This game is fun and feels like a classic title. There are a few things that kept it from a 5*. The Stam and lapis really make you step back, like most app games it just feels like a cash grab. They could lower the prices and make more money and have a bigger competive player base. The stamina really limits your play time creating a lot of down time, which can cause a loss of interest. All that being said when you have stamina the game is fun, it feels like the final Fantasy of days passed.


You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS on your PC or MAC.

I had to do a factory reset of my phone and lost my progress but google play still has my recored achievement s in game and i google play services wont load or crashes when game starts up. Tried to uninstall and reinstall didnt work. They should increase five star drops. I've seen videos of people spending about 500 dollars worth of lapis and get like 3 to 7 5 stars and one to 2 of those are the main banner summon

Hey Square enix, i think this game is awesome. Maybe a little bit improvement on graphic should be good. And also, i had this issue, this game sometimes stopped, lagged, and force closed. Please fix it. Oh, and please update the character faster, cause im starting to play the japan version, and they already had Nier character and FFXV updated. Oh. And one more thing. Please make it easy for us to get noctis pretty please? I'm begging you. Thank you so much. I hope that you'll respond this ASAP. Good day.

The first month was great. Post that, the game becomes pay to win. No matter how good you are, unless you put in hundreds of dollars a month you are more than likely to have only outdated or poor units. Content comes in slow and there are too many events and banners coming in quick succession so Gumi can ensure greater profits. This has the unintended effect of making the game even more pay to win for any player who has finished content and is investing 0 to 100 dollars a month into the game. Play it for a month for fun, but don't invest emotionally unless you have deep pockets.

As a rule I avoid energy based mobile games like the plague. This is the exception I make to that rule and I recommend you do too. I've been playing this game daily for 2/3 of a year and I still love it, it's getting better all the time, and as a free to play player I can honestly say I have an extremely powerful party. Constant events, rewards, character progression. It's all a beautiful grind and I love it. Keep it up Gummi!

Awesome classic art style, lots of in depth customization without bogging down the gameplay and story, and doesn't compel you to spend money to compete. You can have the best character on the game without ever spending a penny. Not being ptw already sets it apart from every mobile rpg I know of. Just classic final fantasy fun and story

The game is alright till you realize that you really aren't going to be able to get the units you want or the items you want unless you set up third party macroing software or dump a ton of cash on the game (over $100). Was fun for a bit, but really not a f2p friendly game. Finally removed this game. This last event killed it for me. This isn't a f2p game, it's p2w

This game is good. But the tickets are a trick. I spent fourteen reg tickets to get a xon. one 4 star guarantee ticket to no avail. Had 5000 lapis and spent 1000 of that at last minute desperation to get this unit i really reaaaaally wanted. Again to no avail. Ima buy some more lapis and if i don't get the next unit i want i quit. Only 5 star i got was snow. When i already had a better tank and a lower grade... Thanks for ripping me off gumi. Sure u enjoy this alot ..

Well its great but... Every time i open the app, a couple of minutes later the app crashes and force closes. I would really appreciate if you fixed this bug as ive seen many reviews with the same problem and im enjoying it alot; its very addictive and entertaining. Also mabey a little improvement would be to include new ways to get lapiz so players can farm for it. But its great.

I will admit that I loved this game in the beginning. It is a throwback to the Final Fantasy games I miss so much. The variety of the different units was addictive for me. However, after months of playing this game (daily, I might add) I watched the divide between players that pay and players that put in extra time and effort become wider and wider. Another sad example of making the game more challenging for people that pay and offering you the illusion that you can compete on that same level without paying.

I just started back, and I will say the game has much improved. Lots of stuff for free to play players, and lots of quest. The only thing I wish would happen, is that all characters can be 6-stars. I got a really cool character that I liked, only to find out it can't be as strong as the other characters. This is a bummer.

Best rpg i've ever played on my phone. Best old school! And one more thing... There's so much characters! EDIT : I don't know why it's so hard to get 5* character.. I've pulled total 50 pulls and 4* Exdeath is the best I get... Increase 5* pulls rate please... I'm understand that you want to make profit as much as possible.. But hey! At least think about the player's feelings too...

While the game is fun the banner unit summon is rigged after 75 summons i only received 1 total of the 4 units that were supposed to have an increased drop rate. The high end content is a catch 22 it is extremely hard to do without very rare units and hard to aquire master equipment. So its a great example of free to play but pay to win

As a 6 month free to play player, I can do almost all the elite content without issues. The game is a daily grind, but still remains fun with the story and events. Unit pulls are luck based. You need some good pulls or friend units to carry you when starting out. Overall I would give this game 4/5. Only knocking a star because the grind is a bit much at times. Daily log in rewards are a plus.

Been playing since November last year, and I can easily say this is THE BEST mobile game that I've ever play. As a fan of the FF series, releasing heroes slowly but surely really is a feature that I like as it keep the suspense running on what will be released every week or 2.

Brigs back memories! And love the new features... No energy? No problem! There are other things that could occupy you until there really isnt anything else... To those who say this is pay2play... It really isnt! If you just put your backs into it and play it normally... you will grow strong! I havent spent a single penny and I got a couple of characters to 6☆ already... It is all about chances. So quit whining and just enjoy the game

It's great if it works for you. I've been bugged for ages and cannot access certain functions of the game and I've tried submitting a ticket to support and they send me copy and paste replies without giving any proper support. Useless! Uninstalled!

Its absolutely great, the dialogs, the secrets etc. just that the gatcha ratio of better characters is so damn low.. 0,5% they say, for a better character like lightning you can wait for all eternity; and not everything is about america!!! we here in europe would also like to play at european time so that your weekly up to 16 hours maintainances would not affect our gaming experience

30+ summons later and still no 5 star. Did the 11 summons twice and still only 4 stars were 5 star when maxed. Update: Did another 25 summons and got 6 4 stars rest 3 stars. the 4 stars didn't have have worthwhile trust rewards. I'm done with this casino like mentality games where it's the same as playing slots.

This game use to be good at first but its complete $@#&. You cant enjoy the game because it requires so much money to play it to actually enjoy it. You have to grind until your wits end to get enough material to awaken you characters, and seems like the game put more effort into brave frontier than this.. the game has grest potential because of its nice music and the most obvious its resources, i mean you have the best characters in the world and you guys cant make a decently fun game.... so disappointed... and dont get me started on summoning system good luck, if you are new player you will be lucky to make it to the second island and not get frustrated by the rigged setup

If you have played brave frontier​ then the game play is familiar. This is simply the same game with final fantasy characters and some other differences. Many minor changes such as characters have abilities, so they are more than just their stats and limit burst. There is also exploration stages, it's more straightforward with what things do and looks nicer. The banter between characters also has done something final fantasy hasn't done since 3. It made me smile and care what was going on beyond objectives. I hear ff15 does the same but have yet to play it. If you are a final fantasy fan this game is more of the good stuff. It's a bit streamlined for mobile, but honestly not much. 13 was more streamlined.

Okay game events make it a little easier to level up units worth while to invest time into. Tons of people cry about not getting 6 star units and pulling 4 or 3 stars just upgrade with items sure it's a grind but your f2p

They have slowly been changing events, for the worse. It is becoming a blatant money grab. Events are being changed so that if you don't spent money; you cannot get all of the prizes. I would not recommend this game to anyone thinking about starting as a new player.

This game is... Stupid and repetitive but I am addicted so I can't just stop playing it. Stupid because it always breaks itself so guilible players will make ingame purchases. It's not really a game but more like a digital shopping thing for collecting nostalgia sundries.

Very addictive, and they frequently put out new summons and events to keep things entertaining. The battle system is like valkyrie profile had a baby with final fantasy. There are nice FF elements too (jobs, characters, summons, etc)

Wow. One of the best phone games I've ever played. It's a bit grindy, but that's the only bad thing I can think to say about it. Definitely a great pickup for fans of the series, though I would encourage you to try it even if you aren't.

Giving 1 star all the way cause the game is still crashing a lot and do nothing about it... devs are super busy while making their non stop events... Can't play it on my tablet and my account is worth a lot of cash value, do something about it.. missed a lot of event time..

There is so much good about this game but I feel like there should be a some kind of cap where you get a free 5 star summon for every dollar amount that you spend on the game. It's a crappy feeling plowing through $500 and not getting a rainbow crystal in the summons, or when you do it isn't the banner or the character is obsolete. It's a wonderful game to play casually. Most of the content can be done with any characters. End game content bosses may require a deeper investment.

Me personally I have to say that anytime that I can play a FF game it is a really good feeling to me at least. Not sure about the whining that the game has got. If they (whiners) have anything to be glad about is only that the game is a Final Fantasy game! Enjoy it:)!

Terrible!! After only a few days of playing encountered a major bug! Customer support has not even responded to me. Can not use half of the games buttons and menus. Can only use a basic attack and nothing more for my charactors. Not worth investing any time into at all!!

My 2nd favorite mobile game. You've had some unfair challenges in the past, but The Psycho Clown takes the cake. If anyone can beat that joke, (and no one should be able to without a hack) they don't need the rewards. IMPOSSIBLE!!!

Good story, but summon rates.... I understand the summon rates are random but it just seems so hard to play when you cant pull a good character. The events just keep getting harder making it hard for newer players and existing players who dont have much cash to spend on a game... I have spent $50 so far and the pulls were.. well.. not very good, not even at the least... I love the story however I'd just love to summon an Orlandeau or Noctis for once XD For anyone with a 6 STAR character with good equips here is my ID- 706,735,564

Awesome. Been a fan long long ago and still think game is cool. Too bad having problems with updates and my phone, won't add to my storage card not enough space on my device. Could not find a way to fix this. Installed Android App Emulator on my laptop, unfortunately I had to start from scratch. If someone knows how I can get back my previous please let me know.

A blast to the past. If you're a fan of the old snes games, then this will be a great time killer for you. You can spend money on here, but it's not pay to win at all if you don't mind working for what you get. Great game!

The game is awesome I really like the style and it combines two of my favorite games,brave frontier and phantom of the kill. I also give advise for the players to buy event bundles of 3000 lapis because that is how I became overpowered in the game and I spend time collecting lapis. I never had to pay and I am still good at the game

My data in ff was deleted :(. I worked on this for 2yrs and was one of the strongest players. I was very far in the game but im no longer a fan of ff after playing for so long it all just went to waste. I was signed in on Google play games but my data was deleted. Contact me to restore my data square enix im very unhappy with u guys.

Picked it up thinking I'd be disappointed and it would be a dry game. Now I can't put it down and my other games miss me. Polished mobile experience, perfectly...playable and it just works. Don't miss out on this if you're a fan of old school FF.

What do you do with the hundreds of duplicates of a troop??? Common sense would say fusing like characters together would increase star count. It doesn't you get stuck with garbage to sell and waste time and effort for nothing. Pay wall comes pretty quick if you want to be any good. Same as the rest

The game is great and I loved it. What ruined it for me was the support staff behind the game which ruined it for me. There were a number of times I didn't get arena awards or the game would crash during the arena and I would loss my 80+ win streak for the 20th time. The only feedback they ever seem to give is for me to check my connection.. useless.

The game crashes at the start for the tutorial and nothing will let me play. Despite crap (honest) reviews, I figured I'd try this. Contacted Support, and of course no one responds. Uninstalling and chalking this up to garbage.

So begins a new tale of crystals… A tried-and-true, yet brand new RPG! SQUARE ENIX’s first title aimed at a worldwide audience;a brand new FINAL FANTASY game available for smartphones!Play an entirely new RPG made in classic FINAL FANTASY style! Includes charactersfrom past FINAL FANTASY titles! Enjoy this expansive storylineright on your phone! =========================================Features -Simple […]


Price Free
App Size MB
Instalations 5,000,000 - 10,000,000
Score 4.6
Developer SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.

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