Catan for PC and MAC

Tutorial glitch Can't get past the trading tutorial! After accepting a trade that allows you to build a city for 2 grain and 3 ore, you can't bring up the build menu. It happens on my xperia z2 and tab 3 lite! Will rate higher once I can learn to actually play the game from the tutorials.

How to use Catan for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Catan in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Catan on your PC or MAC.

Warning - Bonifide Catan Addict I own every version this game, including the packaged board games. I play online with my sons (28 & 30 years old). This new android app is my favorite version. And the developer's support team is responsive and comes up with solutions, not excuses. Great game, from an equally great company.

No settings bar Settings bar disappears on my nexus 7 2013. When you select an option it appears but your doing whatever you've selected so you still can't use it

Android and online? When will new AI characters be available for Android - the apple ios have this already D: Also why not make all purchased maps be available for online play? It's the only discrepancy I have with the app. (Also, the ability to make your own islands would be incredible!). Thanks.

Great game, Can't play The button for the menu on the far right will often not respond. I opened other apps and had no problems using that part of my screen, so I don't think my phone is the issue. Love this game and I will change this to a 5 star as soon as I can resume playing it.

No need for central heating Love the game however there are multiple issues. My phone, running Android 6.0 is using about 1% battery per minute and the phone gets almost too hot to hold. Also would be nice to be able to go to the game/settings menu when its not your turn. Especially online while waiting..

Keeps on Checking required files Have not been able to play it. Keeps on checking for required files, downloaded on 3 different devices with same result.

More colours I'm colour blind and cannot tell the difference between the red and green, could one be changed to white or something?

Terrible AI If you plan on playing against the computer, be prepared to be frustrated. They start every round trading resources with one another at 1 for 1 rates until they all have significant stacks of development cards, then they will alternate all the knights they receive between your various properties constantly and steal your resources. You can still win, but it isn't the least bit fun to play against.

Bugs bugs and more bugs If you try to play quickly you can click on things and the pop over message causes game to freeze. When placing settlements clicking the check mark can cause it to move. The server is down often. Online games are recovered often for no reason. Game gets out of sync between players. I couldn't sign up with my email address had to fake one. The dice is not rigged as far as I can tell but its very likely the AI does know what card to steal from you.

Addictive. Huge fan of the board game. This is surprisingly addictive and plays well. However the dice is stacked no matter what the developer says. The proof. When the Robber lands on your tile that number will almost always role next which is impossible if the dice is random. The AI play as a team to make up for their ineptitude. A human would win every game if the playing field was level. Despite these faults the game has kept me hooked since its release.

Robber ai makes game unplayable After playing thus game for a week, I have decided to stop playing. The robber ai makes the game unplayable. You regularly get robbed 3 times a round making it extremely unlikely that you can do anything for several turns other than watch the computer play... The computer players seem to choose the human whether he is winning our not

Really nice game but... The robber really is a little overwhelming. My suggestion is a robber mode where the resources aren't entirely blocked and the robber lands on your settlement or city and takes 1 of every 2 resources received from adjacent hexes. This would keep the game from feeling like a grudge match. It gets a little frustrating at times. I wouldn't purchase expansions as is.

Bias towards computer players The game is difficult to beat as the game always plays in favour of the computer players. They always gain resources on every dice roll, unless they roll a 7 in which case they always rob from you. Why is there no options for easy, medium or hard mode. There are no details anywhere on what the in game icons mean only instructions on how to play catan. The game looks good but plays poorly. Multiplayer is a joke. The developers dont care, no updates since last year!

Decent version but gets old quickly I love settlers of Catan, and was so excited to find this. However I beat all the levels in a few days (all expansions) and have been bored since. Please make new levels! I will pay more money! Also, there's a way to cheat which should be fixed, if it's my turn, and I roll a number that corresponds to another players gold tile, them not choosing boots ME from the game. This is frustrating beyond words as I'm usually winning when this happens, which is probably the motivation behind it.

The Game CHEATS I love everything about this game except one major flaw. It is very clear, especially when a human player is competing only with random computer personalities, that once the human gets the lead, the dice rolls are absolutely not random and its rigged so that the human player has no chance for several rounds. Of course the losing players should gang up on the leader, but the dice rolls should remain random or it is not a meaningful or fun game. Please update a fix it to make this a great game, or it's junk.

Campaign reset to stage one! I love your Android App so much that I bought all the expansions AND bought them for all of my friends, but today I am heartbroken. I've been playing through the campaign mode for weeks and was about halfway through but today the game completely reset and now it shows me on Scenario 1! I've emailed support and will happily change my review if they can help me!

Frustrating After playing multiple games I've become frustrated with the AI and random number generator. First, the AI cooperates with itself whether it's in the lead our not. It does not matter who the computer player is. Second, the supposed random numbers are anything but. The moment you get a lead, resources stop coming in. I have to play with the resource bonus on our go upwards of ten rolls without getting anything. It is a faithful port of a classic board game, and fun to play online.

Accurate ai reviews As soon as the lead is secured the ai target the player. After stealing all your resources you will go turns without getting enough to build and by that time the ai will have too many development cards to compete with (this is the easiest ai settings). Hopefully this problem is fixed soon.

AI is incredibly frustrating The computer's refusal to trade with you when you're ahead -even by just one point - and then expecting you to trade with them isn't how real people play the game.

Don't buy!!! Tried to like, but uninstalled because of rigged dice and cards I would love this game, except every time I play I get angry, which is the opposite effect a game should have. You (the creaters) made the worst program I have EVER seen for the dice and card distribution. I have never seen anything like it, and it's utterly pathetic. I really like Cataan but this app sucks. I'd love to get my money back and use it toward the actual board game, but I imagine that won't happen. Just glad I didn't buy the expansions.

Not worth it I can only play the one map and no scenarios even though I paid for this game. It says I have all the lite versions of the expansions but I can do anything other than the one custom game.

Good for fun. Hard to fault apart from the AI are never as much fun as playing with real people! I really enjoyed the campaign however.

Cards don't work After selecting which card to play, unable to select which opponent to use it on, which settlement to turn into city, where to place the robber, build roads, etc. Pretty much makes the game unplayable when the A I and other players can use game mechanics you can't. Added star for dev attempts at trouble shooting... will see how it turns out...

Ridiculously hard Just brutal - even on easy the computer characters never trade with you. They co-operate against you and relentlessly move the robber between your tiles, sometimes three times every round. Even when playing this with your worst enemy you wouldn't get bullied as much as you do in this game.

So after buying the game. I also bought the scenario bundle. Was expecting more than 20 scenarios...especially since there's not much too them. There's about 6 to 10 lines of inane and inconsequential dialogue before and after each one. The maps themselves are nothing special either. I do like this game and it's hella fun playing the actual board game, but they didnt take full advantage of going digital. For example. Bigger maps, much bigger. Perhaps double or triple the size of the largest map. 3 to 8 players. More customization with rules and objectives. Some C and K rules would be great. Especially a no commodity C and K map. No card map. Etc etc. Give some customization options. I would recommend this game if you got everything for like$4.99-5.99. As for online play. There's a tedious user name confirmation page that doesn't need to be there. If you wanna play with your friends just buy the actual board game. Otherwise you're just gonna sit for way too long.

Does not work on galaxy tab S Trouble installing due to the SD card being in. Removed and works great! The only complaint is the cities and knights expansion doesn't have very many scenarios, wish they would add more otherwise very fun game.

Just like the board have I actually learned how to play with this app, then play the board hand with friends. Great game.

Found a glitch. I play this game a lot, and 99% of the time the interface is great! Just ran into a glitch. I was playing on online multiplayer with my fiance and one AI. Gold tile came up - I chose my two resources (I had a city), and I saw the AI chose it's one resource (from it's settlement). But on my fiance's phone it was stuck on the AI's choice (as if it was thinking .. forever). Had to abandon the game.

Building button disappears I can't even complete the tutorial due to the button with the build menu, etc disappearing randomly throughout the tutorial sequences.

Good game but... The AI too hard to beat!!! I spent countless hours trying to win the first campaign, but lose to repeating 7 rolls while the computer laughs at you while it gets ahead in resources. Expect frustration but celebrate if you do win one against the computer.

Beautiful layout but buggy Love Catan, been a game me and my family have played for decades. Was really excited to see a mobile application to keep our family competition going. Unfortunately I can not get past the login screen for online play. I am able to input UN & PW but the submit button freezes or just doesn't work. I play on my Android Maxx 2. My wife has the same issue with her Android Ultra. Normal game play functions nicely but the online module is basically non existent.

CHEAT game! Update! I love the game but the way the computer rigs the game is extremely frustrating. If a thief is on your number and you are winning, that number is often rolled multiple times. Also, the computer seems to know what cards you have, if you have victory points, the computer puts the thief on you even if you are losing by structure points. Last, the dice rolls are far from random no matter what setting it's on. Computer will find IMPOSSIBLE ways to win. PLEASE FIX THESE!

Catan Online After unsuccessfully registering for Catan Online on my own I contacted the customer support. After about three days I was successful in creating a Catan account. I do enjoy this app.

Ripped Off The basic game worked great, then I purchased the expanisions and no matter which senerio I play half way through the game i cant acces my resorces or progress cards. I want my money back but there is no way to cantact USM other than the review. Becareful before you buy expansions.

Can't play online I got this game so I could play with family, however the online function doesn't seem to work, there is no way to register or even sign in. I'm very disappointed and will be asking for a refund.

You have to pay extra for the whole game Already personally thinking this game was a little highly priced but I went for it anyway just because my friends like the board game.... Bought the game just to find out that you are only buying about 30% of the game. You have to spend an additional 10-15 dollars just to unlock features like the campaign mode and all the maps. Clearly packaged as an incomplete game, and this company is looking to vulture money where it can. However fun you thought this game is, don't support such a terrible buisness model.

Unusable the past month, great normally... Would like an option to simply cancel a trade offer. Sometimes people take forever to decide, I'd rather just cancel the trade offer. Would also like to see a list of available games to join rather than just being put into a random one so we can get into the game we want. Also, the app sometimes switches into some other language than English randomly for some reason....lately can't sign in at all and when you can, there is a bad gateway and online play is unavailable. Useless until both issues are fixed

Game is a joke Whatever numbers you are not on will roll to an extreme. Why would they do that? Makes the game stupid and unplayable. Don't waste your money.

Update Server It's been almost an hour downloading the 66MB update file from your server. I love this game but waiting this long is painful. My new tablet downloaded the game from play in 5 seconds.

“Catan”, the legendary strategy game provides gaming fun anytime, anywhere.True to the original game, you can compete with up to four players for the most settlements, the longest roads and the largest army. You can trade with each other and claim the precious land with all its resources.Challenge other Catan fans online via cross-platform multiplayer […]


Price 399
App Size -1 MB
Instalations 100,000 - 500,000
Score 4.0
Developer USM

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