Biljet AR – AC130 Beta for PC and MAC

Update for more fun It would b nice if u didnt have to physically have a dollar bill to play this and then having to hold your phone over it. Elliminate that. After killing the 2 guys on the roof, nothing ever happens, its says 3 ebemies remaining but they never appear!? Lose the need to focus on a currency andyoull have a good game. Samsung galaxy vibrant.

How to use Biljet AR – AC130 Beta for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Biljet AR – AC130 Beta in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Biljet AR – AC130 Beta on your PC or MAC.

Amazing Works great on galaxy s2. Amazing concept, very much looking forward to a full game! After killing two guys on roof, there are three more walking on levels inside that same building. You can shoot them through the left side of that building. No 2nd tank on third mission though :-(

Issues? Red description people! Just use a dollar bill to make it work! Amazing! Anyway, the playstation vita perfected this pretty much and can't wait to get it I hope that their is updates on this game cause if their isn't by april 16th, my B-day...I will uninstall because im getting a vita with crystal clear Augmented Reality, won't want this. But if updates keep coming than I will keep this as 5 stars and keep installed.

Great! Loving what you've done to this so far! Right now I'm having trouble getting passed the third mission because I can't find the second enemy after destroying the tank. Regardless, I'm sure you will get it all figured out and I am definitely impressed by the detail and high quality gameplay. Fantastic work!

Awesome! It works on the Acer A100... kind of :) Have to jump back to the home screen after launching the app, then go back in order to see the menu. Overall, the game is really neat and the concept is awesome. Like the fact that the marker is a dollar bill (don't have to print anything special to play). As others have noted, I get stuck in Stage 3... not sure if I am missing something or if the game just isn't finished yet.

Does not work on my Tablet This game does not work on my Samsung galaxy tab 2. I can only get to the main menu, I select "play" and the game just brings me back to my home screen. It would have been helpful for the developer to include in the game description that this game does not work on android tablets. If it would have been noted, there wouldn't be an issue.

Awesome except for...... Everything is flawless its just that in the third mission when you watch the two tanks pull out of the building, one of the tanks just drops through the map and keeps on falling out of sight, and then there's just one tank left. PLEASE FIX THIS, THIS WOULD BE A FLAWLESS GAME WITHOUT THAT BUG

Very good but the first level? Whats up with the first level? i kill all the vehicles and people but it just stays? It is very good at keeping track of the £5, and it is amazing how you can turn it around and go deep into the streets of the factory.

Awesome!!! WHO CAN TELL ME WHERE THE SECOND GUY IS ON THE 3RD LVL?(THE TANK AND THEN WHO?)Works on ATRIX. But... must open game, wait for sound, hit home key, then open up camera and switch to video, then open game again.

Doesn't work on my note Menu showed fine, maybe a little small. Hit play and says aim marker, holding phone upright makes it flicker and looks like it tries to show a building or something but just stuck flickering

Awesome How could anyone give this less than 4 stars? Must have old phones because this works almost great on gs2 epic 4g. Can't find last tank but still fun.

Doesn't work Using LG G Flex.. when I hit play my screen goes all fuzzy and says aim at marker.. but it never displays anything.. just snowy screen. My camera works perfect, but the game evidently isn't compatible with my phone

Sick game! The concept is excellent, the application sucks! Yes my phone doesn't have a "plasma" screen and the instructions for each lvl get clipped. Stuck at the tanks too. And I loose focus of the bill too when I get at an angle. PLEASE FIX IT AND I WILL LOVE YOU 4 EVER!

Incredibly difficult to get the "playing field" to show up. It took me 4 times. Good thing I have patience. Make sure you have a crisp bill. Once it does appear it's pretty good except for some terrible lag sometimes. Needs a lot of work considering the size.

crash on start on galaxy s3 tried reinstalling, but still crash on start. looks like a fun app though. edit, works great on my old galaxy s2!. btw about the currency options, canada hasnt had dollar bills for 20 years. :)

Awesome for a proof-of-concept! I absolutely *love* this game! For a proof-of-concept game only, it is phenomenal! It took me a little bit to get the hang of "angling in" to get the troops on mission 2, and I could never find the 2nd enemy on the 3rd mission, but overall, it was great! On my Motorola Photon, the third line of the mission instructions appeared off-screen, so I couldn't read them. Also they went off-screen kind of quickly as well. Again, just as a beta test, I think this is great! Hope to see this as a finished product soon so I can buy it!

Cool idea, crashes I like this game but it consistently crashes on the second stage. Whole app freezes including camera. Currency detection works fine (dollar). Will increase rating as soon as it stops crashing haha [HTC Vivid]

Great but a few tweaks needed Great game. I found if u print an image of the bill from the web and make it fit to an 8.5 x 11 in. Piece of paper the tracker loads almost instantly! 20 mm audio should be more of a buzzing as well as should have a more straight line looking tracer effect like a laser to be more realistic.

Still bugs This is a VERY COOL GAME! But bugs still exsist. The tanks keep falling off the map. I am using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 If the bugs get worked out, I would love to give this app 5 stars.

Cool concept Great concept and gameplay, just a couple of glitches such as the third wave with the tank. After destroying the tank nothing happens, i searched everywhere, in the buildings and everything and couldn't find the other enemy. I don't know if it's my phone our the game but that was a downfall. Don't listen to the reviews that say take the currency concept out, that's what makes this game concept awesome. Can't wait until its finished.

ITS AR STUPID! do you know what AR is? I think the dollar is genius. more practical than having to print out your marker. wish it would track when i go long ways though, i lose the marker. therefor cant spiral around map without losing the marker. also, gets choppy on droid x

MONEY?!?! I think the whole money idea is STUPID! U need a FLAT surface and a FLAT piece of currency with the exact amount of light! If u have major problems with the money go online and search the money you need and print it or point the device at the screen and that should work. If u still have problems with it SCREW IT!!! I just find the money idea pointless. But the game itself is still great!!! SO DON'T LET ALL THE BAD RATINGS/COMMENTS DISAPPOINT U. If they fix the money thing I'll give it 5 stars!!!

GARBAGE! DOES NOT WORK! Does NOT even turn my camera on within game to see a dollar bill. Stupid/Dumb/Retarded idea anyway. Been better as a game without dumb bill idea. Was this a preschool class project? Blurred screen looks like an Atari with dirty game cassette that needs blown out with the barely loaded messed up screen that you cannot do anything with. Waste of time. COMPLETE JUNK!

Pretty good, still needs polishing The game was awesome, but it is a big pain with having to deal with the AR marker not working or acting up because the dollar bill wasn't completely straight. Like sometimes I would see the map shaking off the edge of the screen, even though the dollar bill wasn't moving at all. and as far as the tank goes, most of the time I would just see one. On the rare occasion I'd see the other one drop down off the map completely.

Suuuuuch a good idea... don't get rid of the money!!! My only problem is, is that after I take out the trucks, it says 5 dudes on the roof, only shows 2... I killed them and can't find the other three...

Stupid This is dumb I'm using an LG optimus m and it wont even open.I will give 5 stars if fixed. I can make a better app in 2 minutes in the bathroom called shitzers

fantastic concept. I dont have a 1 dollar bill so I just opened a picture of one in my computer and aimed my phone at it. this is a really good concept but gameplay needs a little work! 4stars only because of the concept!!!

AC 130 gunship Fix the game. I installed it and it won't let me play. It tells me to aim the camera to start. Then doesn't do anything. I'd give it zero stars but you can't go that low.

Cool concept but wears off in 5 mins AR games seem cool but so far they are just a novelty. Game will start after some crazy screen flickering. Can't shoot or change weapons. Map drops in and out unless you hold it just right on the ASUS TF700. I can already see the neck and back pain in the future. Would love to see a well made regular game of this. As others have said, ditch the AR and make it more like the MW ver with a good selection of missions then watch the $ roll in.

Idiots! The bill is a marker. It defines the field of play. If u dont understand what AR is, go back to ur dumbphone cuz technology is about to leave u behind

Mission 3? I just got a new galaxy s2 and couldn't wait to test this app but why won't the mission 3 start til I blow up a building. No matter if I wait 1 minute or 10 minutes, the tank won't come out til I blow up a building and lose the mission. I love this game and hope there is something I can do to fix it.

Galaxy tab 8.9 Great game but didnt work on my tablet. It just load a white screen and does not go away. But i can click and heard the background menu but avail... Please fix it and add ringgit malaysia currency and 5 star for you. 3 star for you.. Sorry..

Wow! Amazing game concept! Graphics are fantastic. the game freezes for me usually around the time the two guys come out on top of the building. Please please fix this, the game is brilliant! Samsung Galaxy Note

Lose the actual money to play. Would be a great game if you didn't need cash to play. Also having to keep the cash on the screen doesn't help. No wonder zombie gunship for apple gets downloaded so much. You can play it anytime anywhere.

Awesome Truly awesome. First game where shaking hands do impact your accuracy. Would be nice to leave more buffer on the edge of the marker, so going sideways would not loose marker so often.

Got it There was a update for the razr recently and managed to give this a shot, got it working....once. Tip: don't ignore the 'well lit area' part of the setup, once all the corners of the bill were lit up, had better success, note to developers; what is the # on the tip left of the screen for? I noticed that when I got a lock they were in the mid to high 30s, when searching for a lock they were on the mid to low 40s..

Stupid.. For me it was 5 stars untill the others tanks didn't show up.. and the stupid creator for not updating

Awesome, but i don't carry cash I'm running asus transformer prime. Runs great! But i don't carry cash, it would be nice if it could calibrate with other objects. Love the game.

Bad idea, doesn't work on DroidX. Tried several different bills... never did amything but autofocus.

Awesome This is a top notch AR game even for a beta release. Has some bugs like the fire button not working all the time but it's a great start.

Beyond Reality's first Mobile Augmented Reality Game! **Yes it needs updating -.- Working on that!** Augmented Reality is a technique where a 'marker', a real-life image or object, is tracked on screen and used to add an extra dimension to the camera image, real-time!In game-perspective, this gives you great freedom to look around the game-world […]


Price Free
App Size MB
Instalations 100,000 - 500,000
Score 3.0
Developer Beyond Reality

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