Mighty Mage – Adventure RPG for PC and MAC

It is a good game I can not say otherwise. But the full version feels a bit "hollow". Because I completed every sidequest before buying the full version, the only thing it really added was "just" the main storyline. And it was great, but I was looking forward to some more sidequests. The ending on the other hand feels a bit forced, and I would really like to read the prologue again (sometime that isn't 3 am) if possible and explore it in greater detail, not just finish it with a few paragraphs of text.

How to use Mighty Mage – Adventure RPG for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Mighty Mage – Adventure RPG in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Mighty Mage – Adventure RPG on your PC or MAC.

Sheer Brilliance! This game has a certain charm that ranks it in my top five. Thank you, Dravic, for this wonderful game! For too long have I looked for a decent magic game, and now I've found it! Your touching prologue has helped reinforce my confidence to persue an artistic career! As soon as I'm able, I'll most certainly become a Mighty Supporter. I wish you well in your future projects! My only complaint is some very minor flaws in sentence structure. However, these flaws are so minor that they're barely noticeable.

Prolly one of the best game i ever played on android. Love the concept. Simple but very interesting. I haven't bought the full version yet, which i certainly will, but the whole progress is so fun. So much potential in this game Dravic. Keep it up man. Oh and if you can add some guide about what each school of magic spells are that will be awesome. Also add other way to complete quests other than kill everything, maybe with persuasion or stuff like that. You know like fallout kind of thing. But overall, great game man.

I really enjoyed this game. Though short, i had a great time following the story and leveling up my little mage. The world is immersive, missions are challenging but not overly difficult, spells are interesting and presented in a unique way, and the story is engaging. I really like the timer thing, too; very unique and gives a real-time feel that immerses you in the game more. A shame it was too short, but i look forward to more improvements from the developer! I would really like to explore the world more and get to see how the story will play out. Good luck, developer!

Fix save game issue please The game was great, but I can't play it because I need to start all over again every time when I close the game, don't tell me to clean cache and doing hard reset because that won't work, the problem is yours, please, fix this soon as possible bc I wanna enjoy this amazing game. I loved that intro letter, and gratz, you're a good developer if you did it all alone, I'm really impressed.. I wish I could be like you! Thank you.

This is a wonderful game and I can see myself spending many hours playing through it. I have one complaint that keeps me from giving this game full marks, however, and that's with the grammar. A text-based game lives and dies by its text, and the text here reads like it's been weakly translated into English. Please get somebody to proofread this!

Wizardly adventure Lots of story, 'facts of the world history' told as myth, legend and through victor and vanquished. I finished it twice yesterday just so I could make some other choices and see what they wrought for the world. I am pleased to hear plans for expansion and will eagerly await more. The author of the tale seeks to make a career of making games and is in my opinion off to a fine start

Had a lot of fun with this game! Though I wish there was more things to do end game. This game has also inspired me to create a text game myself after playing this! Though, I'll have to make it in my free time between work, but I'd still like to give this a shot! Great game and can't wait to see more from you in the future!

Can't save. See "EDIT". It seems to be a great game but I cannot go beyond the beginning without having to restart the whole game again. When exciting to the main menu it does save, but if I exit the app and close it completely the save dissappear. EDIT: I just learned what happen. I thought that the hut or the outside was a special location where the game was suppose to save by itself. I slept on the bed and now it works.

Just WOW I love games like this. The story was great and the abilities impeccable. But like all other games like this I find only one flaw. After finishing the main story your allowed to continue on but nothing to occupy your time or challenge you. Maybe allow us to start over with our current lvl but on a harder difficulty. Possibly add other intense plots as well. I Love it hahaha I just want more.

Great game so far. Bought the two cheap in-game purchases for you. A few suggestions - 1. Fix a few typos (more like just two typos, sorry for nitpicking) 2. I get the minimalistic approach but frames around the text box (or even just a small pic in a corner) would help with the mythbuilding just to identify and differentiate each object, place, or interaction.

This game was great but I have a question. I'm thinking about replaying, and I wanted to know if there's any to get a love interest in this game. Just cuz there's a part where the dad says my house is empty and he wants grandkids. It's just something I'm wondering for my next playthrough.

Please add save button Great game, nice concept and pace. But unfortunately it lacks option to save. To be a while-you-wait type of game, this is gravely needed, because you never know when to stop and don't want to loose your progress. Oh, and also better interface would be nice. I'm looking forward to the updates

Wow The introduction really hit me, your life story is interesting. Cant say if you made right decision not going to college but you definatelly followed your dreams and done it right. Love the game, as soon as i finish tutorial, buying full game. Good job and good luck with your one man development ;)

Fantastic Occasionally the text gets messed up, but other than that this game is fantastic. I wish I could've done more before just being forced to end the game. I love that I could grind as much as I liked before doing anything story related. I can't wait to see more from this creator.

Enjoyed it but ending was a let down to me. But was very enjoyable otherwise just needs a bit more depth and make me care about the story rather than doing it for the sake of exp. Maybe difficulty tiers as well. But as I said very enjoyable worth the buy

Good game! The story gets me hooked and the interactions are good. I got a glitch on the texts at one point and I have a screenshot but i don't know where to send it. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Tab A and encountered the glitch after using a ration.

It's a good game EDIT I love the game but like me who is in another country 1 us dollars are like our 5 dollers. So my parents won't allow me to buy the full game but the trial was fun. Edit: I'm from Malaysia

I enjoyed this game and found myself a bit sad when it ended. I really hope you add more content into the game such as more place to go(Far Lands,Void etc) and maby a few more inspections like blood,darkness and light. Maby even fight the gods that abandon them. Maby allow us to become a Lich lol. After reading the little letter I bought the game and the two options to help support a little bit. Great game and am looking forward to more.

Finished I finished the main story too quickly, and now after continuing the game, I don't know what to do now.. I've talked to everyone and I can't find any more missions.. Is this game ment to stop continuing or what? I don't want to start over again since I like how I leveled up my character.

Issue fixed but I'm confused Thanks for telling me how to fix the issue. Great game so far. What does mighty supporter IAP and remove wait IAP do?

For a text Adventure, it's quite incredible in my opinion. And here's why. Upon starting the Adventure, I was placed into a fantasy based on an alternative reality. I got a good feel for the world right away. I didn't even know I was introduced until I thought about it, it was so smooth. And by then, I was already a hero who had been fighting constant waves of harpies with over 400 Willpower. And while the magic was interesting and had a unique concept, many of the spells were repetitive. Unfortunately, this is the word limit, but I'd like to give a full review in some way.

An abolutely brilliant game I got intrigued by this game especially after reading your story and thought id give it a shot. But before i knew it i had finished the free section of the game and i just had to know what happened next. Without hesitating, i just purchased it and damn what a good game. Congrats dude! Pretty damn good game. Oh and dont worry about the auto save feature that people seem to be complaining about, i found it quite useful. Its just the dumb people who struggle arent smart enough and see the white auto save bar.

Hey Dravic, you have done a good job, Thanks heaps for the game and your hard work. I want to tell you what I missed when playing, I hope this helps u too improve ur future games! 1. Make spells do more than just doing damage, example tangle spells should make weaker enemies from moving 2. Bright colors doesn't give ur game rich look, may be think about using different symbols instead different colors for different spells 3. Logo can be a more attractive one.... Thanks again.. you have me as a one more addition to your fanclub now!

Very intriguing story, fun game play. Wish there was a bit more to the full version, but I played most of the game (without realizing it) before I bought it. I'll probably just reset and play again.

No bad.... The game actually gave me a new experience in text based rpgs, without using over the - top graphics or animations. However it buckles under its own ambitions due to the hollowness of the main story.

Loved it It is a great mobile game that a enjoyed playing alot, the main story and sides quests were fun and mechanics all in all well rounded. The message at the fist launch however got me worried abit friend, don't chase your dreams before having a fail safe, my family has always told me to be smart about my aspirations, and that's why I suggest that you go to university before making any big decisons. Just some stangers thoughts on your life choises

Could get better I can click on something to do many times and it wount work... i know some have a timer on but the ones who dont like attacking sometimes it takes me around 5 mins for the thing to let me attack... if could get it register better when you click on something would make it 5 stares

Way too many things wrong. The demo is one third of the game, i was hoping for a game atleast twice as long. Many grammar errors. The big boss is way to easily defeated, only took 5 turns to kill and I was only level 20. The inspirations come at you randomly, instead of gradually getting more powerful. Dialogue is weak, most characters talk as if they are all the same person. Modern language is used at times instead of middle age language. Despite these errors and many more, this was exactly the type of game i was looking for.

Super fun. I haven't bought the full version yet but plan to in the future. I agree with having more options other than killing. Perhaps spells for persuasion. Or add a skills section for things like persuasion, intimidation and lock picking. 😁 Thank you for all your hard work.

Stuck After choosing go to pining woods, the game just stuck with no available option.... hard reset and reboot is useless too

Great Game Very good game! But there seems to be inbalances when battleing as you reach a point were your practically invincible. Also the monetary system seems a bit incomplete. Loved the game none the less!!

Excellent Concept, but short story The game is great, I enjoyed played it, and I think it's much better than many of these other RPGs on the app store. While other RPGs send you all over the place with silly visuals, nonsense items and so forth, this one has a focused story, and an interface that really gets you to feel the story (waiting times add nice flavour). I wish the game could have two more things. 1) More difficulty; I generally plowed through all enemies. 2) A more explicit skill tree, with more options such as increasing defense.

Enjoyed it a LOT! I just could not take my eyes off the screen ever since I downloaded the game! Beating the game just made me crave for more! Hope there will be sequel to this game ;)

Good story, but lack char interaction background story is good, and also the build up story. But char interaction seems a bit off, like the leader of mage order give us an abnormal big respect like how he often apologies to us when we are just a NEW MAGE. Also the AOE spell is lacking too, add another plis :)) and the last, STORY IS TOO SHORT, i finish this game in just 12 hour, and also EXP we get from MAIN QUEST is abnormal bigger than from grinding in DUNGEON (ex : harpy's lair is difficult, but exp is just so so, vice versa for final boss)

Great game (spoilers) It was fun, and definitly worth the full version. But after you complete the main story, it seems like there is nothing to do if you already did the sidequests. Maybe I missed something, but with your father talking about grandkids and the tablet telling you about all these things youll do, it doesnt feel like you can ever do anything. Also it doesnt seem like you do anything with the dragon. Sorry about rambling, thanks so much for the game and wether you update it or not, it was worth it without a doubt.

Very well thought out story. The only thing I didn't really like is that there isn't much to do after you complete the main story. Other than that it is a really good game.

Great game Great concept, excellent execution, immersive, with very few flaws. But if I were to nitpick for a second I would say that the fighting mechanics could use a little polishing... maybe if you could keep a tally of the enemies hit points as you fight so you can switch between enemies better without needing to keep track of it yourself. Edit: oh yes sorry what I was trying to say was that maybe if you added a way to keep track of your enemies hp on screen like when you target them

Spoilers I have completed the game and it really good but the post ending game content is pretty bad. I think it would be cool if the king would give you quests so you could level up easier

What, cant choose the woodsman way and have fate find you anyway? Did the father kill them, how and what was the sudden death.. Already warning signs of the cyoa unfaithful, a story that must be told and only a certain way. That and the trial play, the fullscreen flash between transitions makes the game hard to keep. Sad because it does look good with its own style for depth. Would opt for some scrolling space for longer list of choices so to not accidentally trigger one while still reading.

Play Mighty Mage to experience life of a mage in this open world, text adventure role playing game. It's similiar to CYOA with RPG elements. Discover your magic power and go on a journey that will define your life's story. Play through an epic interactive fiction unlike any other before them. Harness the might of […]


Price Free
App Size MB
Instalations 10,000 - 50,000
Score 4.5
Developer IncogitableZ

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