Naval Front-Line :Regia Marina for PC and MAC

The game is great, just needs a few improvements I have high tier ships so I get into high tier matches, but I still have a bunch of cruisers and some destroyers that are lower tier. With these, I still get into high tier matches. This makes them near impossible to play in verses. What I'm asking for is better matchmaking, so that it is based on the ship, not the player

How to use Naval Front-Line :Regia Marina for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Naval Front-Line :Regia Marina in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Naval Front-Line :Regia Marina on your PC or MAC.

Fire power I like Italy ship when you are adding france country ship and aircraft carrier.i like to have wave and stormy climate in the game

A small problem The torp has range but it doesnt show the range in battles . This always ends in shooting torps at ships that are out of range.


Good game be better with aircraft carriers and better graphics If you ever decide to bring aircraft carriers there should be 2 escorts than 1 and also there should be more destruction graphics like bullet holes and actual fire than 1 big cloud of smoke plus ships guns, rudders, and props should be able to get destroyed like in a real naval battle, thanks

Help, I lost my password and there is no password help. I almost had an Nantucket class ship and a submarine, but lost password. I obviously remember my email but password, no. there should be a password help. Little effort on login screen. I will rate a 4 or 5 star if you fix this. If you don't i will keep it as a 3 star. Hope you will fix this, many people also have been though this situation such as Brandon Russel and Glenn Raagas. Great game though.

One of the best strategy battleship games I find so far on an android app. I love this game and it's definitely one that I'd be playing a lot. There's now just one problem though, while loading onto the game in around or after the advertisements, I only get a black screen, no sound, no picture, not even in error, it just nothing. I can't login to my account or play the games now! >:( fix it please! It's not working

Problem I'm having a problem logging in I have a good wifi its just saying failed to connect please try again later I think my account was hacked

Good game We just need better graphics like the islands and ships.. Water... and stuff also we need more details in the ships and stuff for example when your ship is damaged put some fires and smoke off from them. not one big smoke thing but its a great game love the idea

Good, but troublesome The way the game engine calculates speed is very problematic. A ship's speed in game is determined by the engine thrust ALONE. That would be fine, if it were not for collisions. If you're traveling at 27 knots, and your ship slams into a rock, the game engine indicates you are still going 27 knots, instead of reading that you are realistically going 0 knots. Then you would have to go full reverse and wait until you get to negative knottage before you get unstuck. This should be changed as soon as possible.

read this pls the game won't load on fujitsu arrows FJT21 after the unity and other advertisement it will just become black screen. need fix pls. I don't know why it didn't work right now. i tried redownload the game and restart my tab but it won't just load

Needs some changes. This is a great game, but it would be better if you are put into matches based on you ship that you are using and not based on your highest ship. Like I've said before, you should add aircraft carriers. And can you please add more general missions. Also, you should make it so you can knock out peoples engines and remove the giant cloud when an enemy goes under 1/2 health.

Always has problems with loading. Boat are always disappearing. Can't hit anything with your cannons and torpedos move to slow to really use. Oh and the more you upgrade the ship the less main cannons you have. What's up with that. Game really needs an upgrade. But it is very fun to play.. ....when it works.

Great game but The controls need a bit improvement (layout etc...), and just lacks a bit in levels. And the English in the game needs slight revisiting. Otherwise, it's an amazing game, the best of its genre.

Great but could be better I love this game a lot , but there are many, upon many, problems. For example: You can barely gain any XP because the bots steal kills all the time. And movement is pretty bad. Also you can be hit by torpedo's from subs but can't shoot back. This has a LOT of potential, but I doubt the devs will come back to it. =(

Good game So far its one of the best games ive ever played though match making is imbalanced.

Wait time is irritating Having to wait or pay for repairs after every outing is ridiculous. Plus having spent money on an additional dock I didn't see any improvement. It's fun to fight but you get quickly outclassed.

Long while since update Me and a lot of other guys await the CV guys and the French make stormy weather too and high waves so the ship goes airborne and smashes into the water and stuff like in the real war otherwise amazing game lads

Brilliant Best naval game ever. Hands down. That said, I'm just gonna point out that you severely underrated the Bismarck class battleship. A ship that was as powerful as it was deserves more credit than you give it. Please fix this, as it is unrealistic and quite bothersome. As for the rest? Like I said, best naval game ever. P.S please add the French fleet!

Getting boring Starting to get bored with it, not enough missions so they start getting repetitive and easy, and there are too many big battleships in pvp so the little ships get smashed too easily. Subs are a waste of time, too slow and weak to achieve anything in pvp

Leaves a lot to be desired. Build tree is slow. Has anti-aircraft weapons, but no aircraft carriers. Kind of a half assed game. The design is cool, but the mechanics are mentally challenged. You drop depth charges on subs and half the time they don't even work. Some ship designs don't even allow for torpedoes, and don't allow cannon large enough to damage heavy armor making certain ships useless in a fight.

EVERYTHING GONE I had alot of ships that i worked hard to get...the log in sistem of this game is the worst ive ever seen little to no effort put in and ive lost everything now.....i paid lots of real money to get certain ships...all gone

Love it Its Fine but needs more graphic like when a ships gun gets hit it does Dave plus have like a ready to repair ship when your trying to escape, 2. Water looks to digital for my liking even I have it at max graphics could you add like movement in the water like when the ship moves it splits the water apart 3. Real damage non of that huge smoke cloud , have like explosion or stuff like that

Not enough exciting battles Been playing this for about a year now, and you chaps have done a great job BUT I've noticed lately there are never any players on the servers. 6+ battleships aside matches were fun, challenging and rewarding... Now your lucky to get 2 ships...Plus the single player is boring now.

Need more features Great naval war game, nice graphics even in mobile. It'll be very fun if there's more details in the game. Like ship damage particles, fire or better smoke effects, and also the water effect. And also upgrades the scoping features. Still loved this great game :)

Nicest game I've had! This game is really cool, after all, during the two wars there were just quite few pure battleship engagements and this game is just to bring more and see what'll happen...very cool especially with the upcoming update coming in quite quick.

Need help! I forgot my password and I their is no option for forgot password. Please fix I really like your game and I wanna play it :(

Love it I have some request that need to be fixed. First is the new gun spread it take me ten times just to kill a bot in missions. Second on multiplayer make to where the players have the same tier ships because I'll take out one of my level 30 ships and I have to go up against level 50's or 60's and I won't be able pen them

The game is awseome great work but needs to add aircraft carriers this will make the game experience much more exciting, and make ships Range like in real life those cannons can fire for more than 15 miles this will make battles very cool from such a long rage so Make the game more realistic please, i hope u makes those stuff in the next update thanks

The best battleship game Great graphics everything runs smoothly store works great haven't found any problems put a mic in though for alerting friends faster

subs are getting nerfed making them useless speed and stealth is their only strength especially now since we start about 1000 m from the opponents in pvp or whatever unit of distance u are using I'd your going to decrease their speed at least make them last underwater longer before surfacing

WORST GAME OF ALL TIME... The cursor always going down by it self , cowards always camping on flag until win without fighting , lose connection for no reason , battleship vs destroyer in versus battle , ikr... , lag for no reason , hard to level up , high battery using , not much mission (most of them are hard) , banned for no reason (my old account) , ask for email but theres no forgot password (you forgot your password then you lose your account) , and many more i cant tell... Dont download this thing or you will waste your time.

Stupid They run you off then steal your ships name because they too stupid to think of a original one. Full of scams and nonsense that ruin what could be great. Done with it.

When the CV Update released? Hello,I want to ask. When the cv update released? Oh yeah my ign is D3LT4, I lost a lot money for buying 2700 gold,that sucks. By the way I still love your game. I loved if you make a mission with enemy cv.add some planes too! Be cuz every aa guns is useless

To much torpedos = Lag Please guys, please come up with a way to limit the amount of torpedos that can be on the seas. I dont know how many times ive died because of this but it gets frustrating at times when im trying to steer or aim or shoot and reacts so slow, do too the torpedos. Once the torpedos have exploded my gameplay runs more smoothly. But once they are fired again the lag cones back, plz come up with a way to limit the amount of torpedos during the battle to limit lag. I hope u read and consider this issue, Thank u

I love this game it has awesome graphics good controls its just addictive th ships are awesome I love how it feels more like ur actually in the battle instead of other games were ur not in direct command of ur own ship. I think they should also make like a Star wars version of this with star destroyers and stuff.

Great Game It would better if the graphics looked like World of Warships and when I damage a ship I want to see actual damage not just smoke and also add more ships like the aircraft carrier and so on......GREAT GAME

Help sos I love the game best ever but laggy ive got this on a previous phone but when i changed device i forgot my password plz do something i know u can i got so far dont want to quite now thx keep up the work

Great! Not as great as World of Warships but one of the only GOOD naval games out there today its pretty darn close to World of Warships. Great game. I nicknamed it the World of Warships of handheld. Love the game. Expect more updates soon!

Could use mic communications Man, i love this game. But it could use some live communication through mic during versus battle to add to the experience of the game. Please add this idea to the next update please

Naval Front-Line is an MMO naval combat simulation game. Naval Front-Line will bring you back to World War 2 whilst you enjoy fighting real world enemies. You are able to join the Navies of the United States, Japanese, United Kingdom, Russia, France and Italy to create your own personal fleet within Naval Front-Line. You can […]


Price Free
App Size 93 MB
Instalations 500,000 - 1,000,000
Score 4.2
Developer Uniques Digital Game

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