Elder Sign: Omens for PC and MAC

Tough I have never played a game like this and I am being beaten badly. This game is a learning experience for me. After playing this for a week, I may go out and buy the real board game or Arkham Horror.

How to use Elder Sign: Omens for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Elder Sign: Omens in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Elder Sign: Omens on your PC or MAC.

Great Board Game Port! I love this game. I own the board game and the PC version and now the android version. This game is very atmospheric, thematic, deep and polished. Because it is so deep it has a steep learning curve. It has a ton of replay value, especially if you buy the expansions. I really hope they add even more expansions.

91% Luck, 9% Skill Don't paint a game as an adventure if it's an experience in defeatism on par with pinball. The items are random, the STARTING items are random, the locations are random, the monsters are random. You choose characters based on very conditional abilities and no idea if they will come in handy. At the very least, allow for item exchanges as a full turn action. At least unlike Eldritch Horror or Arkham horror, you don't have to wait two hours to find out the game is a wash and you should quit now.

Hard but worth it. Bought this on a whim. At first I disliked it because I couldn't figure it all the symbols. But I'd still come back to it. Eventually I figured it out and beat the first monster. There is strategy. It is winnable. Just remember you are fighting God like beings from other dimensions with nothing but a six shooter and your own mortality. The odds are forever NOT in your favor here, so when you send The Dark Pharaoh back to eternity, it's truly a sweet moment.

Engaging but tough Most games today lure you in by letting you win a couple of times. Elder Signs never holds your hands. You will lose. A LOT. That said, the challenge is enjoyable and open to a lot of strategy. And while things seem too random against you, it seems all fair. The soundtrack and art style is apropos. Once you manage one win, it feels so darned good.

Very disappointed. I thought this would be a cool HPL puzzle game but it's just a BS random item generator that requires zero skill and just hope you get the right glyphs to solve the puzzle, which you almost never do. What a tremendous exercise in futility and frustration. Seriously, please, don't waste your money.

Awesome game. Takes time to learn the strategy and which investigators work best for each ancient one. I have defeated all but Cthulhu and Ithaqua.

Very good game for addicts of Arkham Horror! I love this game. It isn't easy but fun games aren't. If you enjoy Arkham Horror get this game.

Devil Dice This is just like the board/dice game...if the real dice were somehow sentient and wanted to watch you cry. Just like the original, take your team of four investigators into the museum and try to put a stop to the eldritch shenanigans that never seem to stop in poor old Arkham. Unlike the original, the RNG has its heart set on destroying you and will constantly make plays that are so statistically unlikely you have no choice but to accept that Cthulu is the one rolling the dice. Protip: Take Jenny, Mandy, and Gloria or you WILL fail.

You might descend into actual madness... First thing's first - this game is incredible. I had never played the board version of this but am a huge Lovecraftian mythos fan. It is incredibly difficult, yes, but it really doesn't matter, for the gameplay and the polished detail are outstanding. Enjoy, but don't you go staring into the abyss for too long.

Great game with a learnign curve... First off, for those who have mentioned the game relies solely or too heavily on luck, please take the time to read the help section and learn the full depth of this game. Yes, there is a large amount of luck in the game, but if you learn how to use your investigator's special abilities as well as the equipment they carry, you can win more often than not. This is a very nuanced and in depth game, far more so than I would have thought possible. The music and sound effects are very well done.

Meh I want to like this game; I really do. Unfortunately the mechanics of the game are ruined by the fact that no amount of skill or planning can offset the random glyph generator. Impossible so far to win, and while I appreciate a challenge, I'd like to be able to rely on skill to achieve a win instead of cruel, cruel fate.

Love it! Haven't played the tabletop, but I sure want to try it now. Totally enthralled and have a lot of fun and frustrations in a good balance :)

Haven't won a single game. This RNG, holy crap. I've played to completion about 40 times since getting this game, always on Yig, the easiest boss. 40 losses. First 5-10 times, ok, maybe I'm not getting the game, right? I've studied playthroughs and rulebooks and strategies. I've watched games online. I bought Arkham Horror and played 1-2 times each to a VICTORY. Why can't I win in this game? Simple, pure, RNG bullshit. It's impossible. It's ridiculous. If you've won a match buy a lotto ticket you've been blessed by Azathoth himself.

Elder Gods Yahtzee The game does well in music and visual effects. Unfortunately game design provides much frustration. I can't say adventures are difficult because that would imply skill is a factor. It's a luck game and all about dice so I will say that statistically you mostly lose. Paid reviewers call the game nuanced but "nuance" is just playing item cards to reroll and keep dice. That's pretty much it. Basically this game is glorified Yahtzee. It's mildly entertaining but pricey for what you get.

Brilliant Brilliant game and awesome mobile implementation. I wouldn't have understood what the game was about if I hadn't played Arkham Horror beforehand though. I reckon that a flat pdf of the rules might be helpful alongside the help system. Also, it might be worth explaining neophites that the game is all about learning to beat apparently defavourable odds, and about feeling the thrill of fear of failure throughout. Very well done in this respect. I just wished that we had a bit more GOO's with the basic app.

Challenging, impossible...addictive I've had this for ages and I've never won. Closest I've ever gotten is 6 signs on Yig, the easiest one. No point in even trying the others yet! Frustrating as hell but can't help playing it and loving the look and feel. I'm sure it's rigged though, as you never seem to get the glyphs you really want! Only 4 stars though as it does feel very unbalanced - the players always need more signs than there are doom 'points'.

Great game! Needs more campaigns. I hope you guys haven't abandoned this, looking forward to update

Great game I have had a lot of enjoyment playing this. The presentation is excellent, as you would expect from Fantasy Flight. Lots of replayability. It can be frustratingly hard to win. Yes, you will lose a lot. You only really have a 16.66% chance to roll what you want on each die, so you have to use your abilities and items and choice of adventure carefully to maximize your chances. Not for everyone, but I can enjoy games where random chance can come along and screw up a strong strategy.

A warning I loved the game be it both board and the PC version so I would recommend it especially if your a love craft fan but this recommendation comes with a warning: if you hate RNG do not pick this up. The game is heavy on dice rolls and its in the games favor. As you learn the game you learn ways to better your odds but there is that fact that the game WILL beat you ruthlessly. It will not pull punches. But that was Arkham horror and Elder sign in a nutshell.

Great implementation but the dice roller randomization combined with random adventure pulls are BRUTAL. I've had nearly perfectly played games lost because of crazy streaks of bad luck or drawing the wrong adventures at the wrong time. Still like it.

Tough but addictive and fun. It takes a little time to understand everything and know how the game works; but once you've got it you cant stop playing. It may take some time to initially win a game, I haven't won a game yet, but it makes you more determined to keep playing and beat it. It's a good mix of an interesting story, fun game play and frustrating random glyphs and you'll be playing for hours.

frustrating rng fest Excellent port of the real boardgame. However, the random number generator used for dice throwing seems terribly biased against the player. Winning is next to impossible. You can have 9 talismans with 0 doom counters and then just quickly lose in 2 days. There's no strategy in this game. Just pure luck.

Can't say enough good things First off, I love this game. I've purchased two of the DLC expansions and intend to buy more. The only negative reviews I've seen are against the dice rolls, however, those that play(ed) the board game variant will know that this game is about scaling insurmountable odds and overcoming unbeatable evil gods. I love the board game, but rarely have people to come over and play it due to conflicting schedules, and I find this a very faithful adaptation. The only thing I would like to see is more expansion sets.

Museum based rage simulator In this game you press a few things to get to a screen that requires you to match symbols in order to get rewards. You press a button to get symbols, fail repeatedly and then rage. This is the purpose of the game, to instill rage in the user. Unlike the board game, where if you roll bad die you can distract the other players by shouting 'Who let that stripper/circus clown/midget in here' and when they look away switch the results...here you can't. Nice game, rated 4 for in app purchases. Because. I. Can.

Great game, needs more campaigns A really faithful version of the table game and really addictive. The Cthulhu campaign expansion is needed as otherwise you only have two campaigns for your money, and hell is it hard. I would welcome either an update with more campaigns or another expansion pack. The lack of campaigns is the only reason this doesn't get 5 stars as gameplay and fun, it's one of the best apps I've ever purchased. Update 14 October; these guys response quick to reviews! Latest update a lot more stable, additional missions and expansion are great fun. Certainly worth the money. The new Save Game function is a real plus. Can we get a Death Angels adaption next please :)

This is an excellent conversion of the board game (except the board game gives you some fighting-chance combat even after the Elder God has awakened). Learn the strategy which is to pace your characters. Let them rest at the entrance. Spend their trophies at the souvenir shop for more abilities, or spin the wheel, to have enough tricks to go for those locations rich in Elder Signs. Score big, then build again, is better than head-butting every single turn without enough abilities. Of course as the Elder Gods get harder you have less time to recover and it is a more frantic pace. Learn how to approach each Adventure. If it has steps that must be followed in order, get a lot of lock or clue cards to save glyphs or reroll them. Pay attention to the special abilities of your character too, is there one spot they can break more easily? Then build them up and come back next turn.

One of the best I've paid for Addictive and repeatable. Ruthless and wonderful. It will provide over a year of replay. Its always on my phone. Hopefully new content soon?

The best HPL game you'll get (on a phone) Works great on samsung galaxy s5. The gameplay is a direct port from the board game. A lot of it comes down to the luck of the dice roll but if you plan using characters you can control fate a bit better. The graphics and sound are interesting and appealing. Its definitely engaging and immersive although somewhat simplistic (good for playing on a phone though). I'd say its worth buying if you like board games, strategy elements and of course Lovecraft.

Impressive! I was so impressed with the game that i had to come review it after just one game play. The graphics are great! Very well done. Controls are intuitive and lots of little hints to help the user understand what to do. The help was also great. I haven't played the board game. But the help did a good job explaining the different components.

Addictive Fear A brilliant game with both skill and luck needed to win. It takes some rule-reading and a few lost battles to get the hang of it, but you'll be glad of the effort. The gameplay is riveting, so you'll feel great if you win and determined to fight again immediately if you lose. Certainly this is the best presented game I've seen for Android. The graphics are excellent and music is atmospheric, so you can really begin to feel that your involved in a life and death struggle right out of H.P.Lovecraft. Let your imagination role-play a little and you'll feel genuine fear for your four investigators. Great work, Fantasy Flight Games - give us lots more apps like this one!

Greatness sullied by artificial difficulty Clue tokens or not, the experience is ruined by the mechanics. If there were unique narratives/cutscenes for each Old One, this would add to the game's only grace: immersion...which you're pulled out of by awkward interfaces and overcomplicated mechanics. Having to reconjure between tasks is the nail in the coffin, one of the many factors causing frustration instead of chills and wonder. The game has a great concept, but fails horribly in execution. I was considering getting the IAPs, but for now...

Not a straight port of the board game but a fun way to get your Lovecraft fix on the go or without having to clear the nearest table. Unless I'm missing something, the battle following the Great One summoning seems to be missing (I may just have failed to trigger it somehow) so if the doom bar fills up, then it's been instant game over for me so far. I found it very hard but a good way of passing 20-30 minutes. In app purchases are not necessary to enjoy the game, merely giving you more characters and great ones to battle against so don't let that put you off trying it. Relies a lot on dice rolls so it can be frustrating when you fail events multiple times in a row from bad rolls but it's still a very entertaining app. Runs fine on my low spec Xperia M unless something is updating in the background but requires around 250MB of space so beware if you're low on storage space.

Great Mythos Fun A good puzzle type game with a good variety of difficulties (@#$!'n Ithaqua!). If you don't like games that derail your plans with random suffering, then this might not be the game for you. Make sure you stop to enjoy all the colorful text and art.

RNG seems overly hard on difficulties above easy On normal mode and higher I'll get to where I have four rolls to hit one thing and it won't come. This happens statistically way more often than it should because screw you, these are other-dimensional beings who don't give a crap about your measly physics. That said, this is an awesome port of the game. Beautiful and well polished. So worth the money and when you win it's so sweet.

Beautiful. Fun. A little buged. A fun remake of a board game. No multiplayer. Sad. Presentasion is great. It looks and sounds good, tho there is one music track that loops, but i love it, it sets the mood. HUD is ok at the most part tho be prepared to click a lot on sometimes small icons. Gameplay is decent, i would call it good as well if it wasn't so luck based. I got screwed by dice numerous times and also won without feeling like i deserved it. Be prepared for few frustrating bugs. Task not completing, missing dice from a roll etc.

Heavily rigged against the player I love Elder Sign. I actually played the app before owning the table top version. This app is beautiful, simple, and is a great way to learn how to play, but I am certain that the dice are heavily stacked against the player, especially on the harder difficulties. It's not hard to figure out when you are going to lose an adventure once you figure out the pattern. The tabletop version isn't nearly as brutal, but that's because you have full control of your dice roll. You don't have a preprogrammed algorithm determining your success rate, its just pure, physical luck. I want to love this app more, but in the end, I'd rather stick to the tabletop version. You can actually strategize and you aren't at the mercy of unforgiving programming.

A weak substitute for Arkhsm Horror A drastically dumbed down imitation of AH that loses all the elegance and strategy in favor of meaningless, random symbol matching. A dreadful waste of time despite its impressive production values. Your money will be better spent elsewhere, preferably on an actual copy of Arkham Horror.

Want more! Awesome! I loved the board game and now I can play whenever I want, but please do me a favor and make eldritch horror an app here please! I'd be willing to pay a lot of that!

Very good adaption I really like elder sign. But it can be a bit much to set up and clean up. This resolves that problem. When its just me I can boot this faithful adaption up and enjoy all the horror and dice rolling fun with good graphics and great easy interface.

“GAME OF THE WEEK” – G4TV.comTOUCH ARCADE – 4.5 out of 5148APPS.COM – 4.5 out of 5GAMEZEBO- 4.5 out of 5 BOARD GAME GEEK – 3 out of 4The tense excitement of Elder Sign is now available for Android! Elder Sign: Omens places you in control of up to four intrepid investigators, as they fight […]


Price 399
App Size -1 MB
Instalations 50,000 - 100,000
Score 4.5
Developer Fantasy Flight Games

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