Chain Chronicle – RPG for PC and MAC

Game has lots of bugs Gauntlet stucks on and endless connecting loop. Let the stuff know and couldn't(or wouldn't) do anything but give a link to a self help section. Also ads keep popping up here n there, let em know but didn't seem like they care. The game itself is wonderful but the people who run it could be more helpful.

How to use Chain Chronicle – RPG for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Chain Chronicle – RPG in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Chain Chronicle – RPG on your PC or MAC.

A wonderful game ruined by a terrible localizer The localizer, Gumi, is constantly working to screw over the player in whatever way they can. They herald bugs as features and are willing to outright lie and say the game is working fine, when, in truth, they proceed to break it more and more with every major (and sometimes minor) event they release. If you must try this game, DO NOT spend your money here; there are far better uses for it.

Not bad at all but i just start playing it (Update) if i kbow this game going down i would have played the hell out of it

I LOVE THIS GAME Aside from the lack of luck I have with the Recruit RNG this game is loads of fun and i was so happy to find another fun game after Ayakashi Ghost Guild closed down! Definitely recommend

It's a great game... Ver. 2 seems promising. Sadly, this game is closing on the Feb 29, 2016.

I love this game!!! Sad it's closing.... Man I'm gonna miss this game. So many good memories with the characters in Chain Chronicle.

Awesome but.... Awesome game but there closeing the game down?i dount get why when there is plenty of fan pretty dam sad but oh well.....

Amazing! Great strategic game to get away from all the pure grind games, art is amazing, game is easy to learn and overall very entertaining to play

I really do love it. But, The online application thing is so over done that if I didn't have access to a hotspot or WiFi network I wouldn't play it. Still a great game. Especially being free. The creators did a greater job (you can tell by the fact there was no English dubbing for the voice effect's) play it!!!!!!!

Getting tired of all the bugs not getting fixed and the lies. The post that a character will have a certain skill so you spend money...then it doesnt have that skill then ignores your complains

This game is awesome! Chain Chronicles, ever since the Seven Deadly Sins update I heard in Japan, is one of the most enjoyable games I've ever played. ;) The gameplay is just soooooooooooo addicting! :D

I'm gonna miss you guys. It was hard but it was worth it. I'm saddened that this game is being discountinued.

Dumb Login Bonus System Login late by only a few hours, daily bonus drop to 10, from 20! That's 10 days worth of login! So, i don't play daily anymore.

I loved Chain Chronicle and it's honestly shame that it has to die now... I'll play the Japanese version, but being unable to understand the story is definitely depressing :/ Cheers to the anime this year and the slim possibility some company other than Gumi picks up the global version! It's been fun seeing characters like Pirika, Phoena, Toka, Mustapha, and the whole cast :') I'll never forget this game, but it's time to move on. Thanks, Sega!

Bye CC I had fun collecting characters! Even though sometimes you won't let me in. Anyway how come the registration form key board to receive stuffs for BF still doesn't work? I can only input these ×÷€£¥₩ . Please fix.

Take off "THE DIM FOG and THE DARK FOG" (urgent quest lvl 55) located in Dawning that quest has ended It's been on there for six months. I've been hoping it will finally just go away after several maintenance but it hasn't. I can't play it and it's of no use to me. thank you.

Omg sooo addictive! Chain Chronicle has great characters and stories. There r a couple of problems though. 1) can't there be another way to earn more prysma 2)lately super and ultra rare cards r easier to obtain becoz of events, there's no fun in it. I'm not saying it should stop, just saying that it could be a little bit harder to obtain SR and UR cards. Besides those problems, this game is awesome! Thx Gumi!

It is a fun game I love the storyline and gameplay, though kinda frustrated at the colliseum's slots. I keep gettin cleric mana whenever i desperately need other mana-.-

Good game This game is pretty fun, but I have a question. So Chain Chronicle is ending soon, and I would like to get the Brave Frontier rewards. I made a Chain Chronicle account before Jan 18, and it's connected to my Facebook account. Anytime I try to login to my Facebook account to get on my file, the game crashes. I need help...

Pls do a really super rare recruit event I've been playing this game for months, but guess what, I only ever get 1 ultra rare arcana from rare summon, while the rest of summons are mostly useless 3 star arcanas that I get tired of receiving more than 10 duplicates really. Why not learn from brave frontier event now like super rare summon+, this event is the best for many players as its guaranteed not to receive useless units right? Please consider it, at new year it will be the best gift u can give to us.

Great game. Good story. Strategic battles. Plenty of characters to collect. You have to level up in order to stock your team with high ranking recruits, so you can't just "buy" the best team (at least not at first). Plus that gives purpose to the lower rank characters as fillers while you rank up. Constant events. Daily missions. A lot of content here to keep you busy. Best mobile game I've played.

Not bad I must say this is the first game I seen in this battlefield form. I just played it not long but was an awesome game. Your hard efforts are appreciated thank you. But to be honest, if it was organized something like guild with guild battles, guild hunts and you know,that sort of stuff. This game will seriously be a flawless game and the most fun game everyone could ever play. Your concern is a gratitude of mine.

Annoying hit boxes and re-skin of brave frontier This may just be ignorance/skillessness, but each unit has a unique hitboxes that's not relative to the unit placement boxes. So it's annoying to aim melee specials. The chibi 3d models don't match the amount of detail to the 2d counterparts. The positioning aspect of battle still has a lot of potential, but just feels like a tower defense game. For pros, it resets the inflation and power creep that B.F. had, but just a whole new rpg is a temporary solution.

Amazing! Probably one of my favorite games on my phone. The art styles are all beautiful and the story line really pulls you in. Ive been playing for awhile, and while paying player do have an advantage, it is definitely possible to get very strong without paying, which is a major win! (Minor problem: I just got a new LG Stylo, and the little picture doesn't show up on the notification like it did on my last phone, and it just bugs me a bit, fix it if you can?)

Awesome but RNG doe... Its an amazing game! V2 has brought many needed changes, RNG is still a pain in the ass, and i have only been able to MLB free characters and 1 conquest character oh and 1 demon that's too bad. But all the mechanics are great, stories are captivating, don't slack on this great game please!

:( :( :( :( :( This was my favorite game,I played every day for MONTHS and even spent money on it. Which is saying allot because I'm tight with money. I can't describe the overwhelming disappointment I feel because you guys are ditching it. I feel like my boyfriend broke up with me. All that time and money I put into that game and it was all for nothing. Thanks guys for breaking my heart.

Enjoyed it so much!! New updates just amazed me but it's kinda tedious when it comes to leveling up especially the 4* and 5* arcanas alongside with low percentage of 4* and *5 gatcha draw. Nevertheless the stories of this game amusing to me with awesome character designs.

I have played this game for a long time, lost one account because of the expiration on the data transfer and now I don't have access to my account because of a loading issue after the last update. The game is a great game but the developers and tech suck. If I lose this accoung, I refuse to play or pay for anything associated with this group.

New Player, Can't Login! I'm a new player to dis game & I can't even get to have a chance to play it... Da login loading screen keep saying "error login". I keep hear how great & fun it is or how kool it plays out & I can't even enjoy all dat excitement wit everyone. To bad, I would have given it a 5star if I were able to play. Fix da problem & maybe I am able to give dis game a better star rate.

Like most free to play games It's fun for a casual player with beautiful graphics and chibi allies with variety of abilities (not including the op characters), but if seriously want the character card you want to stay on competitive terms with the weekly events. BE Prepared to spend money. Most people will see this game as a scam because of the expensive amount for gems FOR THE CHANCE OF A RARE-UR CHARACTER.*That's not even including if it's a character you want since you can have double weak character cards. AGAIN IF YOU WANT TO SPEND OVER $5 PER A CHANCE OF A CARD THAT YOU MAY NOT GET EVEN WITH $50 CHANCES THEN BY ALL MEANS, Play this game uninterrupted with all it's beautiful astetics, abundant character cards, and lv.60-80 events for UR weapons/characters.

Brave Frontier rewards I've played both Chain Chronicles and Brave Frontier for quite a long time now. I'm honestly quite upset about Chain Chronicles' closure, but it only adds insult to injury when counting the fact that for some reason, I cannot accept my Brave Frontier rewards. My sister redeemed her rewards perfectly fine, without a hitch, but whenever I type in my BF ID and email, nothing at all appears except for ".com". What's happening?? On a different note, thank you very much for creating this game. I enjoyed it all.

I only have one problem with this... Since after the last maintenance, I can't get into the Sage's Gauntlet. It doesn't bother me too much, but it would be nice if it gets fixed. The game is good, they're generous with compensation (items mostly) when there are inconveniences (like emergency maintenance and such). I'm playing free, so I'm good.

False advertising Edit:Gumi has repeatedly offered cards on random draws, or from random chests, which weren't actually available in the loot table. Many players have spent money on this only to have it come out that the advertised card was not actually available. I am requesting a full refund of all my money spent under these fraudulent circumstances.

Great game that the publisher has ruined As the title says. Great game that has been ruined by a publisher that doesn't care. Game is full of bad translations, bugs, and every event they run has problems that would be caught if they tested the game at all. I don't have the time to overcome poor publishing. Games are supposed to be fun. They managed to ruin that

the support team is REALLY GREAT i once lost my account because my phone was suddenly broke. i didnt manage to set a transfer data nor facebook login. then i emailed to gumi's support team to report my lost account. their respond is fast, just within 24 hours. they REALLY concern about my lost account. now, im back in action with 37 lv nimpha on my (was) lost account. MUCH THANKS for the support team.

Sigh....... One of my favorite games...when it works. Did the batch download, cleared all caches including this game's, uninstalled apps I no longer use, and this newest version still freezes. Freezing and crashing have made it almost unplayable. I refuse to pay real money for a game I can hardly play. Reinstalled the game and it crashes more often than before. Why do updates always make this game worse? Every update has more bugs than the last. Ridiculous.

I play this game with my boyfriend and I love it but he has tons of 4 and 5 stars while all I keep getting is rares for almost every draw I dont understand why he gets super rare cards every draw and I have maybe 3 and have drawn tons of cards for prysma and arcana 2ooo draws. Its pretty disappointing.

Game doesn't work after update My game is stuck at them presented by Sega screen after updating. Please look into this as soon as you can.

Seems pretty fun so far, easy to play and understand, though a lot of info is handed to you quickly and tuts don't fully explain recruiting rules/items. Fun though, and possibly addicting!

Amazing story :3 I'd compare this game to some of the visual novels you can find on steam. The story is extremely well thought out and in-depth, not to mention the numerous side quests, that it kept me hooked for months worth of gameplay. My only issue was that after a while I began running out of the games "stamina" way too quickly and couldn't play as much as I wanted to

CHAIN CHRONICLE HAS ENTERED ITS SECOND YEAR. NOW FEATURING NEW QUESTS, NEW CHARACTERS, AND IMPROVED RECRUITING RATES. SEE THE “WHAT’S NEW” SECTION BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION. DESCRIPTION————–Assemble and lead an army in forging your own story in this first-ever line defense role-playing game with over 5 million downloads worldwide! Thank you for your support, captains. […]


Price Free
App Size 0 MB
Instalations 1,000,000 - 5,000,000
Score 4.4
Developer gumi Inc.

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