for PC and MAC

Well its alright but when you get soo far and you died by an accident, YOU CANT RESPAWN!! And the controls though it sucks. It process soooooo slow, even other players have perfect movements BUT NOT US? IM JUST deleting it cuz of the controls

How to use for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use on your PC or MAC.

Can you fix something for me? Game glitches too much, Controls are bad, Too many hackers Plz fix these things -- thank you, Also, worm goes backwards and not forward, so i cant evolve, plz fix, ------ thank you again

It's good. The concept, controls and graphics are great. But the one problem is LAG. This amount of lag is ruining a great game

To much lag I can't even play and plz make more classes but please fix the huge Lagg

Its seems like a good game but the lag I can not move very well because of the lag and next thing you know your dead

Please fix cant go on it five seconds without it saying NO INTERNET after i download.

It is a great time killer. My friends think of it a whole lot better when I told them it was FREE!It really is a good game. I recommend this to you especially if you have played the other .io games. Trust me every year they come up with a new. Io game. My favorite is definitely the one. LOL XOE

My opinion, bugs, and ideas for improvent. Very fun game. I enjoy playing. One of the best .io games and I like the new updates. I have noticed some bugs. 1. Sometimes it will just send me have way across the map for no reason. 2. When I get killed, usually as a bird I can not respawn. 3. Sometimes animals just appear giant and show up everywhere. Ideas for improment: 1. Make jelly fish poison stronger 2. Add more animals, like a box jelly fish. 3. Add more biomes, like caves under the ocean. 4. More animals that can go into dirt. Overall great game

Decent. But the lag issues near islands is WAY out of control. This game is not optimized for mobile yet. And i cant even begin to tell you how many times ive gotten to be a powerful animal, get killed, and loose ALL the progression ive made. But it never happens as a lower tear animal. Tried it again. Still having fixed the lag issues either. Uninstall AGAIN.

Sorry to give such a bad rewiw but the game would not work. I would go to the screen to pick my beginning animal and it would not even shownwhat they looked like and, when i would just randomly chose i would get a blue screen with the leader board. Please fix it my friends tell me its really hood and i would like to see for myself.

Listen the game is great, I watched YouTubers play it and it looks super fun!! But the lag man.. it's unruly! I honestly suggest try adding in a different thing where it's just you vs a bunch of ai, like in That way even though your not competing against other people there's most likely no lag whatsoever and you still have fun! I hope you take the thought into consideration Peace✌♥

Ehh... Its good..... BUT, what is wrong with he controls? It goes the oppsite direction, really slow and doesnt process AT ALL. I know that game just started BUT why does everyone else on the server have perfect controls. I am unstalling the game JUST because of its controls

Great game on the desktop browser version but on Android it's unplayable. The app is too laggy. Freezes after running for about 30 seconds due to insane memory leak. I'm on an unmodded Nexus 6 and should be able to run it no problem.

I think you guys did an excellent job porting it to phones also having an offline mode would be a great idea that means I can enjoy the game on the road and I can enjoy it with less lag. Once I was a ray I accidentally clicked they retern button on my samsung and it just quited the game and i lost my progress so making it you cant click those buttons in game would eliminate that problem other wise continue to update this game because this is definitely my favourite. I also have some ideas for new fish to add Barracuda, Bull shark, Crocodile, Eel, Giant squid, Lampray, Lobster, Megalodon, Narwhal, Octopus, Sea snake, Pufferfish, Sea turtle, Swordfish, Viper fish, Walrus, Basking shark, Flying fish, Greenland shark, Mega mouth shark, Mimic octopuss, Saw fish, and Whale shark I hope you take these into consideration thanks. (Edit: No way they actually added some to the game i am so happy right now :D)

So unfair whales all just prey on the small guys, once you're a whale/shark you should make it so they can only kill each other so its fair for small animals (and also plz do something about the respawn because almost always get killed on spawn. the invincibility doesnt last long enough if youre spawned beside a whale that has multiple boosts)

This games sucks and everything about this is bad was the creator having a stroke whilst making this? And th lag , the lag is horrible if you ate reading this do not play the game the computer version may be extremely bad also but it's better than the phone version.

This game would be really really fun and it is but...It lags a lot all the time. I just freeze and then die. I also feel like although the bug creature do need to be tough they should be slower. Like the bigger you get the slower. This way you aren't a squid being hunted by a shark.

You get so good than it kicks you off why?but not now

Okay on mobile but why not on computers or consoles I'm on mobile and the controls are completely fine with me. WHY are they complaining? because the controls on pc and other non-mobile devices but sometime I will try it on pc if it's really the problem

This game is absolutely terrible on mobile. Even though this is my favorite io game, I can still tell that it does not deserve 5 stars. There are invisible walls, you sink through the ground, and ALOT if other things. I understand this is a work in progress, but people who play on mobile devices have no chance.

It has a lot of lag that's the only bad part.

Uhhh dunno bout you guys but do the servers come down or something? Good game in all bit laggy compared to computers but sometimes the screens all werid like i join the server but all i see is blue and apparently the fish is the latest animal when ever this happens..... chat works during this though.

The game is awsome before anything,but not perfect.okay let's begin. First the flying beavers sometimes while you are a beaver. Second, the game is lagging awfully. Third at the deep bottom place, blue food needs to spawn more than green food (only deep bottom place plz) Thanks for reading

So much LAG my average is 5 frames per second! 9 if I'm lucky!! I love the computer version of this game, but the app is TERRIBLE! You need to fix the lag ASAP! It is a HUGE PROBLEM! But the concept is great. Just executed VERY POORLY.


The menu doesn't always pop up when you die. Forcing you to exit the app and lose the progress you had. Many other bugs that were annoyances as well

Deeeep io is a OK game. The controls are not the best, but OK for a io game. Such as mope io where you can't stop. When I die is makes me restart and lose all my progression. I love how the game plays, it just needs to be fixed and patched up.

Considering i never got to play, because the stupid game couldnt even connect to a server. I waited a half an hour for it to connect but it never did. They should make bots mode

Way too much lag. I die before I even see the opponent coming. If it could be fixed, it would be the best mobile .io game, that is certain.

I think it was slow and very bad. I mean I understand what you're trying to capture with the idea but I think you rushed into releasing it before you fixed all the bugs and made it the fast paced game the potential of the idea proves is possible.

Horrible you constantly get killed unless your an expert at it and all the species should be able to kill eachother and the sharks and dolphins and beavers constantly kill all the crabs witch there are way to many of and the jellyfish is horrible it barley hurts anything and its slow Update i re installed it now it wont even load

Won't let me go in full WiFi and says taking to long please respond

I keep getting eaten get rid of the Beaver and oarfish.

The reason why I don't like this game any more is because everytime I try to get on and play all it shows is a black screen I can't play if you fix it I will rate with higher stars

I really like this game i play it like everyday Some ideas: Puffer fish- when you left click it could go all spikey4 a couple seconds Caves in deep sea- like a angerfish hang out Flappy birds- it would be cool if they moved about in the sky like the fish in the cold part of sea Eletric eel- if you touched it it would stun you for a couple seconds Goblin shark- creepy Thx so much if u consider some ideas this is best .io game evaaaa

I hate how after the seagull there are no respawns... and please make it where sharks and whales cant kill jellys and below

Impossible to level up . Mobile version is pointless as there is too much lag to play. An offline mode would be nice.

Guys all you need is a better phone because it works fine for me and i have the galaxy s6 Phone it works fine for me

This is a good game it has good graphics but you should add new animals,plants,biomes like sea turtles,sea weed,lobstersq and turtle lobsters,crabs,and clown fish could hide in the sea weed and add random blocks of ice floating in artic biome. is the new popular .io game! Start as a fish, and eat to advance in the underwater food chain. Some of the animals include: Fish, Crab, Jellyfish, Squid, Seagull, Sting Ray, Penguin, Dolphin, Shark, Killer Whale, Whale… each with its own powers and characteristics! More animals and places are going to be added in […]


Price Free
App Size MB
Instalations 100,000 - 500,000
Score 3.1
Developer Ouwi!

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