just don't understand I'd give this game more of a chance if there were a resource explaining the combo system included. But there isn't. So I'm leaving this.

Combo recipes 111, 378, 259, 369 (dispel), and 146 (Heals you). Combos, when used, guarantee that you hit when an enemy uses a non-special non-combo attack.

Pretty simple. The enemie plays the right cards at the right time is anoying but you cant get away with that.card games vs computer is pretty generic.

Great gameplay, would have been better if there's a tutorial about the rules and the card combos. Also it would be great if you could battle against your friends or other players online.

Good Need more features... More combo maybe... Combo: 111 - attack 259 - attack 378 - attack 146 - first aid 369 - debuff enemy

Pretty lame It's really simple. Maybe too simple. Plus I'm afraid that it may be too reliant on luck.

"Please rate us with 5 stars to get 100 gems." This is offensive to me.

Its fun Just don't understand the combo part. The little red orbs I need to upgrade my skills are not showing up. I should've had 5 by now. Drop rate for items are low.

Not much depth Gameplay is only decent. Also, combos are a big part of the game but they don't explain anything about it.

I don't understand how to use combo. there is no help? or another teaching menu?

Challenging The combination of attacks is quite challenging.. The game is good so far

Overall I like the way the gane plays and the way it looks, everything about it is fun. However the combo system is a little confusing it's still a fun game.

What a waste of resources. Could have been so much better.

Card rules Instead of being a somewhat interesting mix between cards and rpg, by not providing any definition of what's a "combo" it ends up being just another half-baked gimmicky game

Cute graphics and Fun logic to play, Unique kind of card battle with some interesting combo concept. Fun to play for hours. Looking forward for your updates in the future Few combo list: 111 378 259 369 - Dispel 146 - First aid

AgeOfCardFighter is an interesting new mix of card rule combat and RPG growth elements.Adventure the world and conquer the monsters. Level up your heroes, collect the runes, slay the dragons and become the master of card fighter. Features:– FREE AND NO LIMIT– ADVENTURE through 60 standard levels and 120 challenge levels– CUSTOMIZE the rune set […]


Price Free
App Size MB
Instalations 10,000 - 50,000
Score 4.6
Developer Nigital

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