Golf Clash for PC and MAC

I don't like many games, I only play interactive multiplayer games on my phone that involve real opponents from across the world and this game delivers. It would be absolutely perfect if they showed the club's when you swing and the graphics or controls were slightly more professional and looked less cartoonish. I wanna see my club and I want a choice to move my finger through the ball to perform a shot. I want two options. Still an amazing game if you are competitive and like playing at home.

How to use Golf Clash for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Golf Clash in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Golf Clash on your PC or MAC.

Everything about this game is great, except opponent matching. I continue to get matched with players with much better equipment that are literally impossible to beat. I made 2 miracle perfect shots on a long par 5 to pull off a birdie only to lose because my opponent can hit 25% farther. There's no single player mode and if I can't get matched with players with similar equipment it's impossible to aquire higher equipment. I don't know why they wouldnt factor opponent strength into how much you lose for losing.

It's a great game, I had to take away a star because of their support. There's some bugs and issues. When you send a support ticket I'm pretty sure they never even glance at it. It never gets answered, never shows any sign of them looking at it at all. Their first tournament just ended and I never got any rewards from it. It gave me the prize chest, then immediately brought up some easter promo before I could open the chest and I never got my chest... I would contact support but I know it won't help

Good game however you play ppl 3x your level . first image above Shows 115 v 12..! Slow progression unless you you spend. When you unlock better clubs the older clubs are better because what extras you add to them. You should have more leverage to where you add the extras from the unlocked chests to. You seem to think your getting better but really you don't. Slow progression 😕

I've played the game for months now and can move up. The only time I got to move up is when i spend my own money. Also you need to fix the player match ups I'm at 300 and I'm always playing people 600 or better with better equipment so I can not move up please help and fix I've already spent $40 on the game I will not spend any more money until these issues are fixed thank you

If you're any good, this game can be pretty awesome! Finally, a great golf game! This is quickly becoming one of my favorite mobil games. My only complaint is how often I get tier 1 clubs in a gold tier 4 chest or higher. It's kinda ridiculous how often the game shoves lower tier clubs down your throat rather than letting you actually unlock new clubs for the tier chest you aquire.

People keep loosing their signal when i have won the game and they end up taking the cash you originally won very disappointed indeed and since the update its now juming on the screen please sort it out or im deleting the application.. A once happy game player.. this was about 4 month back reinstalled as it is a good game, it's been OK and there's been no cheating. . finger crossed. !!!

Coins are a precious commodity in this game. This leads to very experienced players being forced to drop leagues to recoup their losses. This in turn leads to very poor matchmaking. It is rough to be matched against someone that has twice the trophy count with very accurate and powerful clubs. If you catch a string of these mismatches, you will inevitably find yourself without enough coins to play. Fix the matchmaking to be a bit more balanced and this becomes a phenomenal game.

Great graphics that's about it, win one game lose 6 in a row by inches have to basically start from the beginning. Might as well just go straight to the shoot out no actually tournaments. Get a good club and can't get any cards in the chest to improve that club. Not a very impressive game plus not enough instructions to navigate the game

Well, this without a doubt, is the most fun golf game I've played since Tiger Woods. Easy controls, great graffix, very addictive. We should be able to chat with each other as players. This game has been hacked, and some folks are cheating. Taking your coins, and having the best equipment in order to be unbeatable. I hope spending money isn't an issue, because I have none. Forgive me, if I had it, I would spend it. Especially for such a well engineered game. Please try to stop the cheating so we all have a chance to advance. Again, my kudos to a great team. BRAVO

Game was fun at first. But now it's obvious that you play against a computer and not actual people most of the time. You win 1 game and then you lose the next 15. Opponents never make mistakes and always hit the perfect shot every single time. Go into the shoot out and hit a great shot inside a yard and what do you know they do even better!! On one hole I hit a hole in one...guess what, so did the opponent. So we went into a 2nd shoot out. I hit another hole in one, thinking I won for sure, but nope so did my opponent. Finally on the 3rd shoot out I was able to win. Game is a joke!!

I like the game I like the idea of the game, but I have to call it golf CRASH until my matchmaking is fixed where I'm actually put into a match instead if having to restart the app really quickly in order to get into a game. I have a losing record because I disconnect before the game even starts. So if my quick reset of the app doesn't work I'm done. I have an s7 edge no excuse as to why this game shouldn't work. The connect to Facebook also doesn't work for me so that's dope If this stuff was fixed this game would be an easy 5

Shows connection errors every now and then. Game never stops midway but often during a winning stroke... Especially when it is a par. The win is never registered! Either I go to the tie... Or get back just my money. Why should I always lose if I always win! I have already uninstalled the app... You better update the application with a good connection

Shots are NOT realistic. It's easier to pitch it into the hole than to put. Also it considers mud to be rough. Really?? You can easily pitch out of mud? Someone needs to actually play golf so they can fix this game. Even if your opponent makes a crappie shot. The game makes you miss so that you are more likely to draw. Not cool. Thinking about deleting it.

The biggest issues is youre matched against harder opponents almost everytine and on top of that its to easy. Theres like no variables. Putting is beyond easy for everyone and tge guides makr it to easy. And the accuracy meter is to simple. The game requires no skill which sucks. Make it more difficult in the sense of actually needing to make gokd shots to win

Great game and alot of fun... but the player matchup is absolutely horrible! Why at 261 am I playing level 700 and above players with better equipment? Why am I always going first in the draw shots? If they make player matching better I would be very happy with this game and it would get 5 stars!

Overall enjoyable. Reliance on Facebook for profile info and friends is a major letdown. Could do with more variety of courses. Very quick to match with players. Should be limits on different difficulties to stop advanced players dropping down to beginner levels and dominating. Wind direction and speed should be same for each player on a hole. Battery drainer. Still pretty good in the end

You know what makes this game suck? The fact that someone with better equipment can come and play in the beginner tours and get an easy win. That's the only thing that I do not like. I cannot even progress because people with 200+ trophies play on the first three tours and I can't even compete with them because they have equipment they unlock in more advanced tours.

Too many bots making impossible shots takes the fun outta the game. People run out of time on their shots and the game gives them the shot! I've lost countless games this way. Why is the wind completely different for each Player?? Most of the time the wind screws me over then my opponents wind benefits them! Fix it and I'll give better review

I really do like this game, and would like to give it 5 stars. But there is 2 things that bother me. One being that there are different wind values between players. It's not fair that I have a '4' headwind while the other has '4.8' to the left, especially during a shootout. Second being that putting is too easy. Someone who is 19 yards from the pin has about the same difficulty as someone 2 yards from the pin. Make the accuracy arrow move faster quicker for long putts to reward those who land close to the pin.

Takes too long for the chest to open and they put you up against a much more higher-ranking opponent that has more accurate clubs and better balls. It takes too long to save enough gems and money to update your clubs and balls. After you do your eight pins and get your treasure you have to wait too long to restart your 8 pins again

So ridiculously good! I tried this golf game at the suggestion of my good friend, who swears by it. And I must say, it's as addictive as all these reviews. You may not like anything about golf, but this game will have you quickly trying to figure out clubs, the best upgrades to buy, and strategize how to do a particular shot again. Highly, highly recommend - just make sure to set aside some time to play for long periods. Haha. Cheers!

Game is clearly against those who don't spend actual money. It seems like my shots are being throttled after having a winning streak. Today the game even glitched and put me a stroke behind as if I hadn't chipped on. I went from being 3 yds from the hole to needing to chip again for a draw. Getting really fed up with this.

You're going to make a golf game why don't you make it like a real golf game if you go out of bounds you lose a stroke if you hit it in the water you lose a stroke the furthest player away from the flag shoots first. When you end up in a tie and go to a shoot off blackout the screen so the other opponent can't see where or what club the other opponents using don't even show where he landed

It's Ok , The Game Would Be Better if They Would Put You Against Oppentes that ARE AROUND YOURE LEVEL!! ( If you are like a Level 60 you might VS a Guy that 208 ) Not Fair & You Can NOT Switch your Clubs In Game Play they Give the Worst Option of Clubs Some Time.

Disconnected so many times it's beyond a joke. And how many times can a ball hit the fringe and run flat along the green, utter rubbish. Plus the matchmaking is not st all fair, players with Uber clubs appearing in beginners challenge... Just far too sensitive to any form of network drop, then it fails to recover and you lose. Sort it out you morons!

1. Takes too long to unveil treasure chest 2. Uneven matchup against players who spend real money in game 3. Limitation on medals per level as again, requires you to spend real money if you want to play against other players fairly. 4. Unstable app connection which causes games to be lagged out. This game will soon be phased out just like any other money grabbing apps.

Such a great game, everyone is usually on the same level playing feel and I got so much better the more I played. I had one issue with a purchase I made when it glitched, so I was charged 5 bucks and didn't get my gems, but other than that no issues..

Disconnected a lot. Match ups are a joke, you are either way above or below your opponent and rarely even. Don't bother asking for help, I've been waiting on a reply for 5 days now and still nothing. So if you want to spend a lot of real money to be able to compete with the rest of the players this is the game for you

I think you should have more than 2 or 3 holes per tour looking at the same ones are shifty. Plus I think u either need to put a cheater button on there or make it so other players cant say anything while your trying to shoot alot that I have played keep hitting them one after the other and its frustrating. Fix this and I will rate better

This error when these turds leave their wifi or game (while I'm playing them) then they come back and my shot placement is no where near where i was at is crap, I've lost more than 5 games because someone leaves and then comes back and my shot target is way oposite where i was at. The leaving at the last minute because you lost is annoying also. The game is good tho.

Would be a 5 star if you would match up players with equal or near equal experience. I had 3 back to back to back games where I had 120ish trophies but my opponents had over 300 then the next 2 had over 400. Its not really fair when they can drive the green and it takes you at least 2 hits to even come close

Good better golf control is good compare to other golf app but one down is I dont like how Im not able to sign in even though it comfirm my email facebook, so I was authorize yes but when looking through profile wont even sign up? so this game is so pissing me off for not letting my account in facebook, unitstall waste of time

I am a beginner golfer and I actually feel this will help me a little bit with perception of distance and even how much power is needed to hit the ball in real life. The only con about the game is that you can't play by yourself to get practice at all the different courses. I think that would be beneficial to players.

It's very obvious we are playing "Bots" and real players. I've reinstalled this game several times....look at the pics of the players early's always the same. Also you can tell when you are going to lose to a "bot" cannot hit a perfect shot and even though you play the hole perfect, you land in a trap or just on edge of rough. This game is programed for you to spend your money.

At first the game was really fun. But now it seems like an extra amount of unlucky things happen to me. And lately when I when I don't get my trophies but boy the game loves taking them away. Please fix stupid match up issues too.

Great fun game. Sometimes the wedge clubs don't go where it shows. Miss match matches happen often. But once you stick it out and get the better clubs and learn how to swing what you have anyone is beatable. My friends and I play each other daily. Other than those 2 things love that game!

So my opponent disconnects and the countdown starts, eventually reaching zero and its just stuck on zero for another minute until I have to exit the app. I open the app and it tryst to rejoin me to the same game leaving me stuck on the loading screen. Unable to play now. Please fix, I literally left a great review and right after Ive had to change it. Please fix

EDIT: Needs an update to take away from distractions while in your swing. I hate when someone sends a message in my backswing. The lost connection notification for you opponent needs to be disabled while swinging too. Other than that, really addictive game. Penalty strokes for water hazards would be nice too.

Great mobile game, controls are very intuitive. Gameplay is quick, fun and easy to learn and the graphics are simple and pleasing. 1 gripe lower chest unlock times or more slots. I want to play more but feel punished if Im not getting chests. 4/5 Great Game

The sun is shining, it’s time to play the real-time multiplayer game everybody’s talking about! Play on beautiful courses against players around the world in real-time as you compete in tournaments, 1v1 games and challenge your Facebook friends! Upgrade your clubs and unlock tours as you master your golf skills in the quest to be […]


Price Free
App Size MB
Instalations 1,000,000 - 5,000,000
Score 4.5
Developer Playdemic

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