Iesabel for PC and MAC

Can't get past the loading screen... Bought this originally on my Note II, and now that I've upgraded to the Note 3, have so far been unable to get past the loading screen after downloading the app from the Play Store. What gives?!

How to use Iesabel for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Iesabel in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Iesabel on your PC or MAC.

Remarkable RPG I love this game. It's very well done. The music, animations, graphics and quests are superb. The UI is difficult to get used to or perhaps it's the fact I'm using a phone instead of a tablet.

Keeps crashing at lesabel chamber Wow I like the game but now...I kill lesabel and game freezes after .... killed her like 10 times every time it crashes. Please fix.. im on level easy

Almost great Some bad ui bugs and lack of stash. Otherwise it gets really fun after level 13, and graphic is good.

Good Game but Crashes Often This is a valiant effort at a Diablo clone. Unfortunately the game is crashing more often the longer I play. Crashing can occur at any time. Sometimes recent progress is saved and sometimes it isn't which can be a real pain as u then have to repeat stuff. I gave it 3 stars because when it isn't crashing it is fun. Also am stuck in Lower Garden 1! I can't climb the stairs to the door to exit due to invisible wall! Running latest version! Fix please! Droid Razr Maxx

The game is pretty good However there seems to be a bug with the isolated city quest. I killed all mosquitos and brought the brew but for the guard apparently it's still a no pass. It's probably because I killed the mosquitos in the oasis before talking to the guard. Quest points were available and I wasn't sure what they were! Come on dev there's people all over complaining about this bug and it's a blocker. I won't start a new char and can't play until this is fixed...

Up to eight players? Can't play with a friend local or online.. Game runs and looks absolutely great even on a default medium gfx setting post processing off. Bought for multi, soo disappointed right now... Please fix multiplayer!

Probably fun but...... Force closes and refuses to load after character creation. Took an hour to download and I have a 30 Mbps connection so can't get a a refund. Granted its only a dollar but still can't help but feel like I got taken advantage of. Only app I've had do this in quite a while and I have a lot of apps. Hopefully it will be fixed in a future update. RAZR maxx 4.1.2

Good game. Well worth the money. Good solid RPG. Stuck at the start of Act 3. Killed all the mosquitoes in the oasis and bought some brew but still not allowed through town gate. Is it just me?

Bugs Arguably the best hack and slash rpg on Android, Diablo style, but way too many bugs, especially stuck on loading when moving onto a new location, that make it almost unplayable since you need to restart app each time...

Good, bad It's a good game... But the graphics aren't good as what I saw in the preview. And also the attacks aren't fast. Its a slow hit attack setting.. Would be better if we can slash and kill things faster.

Decent But A Few Issues For $1 it's a worthwhile buy for any RPG fan. There are a few annoying bugs though, like one time going into your inventory didn't pause the game and I died. Or when I died from some bug locking up the entire UI, then again after I revived. Quests will mess up if you don't do things in the programmed order. The IAP's aren't necessary but they're there. Game is pretty linear. There's only two classes. Too easy if you play a pure strength Chaos Aura barbarian. Battery drain is a bit high.

Some control issues when you need to move in large fights. Would be nice to see a sticky control stick "adjustable". The game does look nice. Willing to rate it higher with some of the bugs worked out.

This is ridiculous..... I have purchased the game. Then try to install. And I have had three different errors... try to get a refund... also gives an error. I want my money back. This is bs.

Dev seems to have abandoned this app. Won't even load on my Hudl 2, hasn't been updated for ages in spite of all the bugs people who can actually play the game mention. Do not buy this unless you are sure it works on your device and you don't mind lots of bugs that won't get fixed, ever.

Beautiful game, UI needs work for smaller screens Wonderfully beautiful game. The UI could be more minimal to accommodate phone screens. Plays wonderfully on my nexus 5 otherwise. Cloud saving via Google play games services would be amazing.

Diablo fan? Then you'll probably enjoy this game. This little gem is very similar to the Diablo series - it's probably about as faithful as you can get to the original RPG for the Android. The gameplay, graphics, animation, music, and quests are very well done. I'm looking forward to a possible sequel if the developers decide to head in that direction. In short, if you like Diablo, you'll probably want to pick this game up for mere pocket change and take the action with you on the go.

Needs stability Never been actually able to play it on either of my devices. I have an Archos G9 80 running Android 4.04, and a Motorola Defy Xt557 Running Android 2.3.7. Both devices can download the game and create a Character but then crashes after the first loading screen. I have emailed the company but have got no reply. Please fix this issue, so maybe i can get some money out of this virtual paper weight. Steam Version works great and is fun.. I would rate this higher but until the android issues get fixed it will stay 2 stars. :(

Deserves More Attention What an awesome mobile hack n slash! Tons of items and ways to build your character, great graphics and gameplay. One of the most fun games on android. Other games should not be such a greedy cash grab, IAPs ruin games, and this game has none! A great exception to the sad state of affairs that is mobile gaming. More people should buy this so the dev can expand this game.

Diablolike Great diablo attempt but is lacking in set items and gear names. stats that could have had much higher acclaim with more programing such as appearance name and almost same stats on most legendary and unique items. After you get used to controls and the set up very enjoyable gameplay that sticks true to its style from what I have noticed bugs and glitches have been worked out mostly but also I have not completed everything yet .

A valiant dungeon crawler The game is a lot of fun. Fun combat, lots of depth in character build and progression. The visuals and atmosphere are great. The game is a bit rough around the edges. The GUI and HUD could be a little better, and the limited character types (Warrior/Witch) is disappointing, but looking beyond this the actual gameplay is what counts and it's great! The fact that it is also completely self-contained with no IAP like every other Diablo clone is an extra star in itself. No internet connection required for single player campaign. Diablo in your pocket, on the go :)

Deserves a higher rating I played on the note 4 and it was great for the first hour. It used about 12% battery, phone didn't get hot, mild frame rate issues in comparison to the flaws of ravensword and aralon. This has a lot to offer. Similar to dh4/5 games but no iapp. I can only imagine those who are unhappy are unhappy about lots of petty issues, this plays well for me and is enjoyable. Would be cool if moga or the s-pen support was added but no big loss, the gameplay is solid and graphics are much better than aralon.

I like it. 《v3.3》 Good game. Good graphics. Some respawned monsters don't die - they don't even have a life bar. Sometimes bogged down on Note 3. Most skills are confusing to use because it doesn't have explanations. A common level 13 equipment I had was more powerful until I had level 37 gear. Bug? Act 1 took more than 7 hours to finish, so the game probably have more than 20 hours of gameplay. Except for the unreasonable trap on Act 1, you can get away with skill. No need to level grind.

Looking for Diablo for your tablet? Then this is worth every penny! I LOVE this game! I have been wanting it for a while now, and I finally managed to get a Play card so I could get it. Right now I am only giving it 4 stars though because for one, I was deeply surprised that there are only 2 classes right now, which are the Barbarian and the Witch. Honestly, I am a devout melee fighter in RPGs, so I likely would have chosen the barbarian anyway, but I also have been known to enjoy playing an archer, which Iesabel surprisingly doesn't offer. It also tends to get stuck on the loading screen from time to time when transfering to another map. Overall though, this may be the best RPG for Diablo fans in the store, and I am having a lot of fun with it! Add more acts and classes and I'll add another star. Also wanna add that I love a game that dares to stray away from the traditional style of a goblin, and this game offers a unique version of the foes, which I quite like!

A hassle. This game has beautiful graphics. A terrible, hardly adjustable HUD. A bad interface on the start screen and most of all, invisible walls out the wazoo. It has massive potential, but when you get to the 2nd area of the game, you tend to get kill continuously due to the lack of being able to move. It's very unfortunate and it ruins the experience. The start menu is beyond ridiculous. You literally have to tap left 4-5 times to get to the menu to equip new items and it's in all honesty an annoyance.

Awesome Game. The game play is awesome. Graphics are awesome. Maps and detailing are great. You will need a high end phone to play this though. The only problem is that the game has soooo many bugs... Character gets stuck in objects. Action buttons doesn't respond. Monsters do funny things and get stuck.... Menu doesn't always display correctly.... The list goes on and on.... Otherwise brilliant game.

Iesabel may not be as slick & flashy-looking as some of the freemium action-RPGs in the marketplace. But despite a few rough edges, it has more of what it takes to be a worthwhile Diablo-clone deep-down; does an outstanding job overall of streamlining Diablo's gameplay into its bare essentials for portable platforms. Best of all, it doesn't rig that with any greedy IAP. There's no bait-&-switch here. It's just pay-to-own.

Great Game I would like to say I love this game but one thing it would be nice to have more than 2 classes to choose from and to be able to share equipment through your different classes such as through being able to have a stash to store things and pick them up with another character through the stash system another thing out would be cool to play with friends online and to earn achievements and trade equipment everything on all though it's awesome those are just some ideas even if not for this game: )

Awesome tribute to diablo Love the game, story line is good. The controls are a little clunky now and again. However, this is the single best 100% truly free dungeon crawler I have seen yet. I would happily pay 5$ for a sequel to this game. The more complete and free games like this one the better android gaming will be. Guys keep up the good work and I can't wait to see the sequel.

Enjoying very much For the most part, extremely fun so far. Good plot, with only very few gammer issues during dialog. Exciting combat system, only minor lag, usually only when I have three great trolls summoned and im dropping gates while casting pillar. Lol. I love the stat point system makes my characters very unique, though I would like to see more diversity in the skill trees. Perhaps consider adding another class or two? Or possibly even sub classes? Great hack n slash Iesabel, could use only minor improvement4/5!

Good, has some problems I really like it and think it should get more pubilicty. It's a very fresh and new arpg, graphics are awesome and variety of loot and equipment is great. The fact that there are only 2 classes and the font style is pretty terrible makes it an okay game. If there were more class choices and a better font it would be 5 stars. It also has some d-pad bugs and the screen feels cluttered with all the quickslots.

Great game desperately in need of an update! My first impression were... Finally a true Diablo clone! Even better it has its own flavor that makes it Unique. My only gripes so far, as I have hit lvl 20 are... please change the horrible walking and attacking animations. They are absolutely hideous. Also the multi player does not work at all. A screen where I can see the fruits of my hard earned loot would be nice. No real issue with crashing just turn the graphics down if it happens. Thank you for this game! A definite great start!

Why all the bad reviews? Excellent hack and slash adventure Simple controls, good audio, and all the classic elements for the genre. The menus are a tad bit klunky on 7-inch screens, but they're usable. On a 10-inch screen they have a much more usable layout but it can be difficult to reach across to tap buttons in the middle using one's thumbs (playing "hands free," with the tablet on the table, is easier). Level load times are relatively short compared to most other games of this scope i've tried. Plays flawlessly on a Nexus 7 and remarkably well on a tf300. Still confused about the name: does it start with an I (eye) or L (ell)? Google finds "L" but in-game they use "IESABEL" in some places.

Pretty bad...screams cheaply made. The camera stinks too it can't be moved. Prepare to look at a screen of trees and rocks where you can't see your character whatsoever The attack scheme is about some combos? Attacking once with a pathetic swipe every two seconds is a joke.

Yes its worth the 99 cents The game is only great because it is offline with optional multiplayer. No iap's at all is a plus. Graphics are good and it has the best spell interface of any game on android. Problem is the story is not compelling at all and the swarms of monsters you fight have no variety. This game was a great first attempt but i would love to see a part 2 with more boss fights and a unique story. SOL EX still holds the crown for best offline rpg for android.

Terrible This game just seems lazy like it was made with a template. The grammar is terrible..the ui is cluttered...the menus are terrible....not worth the money...

works great of tegra 3 and crashes on exynos Great action rpg and works flawlessly on tegra 3 but not so well on exynos. beautiful graphics, pleasing music and also quite interesting story but it has few annoying bugs 5 stars even if this game has problems with it

Excellent rpg game with 3 scenario story line. I am surprised at the low rating this game has got. This is one of the best rpg games for Android. Detailed graphics and a good storyline.

Can't load game It usually exit the game when i try to load it. And sometimes when I can load the , the game then can randomly exit without any error or whatsoever. Please fix this, the game looks good on the brief moment I played it.

Pure hack and slash goodness. Sweet graphics, precise controls, and fun combat. Absolute steal under a bucnk. Can't wait to try co-op.

„Much more mature approach to dungeon-crawling and one that allows better customisation, bigger battles, and in-depth character development.” 8/10 Tony Zhang, AppsGoer„It’s remarkably well done.” 8/10 Shaun Musgrave, TouchArcade„Iesabel executes everything in solid fashion.” 7/10 Greg Srisavasdi, ArcadeSushi„(Iesabel) is a well-crafted experience” 7/10 Jordan Minor, 148Apps„For the short amount of time that I’ve played this […]


Price 499
App Size 701 MB
Instalations 10,000 - 50,000
Score 3.8
Developer Forever Entertainment

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