Battleheart for PC and MAC

Finished the game Though i am not a fan of strategy games, this game made my gaming life complete. Unique gameplay blended with great set of characters and equipments and lots more goodies. Though the game lack story and there are only 3 world maps, this game made it to my best android games ever played. Very creative work devs and with that you have my respect. One more fan added to your fanbase. Thanks mikamobile and more games to come. Peace out.

How to use Battleheart for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Battleheart in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Battleheart on your PC or MAC.

Fantastic game. Completely free and no Ads or in-app purchases, which is very rare. A little difficult to control units when they get clustered together, but it's a minor issue and overall this game is very fun. No main story elements, but for mobile that's fine as it gets you right to the action without needing to remember plotlines. Great to pick up and play in short bursts or longer sessions. So happy with this little gem!

I emailed the dev years ago and asked if we would ever get the iDevice content. At the time, they suggested it would probably never happen and cited reasonable reasons as to why. Couldn't fault them, no matter how disappointed I was. I just discovered this release while reinstalling some old apps and what a wonderful surprise! I'm so excited that this content has finally been released on Android, and FREE and AD-FREE, that I just went and purchased Lost Frontier as a way of expressing my gratitude. Thank you, Mika Mobile! Battleheart is and always will be one of my all-time favorite Android games.

Thanks for bringing this back I first played this game wayyy back when I first started high school and just recently found out that you guys released it again. Lots of good memories from the early days and this game never disappoints me, had lots of fun back then and still a joy to play even now. I hope you release more games and continue to do so

Great game. Also its free, you dont see that anymore. Controls could use tuning though. The toons stack on each other and its hard to choose the right one, especially when in need of fast healing. Also when on the borders of the screen the hp bars are not visible. When ordering a toon to move would be nice to already deing able to tap his special abilities instead of taping the toon again for the abilities to appear. Maybe add a control panel on the bottom of the screen with the toons faces on them with their current hp so its also possible to control them from there( like iy was in an old and very good game named "Epic Raiders").

This is still an awesome game We still remember when you abandoned android then. And yes, I already paid for this app years ago. Also read your blog recently. Its good to know you've had a change of heart. At least now your starting to redeem yourselves. Keep up the good work and I sincerely wish you make tons of money making games on android. Looking forward to more of your quality releases in the future.

Amazing game The graphics and skills are simple yet has a lot of depth and take a good amount of skill. It us amazing how this is so well done and still free. This is probably the best phone game I have ever played. The last level was really hard, but so fun. It took me a few hours to complete, but I finally finished the game with my heroes still at lvl 22. Thanks for the great experience.

Awesome game! Kept me busy non stop and couldnt put it down. Beat the last level just after 9 hours played and i cant wait to do it all again. There's lots of depth and a decently high skill cap. There are so many classes, skills, and items to acquire. I'm gonna start grinding them all to 30 to see what is all possible for arenas. Best of all, there are NO ADDS ! 10/10 would recommend!

Do download it Solid gameplay, various characters and skills(great job with the monty python reference, btw), good for a fun 10 hours of playing before you finish the campaign. The arenas seem a little pointless, since, as far as i can tell, you don't get any prizes for your scores. Still a great way to pass time. Oddly enough, tje game does not use up a lot of battery, i played for 10hrs straight on a bus trip before it even got to 20%. Overrall a very nice game. I fell like it could use more character, tho

Amazing! The most fun game (not just mobile game) I have played in a long time. I can't recommend this little gem enough. I put over 14 hours into it before I beat the final boss! Mostly because leveling up other characters and trying to solo dungeons was a blast. Great work on the game devs, thanks for the fun!

Sweet I'm pumped that this game is available for free! I bought it for an iPad I no longer own years ago. I wouldn't have downloaded it on my android if I had to pay for it again considering I've already beaten it a couple times. Excited to play it again. For those wishing for more content, it's unlikely as it been out there for a while and already has a sequel. I personally hope for a third installment!

Great game overall. Took me 6 hours and 51 minutes to beat the whole thing, and didn't even have to get any characters to max level. Great diversity to team builds, I used paladin, witch, Ranger, and bard most of the game. Controls are great. Nothing to do after the final boss though except arenas, which seem kinda pointless. But I enjoyed my time!

Simple yet perfect Battleheart has everything you'll ever want in a simple RPG. Simple controls, cool abilities and extremely cute characters, you'll be hooked onto it in no time! It's FREE and NO ADS and there's no pay to win so it's all up to your wits and skills to be a better player! I love it, keep it up! :) (Update: Finally completed the game and it took me 10 hours 10 minutes & 42 seconds XD)

Best Strategy Game ever!!!!! Do I have to say more? Initially you will feel the pace is slow, but as the game Advances you will be amazed. Yes, there is definite need of "Hero Bar" where player can select their Hero on Battle Field, instead of tapping them. Its very useful when Heroes go behind many Villains.

Great game! I love it, great way to pass some time. One of the best games I have played on Mobile. The only issue I have with it is on some of the fights your heroes get knocked around, and stack onto eachother, which then makes it difficult to select the one that I need to use his/her skill. If there was collision with the heroes, or a way to select the hero without tapping on them, it would fix that problem. But otherwise, great game! I highly recommend.

Thank you for returning I honestly believe this is the best mobile game ever, it has all the right formulas for an intuitive and captivating game in this genre. It has hours of replayability including a survival mode. I really hope your fan base returns and that you continue to release updates. For those wondering, this update includes both the ranger and paladin which were absent in the previous versions. Thank you for the update!

Amazing Game Sweet gameplay, lovable graphics, smooth performance, and customizable attack squads? Only two complaints... first is that I finished the game too quick, second is that it's sometimes hard to select a character when they're in a crowd, but that's just nitpicking. Great experience, would definitely recommend!

An all-time favorite mobile game I've loved this game for years: good looking, responsive, simple to play with just enough depth. And when I found that it didn't work on my new phone I put in a ticket and days later it was updated. Developer responsiveness doesn't get any better than that.

Multiple character, multiple challenge A simple RPG game with independent customisation for all heroes. A player should direct all heroes to win the fight, and it's more than challenging. The good news is, it is internet connection-free. Just one issue: the upgrade value is rather similar with buying a new one. Please make it higher! Overall it's great and addictive game...

Thank you Mika Moblie At first I was glad this game was made it was made. Then Battleheart Legacy was here and I had to get it. But then I see this is free. I was upset. Especially because for some reason it wouldn't want to play. But either way I downloaded it again. And I am very impressed. I see new heroes especially those from legacy. You are the best, continue what you do. This is great. :)

Man.... I'm not a big app gamers guy but. This game just made me so happy. I mean i really love this game. It gave me such a strong final fantasy tactics vibe. I love the art. The game play is so addicting. And I smile so much when I play. Great great game. Could use many more like it! No complaints at all!

No micro transactions! :D Pretty good game. But grinding for money or experience takes a super long time and borders on not fun. Which i wouldnt mind if i could level up by putting the game down and letting my higher lvl characters do the work for me. But i cant. This game demands 100% of your attention at all times. Which is kind of a lot to ask from a mobile game.

Loved this game from ios I don't review too many games but this one left an impression on me. I have been waiting for this update and because I loved the game so much on iOS I didn't want to rate it low. Now that it has, I have not a single misgiving rating it a 5. Seriously, play this game. It's so much fun and you can feel the attention to detail as you play.

Wish I'd found this gem sooner. Pretty good for a free game. Would have paid for this one but I hear you have made others. I'll give them a look too cause if they are half as good as this, I'm down. Good job devs. Nice Edward the bard reference, as well as Monty python. I see what you did there. ;)

Awesome game for free!? Ok first this game amazing for free! Second how are these bad controls, I mean they could add a hero bar, but it's not necessary. Now this game is awesome why are people giving it a 1 star? This well earns a five star in my opinion! Good job devs!๐Ÿ˜€

Great game, tons of fun I was looking for something to play while the Naruto game was under maintenance and I found this gem. It is extremely fun and exactly what I was looking for. I played for hours. Completely free, no energy to play. Endless fun, good strategy and micromanagement involved. Gets progressively harder as you go, but not so hard that you can't grind out a quick level or two to keep pushing. The monster arena is good for finding some weapons, then upgrade once you get a decent pot. Healer is a must and a tank.

Loved it! This game is awesome. I wish the story was longer! And I wish there were more characters to choose from. Other than that, I very much enjoyed beating this game, it was challenging. Try using a Monk to tank everything for your team, while having a Berserker and Thief going around killing everything. And of course a Cleric to keep them all healed

100/10 The graphics are very nice, and even with a terrible phone such as mine, it ran very smoothly so props for that. Even though there wasn't a story line, I played through the begining to the end, and was astonished by how great this game is. Personally, I play games for a couple days and delete them. But this is truly one of the greatest games I've ever played. The thing that made me sad though was there wasn't more levels to play after I beat the last one. All in all, I'm asking that you continue with this

Loved it but.. I loved this game a lot. It's the first time I really got addicted to a game in a while. There is only one problem with this game. I beat the game. That is the problem. It did take 8 hours, but the fact that there was only 3 maps made me quite upset.

An amazing rpg with unique, simple controls creates it's own type of rpg Pros: smooth difficulty & character level progression, good ratio of gold per victory, well defined class roles & skills, clear monster design and strategy, wonderful music, and simple menus. Cons: no friendly character collision detection made it hard to select the right character at certain times when they overlapped, the party swap menu didn't use swipe, and some classes had one character while others had two. Overall: amazing game with unique controls! I'd love to see more content!

Exceptional No ads, no addons, truly free. Controls smoothly, graphically coherent and appealing, with fun animations. Game play is just tactical enough to be playable for many hours, but not so high detail to bog down. Party management strikes the same positive balance. Glitch free, moves to SD card without a hitch for those low on space. Play this. Do it now.

After being abused by most apps through intrusive ads, unnecessary permissions and most of all the in your face in app purchases that go has far to handicap the app itself, it is such a relief to find Battleheart. Seriously fun rpg with smart controls and a simple yet intuitive upgrading system. More depth than you think but nothing that should scare you away. One of the best mobile rpg experiences I have played so far and again probably the a great app in terms of not screwing with people.

Loved it but.. I am not usually a fan of many mobile games but this one was amazing. i only played to the third level and didnt get very far but i love it already. though there is one issue. there is no way that i have found to directly compare my immediate lineup to the other heroes in my keep. i have to constantly switch them out and go to the armory to check and try to remember the stats and change em again to compare. if there is a way and im just missing it please let me know! thank you

Good game Bug: in the first boss fight (hog rider bomber) i killed the boss while one of goblin enemies was still alive, then after the goblin was dead the fight wont stop, even though theres no more enemies left, and i had to retreat and start again:(

Better Than Some Games I can't say I dislike it, but I don't like it enough to stick with it. The game plays well enough as is, but I didn't feel like there was enough depth or excitement. The pace was also a little too slow for me. However, I can see the appeal, as well as the potential for expansion.

Smooth animation, good battle system, read my suggestion When 2 or more characters are close, it's hard to select one of them. Please provide a character potrait to select one of them... Also, this should be online and use gacha system of equipments... eventually online multiplayer where we choose 1 of our main character to defeat a boss monster with 3 other players

Great game, frustrating controls The gameplay and progression that is not simply p2w is a breath of fresh air among the piles of garbage clash of clan clones on the market but there is one control flaw which makes this game frustrating to play. Due to the fact you have to drag to move charaters and they will very often stack on top of each other, you frequently misclick and be forced into unwanted situations which can be frustrating. If the game devs can make it so you can select a character and then click somewhere to move, it would be 5

Great game Picked this game up a couple years ago but forgot about it after getting a new phone. So glad to see it finally come back was such a favorite and still is. Could do with a storyline and more characters to play as but other than that perfect game

Best Mobile Game I've Played Only negative is that there isn't more game! I didn't want it to end! Perfect balance, interesting class and skill combinations, fun items, fantastic and responsive gameplay. Very impressed. This is a fantastic and expertly constructed mobile game.

Good but some glitches It's nearly a perfect game and i would make it stars but there's a few issues. after I beat the spider boss on the first map it wouldn't let me win I was just stuck there waiting, this happened twice by the way before it finally let me win. As well it has almost no storyline. It would add to the game if you added why the characters are there like the heroes are headed to the spiders forest to investigate missing villagers or something. And finally add a few more classes and characters.

Battleheart – enter a world of epic fantasy combat! Rebuilt for compatibility Android 5+, and with all characters intact – sorry it took so long. Pick it up now for free – no ads, no IAP, no nonsense. Zombieville USA 2 has also finally made its way to android, check it out! "Battleheart is an […]


Price Free
App Size MB
Instalations 100,000 - 500,000
Score 4.6
Developer Mika Mobile

We don't provide APK download for Battleheart but, you can download from Google Play

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