Portalize for PC and MAC

Pretty close to the real deal Not going to lie, this game makes me want to hit gamestop and get portal 2. Turns out I'm broke and this is free! Honestly though this game is pretty darn good. Puzzles are challenging graphics run smooth. I like the addition of slow mo because trying to aim and make quick portal shots is hard with touch controls. All in all this is a pretty good replica of the real thing. Download and enjoy. P.s. the apple is a lie

How to use Portalize for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Portalize in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Portalize on your PC or MAC.

Great but... Desperately needs new content. Other wise it is a great clone of portal for mobile. I LOVE the slow mo feature, I go to play portal 2 after this and im like I CAN'T SLOW DOWN!!! It is insanely amazing but should try to get a voice actor to do lines, funny ones obviously. Sadly it only has 10 free levels and 5 payed ones. Once more levels are added this will be given 5 stars instantly.

Fantastic A great and fun app, and I found the gameplay very entertaining. However, there are one or two bugs that I found which I would like to highlight. On my tablet, on some levels, (namely 3 and 7) walls would disappear and the image through portals would blur. I would also like to say that if we do have to pay for the last five levels, that I think the price should be stated on the app. Apart from these small things, I would still highly recommend this app.

good remake of Portal for mobile But it doesnt let me purchase the dlc cause it says before even showing the price and confirmation "authentacation is required. You must sign in to your google account". I dont get it cause i dowloaded it with this account and im currently logged in with it on this device, and theres nothing related to signing in to a google account in the application itself

Nice I have been stuck on level 7 for awhile.....but the gameplay and sound effects are almost exactly like portal 1! If u made a game like portal 2,I will download it *purchase if it costs anything*.Also,do u have a boss battle? It would be awesome if u could make something like a GLaDOS boss battle.Overall,not bad.

The button layout on my moga pro controller is a bit wonky, i wish they gave the option to custom layout buttons. But as a huge valve and portal fan, im completely in love with this game. Hands down one of my favorite android games to date. Keep up the great work!! Thank you developers! Please make some extra levels or a new game!!!

Just like Portal. And that's good. So this game could EASILY be called a complete ripoff of Portal by Valve Software. While Valve may have a problem with this, us gamers certainly don't. The gameplay is spectacularly fun and essentially just like Portal that we know from PC and consoles. There's not really any kind of storyline, just Portal puzzles. If you like Portal and want it on the go, this is a MUST BUY. It's a ton of fun.

The best game on my phone! Portalize is hands down the best fps puzzler on Android. Fans of the Valve Software game series will feel right at home in this mobile puzzle game. With new mechanics and old favorites mixed in, it is the definitive portaling mobile game. The puzzles range from challenging to totally brain collapsing. The only downside to this game is having to wait for the new maps to come out.

10 out of 5 | Absorbing Incredible, Portal in 3D on my phone. Great graphics and control. Comming from a huge fan of original Portal 1 for PC by Valve. TODO: 1) add 'locked state' sound feedback for non-active switches 2) normalize background atmo music, it is too quite 3) lvl 7 has 2 rooms: 7a deathly field & 7b complex one with a bug: put green portal on horizontal plane, activate switch once, place red on moving plane and you'll end in blue world of death. However, level is passable. Great game.

Wonderful! A Portal clone game for the phone. The gun is slightly redesigned - is that Cyrillic on the barrel? Would explain the red stars on the doors. Fun puzzles and the slow motion option is vital for long drop redirection jumps. Some of the phrasing is a bit off but I can forgive that. A must for any Portal fan.

Galaxy Note 3 Fantastic game but I came across the same glitch on the second part of level 7 where the screen goes blue and I die & it sucks cause I love this game. If you could make a patch where I can skip levels that would be great. I will rate it a 5 once that glitch is fixed

Awesome game.... but.... If you love portal... This game is spot on . however... You'll be heartbroken to find out it is an abandoned project :( it only has 10 levels. They were promising an expansion pack of 40-50 (for purchase) levels in a few months, but that was back in 2013. Worth the download... But savor it... It goes quick....

Nice, but, the level 7 glitch! I have been loving this game so far! It's very fun and entertaining but, on level 7, when I am holding the cube and run toward the jump pad to go into the portal, I only jump up, not up and foward like I do when I don't have the cube. Please fix this! I can't unlock the other levels until I have finished level 7...

Great game. Too short Unashamed clone of Portal but a great game none the less. Controls a bit quirky at times but it is a mobile game and on screen controls are never the best. Quite short though at only 10 levels. As a Portal veteran the levels were a bit easy since I was aware of all the tricks taught in that game. Overall good effort though and I would love to see it expanded.

Good but I like the game and I love that it supports my moga. But none of the promised updates ever came out and even if I wanted the dlc stuff it tells me its not available. So its a dead unsupported project that you can beat in a few hours.

Great (Play on minix neo x7 using moga controller) Mentioned by others, level 7 glitch. L9&10 way too easy compared to previous ones. Could do with a few more free levels, not everyone can make on line purchases. Disturbing, found a port of this on the web, called portalizer, also by heaval, setup for touch screen. Much better graphics and a few extra levels! Seems like they are selling us short here on Google play... update??? !!!

Love love love it Very cool. As a huge Portal fan I'm really impressed by the quality of graphics and the game play. I forgot I wasn't playing the real thing. Haven't run into any lag issues or anything on my Galaxy s5. Absolutely love it, thank you for creating such a great mobile game!

Very sad that it doesn't let me buy more levels Wouldn't mind seeing what else this game has, the option to buy more levels is there, but it just makes errors.. Also, you have some really REALLY bad grammar issues with some of the messages.

I loved this game, no lag, hi graphics, like portal, and so on. I bought every stinking DLC item, I even preorderd the level pack, I did this 2 YEARS AGO! No update for 2 YEARS! do you know how long it said they would be for the level pack? 6 or 7 months!! Waste of my time and money.

Dont get if you plaued before. I played this a while back and it said all the new that whould come in like 2 mouth or so but that was in 2013. I was going to preorder it but I cheacked the last update and it said 2013. So I say this is just a ripoff if reading this dont buy it. Its just like portals 2 the humans aband the place jist like the people who maid the game probably abandon this. If you make more ill give you 5 stars and ill buy all the pack all level I promise X. X

I really enjoy it. Being a fan of the Portal series I quite like this games, the graphics ate gods and it runs well. My only complaint is that it lags when using my Moga Power Pro.. Which really bums me out because this game would nbe even better with a Moga controller! I hope the developers can fix this! Other than that the game is great.

Awesome Just like the real Portal. The portal gun has a good design and everything. But I only have one problem. You don't have a character. Every time I walk through a portal I see nothing. I still like it though. One more problem, everytime I go to purchase a level it says I must sign into a Google account.

Amazing game! This game is great! Just like portal with the same difficult levels I love so much. Its hard to control at first but you get used to it! By the way, did I mention this is the first time I have rated a game? Well it is bcuz this game is awesome

Portal Clone It is a Portal Clone, and that is nothing bad as there is no game as similiar to Portal as this. Well done to the developers for bringing this game ! One negative is that it feels sluggy sometimes, that is the aim is to sluggy. If that were to be fixed, this would possibly be the best mobile game out there, that is for me. But still Portal on your phone is no easy challenge!

Its the best it can be for where it is This game is great. I mean, its Portal! Whats not to love. Only complaint is...it feels too much like its trying to BE portal but not quite making it. I would suggest actually getting the portal 1 & 2 games on pc, xbox, or Ps3. The only thing that this one has is some different level designs compared to real portal. Same puzzle mechanics used in new layouts

Fantastic game! My brother was a huge fan of Portal for Steam and I always watched him play and scratched my head at the complexity of it. I always wanted something similar for Android and now we have it! Can't wait to go home and play this on my TV with my PS3 controller. Just another awesome edition to my portable home console. Thank you guys! PS reply to this and tell me if you got a donate version or site.

Portable Portal This is probably the best (and only) portal clone on the Play store. The only thing is, I think it needs a player model. One of the coolest things about Portal is seeing yourself through a portal, but in Portalize you are invisible. Please add a player model, and I think many, many fans of this game will be happy when that happens.

Tue game is awesome. Just like portal on console and pc. The puzzles are hard, but fun. The only thing I want to improve is the controls. Sometimes the controls are unresponsive and I have to swipe multiple times just to look in the direction I want to look. The game could also use some music in the levels. Other than that l, the game is great.

Challenging/thought provoking. Lots of gravity jumps, which are hard with touch screen controls. No mid-level saves can be frustrating...have to start level over every time you die. Only 10 levels...and keeps repeating the 10th without any prompts or just ending game (glitch). Won't let me buy new levels...Im guessing Heavel went out of business years ago(?). Great graphics and interesting level design = very good, overall.

Graphical glitches, Needs Nvidia Shield support Wow. This game is very impressive. I will agree with other reviewers and say that the graphics on this game look superb! The only 2 problems in my mind are this: it needs support for the nvidia shield and it needs to fix some graphical glitches. All in all great game.

Awesome, Free, Portal Good ideas by portal's standard, and some ideas that are better than portal, such as the slow-mo option. Basically it is portal 3. Level design is slightly better than portal or portal 2, and it is FREE. There are a few glitches, and the controls aren't perfect, but you are using a touch screen, and you are playing it on a handheld device, so those are easy to look over. And, they also have plans to patch the glitches, and ITS PORTAL FOR FREE!!!! Good job developers, you have created a great free game!

Only a few problems I love it overall but I think that the walking could be faster and I hope you can fix it so I don't go flying every time I go through a portal when I'm off the ground by a bit. I love the feel of portal while it's also not there at the same time!

Awesome I loved playing the Portal games and you've done a pretty good job at making another for android! I seen some new ideas that weren't it the original series and I love them. Only thing I found quite annoying is that on level 7 when u place the cube on the launcher it can miss the portal or hit the side and then it stops it so maybe you can do it so that the cube gets sucked in like when the player gets kinda sucked in when u jump into a portal from a high place. Now I can play on the go!

Moga supported!!!.. reeeeeal ill to have a mobile Portal on my android & it's nice that its a clone cuz we get new levels.. + it supports the Moga Pro!! also try 'Portal Slingshot' ppl.. its a dope 2D version of Portal on android.. even has a level editor. again.. GREAT job devs 4real!!

Effectively portal on Android Aside from the few differences such as gun design and not being aperture laboratories, this is effectively portal. It's only downfall is the fact that your screen is the controls, but that's unavailable, you're trying to fire your portal, and your thumbs are all over the screen. I bet this is better on tablets. Over all, being as obsessively into Portal as I, you wont be disappointed. Seriously, the deeper you dig into portal, the darker it gets.

Great mobile Portalish game. The only downside I'm finding is with my Moga controller I can only shoot a portal with one trigger making my controller useless. Not sure if there's anything to do to fix that

Amazing Game Although I usually don't leave reviews, this game was by far one of THE BEST free games I have ever played, (mobile games wise), and felt the need to leave a review. This game resembles portal so much, I LOVE IT. Great detail, challenging levels, you name what portal has and this game has it. Please make the additional level packs buyable again and please release more updates. I would definitely buy more levels. Again, keep up the good work, and great game start through finish. LOVED IT.

Just one major glitch So apparently if I put a cube in a portal on the white movable wall in level 7, it doesn't glitch out. However, once I go into the portal I glitch through the wall. Please fix this.

Finally... Portal on my phone... I love portal on consoles... Amazing game.. Arguably one of the best games ever made.. This game isn't quite portal, but for a mobile version, I think it's about as good as it'll get. Well done!

Impossible room In the room with the portal gun in it, the door is across the toxic waist. I have no idea how to get to the door. I try and try to get to the door, but I could never get across. I just need to know how to do it and that's all. It's fine and all, but that one room gets on my nerves. Before you tell me that there is a slanted panel, I already know that. Edit: Never mind, I passed.

The time has come. The best mobile logical game ever has arrived to Google Play. If you like portals and puzzles, than you have already made the right choice. Just download game and challenge yourself. Support project and get even more benefits. Features: – Portalize is now MOGA Enhanced! Available at major retailers, carrier stores […]


Price Free
App Size MB
Instalations 500,000 - 1,000,000
Score 4.3
Developer Heaval

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