Goddess: Primal Chaos for PC and MAC

Love the game.. I can't even complain. A game with no issues... But I thought you could customize shape of character? Meh. Oh well Awesome game so far but really do I have to be a warrior in-order to win against one. Games rigged so that you don't even have a chance against one.. makes it so if you wanna get anywhere and in game is to only be a warrior.. you have no win against one all they have to do is spin and your fucked. No other characters has the ability to take you out in a flash. It's kinda gay.

How to use Goddess: Primal Chaos for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Goddess: Primal Chaos in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Goddess: Primal Chaos on your PC or MAC.

Overall I really like this game, only been playing it a few days, so I'm hoping there is much more to come. Only thing I didn't like was the lack of character customization when you create a new character. Controls are simple, Pvp is fast and pretty easy to learn, graphics are the best I've seen on one mobile game, Screen is a little crowed at times, but does not inhibit gameplay. 10/10 would recommend.

One small problem I love the game, it works great. The issue I have is when I click on social tab it brings up my friends list and force closes back to my home screen. I cleared cache everything else works fine. On server 16 it works perfect but new characters it don't I sent a ticket to GM letting them know please fix this I have a friend I know I wanna send gifts too.

I think I'm addicted but... Love this game so far! However it looks like there's no option to delete characters? I let my cousin make a new char to play but she didn't like it now I just have a dud character sitting there. Other than that great game, very active community too!

It's an awesome game, awesome graphics, really easy to play. The only thing I have against it is that the screen is to crowded when in the major city. You can't remove quests from the screen. Also the fact that you have to touch a certain area in order to move and it can be hard to do with as much is on the screen. But other than that, it's an amazing and fun game to play. I love the fact that it's actually 3D with actual real MMORPG battles similar to like D3. Love the fact that it's also free to play. There's tons to do in the game so I don't see ever running out of things to do, even once you hit level cap.

Play Smart Look. I won't lie. This game IS a little rough around the edges. Almost like it's part of the game to figure out how everything works, and how to work around these... intricacies. That's part of what makes this game appealing. Once you push through learning the game mechanics , somewhere between 80 to 100, you develop a fun sort of daily routine. Give it a try for at least a couple weeks. Lookup Poggs on server NA8.

A lot of stuff going on here! So far it's good. Nice graphics, music,controls are smooth,no glitches so far, not greedy yet. PvP, single dungeons, bosses, good chat system. Can avoid most of the chatter. Would be great with a RL friend or partner! Have to down grade my rating. The game has developed a lot of lag and DC's in the past week. It's almost unplayable for any events. When it gets fixed I'll change the rating.

The game itself is alright, but don't do any micro transactions. I've bought 3 items so far with real money and have yet to receive any of them. I even tried talking to the game support and have yet to get a reply. I'm not the only one having this problem. This game is ripping a lot of people off. I wouldn't risk playing it.

OK so i have been looking for a good multiplayer rpg on mobile for a long time and i think i have finally found it!!!!! This games storyline has more depth than most games you can find on the app store. Its easy to follow and verry well written. as for gameplay i couldnt have asked for better the combat mechanics are actualy quite crisp and well done. walking can be tricky at times but only when framrate drops. as for reward system i think it may be a little to easy but still fair. the in game curency was so easy to understand wich made it all the more fun to play. only bad notes i have is maybe add a few other sound tracks and possibly the ability to change the look of youre armor without having to complete compititions other than that 9.9/10

Impressive Ive only just started but I am very impressed so far. The graphics are awesome and there's not too much lag considering its an mmo. There is a lot to learn so it is a bit intimidating but I think that's what I like about it. It doesn't seem like just another game I'd play for a week then uninstall. I'm looking forward to playing more.

Good game untill you reach level 90 then it all becomes the same everyday. Your not going to geg a certain power level unless you buy there vip packs and unless you only realistically want to play for a living which is imposible with this game, your not going to be doing much of anything. Game starts great, keps ypu interested for a great while and then you get hit with a "need to buy VIP " wall if you want to get any better.

This game is Awesome Ok now to some people it would be lame because of the graphics. To be honest this is like a upgraded and better version of Wartune (for phone) And its better than Runescape. I love this game! Only wish it would show more of the outfit changes on the character itself.

AMAZING!! I may be a little bit op and that's why I like the game so much, but it is genuinely a game that I will be keeping on my phone for a long time. I have trouble finding games I like most of the time and this just does it for me. I like not having to wait for things and having multiple tries on stages. Keep up the Good work devs!

It's a good game; Good graphics, fighting sequences, characters, characters powers, etc. But I was a level 78 summoner, I signed up with my Gmail, and today (April 16, 2017) I went in, and I got the create character scene. Now I didn't log out or anything. So I casually signed back in, thinking it's a glitch, and suprise suprise it said my account DIDN'T EXIST! I worked to hard to get where I was in that game, and everything I worked for went down the toilet in 5 short seconds. Please, is there a way I could get my stuff back?

This game would be great but the matchmaking is a flippin joke. Your putting beginner players with players whove spent lots of real money and time in 3v3 against one another and expecting it to be fair and for them to stand a chance. Matchmaking really needs an overhaul for me to rate this 5 stars. Untill then ill give it 2 maybe 3 at best

Major issue For some reason all my menus are blacked out and I've started up the app multiple times and shut it down. I really like this game, hope you guys can figure out something. I have a coolpad Quattro 2

Support sucks They will double bill you and when u refund 1 of them and try buying gems through them again they will deny giving you gems because they messed up and force you to pay the double charge before they give any of your charges you do after the refund. Be careful spending money with them

Pretty cool game. Only thing I dislike about all these games is that they force you to buy gems and some people just cannot do that often if at all. Therefore, it'd be great if there were a way to earn like 5-10gems per day or at least per week to gradually build up gems to purchase the same items and gain VIP like those that are able to purchase gems to get items they want without having to do the special tasks to get gems, they get gems immediately. Why can't you game makers do that, you'd still make plenty of money

Been playing for about 6 months now and I gotta say its a pretty entertaining game. Only thing that could really use some work is the amount of items you can buy with gold. There gets to a point where all you can buy is strengthening gear. It would be great if you could buy fashion or wings with the 100s of millions of gold you accumulate through out the game.

doesn't Work. Cannot even login it keeps giving some sort of TOKEN error when attempting to login with google account. don't have time to troubleshoot your app's basic login problems guys. Should not be on the store yet until the devs figure things out. Thanks for wasting over 300 MB of my data allowance.

A beautifully crafted game with divine graphics and an epic storyline to match. This game is unbeatable in terms of RPGs and is absolutely exquisite in terms of dominating any game. My only complaint is that the servers are a bit crouded, and the controls are a might jumpy. both could use some touching up to ease the lag. ❤

Meh. The graphic and the controls are perfect I can't complain. I do wished it was a little harder though. I don't even have to use skills to kill the boss and the maps are a bit too small. And I thought you could customize the shapes of you characters but no tbats a lie and there's only three class such a bummer :/

This Game is AWESOME I just got it a few days ago and I'm all ready loving the game play and graphics! The only problem is the censoring. This stops everyone from talking to each other, I nearly understand what people are talking about! And some people don't want to share their voice with everyone just so they can talk to another. like really the creates censor put It, am, and so many more words and letters please fix this and I will give 5 Stars! Thank you! (⌒▽⌒)

Not a good game You have to pay to keep up with some of these others that have nothing better to spend there money on. So you never get help and when you buy something and it charges you twice then these game tecs do not give you your money back. Do play if you don't want to pay

I'm addicted! There is so much to do in the game and so many additions that the game designers keep adding on!! Game runs great for being so large, and it doesn't use much data! Best part: you can become so strong in the game without spending a dime :) but by all means, if you want to put money in, it's worth it!

i hate it honestly, i mean it has good graphics and all but it's stupid that you have to unlock level 15 to chat and level 41 to join a team i mean really!? this game needs major work. i hated it soo much that i unstalled it. 😠

Log in problem I am giving this game 2 stars for the reason I did enjoy this game highly. Until...I open the game today and it refuses to login through my Google account. I tried through my face book but now I have to start all over with a new character. I will keep the game until tomorrow and if it still does not log in or I have no response from developer about this problem I will uninstall. It is a very well off game and I'd hate to get rid of it but I have no choice I will not start over.

Poorly made game Was fun at first. Now it is boring and annoying. Drop rates are ridiculous and events are just plain stupid. High level stages and dungeons say they give red equipment, but all it gives is gold I and gold II, or just plain crap. I really don't recommend it.

Starts out good, but... I have been playing this for around 2-3 months and was having a good time at first. However, there are a few items that are pushing me away. 1) late game meta seems geared toward making you pay real money. I get it, devs and publishers have to make money, but how it has been implemented here I do not agree with. 2) Players who get high ranking in the Arena are given the ability to "mute", or restrict, other players' ability to chat. Great concept, but poorly executed. This is regularly abused.

Well it wouldnt let me put my name in ( Sweetsorrow) but when i used your trash name it went right to game turn off for me right there glad everybody will see this, do your computers know how to count think not. Anyways i wont play this game or any others designed by your company.

2* for excellent game. VIP abuse is absolutely terrible in this game! Players should not ever have authority over other player's nor have power to silence anyone! I've seen it just in the short days I've played! Also, how in the world can players finish any dungeon when the higher battle rating kick you out? The award system is outrageously expensive and stupid! Can't get anything without becoming higher in VIP status! I don't mind spending some money on good games, but you are extremely greedy!

Bad customer support It seems not to be any customer support in this game. I've spent almost 10k USD in here and they can't even help me to find what happened to my characters after reinstalling the game. And they say contact support, but all you get is an automatic reply and nobody there to fix ur issue.

Dissatisfied player I bought 900 gems for 14.99 and didn't receive them, but they still haven't figured out who I am to credit me after I have given them all the information they needed. The game crashes every time I try to play it. It is very frustrating. I would suggest to anyone not to purchase anything in this game!!!

Its good and addicting I like it alot but some of my friends complain about how bad the customer service is and its a lot of money just to get the lvl 100 pack and if you dont spend a ton of time or money you will never get super high

Love the game. Hate in game support. When purchasing gems it doesn't get received. Then you have a back and forth with the billing support with getting your gems or your money back. Has happened the past FOUR times I've attempted to make a purchase within the game. Last time it took me SEVENTEEN days just to have the issue resolved. Hopefully google handles it.

Great game, make sure you connect your account to here and know what server you're on at all times cuz if you lose your account you will feel terrible trust me. I don't get hooked on games easily either, this one really is amazing. Easily got hooked, that's how amazing.

No support at all watch the cg response below Terrible game. .. you work to better your character and maybe get decent stats if you put 1 to 2 thousand dollars towards it. Then they merge servers and you lose everything you worked to get. So you do it again. Then they merge servers again and you lose again. Such a waste of money. And when they merge servers everything lags like crazy. It's like they want everyone on 1 server. Not to mention your now in competition with people that have been playing forever. They want people to quit the game obv

Loved the game but I had to take a break for about a month due to being homeless and I come back to being kicked out of my alliance and someone else the leader. This really upsets me because I paid to upgrade it and worked hard at leveling it. Now all my characters have been kicked out and have no way to get it back. I would like either my alliance back or what I paid to upgrade it back. When that happens I'll change this to a 5 🌟 as other than that I love the game.

Gems lost, please help! Those other types of gems you get from buying normal ones I lost. I had well over 6000 recharge gems saved up. Now gone. Please return my gems or give me back my money so I can quit this game

Support is still useless. I emailed them at the address provided and received no response. They now me over 200 dollars in gems and refuse to respond or reply or do anything. Do NOT waste your time

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Price Free
App Size MB
Instalations 500,000 - 1,000,000
Score 4.4
Developer koramgame

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