European War 5:Empire for PC and MAC

No, just don't. I really enjoyed the first four (five if you count American Revolution) installments in this series but this one was absolutely horrible. They've ruined a series once with Glory of Generals and now this. I used to love easy tech but I think this is easily their worst game yet. In short, save yourself the energy and don't download this game. To Easytech game developers: please don't screw up World Conqueror. Thanks.

How to use European War 5:Empire for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type European War 5:Empire in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use European War 5:Empire on your PC or MAC.

I loved napoleon's war European conqueror was a great game with great graphics. This however has took 3 steps backwards and nothing like it, I even went onto the easy tech website to make sure it wasn't a knock off. This new game is cartoon like and nothing like 3 or 4. Only previous issue I had with it was the enemy wasn't ruthless enough, this game is jus poor. Poor graphics poor game play all round just poor. sorry to say easy tech but u must make 6 more like 4 with a world map and be able to choose allies and have more ruthless enemies. 4 was a great game this is just a poor cartoonish imitation.

What bad is history fact. What worse is the items you need. I like what you implement not pay to win that much but plz with sugar. 250 literature is insane amount for discovery. Now I have to gather SIX HUNDRED? Dude this is far beyond insane.

Stop using this horrible engine from gog2 and use engine from european war 4 and world conqueror 4 that has actual territories and no fog of war,those games actually have strategy,this game has no strategy due to limited paths/terrible map design and fog of war.I CANT SEE S♡♡t,why would you add fog of war? Also we need option to disable unit animations,they take too much processing power.

... I looked forward very much to playing the game. Unfortunately, a message in what I assume to be Chinese came up on the screen after I repeatedly tried to open the game. I am glad not to be the only person with such an issue. I cleaned out my storage for the specific purpose of installing this game.

Good fun working out my battle plan to conquer the battlefield in front of me. Only real issue is the rewards for winning battle to low by the time i came to empire age i had to spend days doing little missions to gain the item need to progress. Also not easy to gear your troops for battles as you spend gold upgrading units or building cities then nothing left for gear.

I hope people do appreciate little things. Graphics are not that bad compare to Napoleon. This game should be rate more than 4.0. Also please lessen the value of heroes/equipment. Like others, this game maybe bought for easier win but not be bought just win. Thank you.

Guys....the English controls are in the settings 😂😂😂 all you people giving it a bad name are wrong cause half the stuff just requires you to think, 1. Settings 2. Change to English 3. Enjoy the game

if your coming from EW4 note to you is this: its different and will take time to adjust. Once you have adjusted though, it becomes a fantastic game. AI is hard but fair and you need skill plus tactics to pass most campaign missions which rarely allow the same stradegy to work. if your stuck on a mission try swapping items from one hero to another based on their abilities effectiveness against current scenario.. 600 scrolls is hard to achieve to get gunpowder age and i suspect they did it on purpose so you need to do conquest gametime. Still, with that being my only gripe i 100% enjoyed this game. Please dont complain because they made it challenging.. its not time consuming. I played for 1 week to get to 4star heroes.

Easy tech developers, why do you always make Russia so small? Russia is the biggest country in the world, and must have a lot of power, but instead you just make it a poor weak country. Guys you need to be realistic, also the medieval and empire age conquest are historicaly wrong. Like for example the Arabs invaded the entire africa. But you made the arab empire so small. I like this game but i think you should study more the history of counties instead of making Europe always the power of the world.

This isn't an EasyTech game. In fact, this isn't even a "European War" title mainly because A: It's completely different from the other games EasyTech developes and B: It's not even based in Europe! How is this supposed to be the next game in the series? If anything it's more related to World Conqueror than European Conquest!

This instalment went forward in some areas and backwards in others. The conquest mode is terrible and offers no other ways to play it. Just do two to ten players. You hit a place where it's very hard to advance your generals and you can't get enough medals or gold to buy gear for them. "Replay this mission for only 150gold when you need 25000 for what you need. " No thanks.

I prefer the old one. :( I don't like it in 4 I like sorounding the enemy more tactics and more. I just don't like the map and how can you attack. I like the era but that's not enough for me.

Great game challenges you and maintains your interest but there is a problem for me personally with the player a.i. In the empire map during invasions I've noticed my units making stupid move after stupid move. Throwing soldiers against calvary, letting enemy solders pound on my archers while they shoot down at a half health target vs resetting and fighting the unit attacking them, units rushing into an open space and surrounding themselves and dying the next turn, and the target priority is just awful as well. Soldiers attacking calvary bvs the archer unit one tile over archers constantly attacking the soldier units with calvary one tile over. The computer a.i. isn't the most intelligent either but it at least understands somewhat the basics where as the player a.i.... Just takes an easy win and says throws it all away with awful tactics. If I could avoid the computer battles I always would.

It looka neat , grafix is ok. You need to add small amount random drops of medals on the battlefield . And please make the general slots avaailable to buy for gold .some people dont have the luxury to buy with real money.

It is great nice game. But I have a suggestion if you make an a new app add a Philippines that can fight other country and add some multiplayer .. Good job easy tech you are making an a great application .. But I hope you granted may suggestion

Thank u for making it free! Also add richard the 3rd and campaign of the war of roses.

Fu, full of interesting characters and stories, just wish I didn't need a game account to play so me and my brother can play without affecting the other.

Best!!! One of my favorite and addicting games!! and you create philippines!! you made me happy!!! i hope you make another games like these but history of each countries. that would make me more happy. i love strat games and these is my top 1 strat games!!! hope you make strategy games but history of different countries like america,japan,philippines,germany and more!!! you made my day creator of european war v. keep up the good work!!!

Guys, can you make European war 6, but with real count soldiers, and also add realistic diplomacy and wars and also building of cities and education and stuff like that, it'd be awesome

I like this game......The controls are good all is good int htis game. Easytech....can you make a game like Rome Total War because that would be AMAZING!!!!

Really fun. Needs more Medal drops or more per mission. 1st mission in Joan of Arc campain are extremely over powered.

You need to updated the invasion and Attack why ? My army control by AI are damn stupid .

For those who are complaining about the Chinese language,just change it to English in setting(bad english)

SUCKS BIG TIME When i open this game it say a godamn chinese thing and closes.WTF is wrong with this game.

Its so hard to obtain medals, I can't buy generals, can u plz make conquest give u medals.

I love your games easy tech, I got so worked up and excited for this game. Sadly that was not the case as i played I love the context but it lacks passion, and the cartoon graphics I mean at first I thought I would be okay with it but come one really? And the new way you fight on the map is so frustrating I mean the way you attack city's and get troops all that is just taking a step back😭 I mean you guys are the only people I really get games from I even paid for this came when it came out because I thought it had the potential, sadly it did not. Your others games were great European war 4 and world conquer 3 were awesome💯 this game lacks lots of things I mean why would you add a alliance thing are you can be allied but really in theory serves no purpose what so ever? Like really and having to always move your solders and setting them up annoying. I know i said this earlier but really you had to change the way you play and attack and how the map works out? Come on I really hope your next game is better not great just better. Excuse me if I have offend you.

I've never been one to judge graphics but this is a huge drop off then some of your earliest games like world conqueror and the other European war games

This game is way too cartoonish, I would like to see a World Conqueror 3esq game with the same ability to build Aliances.

Amazing. I like how its different to the classic world war 1 or 2 themes

It's a nice game with good graphics, it looked like civilization II. But, where can we find the treasures?We need it but, it is hard to find.

The guys who made this game, when you advertize a game in English, then the game should be in English. Plus I cant even play the game BECAUSE a error comes up in Chinese???!?!?!?!?!?!

How do I heal my army/fortress I can't fix my castle I don't know how or heal my people also don't know how

TOO MANY GRINDDIIIIING!. Easytech i've been a fanof your games since i was 9 but this one ruined it i was hyped when the trailer came out about it being in 7 diffrent ages but it got ruined when every single increase in ages doubles the ammount of litrature needed the first three ages was good you know not too many grinding but after that it was basically "go play this for a year to get to the 7th ages you lazy" plz fix ur game and i will probably follow and support you everytime

I enjoy this game but it doesn't have the same feel of the other games

Dumbest things even. Built to make you pay

Please make there NOT be a limited amount of turns when attacking and it can be a unlimited amount of turns. Otherwise I LOVE IT!!!!!

Is good but is so independent of european war 4 i think is best european war 4.

Awesome game! I really recommend it. But can someone help me. I am playing conquest and I can't figure out how to upgrade towns or advance to the next age. But I really enjoy the game.

Across 2000 years, more than 150 major historical battlesWorld conquests through 6 eras with over 100 great generals 22 world civilizations, 90 military units ——————【Empire Mode】—————— Commander! You are about to build a great empire*** Your empire will experience 6 ages and explore 2000 years of history*** As the empire expands, there are a variety […]


Price Free
App Size MB
Instalations 50,000 - 100,000
Score 3.8
Developer EasyTech

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