Paladins: Text Adventure RPG for PC and MAC

I kind of like this one when I get to jump from one character to another. English isn't my first language but don't find any issues with this as such. I think it actually gives the first person story more depth. On other hand reading through your other books being first person from start to end makes it easier to make choices or understand behaviour patterns. Last time I read actual paper book in this style was back when I was teenager. It was new and very limited but I did enjoy it a lot and the seamless endless endings made my reading that more enjoyable and fun. Hope you go on long time and have huge following. Thanks

How to use Paladins: Text Adventure RPG for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Paladins: Text Adventure RPG in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Paladins: Text Adventure RPG on your PC or MAC.

It feels a little poor at first as you feel almost pushed into certain decisions with not a lot of control on what could happen. But this is in no way a bad review, merely a minor niggle. I frankly love to see the return of intriguing text roleplays and this one is a fine example of the breed. Fantastic story and manages to engage you with lore, characters and relationships in relatively short space of time in the chapters. I anticipate further great work from the Dev of this game!

Wow what a cool choose your own adventure game. Very well done, thank you I've just finished book 2 now. I would ask for one thing.... can you please give a chapter number for the various accomplishments so that I have an idea where to look in order to get 100% in I'm 96% so far

Congratulations! I loved the first chapter and played it over and over again to get all the achievments! I only have the "Funny for a paladin" one and i will not start the seond book until i have 100% completion. Can you please give me a hind and tell in which chapter is this achievment? Thanks and looking forward for next book!

Even though I am not a reader, this is the first book I truly enjoyed. The author made a very good job in helping me imagine all he tells. I won't care if this game won't be free in the future, as long as I can read the whole series. Thanks for bringing this to us, Delight Games! This truly brought delightness to me

This series... it was so engrossing. I must admit, my productivity hit an all time low as I kept telling myself "one more chapter" after I was all done with my meal, as I woke up and wanted to let myself lie down before the start of the day, and before bed. If you read this, I really appreciate both of the books you've adapted, and this app has completely swayed my next set of books I read to be yours of this universe.

Brilliant. As an avid D&D player this game Sparks the same emotional connections as an epic tale given by a top tier GM. The decisions and consequences leave you wanting more. The perfect blend of story telling and interactive decision making. Keep up the good work. I am hooked.

This is hands down the best mobile game I've played in a long time. The writing is exquisite and the way the choices are woven in is wonderfully immersive. So sad only two of the books are in, but I hope they add the others!

Among the best text adventures. Great fun engrossing story. My only complaint is that the app needs to remain on your phone to save your progress for the next volume. A very minor quibble in comparison to how great the game is, but it still annoys me.

Exactly what you would expect from a very competently written interactive adventure. The only bad thing i can say is as it follows a novel the choices all tend to lead the same way and only really count for the purposes of your 'score' no specific choices have an ongoing effect between chapters or on the story overall. But this is still some of the best interactive adventure work I've seen since the good old Fighting Fantasy.

Well written background story, nice pace. Options very realistic and in accordance with the characters. Overall, a 4,5/5 game. Gets 5 for not bombing with ads. A banner is always there on the lower part of the screen, but it is not annoying in any way. There is of course the occasional popup ad, but still in quite tolerable frequency.

17+, as there are adult situations. If you want the next books free, you have to get 90% score BEFORE reaching the end of the book you're on. That's my only complaint. Other than that, these books are, wow, amazing. Fun, compelling.. It really is good.

This was pretty cool! Just one thing I feel like I must ask. Whatever happened to...That wolf-man? I wanna avoid accidentally blurting out a spoiler, but after finishing both books, I found myself still worried about him. I liked him, honestly.

This story is interesting, the character were well written. The main character's relations didnt feel forced. The other characters were really entertaining and the different pov made for an exciting read. I really loved this book and will check out his other books too.

Excellent story. Though I can't help but feel the guilt overcoming me when I screw up, use one luck point and change my decision to be greeted by a message telling me: "Hey you must be pretty smart!" No dammit, I just died and went back.l stop rubbing it in! I hate you!

This is an interesting format for exploring the story, and it really succeeds in putting you right into the shoes of each featured character. The Paladins and their respective faiths make for great reading and I would love to read the next installment of this series as a text adventure game. The narrative switching between characters is particularly interesting and does indeed lead to 'just one more chapter' syndrome. Very good indeed.

Mr David did a wonderful job on the book, but you guys are just amazing! Playing through the book forces you to get into someone's shoes even if you wouldn't sympathize with that character otherwise. You just make far better connection with the world as you try to understand and empathize with everyone than you would ordinarily. I finished both books, and even though I am a fully grown, 2 meters tall male, I screamed like a little girl at the ending plot twist! Oh, and good job on achievements, and the funny AI comments, they made my week :D. Keep up the good work, can't wait for part 3!

Excellent story telling. The prose may not be the best but the writing is nonetheless incredibly engaging. The author places the decisions in the readers hands at the perfect moments always with sensible options. You do not feel any decisions to be forced on you or options limited.

It's interesting and fun. My only complaint after having played only one chapter is that the point system makes it feel like there's one best way to play thus making the choices less important. Maybe that's just the limitation of this genre.

Great story and fun to play. For some reason I can't unlock book 2 for free after achieving 90% of the points which it says at the end I can do. Am I missing something? Please don't say money ;-)

Loved it!.. life or death decisions for the characters are literally at your fingertips.. im feeling nostalgic of the chose your own adventure books back when i was a kid, i had boxes of those, thank you and good job.. i cant wait to see other titles from you guys

Excellent story for the first part. Only thing i needed is more accomplished end for Redclaw...expected someone to tear him apart. And the price seems a little too high- probably somewhere between 2.5 - 3.5 euro seems more reasonable to pay. But thanks for the opportunity of free play of the second part.

Really fun story-based game like a choose-your-own-adventure from my childhood. Love the characters, love the storyline, love the setting, and love the idea of playing multiple ppl with different goals, skills, and perspectives. D&D for when you haven't got a group nearby.

Great story, great characters 5/5. It's on bar with wizard's choice, and bested it with having more shorter chapters as opposed to fewer longer ones. My only complaint is forcing me to play as villain near the end. Hard to try your best when you want the character to fail.

I really enjoyed this. I didn't sleep last night because I had to know how it ended. Read both books and I hope you'll continue this series. Quick note though; I got a notification saying I got 100% of the achievements in book 1, but I'm actually missing one (called low self esteem I think).

I just finished the second book and am very satisfied! Your style is really drawing me i could recreate every scene pretty well and the plot is exciting (including that when I had to die so many times haha), sometimes I found myself on the verge of crying. The various pov is something very compelling, too. Specially engaging is the duet main characters and their heartfelt friendship. They are just so cool! Eagerly waiting for the next book! Good luck!

Thank you for the wonderful part 2. The characters keep on getting more interesting. I loved the final chapters and that final plot twist. A suggestion would be adding art so we can visualize the characters better. Overall a great job and keep up the good work

Very interesting concept: really enjoyed it. It could be even more flawless should there be plans or graphics of the environment. I think I also found 2 syntax errors, and wanted to report that: - Chapter 38: Darius Vs profet did you did you - Chapter 44: Darius refuses: ours? Yours? Hope this can help if it's rue, otherwise ignore it. Waiting impatiently for part 3.

Thought I'd hate it because im not a big fan of paladins but the writing is incredible and i love the fresh multi perspective. A few suggestions would be for the next game if only one perspective to focus on characteristics and stats more

It's refreshing to play a game where, like a book, as chapters change so do the characters. The multiple viewpoints have you hooked into characters too. Nothing like seeing through the eyes of the "bad guy"

Brings me back to the days of paperback Fighting Fantasy-style gamebooks. This digital edition is much more convenient, though. It keeps track of your stats -- and you don't have to keep multiple fingers tucked between pages in case you want to backtrack or start a section over. Earlier versions were a little buggy, but that's all been fixed now. And hey, there are TWO books to play through now. Worth your time and money.

This is a gamified book. The gaming aspect is light but it makes for an interesting way to read a book. By the end I'm keen for the Next episode. Well done Edit: Enjoyed the second book even more than first. Well done x2

I really enjoy the well written story, the choices, its all good! It also helps, when it comes to fantasy, Paladins are my go to! Truth be told haven't come across a lot of stories with Paladins as a main character.... 😔

Very few games compell me to ever give them any sort of review, even the terrible ones. However, this "gamebook" far exceeded my expectations of the time wasting adventure story I thought it to be when I first downloaded it. Beautifully written and delightfully indulging, this is FAR more than just a time waster or RPG novel, this is a piece of literature that needs to be recognized for the (no doubt) inundation of hard work that went into making it. A very rare find in the endless sea of relatively meaningless apps in the app store today.

Amazing game, found myself redoing chapters to try and see what every choice led to, many hours reading which is always welcome. I have recommended this to anyone who would listen and my fiance is already​ tired of listening to me talk of darius and jehrico and how I could barely contain my excitement for each new chapter.

A link between the classic D&D and RPG video games, this games is basically an interactive fiction novel, a digital version of R.L. Stine's "Give Yourself Goosebumps" template... Very enthralling... Very addictive to avid readers...

Love the story and game play. The only thing I dislike is near the end. There's an option to earn the next book but even with all but one chapter on a near perfect score I still can't begin the next part without paying

A seriously great game and story, I wish there was more power to our choices instead of the game correcting and punishing certain actions but i understand its based off of a book series already made. Over all oneof the best stories i have ever read and the friendship is undeniably the best part, it makes you wanna worship Ashhur as your religion!

each chapter is a bit short, but it needs to be cause the way its read by perspective, which is a nice touch, think author should release the books in audio format so i can buy and "read" them all but as for the game, its all good the only thing that could make it a bit better is for there to be illustrations once in a while

very nice story, I guess it took a lot of effort. I like the different viewpoints. I did not always agree on the best choice though, but I guess that's normal

A text adventure RPG where YOU play the characters in a medieval fantasy novel! The story is set in the rich world of Dezrel created by author David Dalglish. You play several different characters including a Paladin of Ashhur, a wolf-man pack leader, a scrappy farmer, and more! Put yourself into the shoes of the […]


Price Free
App Size MB
Instalations 50,000 - 100,000
Score 4.8
Developer Delight Games

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