Prop Hunt Multiplayer Free for PC and MAC

It was better before all the updates Fix IT! The toggle stick moves all over you screen, so if you let go it shows up where ever it wants. .. It is very very annoying when your trying to look around with the other finger and the toggle takes over your screen.. You should have the option in the setting that you can choose if it moves around or stays in one place. PLEASE FIX IT!

How to use Prop Hunt Multiplayer Free for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Prop Hunt Multiplayer Free in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Prop Hunt Multiplayer Free on your PC or MAC.

Not enough players. I tried to play but it took forever to find just one player. And when I did found a player, he instantly quit. I never got to play all that much because the online player count was too low and it's super rare to find a game that has at least one more player. Because of this I'm rating 3 out of 5. I would rate 5 if the player problem was fixed.

Side screen changing Take off the stupid side screen changing thing. When I'm laying down and looking at an angle, my game changes from a different view and it's impossible to play. Make it forcefully one way to place the game. Make it so you need the 2 hands on side of the phone like your holding a console controller. It's very difficult to play when you lay down and stuff. Thank you.

The players though... I love playing this game... only when I find that one very rare game full of players that don't leave after getting killed once and try to flirt with other players who claim to be female; if there were more games like that, then I would give five stars and play this game more often. In short: great game; terrible players

Falling through the world While it's super fun to play, i keep getting glitched and falling through the world. I couldn't even go two steps without falling! Also, something should be done about reporting certain people. Too many come and have nsfw names trying to seek out others like them. I wouldn't recommend my younger brother, or sister playing this because of these people

Awesome game. BUT! My suggestion is to show a sign when a prop is near u. Like hearing his breath goes louder when u go nearer because the place is so huge. I hate it when an ad pops up in the middle of a game and when this happens i get disconnected from the server.

Awesome game The game itself is good but the people arent. You should filter what they could put their names as and the name of their custom game because some people are just looking to get a hard on while others actually want to play this cool game. I wouldn't even recommend it to someone because of the profanity.

Great game but The game is fun but when me and my friends play the thing keep saying "fail to connect" and I'm super near the wi-fi router. Even if i switch down to mobile data, it still give the same problem. Do you mind to check it out? I would rate 5/5 if it wasn't for the connection

Many glitches I am not giving 2 stars cause I didn't like the game. Instead I am giving only 2 stars because of the incredible number of glitches I've seen in the game. I would make a list, but some of these glitches just aren't easy to explain on how it acts, and looks. The game itself is fun, but I often only get 1 to 2 minutes of game time before something strange happens. With such a limited time of playing, and so many tough to explain glitches. The game is not very worthy of a high rating in its current state at least.

Dont download it It's a good game but the other players ruin it, every time your the hunter and you kill a prop. They just leave, theirs people that only want to be props abd screw over the game cus of it. So don't download, im uninstalling it right now.

Great game! My friends and I play it at school whenever we get a chance to pass the time. We all love the game, however, we notice a lot of people fall through the world or get stuck. It doesn't happen to us but if you could fix that it would be great! I also would love to see smaller maps like farm, and so would my friends.

Loved It This is a great game. I love to play it with my friends and there are few improvements to be made. The only thing wrong with the game that I noticed was that the turning in the FPS mode is too slow. I also recommend adding more props and maps, but for now, all of it is amazing.

Trying again After playing this for a few days, it started acting buggy. When I was a hunter I would constantly fall through the map and when I was a prop, I was able to faze right through walls to even outside the maps. I don't know f this is a program thing or a device thing, but whatever it is, I have a Samsung Galaxy Avant and pleas work on this. I down loaded it again and will try to play again to check if it was because it download wrong. If anything happens I'll add to this with *

So awesome I think the game is awesome but the new Christmas map is kind of glitchy. Also can you add a button to taunt people and also can you add a feature that allows you to hide in or under things like a bookmark in a book or a newspaper on a table. Other than that amazing game! :)

Great game but I will no lie it is a pretty fun multiplayer game but when you play online there are a bunch of perverts that cuss and they also have unthinkable name that are just plain out rude. I recommend that you don't let you child play this game

GREAT BUT During the game some people and I were chatting and one guy was being creepy. My friend and I quit because he called us bad names. I don't suggest this game to young children :(

Amazing Game It's an amazing game a I love playing it. I'm the juke master and everyone usually rages. I gave it 4 stars because you can't add friends so when I meet some kind people I can't make friends with them so if you add that then I'll do 5 stars

Love the game to death, but... Love game so much, and love first person even more, but I hate how slowly you turn! Why do you turn so slowly? Its impossible to see what's behind you! If I'm chasing someone, I can never shoot because it takes about a minute to turn around! Love first person, dont take that away, just let me turn faster! Or at least make it an option or something! (Btw this is only a problem in first person mode)

The wtf players The players are just stupid, se lobbies are called 'sex' or 'girls only' which is not very good of players. (also can you improve on not clipping walls) some people hide by going inside a wall. -_-

Not working now... need help So, I was playing this game last night and this morning for a long time. Or a while. And for some reason, it exited from the game. And now whenever I go into the game, all there is a black screen. And I'm like waiting for a while for it to work, but it never does. Please! I need help. I really enjoy this game and I made friends on it. Can someone please explain or now what it is if u had this problem please. Anyone. Please help. BTW, the game is great!

Disgusting, there should be a report button the players are terrible. Basically 90% of the dudes playing are just wanting to get laid, and the remaining 10% are just pretending to be girls; it's a good game though. Please fix this issue.

Fun but needs more players... This game is great and well worth a few dollars if you wanted to make a return for your time devs, however the colision mechanics and controls are a tad sloppy and there aren't nearly enough players populating the servers to be regularly and consistently grouped with people that actually want to play the game. Spread the word, and the word is Prop Hunt Mobile!

Great It is a great game based on the Garry's Mod add-on! The multiplayer mode means I can play with my iOS friends. Although when I join a game an ad would come up kicking me out the game on some occasions. But it is a very great game nevertheless! Must play.

Uhhh Can't pick items up (understandable for mobile) connection problems, virus protection ads, can see through houses(who thought this was a good idea), no jump, and chat lobby.... Who puts a chat lobby into a mobile game??? Everybody knows what a stupid idea a chat lobby is as soon as they play the game. Notice the pictures of the game don't have a chat lobby? Hmmm wonder why? UNINSTALL!!!

Needs a lot of work it has many bugs. I've glitched under the map, shooting at a prop point blank doesn't cause damage. There are people ALWAYS leaving the match ,other wise, it's actually a fun game when everyone actually tries and stay in the game. Maybe have a matchmaker that places players who play the full match with others who do the same, and intentional game quitters with also game quitters.

I hate to give a game 1 star for this but... Seriously, the assholes playing this game is ruining the fun. Too many people disconnecting as well as all the pervs asking for children to send them nude pics on Kik and Snapchat. Don't you have a way of stopping this. Please, CHILDREN SENDING NUDE PICS! Make it stop. It's ruining a really great game.

Great game but huge flaw!!!!!!! This game is the best but i gave it three stars because of the players and the chat part when i play other people are in the game like if it was a dating site and other players are looking to hook up with the female players and they say they want to have sex and they just leave the game to sext all i wanted to do was play a fun game in prop hunt because it's really really fun and awesome but these players are just so immature so please get rid of the chat part in the game!!!!!!!!!!

Great but... Make the team only spectate, cause its unfair for the both sides if they can peek on each team. And theres too many adds. And make it all first person its more cooler

Glitch The game is great, but when me and my team tried killing this one last prop, until he glitch out into the building. I thought it was a hack but then 3 rounds later, i was a prop, and i actually glitch in a building. I'll give it 5 stars if they fix the glitch

Glitching Its a great game to play but I don't understand why I glitch through the floor in the Christmas map and then I respawn and it does it over and over again. Does anyone know why?

Great but.. Hey can you please update the game!! The ads are so annoying!! Onece they appear,I go straight to the prophunt menu! Please update and remove the freakin ads. Im gonna rate it a 5 if you do.

Very fun! This is a great game!!! My friends and I have a lot of fun playing it!!! The only thing keeping it from 5 stars in my opinion is the lack of maps and randomization. We have played this game so much that we know every part of every map lol! We would love to see more maps in the future! We appreciate the hard work that you put into this! Good luck in your future endeavors and thank you for making this game!!!

Good concept, bad language My kids wants to play but no way!I wanted to check first and the things people say is just awful. Need a way to hide chat. Kids say terrible things to seem cool and adult, not understanding that ACTUAL grown ups don't act like that.

Not bad It's not too bad. I've had loads of fun playing it. Ts hard to control at first but once you know the controls, it's fun. Got to troll some of 5he other players a little. Lol

Amazing app This app is not only fun but your able to talk to friendly people and make boredom vanish I've played this on the bus and everywhere I could playing with friends at school with me or simply playing with people who are on your server either way its an ideal fun game

This is an awesome game but every time I search for a game there's hardly any rooms on also there are a few players that do insult you plz could you add a report player button. But otherwise I would recommend this game to my friends.

Great game Great game, loved it, can't wait for new maps, but could you add a friend list to where you can see if they are playing and invite them to private games? Also, in-game music and making it less choppy would be nice.

Fixing Guys think this app is for sexting and meeting girls. The game is incredibly fun but players are ruining it. It's disrespectful; I downloaded this game to play it, not be harassed. Either limit what people can say or take out the chat option. Please, it's now uncomfortable to play. I just want to enjoy this game.

LOVE THE GAME BUT...... This game is one of the best games in the world yet I only gave it 2 stars... this was because I was playing and this happens alot where people are trying to hook up with you and they ask me where I live and my age and number... I'm not willing to give this information away but some stupid people are... I just wanted to play the great game. So please get rid of the chat.. allso some people leave after 1 min of not being able to find anybody fix all this then it would get 5/5. Some people honestly

Have a problem I love the app but it doesn't let my phone charge fast, it slows it down is what I'm saying. Then when I uninstalled the app it worked fine. I don't know if this is my phone (HTC 1). But I still have storage for the app. If it is the app then please fix. Then I will rate this app 5 stars.

The Amazing gamemod is now available on android. PropHunt plays much like a Hide and Seek. Players on the BLUE team, can disguise as props, are given a 20 second set up time to hide, and afterwards players on the RED team must find and kill them in the given time period. At the end […]


Price Free
App Size MB
Instalations 1,000,000 - 5,000,000
Score 4.1
Developer Mqnse

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