Auralux: Constellations for PC and MAC

This game is wonderful! I love all the new features and content. My only regret is that I wish I could buy a bundle of all the levels for $5! Also though too the entire multiplayer system needs to be remade, at least the engine that sets up the games. I have had no success with finding more than one opponent. I would recommend you guys emulate asphalt 8's engine, its pretty decent. Also you could sell your souls and charge for in game perks, and have a ranking system, all just like asphalt 8. Still this is a huge improvement from your first game good job! Its a beautiful game and super fun!

How to use Auralux: Constellations for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Auralux: Constellations in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Auralux: Constellations on your PC or MAC.

Clear improvement on a great game The first game was incredible and addictive and myself and family were happy to pay for the extra levels/features (something I don't do often) as they were worth every cent. My only complaint was a lack of multilayer capability but it's here. It's a little buggy on invitees but plays smoothly and is a blast. There is way more in the free play and I haven't even neared the end of free content but I'm sure I'm pay for the rest afterward if for no other reason but gratitude. Cheers guys, well done.

Been waiting for this game! It's so good I been waiting for it to come out on Android. Amazing 3D graphics. Bought it for the PC when it first came out... I'm so addicted its funny lol. Worth the money. It's even free to play. Playing threw all the levels is a challenge, and it's so smooth and soothing to play with a great soundtrack. Best time waster ever. So download if you have nothing to do. My favorite Android game. 😀 #ChallegeAccepted

A soothing challenge This is a very cool concept for a simple RTS game. The game basics are very easy to learn and the controls couldn't be any more simple. The colours and sounds are very pleasing to the senses. Taking control of a system of planets has never been more relaxing and challenging at the same time. The AI is random enough that any round of play can be easy or hard and may require several tries to get through. Patience and cunning are required.

I've downloaded all of these games as far as I know and this one beats the others hands down because the controls are better on auralux than the others. The playability is better as a result. However the developers draw you in for free but want 9 pound for the rest of the game, just as you are getting in to it, from the second constellation which I think is a rip off. 3 pound would be a fair deal in my opinion.

Another great game. Price is off though. I played the first so I knew what I was getting into. Same idea with a few nice new twists. I also really like that you can personalize you planet and the others too. Great job! Edit: I feel $10 is a bit high of a asking price. It is your game though so charge what you want. However, 13 levels at $1 per is $13. $10 is not a 50% discount. Don't lie. It's in poor taste.

Fantastic Much better than the original. One of my favorite games. The only thing I dislike is that you have to pay $10 for all of the constellations (level sets) as a bundle. I think $6 to $8 would be more fair, but it's still a good game and you get two trial levels for each constellation.

I might rank it higher if a bug didn't keep me from finishing the tutorial. "Wait a moment for your units to build"? Sitting here for five minutes waiting, all five planets surrounded by solid rings and fully upgraded. I go to Skip Tutorial, and am asked if I really wanted to, because if I skip it, I might not enjoy the game. I don't want to play a game thinking it could be more fun if I understood it better, so...

Needs better controls Like suddenly when i press in somewhere empty.. all the units directly go there.. i know about the double tap function.. but it makes it worse so please make controls easier and more understanding.. plus upgrading a planet is not so clear so please add numbers and stuff so the one knows what he is doing.. thanks for this game.

I searched for about a week for an RTS game like I used to play when I was a kid. All the games I tried weren't what I was looking for but then I found the first version of this game. Which led me to this game and it is exactly what I've been looking for. It's perfect guys I love it and I play it almost daily. I love it how you give us chances to try 2 levels of each constellation but yet still a for constellation without paying. I really can't give this game enough praise. It was a little hard at the beginning getting the handle of it but now I repeat levels over and over just a crush the green and red planet cuz they aggravated me the game before LOL. Five stars all around guys!!!!

Great, mostly So I played the first game coming into this one excited, now it's really cool. I did say about the last one, that I wish there was multi-player, and I'm proud to say that they do. Everything else is good, they added it so you can increase the speed, it's good like the first one... except the pay to play, after the first constellation, you can't really play more unless you want multi-player. Which is like the last one, also the control, sometimes when I tried zooming out, it selected all. So meh, 7/10..

My all time favorite mobile game. Easily my favorite mobile game. To those people whinging about the price - man it's totally worth it, I've gotten hours and hours of it so far. Yeah it can get difficult, there's about 10 levels I just cannot beat (yet) but most aren't too hard. The first Auralux is awesome too, after you upgrade to fast mode. Simple, relaxing strategy A+

First game where I can actually listen to the music - in fact it adds to the experience. Try it. Its worthy of a gander. I just completed the first constellation, and while the idea is very basic (simple puzzles), new dynamics are added with orbiting planets later which adds a very in depth strategic approach as a requirement to success. This game looks simple but it creators undoubtedly spent a great many hours pouring through code to balance it well. I don't know how much new constellations cost yet but if it's about 5 bucks each it's worth it. This game would also be good for your kids to keep their brains working out of school but on something fun that will have a huge impact. "This is the best game. Yuuuuge game. Love this game. Trust me. I've seen all the games. I know." :')

I believe the game is getting better in the right ways. With the adversity in controls could come a complexity in the ai - perhaps a miniature macro system would work well, where you could 'start commands' and then 'repeat commands', so i could send two separate resources two separate ways perpetually. In any case, the game looks good, and is a great way to blow some time. New graphics in v2 of the game made it intuitive to see by the orbital design how much output is made, which was very nice.

Very simple and fun game Really basic fundamentals applied to a unique design. Have a planet wit orbiting thingies. More spawn. Takes 100 to colonize another planet. Other planets attack you. Defend and win. But it's really pretty. Ultimate game for killing time offline. Also has online but have not played it that way yet.

Great. Just like the original game this is a great second in the series. Multilayer is a fun addition. The only thing I could say is that multilayer games shouldn't end if the host quits. 4 out of 6 games I have been winning but the host leaves because he was defeated so I don't get the win.

Great Game! I've been here since the first game came out and I absolutely loved the concept and game as a whole. This is one of the rare times a game's sequal surpasses the original I'm all the right ways. I'm so glad they made this game and made it multiplayer. I am going to go back and endulge myself in some more war.

Apsoluty captivating I am truly enjoying this game. The graphics are pretty sweet and It really makes you think and plan your next move out. The first one was also good but they really took it up a few notches. I can't wait to get to the third on to see what challenges await.

The best mobile game EVER!!! I always wanted a strategic game, I've played some strategic games but sooner or later it kinda bored me, but Auralux... It is totally out of this world, beautifully crafted, awesome gameplay, cool graphics... I'm gonna buy the whole package if possible. I FRICKIN LOVE IT !!

A solid 5/7 Sorry if you don't get the reference... but this game is absolutely winner. The first version was a winner and this one, as previously stated, is a winner. I was asked to choose between my beloved kids or this game... It would be the game. And that is quite a statement considering I have no kids. Bravo chaps.

Love the game but does not sync my world record! Disappointing. I beat the world record on level called burst, 1:55.76, and on the leader board the first is at 1:58 so I was faster but my result is somehow not taken into the leader board. Why is that? It took me plenty of time to achieve it :) can anybody help? I even wrote to support but no answers so far.

Awesome, but... Not gonna lie, I love this game, I really do. Its one of the few games I actually keep going back to. But after playing it for a while and completing a few constellations, I'm now just getting frustrated. I though it was random at first, but now I'm 98%sure that the AI is biased towards attacking the player. Too many times have I seen one AI completely open for attack, but the other AI chooses to attack the player for seemingly no reason. Its not so much tactics as it is luck.

Pay to play Have to buy each constellation?!. Adds up fast.. Some of the records are highly questionable. 54 seconds on the 'Mass' round..yeah right. Also doesn't transfer progress over google play from device to device properly. Started on one device, first time login on second device it transfered, BUT after I logged out it ERASED it! Logged back in to second device says hello to 'player ' and no progress what so ever!

Simple to learn and lots of thinking fun. Edit: rated this 5 stars as a free game and thought it was great, so paid the extortion for full game. Found the full game doesn't scale up in skill and difficulty well at all. Some maps are ridiculously hard because 2 ai's will always attack human player first. Great free but wouldn't purchase again.

Relaxing I find this game to be super fun and relaxing. The different ongoing levels keep the game from becoming overly repetitive and boring. I love loose-leaf strategy games that aren't overly complicated. However, I think the free version ends rather quickly, which I think is sad. 2/3

Had already played the first one and they improved a lot with this one. I really enjoy this kind of strategy games. Nice colors, IA is okay, tutorial is useful if you're new, controls feel better now according to me. Too bad the extra levels are crazy expensive for what they are

Just. . . . . Awesome!! I played the first version of this game quite some time ago and was hooked for hours on end. Now the second one is even better! I LOVE the revamped design of the levels, most of all the movement of the planets in orbit levels. I don't know how anyone could dislike this game. Incredibly Well done.

Nice game Unfortunatelly too expensive for what it offers. 20$ to unlock all!? It seems that nowdays every developer wants to milk players as much as possible. What happened to honest pay once for whole game? 4 stars for game, but pricing is a bit ripoff. Also it tends to be repetitive after few played levels.

Unfair AI almost never attack eachother, they make you their priority even if you have more orbs on a planet than the other AI next to them. On top of that they have the unfair advantage of knowing exactly how many orbs it will take to kill all of your orbs how many it will take to kill your planet and how many to take over a planet so they get the jump on pretty much everything because they know exactly how many orbs they have. Also seems like they produce orbs a lot faster than you do.

Fun to start with This basic space strategy game is quite fun until you reach the edge of the first constellation. Then.. well the cheapness kicks in, don't you mean difficilty? No I mean cheap shots. The AI pretty much gangs up on you and you will spend hours of frustration trying to overcome them both. Basically the game goes from fun to frustration fast and this is from someone who did not even get frustrated with and completed dark souls. If you are a sadist who likes cheap game mechanics, you will love this game!

Great core concept. Gameplay vs. AI quickly becomes a stale repeatable dance. The biggest knock is the pay for more levels in small doses at a cost per level ratio bordering on insane. About a dollar a constellation, but there are 14 of them... Maybe if there was more substance but it is the same dance with slightly nuanced timing.

Really Cool! It's an awesome game, different ,time killer and most of all, very stragicle! Gets really hard after a while but still fun! Keeps asking me to rate the game, when I already did. Ok so this is the 5th time keeps asking me to rate it! I'm gana go head and rate it 5 stars if it keeps asking I'm jst gana go head and rate it 1. How bout that? I think that's fair enough.

Loved the first one and this one is even better. I love the new modes. Supernova is my favorite. One thing I've noticed in single player is there's always one way to hobble everyone else. If you try anything else one of the AI players hands you your cheeks really quick. The Unicorn constellation is where I notice it most. It's very interesting what sets the AI off to serial killer mode. Even the easy levels can crank up to insane level with the wrong move. Keeps the replay value high. Still a great game, I hope there are more constellations coming.

Best rts for mobile ive played so far This game is rad. All the best aspects of RTS and none of the unnecessary weapons and defense upgrades. Just elegant tactics and beauty. Would be cool if a gesture could set up on long term reinforcement in the background of your other moves. But not vital. Awesome game.

Game is fun The game is actually very fun. Love the space/planetary theme... my problem with this game is the ai literally teams up against you. A game that's supposed to be a free for all and I am constantly battling on 2 fronts and the ai never attacks each other.

Review revised - did give it 5 stars until it came to the point where you had to pay for each level. At $1 a level! Would cost you a fortune. Just another greedy company charging an extortionate amount for what should be about £1 - £2. Would have happily paid that. Such a shame.

Great strategy game One of the best mobile games I've played. Real-time strategy played out in a basic format, addictive and enjoyable. At the time of writing this I haven't paid for the any additional levels, but I plan to and that's a rarity for me to do with mobile games.

Pure strategy This is one of those rare games that captures the essence of something fundamental and valuable. At the heart of every power struggle is a bunch of little lights multiplying and annihilating each other..metaphorically speaking. Also this is one of the very few sequels (in this or any medium) that's better than the original without having really changed much.

The original Auralux was the best RTS game for mobile devices, hands down. It was simple, elegant, and crazy addictive. I played it nearly every day for over a year. Now, they have managed to make a completely faithful recreation of the original while also making it exciting and new. You won't be able to put this game down.

Great game. Would love to have a feature to set all new recruits from planet x to automatically go to planet z. But that doesn't take away from the fact that it's a well thought out game. I haven't noticed any bugs on the old version or this one and it is nice there's no advertising, but I would give that up for a full free game.

Auralux: Constellations features a slow, graceful feel, easy to learn mechanics and vibrant minimalistic graphics, all pulsing to the rhythm of ambient music. This game is designed to provide a relaxing, cerebral experience yet will challenge even the most experienced RTS fans. Every choice matters, and the only path to victory is through clever strategy. […]


Price Free
App Size MB
Instalations 100,000 - 500,000
Score 4.7
Developer War Drum Studios

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