LootTheWorld for PC and MAC

Can't sign in When ever I hit the "Sign in/ Sign up" button it just goes blank. I uninstalled and reinstalled it and it didn't change I thing. I have a Galaxy.

How to use LootTheWorld for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type LootTheWorld in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use LootTheWorld on your PC or MAC.

Works good Works pretty good. But as previous review states(Michael) PLEASE INCLUDE A CHANGELOG ON UPDATES!!! I cannot stand it when NO information is provided as to WHY I should update an app. That section is there for a REASON. PLEASE USE IT GOING FORWARD!

Decent with a few improvement suggestions. It does what it says it does, but I have a few ideas for improvement. 1: Weapon levels should be similar to the level of highest character registered under that account (works for everyone, regardless of how many characters they have). 2. Have the rarity of the items be similar to those in a red chest. We're all tired of white, white, white, green, white.... 3. Add a manual camera focus option (self-exploratory). 4. Add Shift Code entry for people who can't make it to their computers (e.g. on vacation).

Scanning everything! My wife now hates going to Walmart with me instead of the other way around. I just wish there were more rare items (ANY color) and less common (white). After level 10 or 15 white items are seldom better than G,B,P,O items, even if it's a lot higher level. Maybe add a reroll option to change the stats once or twice and then to prevent cheating you can never scan that item again.

Won't work I really want to use this app but the link to sign up doesn't work. This is the 6th time I have download. Please fix it I would really like to use this app thank you!

Good app, not useful The app works fine, but 99% of the time scanning a code just gives you mid- or high-level white items. Fun idea, but lack of any good items (or ability to control their level) makes it kind of pointless, as you'll rarely (if ever) want to send anything to your characters.

Great idea but... For some reason I'm not able to transfer the items to my inventory in the game

Does not work The only cam I have on my tablet is a fount cam and there are no settings to adjust anything all I ever have after pushing shoot is a black screen!

I love gearbox,butttttt this app is not working for me, it keeps giving me an error message when I try to sign in /up. It be a great idea if i could connect to. My ps4 character to make changes & to just show my friends, I really want to work with your company, iv been feeling out lots of applications to try and get a position there, i hv so meny suggestions to mk the game & the apps run vert well..right now im just a lil bit ashamed that this very popular game is going down..my friends dont talk about this game like they do Density makes me upset, wish I could give something back to the company, im just an old black gammer girl what do i know. .

Interesting concept, but... None of the loot is useful. Of all the things I've scanned, I've only had one non-white item. After about level 10, there's almost no situation where a white item is an upgrade. Either this is intended as a way of getting vendor trash, or it's not working as intended.

Shift sign in don't work As the title says, the shift signing will not load so I am unable to link anything to my account.

Doesn't work First off, I love Borderlands 2. I enjoyed this app. It has great potential. Unfortunately I could never get it to work. I even submitted a request to Shift to fix it. They issued a trouble ticket but even they were never able to get it working. I still play as often as possible. Just not with weapons from this app.

worthless nerfed app This app mostly works. But all the good codes that people have found they've erased. The app says its been expended. I tried a bunch on a website. Nothing good really now. I went online after I kept on getting whites and finally my bottle of Coca- cola said it was expended. It's a Borderlands 2 app, so I should have guessed they'd put the noose on the ability to get loot. pro bably was good at first, I got it late since my old phone's camera didn't work. I wouldn't bother wasting your time.

Borderlands 2: Loot The World I thing at one point this app was a great time killer in hopes of getting a usefull in game item. In the apps current state it is very broken with the inability to transfer found items into the in game inventory. It doesn't appear as if the devs monitor this app anymore. Steer clean until they fix the app.

Hey Gearbox!!! WE WANT "LOOT THE WORLD" APP for HANDSOME COLLECTION! Hey Gearbox! Will you soon be updating the "Loot the World" app for Borderlands 2 xBox One "Handsome Collection" and/or Borderlands: TPS? I have BL2 on Steam on my PC and loved the app, but now I want it since I just bought the Handsome collection for my X1 Can you let us know in response IF you will be doing this? Thanks!

So, when are you going to make it work? It's more excruciating than pulling teeth out with having such a worthless app at my side. When attempting to sign in, it re-routes you to a url that fails to work. Glad to know it doesn't even yield worthwhile loot, too (as per other user reviews).

Doesn't work I have another account for the computer version and it works perfectly but when i use it for my Xbox one account doesn't do crap, the piece of Sh*it says "what? You haven't even played the game" well stupid morons i am level 33 getting to the end of the main story, make the app work.

Garbage It's a great idea, I would love to see more of this but the best item I got was from a QR code for ASUS' website and it was a white lvl 68 assault rifle, a very bad one. I understand not giving away free OP gear but at least make it possible to find something usable

Lack of stamps make it hard to enjoy Even tho most of the guns are high leveled or weak it's great for selling stuff. I already have over 500,000 dollars in game just from 6 guns using this app. Biggest downside tho is lack of stamps. Apparently youre supposed to get 3 stamps every week if you use them all up, im going on almost two weeks and got nothing. The app is pretty much useless and not fun when youre inventory is full and you cant find any stamps. Idek if you can find stamps thru scanning anymore, that's how lacking in updates this is.

Great app For everyone saying you are only getting whites the higher the rarity the let the chance just like in game I have been able to find some greens a few Blues a couple epics and the rare legendary

It's ok I mean I can scan and it's very fast for it to identify. But I cant send the item to my chracter in game. It keeps saying I haven't played the game yet. So I signed up with the same email as I used to play the game with but it keeps telling me I haven't played the game yet. Please help

Fun diversion! Neat idea, works well. I haven't had any issues getting it to work. Don't try to seriously gear your character with it, though. The level of loot is too random... It's just a cool side-game, if you will. Maybe you'll get lucky and "win the lottery" and get a great piece of gear at the appropriate level, but don't expect it. The only problems I've got with it is that I want to be able to throw items away immediately, and it sometimes is really slow at focusing the camera. Minor issues, though.

Its cool It's definitely a cool add on for the game. Since the hunting for the loot is one of my favorite things to do in the game, this kinda fits me. Sucks that there isn't more variety in the loot, most everything is a high level white item, would like to see more rare items and lower items. Otherwise cool side game

If you want awesome weapons!! Then this app will disappoint the heck out of you! Yep, the only guarantee you're going to get when you download this is disappointment and frustration. I still haven't used any of my stamps because the loot scans are just that bad. Bad, bad, bad. So bad, Mad Max would shoot this just for spite.

Great Im not quite sure why everyone is b****ing about this app, i get mainly whites, but iv gotten greens, purples, that pinkish purple color. I get why to, how fun would the game be if you could just go around your house and grab random items and get epic gear everytime? To me that wouldnt be fun. Another thing is half the "white" ones are great on damage, reload speed, accuracy,etc. Just recently i got a lvl 21 greesy pistol with 37,240 damage, and great perks. This app has helped me out of some tough spots.

Needs better loot Ive used this app for several months, and only got 1 green item, so it does need more loot. Idea.... scan stuff that like beer bottles or alcohol bottles and you get blues and purples, scan a shampoo bottle you get whites and greens.

Works but doesn't work I have both my xbox and playstation linked to my shift account. when I try to send inventory to my account it automatically sends it to my xbox. there is no way that I can find to switch that. I have unlinked my xbox but the items go to queue until I link my xbox account backup. I unlinked my PSN account created a new email account and linked my PSN account to that email. when I try to send inventory from that account it says I have not started to play the game yet.

Awesome idea but... I know it's for Borderlands 2 only but please add to Borderlands Pre-Sequel. And the loot is disappointing... please add more control over what loot you obtain.

Doesn't work Everytime I try to make a account it says I can't and it shows a website I can tap on but when I tap it it doesn't do anything pls help I love borderlands

Better loot.. It should give you gear within 10 levels of your highest character. Bonuses for dlc attached to the account.

Bugging out Have a Samsung galaxy s2 well after the update it's not freezing but now it won't focus to get the codes for items

If the makers could please respond to let me know what's going on. When I try to log in it brings me into a page that says the website moved or its down. If someone could tell me what's happening it would be great because this is a really cool thing to do.

merhh only getting low level loot. most of my characters are capped out at 50 and the highest level loot I've gotten is lvl 36 so this is a waste of space for me

Fun It's pretty fun to go around and scan things yeah the items are not that good but it's fun to see what loot you have around the house lol. I wonder if you guys will make this for the handsome collection.

Update fixed issues! Awesome! EDIT: The recent update fixed the camera issue. Everything works great now! OLD REVIEW: The concept is great, when it does work I can get some pretty nice weapons. Camera fails a lot. When I try to shoot a code the camera screen is black, but I can here my camera refocusing so I know its working. It will eventually scan the code, but I can't see what's it doing. Or the app will crash. Please debug a little bit more.

Its fun I like the concept of this app its fun to go looking for the bar code and then you also don't know what you are going to get its like so random. Also i like how you can also Rescan the same code to get the same item. So if you want two of the same gun you can scan and send it to the game and then Rescan to get the gun again. Also people are complaining about how you only get white name items. I mean yes it suck but its like taking a chance you won't know what you going to get until you scan it.

I would like this for tablets too Being a fan of the Borderlands 2 game, this is a great app to see what every day items will get you for in game goodies.

Worked for a while It was amazing at first, getting free guns and all, but now it won't even let me get the stuff I scanned for

Not sending loot Just installed, everything works except the most important part which is sending the loot. Getting the "haven't played" message on Samsung GS5 transferring to Xbox 360. Will change rating when it's patched, thanks

Fun concept but a time waster I like the app and the concept but why did you use *any* white gears at all? Even greens are mostly trash. I have scanned 100+ and got 1 Blue. Suggestion: dump all white gears outright.

What kind of Borderlands 2 loot are you?With LootTheWorld, you get a unique QR code that represents YOU. Use it like this:o Have your friends scan your code to find out what kind of loot you are.o Scan your friends’ codes to find out what kind of loot they are.o Get your loot into the […]


Price Free
App Size 6.1 MB
Instalations 100,000 - 500,000
Score 4.0
Developer 2K Games, Inc.

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