Horn™ for PC and MAC

Major issue on my phone. After the game loads and I go to start the game it shows my character moving around in a blank canvass. So far it only happens once I select to play the story does it do this. Please fix

How to use Horn™ for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Horn™ in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Horn™ on your PC or MAC.

Required Internet No where in the description does this game tell you that it needs Internet all the time. I bought it, and I'm fine with a one-time verification but I simply cannot play it. Why require Internet?! Ever heard of planes, road trips, subways, that might not have a connection? Sad, because it's a beautiful game.

Lies -- Do not buy! No controller support despite being in nvidia shield section of games....runs slow...contacted them via email for explanation or refund no response

Needs data connection to play Could be a great game... But instead it requires Internet connection to pay it. Not good!

Wonderful game!!! If you have ever played zelda as a kid buy this game now! Great story, fluid combat system, and stunning visuals. The devs really deliver a sense of nostalgia while keeping things fresh at the same time. Beautiful job guys. Best game on the play store by miles. Playing on a galaxy tab pro with the new snapdragon 800 2.4 ghz cpu and adreno 330 doesn't hurt either. I would beg them to optimize this for my specs, but i won't push things. I'm running 40 fps solid as is.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 I was very excited about playing this game. Come to find out that after I purchased it, I was unable to play it on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4. At launch the game started off freezing while the music continued playing. Then I was met with the main menu as well as a pop up saying "Unable to obtain a license". This really upsets me that I had to go through this numerous times considering that I paid for this. I feel like I was swindled. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!

Nod bad, not great either Mundane, average or below average rpg. Awful controls and story that should have been omitted from the game. Combat...average. Your basic take it or leave it game

Has its heart in the right place... This game is "meh" in every sense of the word. Textures are glitchy and the controls are unresponsive. There is better games to waste your money on.

Rediculous This is completely ridiculous. How long has Android 4.3 been out with still no support? Will this game ever get updated? I really enjoyed this game on my original N7, but as all of my devices are now 4.3, this game fails to load. This needs to be fixed. Game has been fixed. Back up to 5 stars.

Broken. This code is NOT finished. It has more bugs than a sewage plant on a hot summer evening. If you pay for this, you'll regret it. Why do you think there's no demo? Just torrent it.EDIT: So NOW we get v1.0 AND its another 1.7gb download. FAIL

Nice looking but the controls! Bad controls, can u please setup the moga SDK this plays terrible! More stars if the control issue gets fixed

Back in safe hands Great game which was sadly neglected by Zynga. Glad it's back in customer-friendly hands and operational again. Fun gameplay and great graphics

AMAZING Performing and working great on my Samsung Edge Plus ... These people who are endlessly complaining need to up grade ... And demanding a refund for 1.99$ You must flip burgers for a living ... Ignorance is bliss ... Furthermore this game is worth way more than this price ... Definitely reminds me of Fable with a twist of Odd World Munches Oddesey ... Brilliant work fellas ... I will enjoy playing this all the way through (5 Stars)

A most buy game for true gamers not candy crush players Best game ever for phones. I'm using the galaxyS5 and works amazing. I want to see more games like this for phones. If your using old software you shouldn't waste your money. If your expecting for new things to work on your old outdated tech maybe you do not have common sense. Plz buy the game no disappointments here. Plz make more games. If you gave it 1star ik your software is old so don't bother making a rate or comments it's known not to work on outdated software. Technology only advances

Can't purchase iap's IAP's are not working...wth...be warned this game is impossible to complete without spending real cash...and since iap's don't work on the latest Google play update it's impossible to progress. Also the game is graphically great, but gameplay is highly repetitive and gets boring fast.

Unable to obtain license I downloaded this on my S3 and when I tried to play it, it says that it's unable to obtain a license. This results in the software being unplayable. I tried to get a refund, but I wasn't allowed to do that through the google play store for some reason.

Lags and has terrible audio sync. Crappy license checking. On a tegra 3 device, the game lags too frequently and the audio is just way out of sync. Freqyent fails to get a license making the game unplayable.

Amazing! But any chance of an update? I've been deciding whether or not to buy this game for ages and I finally took the plunge. This game is amazing definitely one of the top 5 games I've played on a mobile device. The price may seem a little steep at first but don't let it put you off its well worth the money! Would be perfect if it was updated with support for emersion mode on android 4.4 + would love to play this game on nexus six but the soft key buttons get in the way!

Back working on 4.3 Phew, thanks for getting it back to work. Only minor gripe left is that there is no controller support, but the game was specifically designed not to need one.

works perfect on my Note 4, not sure how In the past I had issues with this game, but I'm playing it on my Note 4 and it works great and looks great too. No problems other than minor stutter during some cinematics. I thought you needed a Tegra device to play this game, not sure when that changed or if recent phones have some type of compatibility layer but it works. This game runs on the unreal 3 engine and looks very good. Better than the mainstream games on the playstore running Unreal 3 engine. I think it's fun. Game play seems varied too.

A jump forward for tablet gaming. The game is great. A lot of work went into Horn, and it shows. The graphics, all in all, are great. The writing is very humorous and I am enjoying the story. Gameplay is smooth and feels very well put together, however, I feel like an on screen joy pad would improve the controls a little. Horn is a great game, and i believe games like this will help establish tablets as a true gaming device, even for "Hardcore" gamers like myself.

A Mobile Masterpiece! Just one nasty bug... PLEASE FIX, PHOSPHOR! Due to an error that reads "Unable to get license!", I cannot continue playing what has easily become my favorite game ever released for Android. Since I purchased the game at full price, $6.99, and bought the 'Portable Forge' in-app-purchase, $0.99 (for a total of $7.98) I'm upset, mainly because I am beyond hooked on the game, and want to keep playing. I am using an EVGA Tegra Note 7, with a Tegra 4 processor that runs the game smoothly. To echo many other reviews about the game, Horn is a blend of The Legend of Zelda exploration/gameplay mechanics, Fable-style graphics (with animated cut-scenes, akin to the PSP's interactive graphic novelization of Metal Gear Solid), an Ico-esque atmosphere, and 3D Mario level design; that is to say, after three stages of a level, you'll be familiar with your surroundings, yet still find new secrets and gameplay within these expertly-made levels. There's even an endless quest-mode running parallel to the main campaign, allowing gamers who despise pay-to-win gaming to ready their arsenal by earning/upgrading tons of equipment to use in story-mode. Once the pesky bug is fixed, please do not hesitate to buy this masterfully ho[r]ned work of art ;^)

Fantastic Great game, great story, glad to see all the bugs I've been moaning previously about have been ironed out :)

Perfect!! A truly masterpiece adventure game worthy of praise. There really isn't any other on mobile that can compare . Great graphics, amazing story-line (Feels like an epic console adventure), great physics (Leaves, grass moving, sky etc) which makes the environment feel alive, top notch touch controls, great boss fights (Some are really cool especially with close up scenes which blew my mind), great voice acting, cool weapons, armor and the usual RPG adventure items to choose from which can also be upgraded. Truly magnificent game, I definitely will be replaying it, not to mention it runs well on my mid level smart phone 1 gig ram and a Mali 400 mp2 does the job well!!

Very good game but.... This game is awesome, I'm playing on a shield portable, no crashes, runs great, looks awesome, great story, but there is no controller support, and the controls don't map well to the shield controller. This is its only downfall, but its a pretty big one sadly, It's very obvious the developer put a lot of work into this game, its easily the most compelling game I ever found on android. If they could add controller support, I'd easily give this game 5 star, and say it was the best game ever on android

horn, fantastic I am really impressed with this game , the touch controls are great work better than pad based controls , the combat is great like that blood and glory game only better and more responsive , the cross bow is the same control as dark medow. the movement is touch n go , all you have to do is touch where you want to go and suprise , suprise you go there, no lag on htc one x buttery smooth. the graphics are stunning and the textures are crisp and clear reminds me a bit of fable 2 on the 360. There are rumors that this game is going to be ported to console on psn and x box live , bet it will cost a bit more though, a must have

Quirky, awkward and almost perfect Somewhere between Fable, The Legend of Zelda and Shadow of The Colossus, Horn is an almost perfect adventure/rpg game. With a focus on being a touch controlled mobile game, rather than a console clone, it plays nicely, although sometimes you'll find the movement and camera controls a little awkward. The presentation is second to none for an Android game at this price, with great graphics, a fantastic fantasy art style (even if the color palette is mainly brown) and some pretty good quirky voice acting.

Beautiful & works really well on S5. This is by far the most beautiful game on android.I was sceptical at first before buying this game due to the negative reviews.But when i started playing the game,i was really impressed.Great story & gameplay.My device has no issues with the frame rate or controls.5 STARS.Keep it up devs.I'll definitely buy another game from u guys in the future.

Works great, looks great Not sure why this game still has a low review score. I just downloaded it on 11/17/15 and it's amazing. I can play in airplane mode or with a connection. There are a few minor sound glitches but otherwise this is one of the best games on the android market. 2 modes of play, amazing and beautiful graphics, decent story, acceptable voice acting (could be better), and fun. So glad I didn't listen to the negative reviews

Great production but... This is a mobile only game so I feel the need to be harsh on its shortcomings, although the games audio design and graphics are really decent it is plagued with various glitches both in the form of audio sync and various graphics anomolies the game is certainly playable through these it detracts from the immersion and story telling which is clearly a focus in this title. I understand this is a port from tegra but tegra devices aren't a prevalent platform.

Horrible game compatibility Installed it on my HTC one m7,was good to go for about an hour,then the game crashes,then after every attempt at restarting the app/phone it crashes at the loading screen,after much frustration I decided to try it on my Nexus 6,Nexus 5,Oneplus One,and Nvidia Shield Tablet,the Nexus 5 was able to start the game and go through 5 minutes of gameplay before total force closes after much dispute with google it seems they won't give me a refund and now I've lost $7 for crap game that isn't worth a $1,DO NOT BUY!!

Exquisite! I purchased the Nexus 7 the day this game came out and am overwhelmed with joy. It doesn't take a lot of skill necessarily, but it's nice to have a robust, full bodied experience for such a reasonable price I really feel like I'm playing a next gen title!

Fantastic action adventuer Now fully working on my Htc one, it may be a few years old but it was way ahead of its time back then on my nexus 7 great graphical style, nice story, great voice acting glad youve manage to sort things out and able to release the update cheers guys

Updates finally rolling out I've gotten into the habit of checking back to see if compatibility would be added... And you've finally done it! I want to thank whoever's hard work has allowed me to enjoy this game... It's gorgeous! It takes some elements from flick-slashers and Zelda style action adventure and create an entertaining world to explore. The absolute best part is the story and narration... I'm still early in the game... But it has a very mystical ambience that is sure to be appreciated.

Really nice game But so buggy.. Unable to obtain license randomly popup in the middle of a chapter, forcing to start it over. Random force close. Sometimes audio is out of sync. Really annoying. Cheap devlopment. Futile support.

5 stars all the way I have been thirsty for an adventure lately and this game certainly satisfies. The only thing is, I don't know if the graphics fully downloaded. The graphics for some things look unpolished. Lacking texture, I think. Looking at the reviews and the pictures in the play store the automatons show much more texture. Maybe just didn't download correctly... Still, I am a first person shooter type gamer but I value story, graphics and heart in any game. And this game has it all.

Requires internet connection This game will check online for a license each time you want to play. You cannot play without internet connectivity, even though it's a single player game. Otherwise seems good.

Glitchy Good fun game but glitchy. I've gotten nearly through a couple missions and I just randomly get stuck and can't move anywhere. I have have to give up the mission and start over, really annoying. Also in app purchases don't work. Until a fix for the sticking glitch is made I won't spend any real money on this game anyway.

Good but... I really like the story and graphics. Yet, these supposed optimized touch controls are still a sad substitute for game pad support. Even an onscreen joystick would be better. The control design for this is too imprecise. Add Moga Support and 5 stars. Until then can't recommend. Oh, and in app purchases? After $7? If I ever need to buy to progress my rating will go way down. Please add Moga! Thanks!

Rough start, but nasty bug is now fixed!!! UPDATE They fixed it and it seems to be working great now. Glad they didn't just give up. I have been considering this purchase for over a year now. I had a long flight and bus ride ahead of me so I finally purchased it, waited for the almost 2GB download to finish, and then it wouldn't even open on my device (Nexus 7). So disappointing.

HORN is a 3rd person action adventure game – a completely unique experience where anyone can fully explore and enjoy a beautiful and engaging console-style world, all controllable by touch gestures. You play as a young blacksmith’s apprentice named Horn who wakes up to find your village and lands over run by large fantastic, and […]


Price 199
App Size 0 MB
Instalations 50,000 - 100,000
Score 3.0
Developer Phosphor Games Studio

We don't provide APK download for Horn™ but, you can download from Google Play

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