Island Castaway: Lost World® for PC and MAC

I used to have this game on an old phone and loved it I had to buy a new phone and now when I reinstall the game it won't go again to the G5 friends list in order for me to start where I was in the game. It's expecting me to start over from the very beginning when I was probably halfway through the game and the G5 friends list keep saying it cannot connect to the internet even though my phone has data as well as hooked up to WiFi in my department when I do get it to start connecting it says updating and never stops updating. They need to make a better system for saving and backing up your game especially when they are offering pay for Play services

How to use Island Castaway: Lost World® for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Island Castaway: Lost World® in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Island Castaway: Lost World® on your PC or MAC.

Fabulous game I love that you practically have unlimited energy so you can play the game as long as you want! My only complaint is that the timed quests often don't give enough time! Especially the ones that require you to grow crops or cook food! Sure you can sped it up, but you have to use diamonds which you can accumulate slowly or buy using actual money. Otherwise, this game is awesome.

This game is awesome! I have played the first two and the sequels gets better each time! They incorporate more complexities and challenges each time along with an introduced new theme.. It's just awesome guys, you gotta buy it!!! If you like survival games in general, or if you have ever wanted to live off the land in real life, gathering and hunting food and cooking delicious meals out of it lol, then this game is for YOU! Best holl@ fo mah dollah e'rrrrr spent! !!! Even if it involves naked ladies eating grapes off me lol!

I loved this game until I finished the last chapter... it's been over a year with no sign of a update, even though the game repeatedly says one is "coming soon." G5 Entertainment is no help and says nothing about the new chapter, or if it's even being developed. I think they stopped working on it and just won't admit it. Congrats, G5. You lost yet another loyal fan.

Was a fun game. Last update can't get past second quest. The item doesn't regenerate in time to finish a timed quest. There is only one of these items that I see, and i searched the jungle with no luck for a second that has been suggested to be there. Holding down for a hint only gave me the original one.

Bad update With new update all quests are timed and you now have less than 5 min to complete quests. I was able to pass the second quest in chapter 11 as I already had gems. You have made a game that was mediocre bad. First 2 games there were no time limits on quests or growing and cooking food. I will be uninstalling.

i already played this game few years ago and i liked it. buy now not so much because it has take task . not like the old version where you just get a quest to complete it. and the old one has a main nenu where you can sign your google account. the farms needed certain items so it can harvest not like the old version where it will automatically farm or work just like the crab farm

Great fun game Your new update as of july 31st really stinks! The second "timed" quest cannot be completed without paying gems for 1 of the items. I really didn't like it when you put the timed quests in the game but now to make us pay to finish them really bites. I guess your little game is going the way of the dodo bird as far as my computer is concerned.

Get rid of ads Love these sort of games. This is a great game with a mystery click through. Instructions on where or how to find or build needs to be clearer and when you pay diomonds to unlock something such as foods or veggies the seeds should be available which they are not. So unlocking them is useless cause you still have to spend more diomands to buy what you need to complete a quest and if you don't you can't progress in the game. Maybe make diomands more available as rewards? Otherwise its a great game.

Why the change Ive played the other two games and this one disappointing. This one doesn't continue on with the actual story of the other two games and the gameplay is stupid. It's annoying that the quests are timed and everything has a timer like the food. Plus on timed quests if you need something that has a timer but won't finish in time you have to pay to continue.....dafuq

Don't like the way back it always full and have to pay with diamonds! Fist was. Fun and good story I was like the quest very much. Because it teachings. Alot for real life and good for kid to play and not just commercial pop up for buy packet every. 5 minit or what ever like other games with greedy developer

Enjoyable passing of time Suffering from insomnia means I have a lot of nights to stay up and play games, so I try to find games like this to occupy my nights. I recently started playing the game and so far I really enjoy it. The graphics are awesome. I hope I can find other games such as this. If my opinion changes on this,I will update my rating accordingly. Happy gaming!!

Good, but... At first I love it very much especially because I played the first and second version. This version had more challenge but I feel like I've been forced to buy emerald for accomplish many cases. Its better to buy the game several dollar than force to spend buying some emeralds 😒😒. Shame. The game could have been perfect 😢

Chapter 4.... In chapter 4 i killed a giant snake and tribe liked me i quit game and when i came back the stuff i purchased and chapter 4 reset. I lost all progress to chapter 4 and the things i purchased with real money. I cant take screen shot but i wasnt it fixed asap then I will give higher rating

Kind of sour taste after playing the first 2 Not a big fan of games that require you to wait long periods of time to do things. Would have rather paid to play something more similar to the first two. Just seems like it takes too long to wait for the island to replenish and would rather have the game play like the older versions.

Chapter 11 Where is the 2nd datura bowl? This timed quest cannot be done with out spending 7 gems! Is this a glitch, or devised to make us buy gems to finish the game? I have REALLY enjoyed the game up to now. I enjoyed the challenge and was excited to see the next installment. But I will be very angry if the developers have devised the last chapter as a way to cash in on their die hard fans

amazing It's a wow for this game. Loved it. it has got simple tasks tocomplete your goal. Very easy too. Love those story based adventure simulation game. my worry is now I have no emerald to go further and got stuck to get vegetables. This game should allow to earn more gems. I could have then given 5 stars

Keeps Crashing The game auto saves periodically. Unfortunately, it crashes so often right before the save that I find myself retracing steps. This is the 3rd time I've been asked to leave a review to earn emeralds. I originally gave it 3 stars but then I go back to the game to find it has crashed - no emeralds earned. I've liked the 2 previous games, but this one sucks. I will be uninstalling.

Just one annoying thing Liked the game very much. But every time I ran out of slots, the prompt to use gems to buy extra slots comes out at the same location as the thing Tom was picking up. Ended up wasting my gems on unintended uses. Really annoying. Happened so many times. Even wasted the gems that I bought.

The first one is better by far, this one is all about gems and pearls which is crap. Alot of time trials, and to complete you must spend real money. The developers have gotten greedy and unrealistic. I suggest you play the other games because it's not worth spending real money.

Fun, fun... I played the desktop version and was expecting that the mobile version has the same difficulty level as the desktop. Though there were some similar aspects, the mobile version's game play is totally different! The mobile version is more challenging and has a longer play time. But since I am an avid gamer if challenging games, five stars.

What a rip off! There is NO way you can complete the tasks in the stupid time scales without using emeralds thus spending money! Especially as you can't use things already in your inventory to complete tasks. Rediculous timescales to collect items. i.e. collect 8 bits of clay in 8 mins when only 3 are produced every 12! RIP OFF! 😡

Eventually you have to pay to play Initially I really liked this game. However, after you reach a certain point, pretty early on, the timed tasks require emeralds to be able to complete in the allotted time, which of course costs real cash. So now I've gotten to a point where I can't progress in the game without spending money AND I can't stand the damned murderous boars in this one, they're relentless!

Hmmmmm Great game. But it bugs me that certain tasks can't be completed without spending emeralds. So in order to finish you HAVE to spend money. And it doesn't need confirmation to spend emeralds. I just spent 42 gems accidently because of lag. Otherwise great game

Good game The story is good and the whole concept of surviving on an island is great. My only trouble with it is that there it a lot more of the characters talking to eachother than doing something, and some of the timed tasks you don't get enough time to grow the items you need so you have to use up your gems to complete them.

I stucked in chapter 4 I go further than a beginning of chapter 4 .I can cut the torch tree. I can go to break the green stone. But after a break I exit the game. And enter the game. It starts from the beginning of chapter 4 twice. So I don't want to play the same situation. This is not second time , it is third time.So I don't want to play more if u don't fix it.

What happened??? Really G5 you used to have so many quality games that didn't fall into the in-app-purchase scheme that every app has done!! I am so disappointed, after I finished the first two island cast away games I was so looking forward to this only to be greeted with buy more emeralds so you can progress. I used to love the fact that you weren't part of the give me your money and you can continue. Now you are just like all the rest, I will continue with you older games and be thankful for them

I've played the earlier versions of this game on the computer. This is similar but they've changed quite a few things. On the whole, I preferred the computer version, but so far this one is still quite a lot of fun. I haven't finished it yet, so it might get better. My favorite was the computer version part 2, though.

Miss the voiceover I really miss the voiceover. Also it seems that much of the game have been made specifically so that you have to spend your real money on emeralds and resources. I would not mind paying for a game, instead of being forced by a game to pay in order to get resources to play.

Love it! Addicting and fun. I've played the other 2 island castaway games on PC and didn't even realize there was another one! I'm very much enjoying it. Only problem I'm having is that I have to practically slam my finger on the tablet for actions to register. This is the only app I have this problem with. Otherwise I'm loving it!!

Not happy Passed level 50,phone got sick.New phone now, unable to login to continue. Starting over. Hard to play free, but possible. Pick up and sell ropes, logs,clay,anything to earn pearls. Be patient. Be stingy with emeralds. Use them only for storage slots or garden spaces. If I wasn't so addicted I would delete. I just can't stop. Fun, but they really want money.

To pass second timed quest in 11-th chapter Guys who have problems with second timed quest in the new update. There are two datura bowl: one on the beach and one in the jungle. Also use a new feature - "hint" - long hold on the resource icon in the task bar.

Very fun game I have started playing a few days ago and very hard to put it down at time! Love how it keeps you busy and there is always something to do on the island. Your also always meeting new people so doesn't get boring!

Sneaky moves G5! Even if i do in-app purchases now, how can I trust that you wont pull another skunk in the near future? Give us the darn datura bowl! Dont give us a free game then pull a skunk like this...i would have been happy to pay for a complete game that works...but your reviews forces me to look elsewhere. Fix it or remove completely i would suggest whilst your reputation is still somewhat just ok.

Good game, IMMERSIVE Storyboard & Flow I started 4 hours ago to play with and I'm diving into his mechanics, simplicity, and naiv storyboard. Very cute game 4stars! I read here down people about complaining about the time. And fruits and for quests. I'm telling everybody that is perfect sets, pushing a little. But you got always something to do. While you wait plant new plants, pass over the beach collect objects, go to sell them on the shop while you have put 2 plates cooking, after all this doing periodically you'll see that is very well made5

So far so good Its good so far, I played the others and they were both rather addictive! I Just got to the quest to find out how the hyenas are getting into the mountain complex and next time I opened it it has reset the chapter! Got to lvl 17, back to 15! Please fix!

Where am I?! I really love this game but hate the sailor and they talk too much! Plus, why do the boars keep trying to kill me!! Also stop autosaving the game it's annoying, allow the option of autosaving instead and maybe you will get two more stars!!!! I do prefer fighting games though.

Island castaway I like it because you get lots of fun quests and you get to Rome around and do what you like when you don't have any quests or your waiting for something cook for one of your quests. You also get to hunt and become friends with people on the island and be the hero when theres trouble with animal hunting.!!

Hmmm It's a very interesting game but way too time consuming. And I have to keep spending my money that I actually want back... but I know that will never happen... i wanted to continue my session on my new device but it didnt let me now i have to start over... great

Love the game except When is the update coming im tired of just running around, I want go continue with the adventure. Please hurry. Have played this game several times in the past. Only thing it's just like all the others, it starts you out with all the stuff you need to get you hooked and then all of a sudden they cut you off and you have to start using real money to be able to get what you need. Just like drug dealers. It hard for all of us on very tight fixed income.

Being stranded on a remote island has never been so entertaining!After a shipwreck, your main goal is survival, although getting off the island would be great too. But first you must step up and become the leader of the castaways to prevent chaos and ensure everyone’s well-being.Build a fish farm to catch eels, a quail […]


Price Free
App Size MB
Instalations 500,000 - 1,000,000
Score 4.4
Developer G5 Entertainment

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