Gailardia for PC and MAC

Feel like you're young again! Remember the days of Dragon Warrior (did u get it with your Nintendo Power subscription) & Dragon Warrior II? Play an RPG just like the great 8-bit days! This provided hours of fun for me. A little bit of a grind at some parts for some money for better armor, but I love doing that in games!

How to use Gailardia for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Gailardia in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Gailardia on your PC or MAC.

Exactly what I was looking for! Friendly advice: more side quests would help with the "lack of direction" feel I got. Also I feel like the xp balance was a little off by the end of the game, I could get torn to shreds in the final dungeon for average of ~1200-1300 xp or grind right outside for average of ~1000-1200 and barely get touched. Just felt a little pointless. Great overall game tho, so hard to find an rpg this good!

Dragon Quest FTW Very good DQ clone. However, on both my HTC G3 and my Google Nexus 10, PC and NPC sprites, as well as monsters in battle, show up with a solid colored border. Can you fix the transparency effects? Thanks!

Great I've downloaded a few of the higher memory usage rpgs and though it doesn't have as many bells and whistles, it ends up being more fun. It is also much easier to just pick up and play. Only probblem sometimes it freezes for a few seconds. Will definitly download 2!!!

Great, but a flashing white screen for magic is sad when you take the time to create different abilities. Battle could be more exciting. A+ otherwise!

Game Should of put different kinds of trapertation like airship,land vehicle and the story should be way longer need to do a lot of adding stuff to this game should make were u should chose your own class like fighter monk kight white mage ,black , red ,warrior , theif and be able to name your ppl and put some sound effects and put victory music

Great Game Needs an option to select which monster you want to attack not just which type. Graphics could use some work and a land vehichle would be nice too. Otherwise its a great game for anyone who likes RPGs.

Meh I love the look and feel of old school RPGs, but this game lacks polish. Controls are way too big, action button does too may things (why make it open the menu when there is a menu button?), and menus are awful. Will likely give the sequel a chance since it looks better prepared and not thrown together.

Closest thing to Dragon Warrior I have found I'm a huge fan of old school RPGs, especially Dragon Warrior, and this game definitely scratches that itch. It can be a bit tough, with monsters jumping up to somewhat ridiculous boosts over the enemies you were just fighting, but grinding is just part of the classic factor. May pick up the others at some point, after I get the DQ ports available.

lg marquee i love this game and i bought the other and they are just as great,but i'm stuck,does anyone know exactly where the jailor key is,if so please jelp....thanks.....

Was great but... Needs updating for graphics issues badly. Worked fine until the KitKat update to 4.4.4. Now there's a green block around all the characters and the enemies. Fix that and it'll go back to 5 stars. Awesome old school RPG. Brings back fond memories of the early Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy games.

DW3 On the android! Awesome game, plays just like Dragon Warrior 3! Alice's spells still aren't working though, and I saw a post from 6/17 mentioning the problem. Is that going to be fixed soon, because she's going to be useless by mid-game without her magic! Even with this fairly major problem, the combination of nostalgia and your obvious hard work prevented me from giving this anything less than a 5! Please fix this quickly, I'm anxious to see how the game plays out! Thanks!

What? This is a rip off of, I believe, the first couple Dragon Quests or Dragon Warrior. The characters have colored boxes around them because the creator didn't set the background color for the sprites, so they show up in game. It's overall a lazy, slap-together, horrible rip off. If it was on Google Play for any amount of money, you would most likely be sued. Fix these things before release to avoid posts like this. In my opinion, dont play it. Its pretty horribly put together.

Good but......Lots of flaws Good old time graphics....Good combat system.....Weak story line, wander around and kill monsters....No quests to speak of....Try to get to caves and towns and find items, some of no use in the game.....Poor map, hard to see destinations you need to go to and how to get there.....For me it gets tireing just fighting and leveling up....Just got #3 and curious to see how it has improved from the original...Hope the map is better....Wish some npc's had some tips for us warriors....#1 lets you guess as to what to do next....

Not bad Game is good but on my phone, the music that's suppose to play only comes out as beeping :(

Missed the point entirely The developers of this game set out to recreate Dragon Warrior in the laziest way possible. Somehow, they have managed to create a carbon copy of the original without including a shred of what made the old games great. The localization is terrible and the dialogue is trite. The world is uninspired and breaks the fourth wall for no discernable reason. To make matters worse, entire characters' dialogue have been lifted from the original games. The icing on the cake for me was the atrocious interface and fps.

Well worth downloading One star for zero unnecessary permissions; one star for small file size; one star for lack of flashing banner ads; and one star for the game being annoying enough that I really want to beat it, but not so I annoying that I quit it. In fact, take an extra star for your game's addictiveness, and another for it being free.

Worth a play This game is pretty good and definitely worth a play, a few weak points though, the players are always animated to walk, this trips me out a little, not a huge problem, but the mobs are way OP too early into the game. Also, there should be a map, taking ages to find the other towns and the distances are too hard to measure without visual guidance. Overall, it works well enough as an Adventure/Quest type RPG, and is as good as any f2p game ive come across, except the amazing Inotia3.

OK but problems While the game is OK, it does have several problems. The translation isn't all that good. Which wouldn't be so bad if it was just side characters instead of the people who tell you where to go. There also seem to be spacing problems. If this game was tested before bringing it here, it was tested by a monkey.

Josette There is a world map. The old man in port town tells you where to get one. However, I quit when after saving, I died and wss forced to lose my money instead of being able to reset without saving and reload.

Excellent! What a wonderful final fantasy type game! More fighting then chatting which is nice! User interface is just perfect!

Fun game and Alice's spells Love this game and for anyone having a problem with Alices spells, she is learning them and they are there... there is a multipage menu for defensive and offensive spells. If you look at her spell menu there are left/right arrows showing that there is more to see. Great game

Great game however I'm docking a star because of the brains that spam blizzard 3 of em cast it one turn = GG

Great game! Easy to learn; much like dragon warrior/ff1. 3 heroes, nice difficulty. -1 star for items going into character inventory instead of bag and lack of direction once you get the ship. 'Go explore the world'

Amazing, quite a dejavou game for me. 5 stars Btw what happens if u read the king's private diary thing? I don't remember, and I want to read it but don't remember if it screws me over for nothing

Gailardia rocks!!! I like this game! It really reminds me of Dragon Quest! Of course I like The Dragon Quest series! So I expect to spend hours slaughtering monsters around a town to upgrade weapons and armor!!!

Mocogame ftw. These guys came out of left field rocking the old school. Keep it up.

Great game This game is fun reminds me of the old days. however Alice is lvl 9 and has learned mini fire mini blizzard and just learned fire except it doesn't show up and there's no way to use the spells .. I'd rate 5* if Alice could use her attack spells .. almost don't want to buy the sequel in fear of having the same problem.

Nice Fun game , but Alice isn't learning her spells. Says she learned them but they don't show up. Please fix

Fun 8-bit style JRPG Enjoyed playing this typical retro JRPG, this is my kind of retro game. Can't add much to all the positive reviews. Apparently the bugs have been worked out, not a single problem throughout game play. More than one save slot would have been helpful. The poor translation is good enough to get the info across. It's actually unintentionally humorous at times, sort of like some of the old poorly dubbed oriental MA or SciFi cult classic movies. Finished Gail 1 and starting on Gail 2 now.

These are the kinds of games I want to play on my phone. These are the kinds of games I want to play on my phone. Website could stand some improvement, but the game itself is great.

Sweet This game is totally nostalgic in the best way possible. I really miss RPGs like this. The grinding, random encounters, etc, it reminds me of Dragon Quest and a little bit of Final Fantasy. Theres a good chance that I will get the next two games as well. Download and enjoy old school goodness!

Needs autosave I'm having fun playing this game, but every time my phone rings I lose all of the progress I've made since my last save. I've actually been so upset that I restarted the game from the beginning. It takes a long time to get useful items like weapons, armor and potions, and the creature powers are disproportionate to the level of the warriors.

Done Finished game on lv56 100% item completion with possible best equip. Beat quazecotl on 9 turns. Is there any games similar to this? I'm too cheap to buy gailardia2.

Wow just like Dragon warrior 5 minutes I'm hooked great game. Wish there was more but still love it

map zoom and quests list give 5 if they could give quests list to monitor my game... but nice game worth thw download ... cant wait for ver 2 and 3 in english

WOW!!! I have been searching for a game like this for months, very well done, just like Final Fantasy.

49k cheapskates. There are at least eight of these games, but only three were translated, it seems the English language crowd is too cheap to buy apps so no translations after the first trilogy.

Great game Feels like I'm playing on my old Nintendo, great single player game for when you have no internet, I want more of these games.

Kind of broken All of the animated character sprites have solid colored squares around them. It makes it pretty ugly looking.

If medieval and royalty RPG are your thing, then this will be a considerably enjoyable experience for you. It also includes an item completion feature and other fun elements to keep you entertained!The English version was created from the original Japanese version, so no balance changes have been made. Hence, leveling up and gold acquisition […]


Price Free
App Size 0.5263671875 MB
Instalations 50,000 - 100,000
Score 4.2
Developer MocoGame

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