Nitro Nation Online for PC and MAC

Upgraded and lost a profile: tried to use help ticket process but no matter what email I use, it says the email is invalid New issue: just upgraded to galaxy s6 edge. Only radioactive daemon profile came through, need my thufir Hawatt profile back. Tried the reset link but it only sent me back to the radioactive daemon profile again.

How to use Nitro Nation Online for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Nitro Nation Online in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Nitro Nation Online on your PC or MAC.

Great game Last issue resolved. But now when i sell an item on market i only receive half the value of what i put it up for. Not sure if its a bug or hackers but please fix it

Technical error Game started off good no issues after spending some money buying and building cars every race i have now comes up with a error message ""technical error on client please try again"" during all races and cannot play at all i have unnistalled and reinstalled the game with no luck have messaged you guys with no luck..all i see is i have waisted money for no reason very unhappy customer.. to anyone thinking about downloading this game dont wait any money on it untill the bugs are sorted

Can't Upgrade I can't upgrade because I Ran out of the requirements to upgrade. There is barley any races for the things I need but only engine and tires evreytime I win a race.

Cars travel backwards and engine blows without result 24th DEC 15 after update and JDM introduction I have tried uninstalling many times but any car behaves the same way..700 for each blown motor!! Please help!!

Dear Nitro Nation Thanks for the reply I would love to see those cars that I mentioned and I forgot something that you guys should add in the game in the next update too you should add neon lights under the cars and picking it in different colors like blue red etc...Thank you again guys I hope to see all those things on the next update you guys are the best.

Just one thing though... I'm gonna be honest... This is by far the most addicting racing game I ever played, even more than the games I have on my laptop.. The only flaw I see is the fact that earning gold is very hard... Can you try something like..., underground tournaments rewards gold from 6-10 wins maybe? But other than that, this is just... Perfect! Physics are excellent, so are the upgrades, and so is the racing..

App keeps crashing Was playing this game good until I unlocked the underground tournament and the game crashed on me causing me to lose my illegal stuff you start off with and it also caused me races. This app crashed on me 5times last night and twice in 5 minutes. If this app continues to crash then I will delete the app.

Nitro Nation IS REALLY, REALLY GOOD ! Been playing since beta from PlayStore..Especially since newest version, more categories, cars, and No 'limited fuel amount'! I look forward to racing daily. THIS May Soon Be THE TOP 'dragging' game on android Market. Way to go devs! *Update: Excellent customer service and all is well ! Thank you NitroNation for all the help!

Badass games so addicting I just wish it didn't cost so much to upgrade body kits other than that awesome game

Awesome game play & graphics On level 3..can someone tell why all the sudden I'm stalling my car off the line!?..frustrating!

H Can u please fix this I keep getting kicked out of the game in the middle of races this is truly annoying I would give the game 5 stars it is a really great game other than the getting booted out of the game

AWESOME! This game kicks asphalt!!! Install won't regret it. Best drag racing game out there.

Really nice game. 1 problem. When i go to race. I get an error saying: "problem with our client please try again" whenever i touch the screen. So i press "ok" but when i shift it comes again. It's annoying me so much because i can't race now.

Rockin it! Creative mobile makes best games the game has everything that you want like, car customization,decals, car upgrades,etc. But only one problem customization needs gold coins !it sucks! Please fix that please everyone is saying why customization needs gold coins! So why don't you fix that thing but the game is exellent it directly competes CSR racing please reply! Please!

Nitro nation greater than NFS Much user friendly than that bloody need for speed that wont connect without internet connection and always download the bloody additional data when opened.

Cars and body kits cost to much The c class Toyota supra and c class Nissan skyline costs the same as a b class car with upgrades. Also the body kits cost to much ( I don't spend real money ) and body kits cost 30 gold!!!!! I have played up to b class and I haven't got any more gold because I spent it on my maxda rx8

Fun but I think there is money problems Does not add up my winning total correctly . I will win a race and it says 900 but when I check my money it only adds about $400.

Hours of fun No waiting for fuel refills or upgrade parts. Easy controls. Stable fun game. Can be a little annoying getting enough upgrade parts

Please update the game I like it but please do a update were u can customise ur name on ur profile were u got the racers number an please do sum think with the acceleration button it doesn't press properly to get a perfect start an can u do a final customising person part to turn the car into a fully drag racing car after u have completed ever upgrade to the car

Was good Was very good game until start saying "Technical error on client please try again" .Fix this bug and then 5 stars

Great game The game is awesome. Good detail put into it. Great graphics. Great time killer. Easy to play. FUN!!!!!

Thanks for the fixed:D Thanks CM team for fixing the black colors bugs its went like usual:D, and i have some advice if you guys want to hear, The gold, i see some others review thats have the same problem, its too hard to earn gold, could you guys consider about that?, some graphics, there are some little frame rate drop, and than as usual you guys can add some cars, many cars out there maybe some 4x4, add more muscle for the B1 class, some hotrod maybe, okay thats some review from me:D. Can't wait to hear from you guys

"Technical on client error" How can i solve this error ? I will give 5stars if i can play normaly like others ..

Good game but.... Great game, but I think the devs are a bit money hungry since you can't do much of anything without it costing you gold, and to get it takes forever on the market, and expensive to buy it. For what you get in game boosts, vs the cost, it's not worth it

New updates killed a once solid game. New update is terrible. The pointlessly high frame rate kills battery life. Numerous error messages and unexplained crashes...still! Mechanic doesn't upgrade blueprints properly...still! Known glitches and bugs from many months ago in previous versions not fixed yet. The "new" race token system is garbage. The list goes on but the review only has so much space. Stop by the official forums to find how how much CM screwed up this game in be last 6 months.

The greatest drag racing game ever. This games is the best. It has a really great graphic system and is much more realistic and its even better than CSR Racing and CSR Racing Classic. Whoever will play this game will really like it. If you guys could have an offline mode then it would be ecen much better.

Only thing I didn't like was you have to buy extra storage space.other than that it's a cool game especially if you got a play card for xmas

Good. Better than most. Been playing this game for quite sometime now. Graphics are great. Love the new feature where you can startup the engine at the car showroom. However, this feature brings out a flaw that I recently noticed. Car sounds. While the startup sounds are great, the actual sounds that are produced during racing are quite annoying. Being a car buff, this annoys me a lot. Another thing that i noticed was that racing opponents sometimes are not quite at our level. Overall, the game is nice. Please fix the sounds.

Pairing is STILL awful. Consider a different game. People who are much higher then me in races just stomp my every move. My best c car runs a 15.3 with 745 and I get paired with a 13.7 with 900+. How the hell does that work out??? The gold coins are stupid. Just want you to spend money to upgrade and you lose so often you will consider it. And this game will destroy your battery. Sum up terrible match ups. gold is stupid kills your battery and you will never win unless you got deep pockets or all the time in the world. Consider another racing game.

Love it (update) Game has gotten much better! Smoother gampley, much better tree when playing underground tourny love the start engine button bodykits look great and are tasteful love the new cars although i wish you put in the 300zx twin turbo best drag racing game hands down no "gas" or wait time

Best drag racing game I like this game because it dont use something like fuel to race and when we run out of fuel we have to wait, graphics are superb, gameplay and challenges are have to be fun dont they

Great graphics here Overall it's one of the best drag racing games I've ever found, graphics are great, upgrading is great, just one thing, gold is pretty much just a paid thing. Can you make gold a bit easier to get without money? Just a little nerf would be nice. I dont really like this new "Race Token" thing tho. It only adds to how hard it is to upgrade your car. I question the opponents choosing system a lot, how does it even work? I sometimes also question if it truly is a live race, or if it's a little, off, you might say. Some dev explain this to me please. Great work tho NN Team ;D !!

UPDATE: 01/13/16 - (if you missed my previous rating it was getting long anyways) ok so this game is getting no better. worse if anything and I feel the need to update my frustation. also, CM/NNR responded saying they are working on balance. so far NOTHING. still UNBALANCED as ever. the only reason I even play this game is OCD to finish my Subaru and the fact another racing app won't run on my intel powered tablet. back to balance, the addition of new cars makes NO sense and basically seems completely pointless since they won't/can't beat the unbalanced favorite car of each class. what's the point in wasting time buying them? ok so C class got an actual new fastest favored car. B1 did not..........ok to further the review with examples. I have extensively raced B class. waste of time. the new parts you need to install upgrades? complete crap and bigger waste of time. you really think I would waste time needing to get parts for each class? I'm spending them all on B parts and you think I will bang my head again for B1? CM you ARE crazy. to get 9 component for one upgrade I had to do 21 races. so when you need 48 components you will need to race nearly 100 times losing half those races OR MORE. you WILL LOSE. to be clear, specifcally referring to Street Races part. there is no skill involved. the favored car WILL beat you. sometimes it is rated 100's of points higher to making no sense in the race. the game should already know your car will lose as the computer opponent never red lights or blows an engine. stupid and dumb. how could anyone think that is fun? yes there is the component multiplier only good for 3 times each use. is someone going to wait for that to reset for that many parts? maybe some will but I doubt most. you only win in this game with luck of the draw. basically when the game gives you a soft opponent. no skill involved. you just go through the motions. maybe different if you pick the Audi RS3 Sportback. car shouldn't even be in the B class. makes it no fun unless you have no favorite car and only care about fastest car period. OBVIOUSLY CM has a favorite. for all else, waste of time if you have one that differs from theirs. HANKOOK Race Series - 60 out of 85 races opponent is Audi Sportback. Street Race - usually every other car Audi Sportback (sometimes 3 times in a row - only win by chance). I've been BLOWN AWAY by Sportback's over 100 points higher while setting personal best times. uh? what's the point? no matter how I drove I wasn't going to win. Club Tournament - Finals opponent ALWAYS - Audi Sportback. when I do Underground Tournament now, 100% EVERY CAR is an Audi Sportback ALWAYS. what's the point? I'm sure banging my head in other classes will yield similar if not the exact same results with the obvious favored cars in those classes. one other side note. funny how there is an achievement for buying your first Audi but not your first Subaru or Ford (unless I missed the Ford one). also, I finally got the achievement car for B1 Street class. funny how I got it on a loss? yet the game said I unlocked 50 wins in a row. also used to have an achievement for a 700 something point car (think it was 719-720). achievement never unlocked but the 820 one did. something glitched. anyways, not enough to make up for anything. I'm sure I'll waste time finishing my Subaru and possibly update further but beyond that. no way. was looking forward to getting a Ford Mustang. not anymore.

Great I love the cars and graphics but there is a problem. The game was making weird and crazy noises. Please fix problem and it makes me annoyed. Plz fix. Needed bug fixes. And also a reply.

body kits are nice but why we must pay for editing our bought vynils if I want change color or only move them I need to pay with gold again!u said its free game but is not really true this customization suck money as hell only give us that free editing for our bought vynils

Loving it so far This is such an addictive and great game, it features Highend Graphics and An amazing game engine, I recommend this to all mobile gamers and users. Only one problem, it quite hard to earn gold to get body kit Upgrades and such. It would be nice users could play a certain game mode where it randomly pics weather the user gets a small amount of gold or cash (the equivalent to the Gold that could have been one) or maybe users could earn gold from achievements. Other than that, love it so far.

Not To Bad It's all good, but getting upgrade points is a pain in the ass. NOS Ponts are no were to be found and drive train only in Tournaments. Make upgrading easier.

Hmmm Game was fun now it's always freezing an saying there some kind of error please fix asap

Ive always loved this game I love the game the only thing is when you get better cars its way harder to upgrade

Race, mod and tune dozens of licensed 3D cars. Start a team, invite your friends, win a tournament. Trade parts with other drag racers online and build a unique car. No limits on “fuel”, no ads, no “pay-to-win”. This is Nitro Nation – the top-rated racing experience for AndroidLOTS OF CARS – we know you […]


Price Free
App Size 0 MB
Instalations 10,000,000 - 50,000,000
Score 4.3
Developer Creative Mobile

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