Kingdom Builder for PC and MAC

Good implementation As a KB fan, I give it a thumb up. The interface is ok, and the AI challenging. The only thing that is missing is any word on expansions. Here's hoping that the sales will be good enough for them to happen soon. And that the pricing won't be ridcolous like that of Dominion. Anyway, so far, good job. Would be 5 stars if you had a fair priced expansions.

How to use Kingdom Builder for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Kingdom Builder in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Kingdom Builder on your PC or MAC.

Very Functional Really functional app to play the game. Don't let other reviews fool you it plays the game well and lack of undo didn't bother me too much. Plays well on my Droid Turbo. For six bucks though I'd like to see the app be a little more polished and more stylish. For example to zoom out of the map I have to rotate my device. It's little things that would make this a better app. Very good for getting your Kingdom Builder fix like I needed today though.

Great game, but BUGS! Loved the board game and the app is a great way to practice but it's buggy. The UI to do online play doesn't work... I see a form to register for online play, but then the fields do nothing when I tap them, so I can't even enter the username and password to continue. I wish it would persist sound and AI settings. An undo button too. Last, I've noticed that if the upper left corner tile is the only place I can put a new settlement it won't let me play there; I have to forfeit the game and start over.

Didn't care for it The game functions perfectly. However I downloaded without ever playing the board game. I just don't find the game itself interesting at all. I've played a dozen times. Just don't see how it won awards. There are other euro board games that I find much more enjoyable and interesting to play. Just my opinion, obviously.

This is a really good game of worker placement and variable goals. Having to think of a different strategy in every game gives a lot of replayability. There are a few bugs, for example I find I can't place a piece in the top left corner (trying to instead brings up the information for the harbour!) Nethertheless I recommend this. The AI is pretty good too.

Faithful to the board game A good rendition of the board game but seriously needs an oops button. Accidentally playing a piece when you are only trying to zoom is frustrating. A preview mode for some of the specialty plays like the jump a settlement tile would be helpful. Playing with only the base objectives does get boring pretty quickly.

Hangs sometimes, crashes sometimes, artwork doesn't scale Runs slowly and sometimes stops completely, requiring a restart. Crashes a lot too. On top of that some of the artwork doesn't scale so on my new phone some buttons are invisibly small. Overall a pretty half-assed implementation.

Great implementation of a favorite game with some small exceptions I've enjoyed the physical incarnation of Kingdom Builder since we picked it up in a spectacular deal a while back. It's a great abstract game that I find challenging and entertaining with each play. This Android implementation is very true to the original. The medium and hard AI opponents offer quite a bit of challenge. The only things that would make this game a solid five would be the ability to leave and resume games, asynchronous multiplayer game play and the ability to do friend matching.

Good game bad implementation There are a lot of issues with the UI, for example it's hard to select the different goals to check them, no undo button if you accidentally place a settlement, some zoom and panning issues as well. Too bad the last update was in early 2014..

Kind of disappointing This game would be perfect were it not for a few flaws that make it annoying. Firstly, there is a bug that sometimes causes at least one of my collected location tiles to vanish. Secondly, the game will not allow me to register, so I am unable to enjoy online play. Thirdly, there are no audio options, so I am forced to mute my phone if I want to play without disturbing anyone else. And lastly, like many others here have said, there really needs to be an "undo" feature.

This is surely a fun game. However it is clearly designed for a tablet because all map graphics are tiny, card writing is illegible until you zoom in, top bar to see cards is super thin, and buttons are tiny. However half the screen is dedicated to just tracking the scores even in landscape mode. Do this implementation a favour. Check out small world 2's interface for score tracking. That is much nicer. I want the map to fill the screen (enforce landscape mode on non-tablets). I want the cards to be accessible by a scroll on the side of the screen. I want markers and scores tracked using a small portion of the screen. These changes would make the game much less frustrating to play on a phone. Also the wood effect and avatars are a bit boring.

Great, after the bugfixes Very nice addictive boardgame, with small problems. 1. The UNDO is missing. There is no hidden information during a single turn so at least I should be able to restart my current turn. 2. It is pretty tricky to place a building in the top left corner. Because of a disturbing bug you have to click on the topleft cell many times, because usually a building description shows up, instead of a successful placement. 3. After about thousands games I'm tired of counting settlements for the Lord.

I really like the board game so I got this to use as a travel edition. Whilst it's OK and we will continue to play it, a couple of really basic things let it down; no save game state, no undo step prior to committing move, finicky UI... Most irritating though are the occasions where the game gets stuck, usually using a location tile where the only option is to quit the game and start over. I notice it hasn't been updated in two years so not holding my breath for fixes.

Close to Perfect Update: game unplayable on Nexus 9. Crashes every time I try to play. // This game is pretty much perfect. Just wish there was a way to pick up a piece if you clicked somewhere by accident. Maybe there is a way and I just didn't notice. Either way, 5 stars.

Really poorly done Love the game, but this is very poorly done. Lots of ui bugs making it hard to click anywhere. Feels like they only tested on one device and weren't very careful about supporting different screen sizes. I was excited to see there's online play,but I can't get it to register and account. Bummer.

I really enjoyed the board game. Unfortunately this implementation was very disappointing. The lack of an undo function paired with the very small graphics makes it unplayable. also I don't quite get why in landscape orientation text is still displayed as if in portrait orientation. Is I could I would give it back.

Great overall, but a few quirks I love this game! I only have a few minor issues with it. (1) It doesn't remember my sound settings when I exit, so I have to keep turning the sound off every time I open the game, (2) there is no "undo" option if you accidentally click in the wrong hex and drop a settlement there, (3) the game will not allow me to click on the top-left settlement to use one of the move functions. I can choose any other settlement on the board, but not the top left one. Other than these quirks, it's great!

Great but... The menu buttons are tiny on the LG G3 screen due to its high resolution. It makes it so difficult to consult the three condition cards on the top as well.

IMFun game but needs some work. It definitely needs a selective undo, you shouldn't be able to undo all the time but there are many times I need it for clicking accidents.

Fun game, decent implementation It's a hair difficult to learn the game with the awful translations and poor tutorial. It also occasionally crashes. I'll probably play it more.

Excellent game and good reproduction of board game. However, can't give it 5 stars as there is no Undo function which is indispensable considering how easy it is to misplace a piece on the board. It would also be better to highlight clearly how many tokens are left on each city especially when playing with more than 2 players.

Good but... There seems to be a bug when you place using the pillar power. If this is done first other special tile abilities get forfeited. Placing in the upper most left hand corner.. BAD. Sometimes the special tiles get hidden from view for some reason. Next, I wish it would remember my volume settings. Volume keeps reseting when I go back to it. The AI settings do the same. Persistent memory seems broken for these settings. Those aside I have enjoyed playing it and I have been able to get my moneys worth.

Poor implementation of a great game I really like the board game and am glad to see it on Android but this implementation is really missing some basic features. As others have mentioned you can't undo a placement which is really annoying. The UI for text and buttons was also designed with small resolutions in mind, meaning it comes off as rather clunky on my 10" tablet. At the end of a game it slowly counts through all the points, with no option to skip through. You also can't change the sound option mid-game. So high marks for the game itself (that is, the board game itself) but low marks for the thoughtless implementation.

Great! One evil bug though. Fun game, but it has one bug that usually doesn't matter but sometimes ruins everything. Often, (possibly always) for whatever reason, the game will refuse to place a building on the top left hex (that is, player one's corner), while still registering it as a valid place to do so. I'm sure the reason why this is sometimes a disaster should be obvious if you know the game's rules.

Doesn't seem to work anymore Moved on to nexus 9. This program consistently crashes with new version of android. I can no longer recommend.

Good but not ideal GUI for phones. UNDO please There is simply no excuse for having no undo button !!! This is such a small UI and its so easy to click the wrong thing.

Addictive game that keeps crashing It's a really nice game, I agree with others that an undo button is necessary, but what bothers me is the constant crashing. For what it's worth, it's loads of fun with a smart AI and highly variable outcomes by design.

I'm not a fan of the board game, but the app does ease out all the fiddlyness of the original. It's a good game to pass a bit of time.

Good but interface could be better A good implementation, but needs an undo as it is easy to miss click especially when zooming. The recent bug fixes make it a smoother experience. Add a one step undo and add the expansions to make it amazing. :-)

Great Game, not so great App I'm a big fan of the KB game, but the app is lacking in a lot of areas. The Good: App is playable; AI is decent; and KB has a lot of replay value. The Bad: UI components are horribly scaled on phone and barely clickable; a few UI controls aren't intuitive; settings aren't saved between sessions (causing blaring sound on occasion); and new player experience is painful. Overall feels like a rushed app for a great game. All that said, I felt like it was worth the $.99 I got it for but definitely not full price

Good, with a few minor flaws This is a very good implementation of the boardgame, with a few issues: 1) No UNDO, as many have mentioned; 2) The graphics are fairly low-res, so reading the Kingdom cards' details is pretty much impossible; 3) If you click on a Kingdom card to view it, then want to view a different Kingdom card, it won't let you (not that you can read it anyway!). Other than that, it's a great implementation. Showing the possible places a piece can be placed in is great, and having it score for you is SO nice.

Undo & Online registration Game play is great. Like others have said, you need to include an undo button. Also, can't figure out how to register for online gameplay. Once these issues are addressed, 5 stars it is!

Fantastic transition This game has transferred to electronic media fantastically. It's a brilliant game with endless playability as each game is different due to different objectives and board game tiles. As others have stated an undo button wouldn't go amiss. All in all a very good game for android and the lack of an undo button doesn't cost it a star.

Great game, but the bugs give it two stars. I cannot get through a game without it shutting down the game or my tablet. 5 stars if it gets fixed.

Crap The puddle I make when I piss is deeper than this game. The app is fine, works great. But my god is this game boring. ..

Pleasantly surprised! I wasn't sure if this would be a game I would like. I figured I would check it out with the digital version. I love the challenge of each game with all the different scoring goals. I definitely want to add the table top version to my collection.

Unplayable!! Wrong resolution - Nexus5 The buttons are impossibly small to hit. Completely unplayable on the Nexus 5. Be warned!

Bugs galore. Have lost count of the number of games that have crashed or hung. Buggy trash that the developers can't be bothered with.

Terrific light strategy Great implementation of a fun game. A bit deeper than Carcassonne, but still easy to learn with fast play. Wish piece placement could be undone, but otherwise fantastic.

Fantastic I would like option to move my pieces around so I can plan on my move visually. I would also love to play the expansions on this app. Finally, I'd like to be able to set up a game with my friends via private network so we don't have to continue playing hot potato with the mobile. Great game.

Kingdom Builder, winner of the German „Spiel des Jahres 2012“ award, now available for Android! Play exciting games against the computer in 3 difficulty levels, local with your friends, on one Device or online with players all over the world. Show your friends how to build the most glorious kingdom. Settle next to lucrative locations […]


Price $2.99
App Size MB
Instalations 10,000 - 50,000
Score 4.1
Developer Queen Digitals

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