Mars: Mars for PC and MAC

This game is great! I love almost everything about it. If anyone is looking for a game they can play to pass up from free time, this is the game to play. It's got beautiful minimalistic graphics, the astronauts are well thought out. Overall, this game is great. Although the other does have its flaws. The wall timers made me feel irritated in having to wait for my next astronaut. I guess that's just me being impatient. Amazing work Pomelo Games!

How to use Mars: Mars for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Mars: Mars in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Mars: Mars on your PC or MAC.

Great to Pass the Time This game is one of the better ones on the App Store. My only complaint is that it is all little too hard to gain a "Combo". No matter how much you raise that number up, one Crash-&-Burn will send it back to zero. If I could make one improvement to this game, I would make it a little easier to keep that combo. So, I will proudly give this game 4 Stars. It is a awesome game to pass the time on the Bus or Train, but not something to keep your attention with other console choices.

Good, but have suggestions. I enjoy it, but I think there should be more incentive to get skip-overs. Skip-overs clearly take more skill and they should at the very least add to your streak. Yet even when you skip over 2 or even 3 platforms, you still get the same amount added to your streak as you would with only 1. Also when you push too far ahead the camera falls behind your character.

This game is perfect when you want the brain to shut up. Whatever is going on in your day, it floats away on a jetpack, leaving clouds of condensed unicorns behind. It's silly fun, wholesome and addictive in the best sense of the word. Oh, and a little BTW, the mariachi skeleton (his name escapes me) caused laughter that nearly resulted in my pants containing pee.

Overall I think this game is quite superb! Considering I went out of my way to review Mars: Mars - which I rarely do for any game... says a lot. The poly-toon art style is one of my favorites and they nailed it. The separate side jet pack mechanic is fun and challenging, while landing on a platform seems like a reward itself. Well done. 👏

It's one of those games you can really stem on. Although I seriously wish they would have not allowed for so many commercial distractions. It's pretty annoying when you're in the middle of a jump and the game wants to know if you want to watch a video for a 150 Stars. It asks every 10 minutes if you want to watch commercial. I might have to take a star off. However other than the endless advertising, It is a family friendly game for all to enjoy.

One of my favorite games! This is such a fun and amazing game. Concept is very simple and well executed. The skins not only change the character but they entire games look. My only gripe is a lack of variety. An idea could maybe be a pad sometimes where you get a fuel boost but the next pad is much further ahead. Otherwise an excellent game and very addictive.

Great little game Controls are right, your character is easy to maneuver. The graphics are blocky and cute. Very easy to pick up the game for a quick 10 minute session. The difficulty is not bad at all. I am enjoying it. I think some additional varied gameplay variety would make a good game even better. The characters and landscape change, but the difficulty stays pretty much the same.

This game is a great time waster. I have had this game for about a week now. I have just currently passed the 2300th level and I have no intentions on stoping there! There are ads but only if you want there to be. Perfect incorporation. The characters are cool too. Some of them have literaly made me laugh out loud. Great job!

Great game It has it shortcomings as it doesn't allow to upgrade anything but it provides one of the most engaging experience I have came across in a long time. There are still some performance issues as the game ended up freezing at my streak of 116 jumps and I lost all of them which was frustrating and I hope these issues are fixed with the coming update. Thanks for a great game though.

Awesome except for 1 thing Very fun game but seems to cash every time i get a streak going. Also i often get traped inside the one inescapable menu having to sometimes restart my phone. Maybe this is just me but ya, if could see these bugs fixed would be 5 star.

Hero wait times Game is okay, but very repetive. The only change is when you get a new hero. The heroes aren't costly, but by only the 6th hero the wait time is outrageous, 8 hours. Unless you're willing to pay the extra fee to get the hero straight away, which also goes up exponentially. This makes the game very boring with rare changes after only playing for maybe 15 minutes.

Great Really good looking game and addictive gameplay. I felt like I really was kinda exploring Mars because the landscape keeps changing. Each character changes the jetpack, landing pads, and background! There needs to me more. For right now the gameplay is ok for what it is but it would be way cooler to have more game modes. Like a target time to get from landing pad to landing pad. Something to change up the game. Over-all a really great game and I look forward to your next game!

Returning Player Still loving the simplicity of it. Yes, simple but last time, there are bits of struggle here and there which appealed to me. My friends are loving it, can't get a hold of my own phone because they play on it. Hahaha. They will surely install it. And for the advice, hmmm, maybe add more astronauts? Or maybe create a store wherein we will be able to purchase whoever we want instead of randomly giving someone. Thank you.

I have always sucked at lunar lander arcade games. Absolutely terrible at them. This one is brilliantly entertaining however! What makes this game perfect is its perfect ad implementation - completely optional and unobtrusive, presented on-screen in the same manner as the tool tips and instructions.

Absolute piece of crap! I can't believe this thing ended up in Editor's choice...whoever put it should get his brain checked. Not to even mention that the controls for navigating are just awful. Don't waste your time on this rubbish. Uninstalled!

Amazing, I loved the game, it doesn't have that many adds as I thought it would, the graphics are great and I think that the little people with the jetpacks are so cute. This game is addictive, fun, entertaining, and it's amazing if you are bored. Whoever doesn't like this is mentally ill (no offense) Mars:mars is now one of my top 5 favorite games! To finalize, this game is very addictive and relaxing, I loved this game I bet you will too!

If i pai so the new explorer to arrive now rather than i wait 8 hours it will bring the same guy i already have, i would have given it 5 stars, but it's very frustrating this way. I know it's a way for you to make us play the game longer but i doesn't work for me, i would have still played it like forever evan if i had unlocked all the characters. But if you keep it like this i will get mad and delete it.

Great game, performance issues Love the addictive nature of the game! However, my phone gets extremely hot and the frame rate drops big time during extensive use and is really apparent when I'm on a streak. This really kills the gameplay for me.

Great game Excellent aesthetics, simple yet engaging gameplay and this game is a good example of advertising and monetization. Instead of obligatory ads they all are completely optional. Excelled work (hope other devs follow this example in a world full of mini transactions and intrusive ads)

Solid, if Repetitive Great arcade feeling game, reminiscent of a quick paced version of the classic Lunar Lander. It's got all the usual hooks to keep you playing and it's great for a few minutes of distraction now and then. Good stuff!

Its ok but gets very repetitive. Its just hopping from platform to platform. There's alot of characters but they all do the same thing and often times when you recieve a new character you get one you already have which is jacked. Some people were unfortunate enough to actually pay for that. After a half hour i realized that this was it. The game itself worked well and was well made but unfortunately thats not enough. Uninstalled.

Out of this world. Time well wasted. Fun gameplay. Had no problems getting ahead and got to platform 2k really quick. I could use some description on characters in the game because they seem to have different attributes. Fuel capacity, maneuverability etc.

Fundamental flaw The game is relatively boring but somewhat addictive. The only thing that kept me playing was unlocking new characters but even that became boring because I kept getting characters I already had over and over and over and over. Fix it or actually make the game interesting.

The game is great but it's kinda buggy. Respawning after a video sometimes resets your streak. Landing on the edge of the platform sometimes kills you but you still start at that platform. Skip overs should be worth more. Sounds crackle and lag during normal gameplay. But aside all that, the game is really fun and looks really nice.

Is that Bernie?! :D Fun and challenging! I love/ hate this game. I love the character references and the overall gameplay. The controls are as fluid and responsive as I could have hoped for. I hate this game because I can't play it for a few minutes. Every time I start, I end up playing it throughout most of my day..or night in this case.

Bugs bugs bugs Was unable to progress due to a bug in the tutorial where pressing any buttons would cause the button to disappear without anything happening leaving me stuck which is a shame because the gameplay I did get to experience was really cool. Hopefully this bug can get fixed so I can get a good look at the rest of the game.

Gets boring too fast... Although it is beautifully designed and very easy to play, there is really nothing to play for... Sure the new characters change the look of the game, but that's all they do. The mechanics is the same with all the characters, so there is really no feeling of progress or true aim to it.

Why so many good reviews? Maybe I just am not destined to understand this game. There is almost no thought required to play. It makes you believe things will progress, get more interesting, add techincal layers, maybe uncover a story. SOMETHING. Nope. Yet, I am a patient man. I gave it 1,000 platforms. But basically by the end of it, I was tricked into watching a bunch of ads. You're welcome for the $$$ Mars developers. Thanks for nothing.

Well animated monotony Good looking game. Some of the different characters change the landscape in amusing ways. Game itself offers no challenge beyond the first 10 minutes. Unless you're into taking selfies and trying to do 500 jumps without a mistake.

Good but needs more difficulty Does this game progress in difficulty? Doing the exact same thing over and over gets old after a while. If it does get more difficult then it takes way too long to get there

Addictive game thanks to the various characters. But... 1. Phone heats in real quick. Games that are heavier on my phone don't heat my phone, but this does. Uninstalled due to this. 2. When I skip 2 platforms, the character goes out of the edge of my screen due to which I am unable to land properly. This needs to be rectified.

Cosmetics should not change gameplay. There may be more, but I noticed the underwater sea creature skin changes the physics of the bouncer things. Cosmetics shouldn't change gameplay. Otherwise, good game. Also, had a platform jump which required no use of jetpack. Even got a coin... Also sometimes fall too hard on a platform, explode, but still progress.

Odd but still fun I thought for sure i would get bored sfter 100 platforms, but 1200 later im still going strong. A nice little game thats just right for the mobile platform, not too intense, not too simple.

Dull Its OK, but gets boring really quickly. There is really no challenge, seems to just repeat the same over and over with no apparent increase in difficulty. You get a new background each time you unlock an explorer, but that's all, no change to physics, mechanics or difficulty.

Still enjoyable after a while After the first 5-10 minutes the game does not increase with difficulty, but instead offers you the chance to work towards collecting new characters, many of which change the environment around them. The quickest way to do so is to watch the ads they propose, though it is totalling possible to collect them all by just playing. Overall I'm enjoying it and it's fun as a 5-15 minute timekiller.

Gorgeous minimalist game Easy control, yet precise later on, beautiful design, really simple yet gorgeous, change of character changes the level design, even better experience, even if I prefer the first character (for now). A bit repetitive, maybe it get a bit different later on, Great job guys keep up!

Complete waste of time. They offer videos to watch and earn coins. You watch them and you don't get the coins. If tgat is not enough you will be send Salvador astronaut repeated all the time. A complete waste of time

Too much for too little Fun little physics platformer. The time it takes to unlock skins is ridiculous though. 8 hours to unlock my 4th skin in a row? Removes all incentive to keep playing. OK for killing time though.

Ideas for developers This is a cool, fun game but I have some ideas.The coins that you get from grabbing while flying should be worth 5,with the supply boxes and videos they aren't really worth getting.At every 100 or 500 or whatever you should get a character only obtainable by getting that far.There should also be more picture spots. It would also be cool if some characters are rarer than others (if that's is a thing already I haven't notice). Finally,it would be cool if you could make your own character.Great game though!

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Price Free
App Size MB
Instalations 1,000,000 - 5,000,000
Score 4.6
Developer Pomelo Games

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