MCF: Shadow Lake Hidden Object for PC and MAC

Realistic and engrossing Actual actors give the storyline a more realistic feel. You work in conjunction with a psychic, played by Lea Thompson, to solve the mystery. I'm not far along in the game, but so far I'm loving it. The scenes are very detailed, the puzzles not too difficult, and the story intriguing. I've encountered a few issues with parts of my screen going black at certain times - which must be a problem with my Nook HD tablet. Otherwise, game play is smooth. Fun game! Thanks again, Big Fish!

How to use MCF: Shadow Lake Hidden Object for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type MCF: Shadow Lake Hidden Object in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use MCF: Shadow Lake Hidden Object on your PC or MAC.

Does Reality Bite? I can only speak for myself obviously, but there is too much reality in this game for my taste. When I buy/play these, I want a true diversion. I don't want reality, real character actors, real photos collaged into screens. No. It feels cheaply done. The story is mediocre but would have been far better done with the stunning Russian & European artwork we've come to love. The "strategy guide" - well, isn't. The hint system sort of "isn't" either. This game is not for me. I'd prefer to have spent the money on something more entertaining and fun (for me).

Love this game It was hard at first to learn the way around but once you figure that out its a great game. Worth the buy. I'm just partway into it and it's a new type of mini games that are fun to do. Great job big fish.! Keep them coming also, players, it's winter out dry air means static means freeze up. Don't aways blame the game. Spray area with static guard.

Still downloading but... Big Fish has never let me down since the very beginning of Ravenhearst 1st game on PC. I trust their incredible and amazing work on Mystery Case Files series. Here's 5 stars. Btw; i don't mind at all that you guys advertise your own games within the game please just don't intergrate Ads Network. โ˜บ

There is no town called bitterford in maine I have lived in Maine my whole life and there is no town called bitterford here, there's a town called biddeford, which is what I'm guessing they meant but failed to do a simple Google search to make sure they had the town name right... I have yet to play the game so I don't know anything about the gameplay, I will update this review once I play

Origionaly 5 โ˜† Now only 1โ˜† ๐Ÿ˜• After playing a few of these games, this one has to be the best yet. It's great how they've incorporated real film, real actors along with all the cgi stuff. It's fantastic, BUT! The fact that you can only play the game once is a real disappointment. I love this game &, would like to play it more & more but, it's a real let down after you've completed it. 1โ˜†

Not all that good It was a lot different than the other games like this, but not in a good way. I did find it neat it had real people in it, but it was really glitchy. I had lots of trouble with the games, it crashed my phone multiple times and the hints sucked. Half the time I couldn't tell what the hell I was supposed to be doing. And you can't skip the repetitive cut scenes. Kind of annoying.

Membership question... I am a member of Big Fish games and ask why can't I buy a game for my android tablet the same way as for my PC whereby my PAID monthly membership entitles me to game credits and stamps redeemable against the purchase of games? Gaming using this app and its in app purchases is tantamount to highway robbery as it works out far too expensive to play a 2 credit game. I may even cancel my BF membership now as they have shown me how unscrupulous they are.

Not that good! I bought the free version and was enjoying it so paid for full version. Along comes a stupid psychic woman who keeps giving you drawings to match up with the scenes. This is very boring! Also, the drawings are so small they are difficult to find. Who thought this was good game play? I am struggling to finish as am bored with it!

Ok First, what is the point of having an option to choose advanced when everything sparkles , I like to discover things on my own. Lost stars for that. Story was good but could have been better. And Oh how I hated getting them squares together, I mean what in the world was the point of that ?

One of ur worst Not much to the story and it don't grip u like ur others. It got boring half way thru. Graphics not so good either. Also I prefer u use game characters NOT real people it just made it worse. Sadly I paid for the full game and did not enjoy it.

Waiting for update This has a lot of potential. Interesting gameplay and story. But it is too annoying to choose expert mode and still get sparkles. I want to explore the lovely scenes at my own pace without distracting and demanding sparkles. Also there is a long lag at times, and the first scene with Cassandra, there was no movie, only subtitles so it was pretty confusing. Oct 2014. Hope an update will fix the expert mode issue.

Great free trial Absolutely loved this game. Different from any I've ever played before. Only reason why I didn't give 5 stars was due to the fact it isnt full version for free. I may possibly come back in the future and purchase. Hoping at some point it will be free though!

Samsung Galaxy 4 ๐Ÿฆ You have to drag & drag & drag & drag the same objects to finally get them to work. It's so irritating. Too buggy. Dark & not logically laid out. Hints are mostly useless. 'Helpful' arrows send you where there is nothing to do. Froze twice. The free mode was very short. I'm not paying money for any of this crap. BF what were you thinking? No, why weren't you thinking?

Doesn't work...freezes all the time The game installs fine but you can't get very far. It freezes and has weird glitches. Not what I have come to expect from BF Games. This game should be removed.

Acer 500 Lost one star due to graphics loading up in sections and audio was out of sync. Interesting theme and a different way to play HOG. Personally did not like the floating puzzles but others might.

The game is alright. I have had to uninstal twice this second time i stalling the game it froze again making it a total of thee times. The the reason for uninstaling the game the first time was because it froze. I did try to play the game a while later, being a few hours later, and it was still frozen in the exact same place. Not happy about this. I have yet to get back to the place where it permanently froze. I hope I can play forward.

Very disappointed I gave this game 5 stars, I was really enjoying playing it. I paid for it everything was great. UNTIL 85% through the game, getting to the final part to solve all the clues the game froze up on me and it will not unfreeze. So don't buy or play this game because you will get disappointed as well.

Great game. Loved this game until about 75% of the way through when the cut scenes began to move slowly & stick. Good puzzles, well thought out, even though a couple I had to seek help with. I can't wait to try more games from this developer.

Great game but crashed and data lost I was really enjoying this game. It was different and challenging but unfortunately about 70% of the way through it froze and then lost my progression through the game. It reset my progress back the beginning. I would like this bug fixed before paying again and getting the same distance and then same problem as I've paid for a full working game!!

Can't play I really like bigfish games,but this is the 3d game I have installed. Freeze up, force close u name it dose it. Some can't even get past the main screen.

Love the Game, HATE the technical issues! The game itself is awesome...which makes the technical problems so much more frustrating! The game has frozen up badly that I had to resort to uninstalling and reinstalling both times. Stops responding...Sometimes I can't hear or see Cassandra or her visions, luckily the words are there. Some scenes are partially's just a mess! But, it's still interesting enough to keep playing. Although it sucks that I PAID for this experience. If it gets fixed, it's worth the money.

OMG ... ๐Ÿ˜ How utterly fab and different was this game!? Loved the reality and cinematic edge of this game, despite the added difficulty of "what to do next?" And not getting a direct "directional" hint when I was almost desperate for help, well worth the 1.79 and more! Bring us more of this please! A couple of tech issues (one scene split into two and was unable to zoom plus loading screen interfered a lot with cut scenes) but overall rates among one of my favourites .๐Ÿ˜„

Awful I purchased this game and it has froze in every room where its only half the picture every time I have tried to play Google admin please refund me back my money!! Big fish this is very disappointing i usually love your games what is up with this!!!!

so disappointed i paid for the game and just as i made it passed the school and went to investigate the car, a box pops up and wont let me get off of it. i was really enjoying the game. it was by far the best game i downloaded yet until this happened. please fix it.

Elaine This is the second game I purchased through BF and both games froze after the purchase when getting to really enjoy the games. Tried everything BF said to do if that happens. Really there wasn't anything to try because my iPad is running great and fully charged. I just want a refund. Very irritating so I give zero stars. Will give 5 if you guys fix that problem.

Been stuck for three days trying to find a non existent heart in the schoolroom. Lea Thompson never shows up either. Just an empty table and chair and her disembodied voice. Sucks.

Unplayable Worked okay until I paid for the full game. Now freezes constantly. Tried reinstalling. Froze when clicking play, froze when entering my name. Haven't been able to play since. Complete waste of money.

Shadow lake.settling down to another cracking mystery.don't disturb notice going on the door.thanks.Joyce. Awesome if it's anything as good as the other couple of dozen l have don't know what you are missing out on folks.f

Good but... Ive got to the school stage but now can't do anything. It's stuck there. Tried closing game, turning off phone. Nothing has made a difference. Wondered if not really suitable for phones. Due to videos with real people in etc. Shame because was enjoying it.

So many reasons I paid for this but it only shows up under the free version. There are several items that I have not been able to click on and now I can't get any further in the game. The "brain" puzzle pieces are practically impossible to move around b/c one touch can send them spinning off. How am I supposed to put a puzzle together if I can't even get ahold of the pieces?! It is also obviously meant for a tablet and not a smartphone b/c you can't discern any of the details.

Too many sparkles I selected expert mode but the screen was covered in sparkles. When I select 'no help' that's exactly what I want. Parts of the screen keep going black and the drawings are impossible to see. I really enjoyed this on PC but this version does not work...

Game crashes continuously Love the game, tons of fun. Really good game...BUT then it crashes and that's it. Huge waste of time and money to have an unusable game by the level after the trial expires and you just bought it :(

Wicked! Best MCF yet! Been an avid player of all MCF and this one is my favorite along with the Ravenhearst series. Don't get confused why some would give it low stars - let's not talk about glitches and technical issues coz' I never had any problem with mine - installed smoothly, ran smoothly (Galaxy 10.1), played smoothly and most of all, I paid! And will always be willing to pay for such an incredible game like this. I don't understand why some would give it one star just because 1/8 through the game they can't go on unless they pay.... ughh... Big Fish is business not charity! But anyway, it's unique in many ways, the graphics are wicked, the story is good, the puzzles are tricky although I still prefer harder puzzles like some in the Ravenhearst series. The strategy guide is as is for a reason - you wanna enjoy the game, then figure out everything by yourself! Games like this is designed to make you think, this ain't no zombie shooter. I don't mind the use of real people as characters, I think they're actually cool, kinda gives you the feel of being inside the game with them.. Great job Big Fish! Keep it coming!

Awesome!! All Mystery Case Files are good but this one, along with the Ravenhearst games , is excellent. It has a well done design, spooky art and includes the always present solid storyline of the MCF games. The innovative puzzles, while tricky, are not excessively hard. I don't think this ones deserved the 3 star reviews I have seen, it is definitely a 5 star. Keep them coming Big Fish, I'm excited for next chapter

I buy most big fish MCF games and I have loved all of them. This game however was dreadful. I couldn't see any of the cut scenes or Cassandra when she was doing her readings. Part of the screen went a bit faulty too, as if it didn't load properly. I tried uninstalling and then installing the game several times and it didn't make any difference. I don't think the story flowed as well as some of the MCF games I've played before either. Very disappointed especially as I paid for it and it didn't deliver :(.

Much better on Android! Had tried playing Shadow Lake on PC and it was full of glitches. Finally froze in the tunnel and I gave up. Just tried again (on Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime) and worked perfectly. Great game, strong story, lots to do. Glad I persevered.

Mystery Case Files: Shadow Lake This is a Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure (HOPA). The game itself was not as good as the other MCF games. It has a lot of glitches and problems with the programing. I was only playing the demo but I don't think I will be buying this one because of all the problems and glitches. I can't even remember what the storyline was for this one! I really liked all of the other MCF games and was actually looking forward to a new adventure to start the first week of summer off. Sorry guys but this was not it!

Horrible I love bigfish games, this is by far the worst. It took an hour to downlod, then told me i cant downlad it right now. Then i tried again and it kept taking me to the playstore to uninstall. I tried opening the app a million times, then it worked. It worked for a little and then froze. I got scared and thought my device froze. Then it crashed and gave me an error sign. UGH!!!! FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very glitchy The story had potential to be really great but fell short and the characters werent strong. I did like the way the HOGS worked to further the story and werent random piles of stuff. And I really liked the video puzzles and cut scenes. But the strategy guide is terrible, and there were lots of glitches.

Dive into the newest addition for the celebrated Mystery Case Filesยฎ series, by Big Fish! The residents of Bitterford, Maine have fallen prey to a terrible curse. It's up to you to unravel the series of mysterious events that led to the town's downfall and seek out the evil that was responsible. Join forces with […]


Price Free
App Size MB
Instalations 100,000 - 500,000
Score 3.9
Developer Big Fish Games

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