Rising Empires Premium for PC and MAC

I Want To Believe 3 stars for my account is a little forgiving, for I was never able to get past more than a handful of turns before the app froze and I had to start over again from the first. Looks fun though, lots of potential. Using latest Verizon on Android 5.1.1, Droid Turbo. Please fix soon, I want to enjoy your game! Then rating will shoot up.

How to use Rising Empires Premium for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Rising Empires Premium in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Rising Empires Premium on your PC or MAC.

Top To Bottom Best turn based strategy civilization game I have seen on android. The tech trees are awesome but could use a tree like interface, as there are main research projects, and secondary projects that are associated with each level of main project. Units consist of flying, cavalry, footmen, for humans at least. Each with its own options for type of attack, size, special abilities. Armies that have seen action sometimes spawn heroes, that then level further. Separate are academy trained commanders. TONS OF

Great Game A challenging Civ like app worth your time. True, it's now abandoned by the developers, but it doesn't need a lot of improvements. There's no tutorial so 2 hints. Units must be manually upgraded on the barrack tab in the main menu after each advancement. Leaders are purchased from the city order tab after units are built.

Really good, just needs a little more It is a little rough around the edges and as others have pointed out there isn't much difference in tiles, some resources and more variation in terrain would be great. As it is though it is fun, decent ui, doesn't harp on you for ratings, no microtransactions, and let's you just jump in and starts playing. A help file would be handy though.

No guide This game is very complicated. That's usually a good challenge when playing strategy game, but this game doesn't even have a tutorial (the link does not work anymore.). Therefore, it is now nearly unplayable. Of course, there's also the option of wasting your time trying to figure out what to do.

It is brilliant! But untapped potential For a mobile game this one is the best 4x strategy I have played on the market. But the A.I. feels very incapable of playing and the lack of any resources to grab makes it feel like it is missing reason to settle new cities. There are many improvements that could be done, which would be welcome and would even pay for if it was a big enough patch to add in missing element to the game. Please continue development of this game. I dont have much to expect though since it has been 2 years since an update.

Love it This is an absolutely amazing, addictive game that any strategist can enjoy! I love almost everything about this game. There were a couple things I would really like to see changed though.... For instance I think the player should have more control over the battles and actions of his men in combat. There should definitely be an option to destroy cities you no longer want or using different races for combat. And finally you need to add more resources so you have a greater initiative to conquer other lands

Awesome, but feels incomplete I think you should have a option to play a empire where you can unite ghouls and lingering minatour camps, I also think you should add the amount of settlers that you want to send out, it gets pretty ridiculous when you have 200k population in a city and the numbers don't decrease because you're people are giving more births than you're actually sending out. Also you should have a option to convert the other races to your side,

Well worth the small contribution to get the extra options from the free version. Extremely well made with very intricate micro-management. One small suggestion would be a kick started playing option, giving you a larger starting kingdom, basic technology and some more advanced units than militia, to give a quicker playthrough?

Very good BUT... I'm very impressed with this game. Well put together, quite deep and highly addictive but the constant crashing is a complete buzz kill. Will revise rating once stability issues have been resolved. EDIT: Stability has improved but the game still crashes. It seems to crash more in later turns. Maintaining rating.

This game is IMPRESIVE!!! Just played a map till I win in around 500+ turns. There is a bug that if an engineer was ordered to build an outpost but then we move the engineer, the game will crash in the next turn. But despite that minor bug this game is so awsome! Thx for making this game dev! Keep the good work

The ability to design your own troops is amazing but there's too much unexplained. There are no tutorials online or in game and it's hard. To determine what will make a unit more or less expensive. There's no resources so you can easily win without making any new settlements at all. Even with tons of hospices the population barely increases. Nevertheless I've never seen a more unique and well thought out turn based strategy.

Awesome It's an amazing game even though theirs still bugs but thats not gonna get fixed. No idea what happened but if the developers made the premium version free then you know they're never coming back.

Very nice A very addicting game, has lots of things to do! Altho the diplomacy only allows you ask for peace/declare war (or i still haven't unlocked other options?)

fun but thiers a bad bug fun but keeps crashing I lost a whole game turn321 it crashed while saving so lost all progress. have to start over . I am very disappointed updated down to one star still no fix for the bug

Sad that the developers left and im having problems Ive been vrsing the lizard men and whenever i attack a army they just dont die. My troops are being killed and they just survive. Needs work

Awesome game... Wish there was a research tree to show you what unlocks what. Crashing has been fixed for me. I've gotten as far as 600+ turns with no problems. Using a galaxy S5 active

What a mobile game should be No bullshit, just a great turn based game that is oddly fun. I do not normally like turn based games but this is very fun, the learning curve is not that bad and it is fun to name everything and rollplay a bit, the research is good, with you having to find it out for yourself and i like how there is 2 planes to take over, with caves connecting them, it provides some extra depth. Overall it is a dank game and worth playing

5/5 would perform mass human genocide again Got owned by three human empires on first game through annual invasion, decimating my elven population to about ten thousand, conquering two of my towns and enslaving the neighbouring dwarves. Rage quitted and performed mass human genocide on second game through starvation and forced enlistment to my armies, but then lose to the never ending tide that is the Ende. Best game ive ever played on my phone, good job.

I love this game. Already over 300 hrs played. Recently I have been having issues woth the game crashing every few turns though. I have deleted some save games from previous maps that I beat already, and it did not help.

Fantastic game I would've never expected so much depth out of a phone game. The game is a well developped 4x with many different factor s to think about as you move along the ages. My only grip about is I've been having a hard time finding tutorials for the game.

Um...what? Site seems to redirect me to an ad domain. Did you devs quit? Also, saving time takes FOREVER when you get into the late game. Still good, offers the freedom of customisation and all, but most races are just reskinned units.. Theres nothing about each unit that makes them unique in their own way except for only like one or two differences. Expected far more. Still waiting though...

Excellent !!! 6 Stars !!! This reminds me a lot of Master of Magic, and I loved playing that game... This is definitely a keeper and look forward to impressive updates... I recommend it to everyone and has a free version to try too... I am now playing with dwarves in the underworld :-) Suggestion: It would be nice if we could save a custom game setup when starting a new game...

Absolutely wonderful Amazing game. I wish conquered races could be more than cannon fodder. I think once you conquer a race a separate technology tree should open up, allowing you to use them effectively.

Great game! Well worth the small cost for the premium version. There are only two problems that keep it from being perfect: first, as many others have noted, the increasing crashes as you get farther in. I get the first force stop at around turn 100, and it only gets worse from there. Second is more of an annoyance: you have three companies in garrison, and get attacked. The first company breaks, the other two aren't even engaged, but get wiped out anyway. Other than those two things, awesome!

Loved the game! Great idea for a mobile game, theres nothing like it on android, if there is i wanna know about it. Real shame that the dev have left the game to fade away tho

Great game! However... There are some flaws here and there, like slowing down time to time. However, it has a lot of depth, and that's a good thing for strategy games. Keep it up devs. Also, make a guide for this game. People really need that.

Promising, constantly crashing I wish this game would actually work and not constantly crash. It looks great, but as it stands it is unplayable on my phone.

The Cavalry is Glitchy Why is the cavalry glitchy? When i try to control the cavalry the game instantly exits

It was awesome! I hope you guys continue to work out the kinks and make new games as well maybe make a role where you can play as a minotaur or maybe a dragon race

Fantastic game with bugs A brilliant game I spend many hours on however it force closes and stops responding with increasing frequency as you advance past turn 200.

Best game for 4x and Strategy Lovers this game is very good but was dropped by the developers...this could have been a hit if it wasnt drop and was given more time to be popular instead of being abadoned...this game is a hidden gem in android, hopes someone ports it and pick it up

Amazing and detailed game. By far the best mobile 4x game on the market. Shame that it was abandoned. Only downside is there is no tutorial since their website is down forever.

Addictive Indepth Fun Was looking for a Civs like experience on Android, this game filled that need and so much more. I'm constantly playing "just one more turn", only problem I have is it drains my battery too fast when I want to keep playing.

Good but needs This game is really injoyable but needs a alone thing were there is only you and just build a empire without others attacking u so like a peaceful mode

Love it Would be amazing to have a map creator option and a story mode. Overall an amazing game, does crash after round 200...saving on turn 199 does postpone the crash for another 50 turns or so...the ability to know a more specific statistic for each race would be cool.

Needs more challenge. This game is great! I believe this is the Android equivalent to Civilization. But, after a while, it does get boring. So they should make two more races and multiplayer. The two races I thought of them making are two surface races called Neanderthals and robots, which have their own play style and abilities. Multiplayer would bring unpredictability to the game as well as a challenge. Edit: I see a lot of bugs that people are reporting and if you want them to fix them, contact them via Email.

I love the game... But I love this game but sometimes it crashes and i lose the point i was up to. Could you please fix this? Five stars if so.

Love it I wish the developers didn't abandon this game it's so good and it seems like it was going in the right direction it would be awesome if they were still developing it and adding more content

Reminds me of Space Empires This game is great, it reminds me of Space empires. Customizable troops with abilities and items. Really enjoy building borders and defending them, slowly expanding and eventually turtling through to victory!

Rising Empires Premium is an epic 4X turn-based strategy game in a fantasy setting, where six races compete for control of all the land on the Surface and in the Netherworld. Many reviewers compare the game with classic strategy games like Civilization and Total War. 'Best Android strategy game we have ever covered.' – 96/100 […]


Price Free
App Size MB
Instalations 10,000 - 50,000
Score 4.2
Developer Hellhound Interactive

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