MechBox – Open The Door Puzzle for PC and MAC

It's one of those games where the puzzles are so unobvious you need a walk through or in one case knowledge of computer graphics, in another how to make a diamond there are no clues, no hints, no instructions, nothing. If you complete the game without the YouTube videos and without going "how the hell did they get that solution?" you're just lucky.

How to use MechBox – Open The Door Puzzle for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type MechBox – Open The Door Puzzle in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use MechBox – Open The Door Puzzle on your PC or MAC.

It's a GREAT game that actually makes you think about EVERY possible solution and then some! It's nice and challenging. Some of the puzzles may seem impossible, but once you know the solution, it seems so obvious! This is one of the few games that has actually made me think. If only there were more levels..

What I've been looking for This kind of puzzle game has been elusive for a long time. I love it and just can't get enough. The logic involved is very challenging but not overly intense, so a lot of people should be able to play unfrustrated, yet. Definitely satisfying, and will be looking forward to a sequel. Once I have some extra money I plan to donate, so devs, if you see this let me know how.

Great set of puzzles. Makes you really think outside the box. Thought it was a bit short so can't wait for any future expansions. A few of the puzzles might not be fair. For instance the last one where you need the diamond button. Without specific education in chemisty there's no way you would know how to get it. Overall great game.

Starts off clever but then it quickly becomes apparent that the developer is more interested in the money made from people watching ads for tips rather than designing a clever puzzle game. Had no issues with the first 5 levels and found it very satisfying to think outside the box and discover solutions. Then, there is a stream of solutions that absolutely nobody on earth would ever, EVER be able to get without using tips or google. randomize part. 100000%. I can guarantee not one person on earth was able to solve that one without cheating. Poorly designed overall but it's free so what do you expect?

Great except level 10 In general I don`t like Open The Doors puzzles because they often devolve into random tapping and swiping. MechBox is different, there is logic and thought required to solve the puzzles...and only a little random tapping or swiping. The last level was my least favorite - having to complete the matching tasks every time to get to the confounding final password puzzle was tedious. A challenging set of puzzles.

This is the ultimate thinking person's challenge! If you see everything in black and white then this app is not for you. The levels CAN be completed with a little thought without cheating. Try thinking in abstract terms and apppy yourself, and with a little luck you will be able to navigate through the levels. The low ratings originate from the mentally constipated.

What a wonderful challenge! However: If you are of fragile ego, take a pass. Should you not have replacement insurance for your phone, take a pass. In the event you are trying to stop talking to yourself, take a pass. On the other hand, if you love to curl up with a significant other, or even with significantly comfortable food and love to battle, this cognitively mind challenging quest begs download! Patience is the key. :)

NOT Logical Solutions! This game is clearly meant only to make money off the ads you watch in order to get hints. Without the hints, that point to outrageously illogical solutions, it is impossible to progress. I like a good, challenging puzzle, but this doesn't provide them.

Needs too specific knowledge This starts out very well, with interesting and novel puzzles that require out of the box thinking. But the later levels are very poor. Some need specific scientific or engineering knowledge - and even then it can be impossible! Good concept, but ran out of decent ideas.

It's good. People are salty. I enjoy this game but god dammit the randomize level I just don't get. I used quite a few tips and each one basically gives you the answer to the given part you're stuck at. Most of these aren't chance dragging but that level where something is hidden somewhere was totally a chance thing. Good thing the tip gives it away. Anyways fun game the devs should ignore was tons of people are saying because they couldn't think of any solution other than spray and pray.

Ten levels of physical based puzzles to solve. Sometimes frustrating when solution seems to have no logic to it. Hints can be earnt by watching ads or paying a small once off cost. Overall fun and a bit different

A bit far-fetched at times, but fun little game. A bit pricey for only 11 levels, so I endured the ads. Needed hints for nearly every level and had to Google the random one. 7 is really annoying.

not logical there is no way any person has gone through this without using tips for every door. there is no logic to how these doors are supposed to be opened. stupid game from stupid programmers

Moreso like the whims of an abstract thinker than logic puzzles. Fun but very nonsensical. Definitely not any sort of traditional logic based puzzler. Couldn't be bothered with doing the timed last (2nd last?) level again - phone rang and the puzzle reset - the app didn't even close but it still reset 😠 annoying.

It looks fine and plays fine. But it's so lackluster and nonsensical half the time your wondering how did they come up with these solutions. The hint system is garbage btw. I cannot recommend

Fun but difficult I laughed the most when I got the hint "the code is right in front of you" and it took me 15 minutes to find it. Currently stuck on the and,or,not one. Could I have a little help from the devs?

Nice to look at and a challenge Is it guessing and / or logic? At beginning tips make it easy. But I had to look at tips too many moves and that's not fun. Stuck. Found a walk through video but doesn't explain how to figure out some of the code numbers. Not fun when steps are handed to you.

Mechanical Box REALLY COOL! it's tough but a great version of a cool concept. Only thing is, 10 levels? Okay then. So uninstall it is. I'm mean what I'm gonna play it again? Nah. Should have made it 50 or 100 levels

I'm 10 and I like it but it's too hard for me. It's more fun when I win but I never win hardly. The tips are the same even when I watch 5 times. I need more help and more better tips. My dad said ask if there is one for kids.

Great app. Support the developer guys and pay the 'tiny' non ad fee. Clearly a lot of thought has gone into this game. It really is very good. Lots of 'ah' moments and even more '××$#@@/%!!' Moments!

Stuck on Level 8 (Randomize). Need a hint. The puzzles are somewhat interesting. Not exactly logical/clever though. The hints are fine the way they are. Not one of the best puzzle games out there, but it does make you think.

Only the missing informations on what to do hidden behind adverts making this game challenging. It's a try and error click adventure and not really mind challenging in my opinion

Pretty decent game. A few bad things though. It's pretty short, which you don't know until it's over (unless you watched the achievements). I don't see a reason to not include a standard level selection, which you do get at the end, from the beginning.

To date this is the best puzzle game I've ever played on my phone. it even got me to download a logic simulator to pass a level since I had forgotten everything I learned in digital electronics 1 lol

I cheated with youtube when i was stuck and failed to se the hints of how each puzzle worked as they seemed to hard to spot..... some kind of pre level tutorial to assist in game play. Hint seemed pointless

I don't give 5 stars often. This game kept me thinking. I took clues in middle layers, but some clues just confirmed the line of thinking I already had in mind. Just proves not to second guess yourself. You can do it MacGyver! ☺️

Hello box team. I personally loved this game it gives excersise for brain........ As per me only Ppl with brain will be able to solve it also can you add some more puzzles in it please REACHED 10TH LEVEL IN THE GAME

great setup, but when you have to stumble on clues in the exit menu and use numbers that you have to cheat to get, thats what ruins it. i felt like it was designed to get me to watch more pathetic ads or pay. i get ads are important, but should work smoothly with the app or you lose customers. lots of potential if you take advice from reviewers

Not really a puzzle, but more of an app made to make you watch adverts for hints. The unlock sequences make no logical sence what so ever just some cryptic bullshit. Not recommended. Would give higher rating if creator could have been more creative and actually create puzzles.

I want to like it but.. The hints don't work. The video plays and it doesn't matter if I hit the x or the back button it'll just restart the app failing to give me a hint. I see good reviews yet I don't see how when the hint system isn't working

Clever, but not cerebral. Too many puzzles require fast reflexes or moving some random element by trial and error. This is a very clever puzzle game, but it's just too sophomoric for me.

Absolutely stupid. How 29k users could rate this as 4.5 stars is beyond me. You'll either be as unimpressed as I am or you'll be googling answers to simple challenges so you can feel good about finishing. Don't waste your time.

Very difficult A science, mathematics, and programming background would be helpful. Even equip with those background and the in-game hints you might still need to search online for more clues.

I think it's a good game but I am now stuck at the part where you enter the shapes for the code. There is a diamond in the code but no diamond symbol showing on the screen. I looked at a video on YouTube and if it's always in the same spot then it means my phone screen is not big enough or the size of the picture is too big. Can you fix this please? otherwise I have to delete the game as I can't advance any further. Thanks

Awesome but sometimes frustrating! Like others I really didn't get the Randomize level but still well put together and challenging! Looking forward to new levels - Keep up the good work :)

Liked it but solutions make no logical sense Even after seeing the solutions, they make no sense. Maybe they make sense but, if so, they're really, really stretching it. The average person won't get it and it makes the gave basically unplayable

1/5 stars. Why? Because of level 7! Because of that stupid repetitive action of 'unpress the button at the exact time 8 times in a row or start from the beginning' that has nothing to do with a puzzle game. I mean, sure, the part before that is impossible to solve without a walkthrough (because it makes no sense), but that would have lost the app only 1 star at most. Too bad... I was actually enjoying myself all through level 6.

Not logical at all. Very random. OK I broke the handle..Now what... Tap and swipe forever and absolutely nothing!!

Yeah, this is perfect. I dont know why people these day have so much complaint about this puzzle. THIS IS PUZZLE, SO MUST BE BUILT DIFFICULT. This game will test your IQ, knowledge, and your observation skill (coz there is no tutorial) if you want easy gameplay, find puzzle with casual categories. Great job for this game, the art is so realistic with machine, great UI, and really addictive. so please make a new game with harder difficulty. ads is not annoying anyway, it'll only appear when you need a hint or going to the next level. I solved it with secret level without any hint or walkthrough. but still, so much puzzle harder than this game out there at another platform.

The Mechanical Box is a device created with only one purpose: protecting what's inside at all costs. Every protection layer of it is a new unique puzzle. You’re the Tester, and your task is to hack and bypass the MechBox security system by cracking passwords and solving brain-cracking puzzles. You'll need your ability to think […]


Price Free
App Size MB
Instalations 500,000 - 1,000,000
Score 4.5

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