Rustland – Survival and Craft for PC and MAC

Great game with unlimited potential Some emprovements still required but 5 stars for smart and not annoing advertisement system. It needs new players, so join and survive, build, craft, travel, steal from other players, and help to improve the game! :) Some things to improve - Controls (adjustable controll panel); Some PvP level system; Friends/Party raids; 1+ month playing, and nobody steals from me; Some players have unreal amounts of resources - have cheaters; To developers - Great job guys! Keep on emproving! ;)

How to use Rustland – Survival and Craft for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Rustland – Survival and Craft in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Rustland – Survival and Craft on your PC or MAC.

I love this game but. Have a hard time raiding players. Should make it to were.only you can raid once they have a house atleast. Most raids people barely even have a bed. And the ones that do have something to rade are usually hackers. Not that I mind getting infinite resources but I rather work for them. Over all awsome game.

I was really loving it for the time it works. I'll play for like 10 minutes then it just freezes and when I log back in its very laggy then just freezes all together. It's not my device either I'm running it on a Samsung s7 edge. Please get this issue resolved it seems like a very fun game but I can't enjoy it if it won't let me play mate. Thanks.

IS THERE FUEL? AND CAN HATCH OPEN? I've thoroughly enjoyed this game so far happyly donating $$. Grow own coffee? Now Burning Question: Could you please annonce to the 'many fans' how far exactly this has been developed? Some clarity would help players choose what to do while waiting for upgrade & not deter interest playing in limbo. I've choosen to just keep building for now. Am I right or is there fuel & can hatch open? Doing so here in reply, fans would be most grateful for any assistance you can provide. Thanking you. Awaiting reply...

Really good game wish their were servers for players to play together on. The furnace hud glitches, and I can't get out of it at all. Would like to see crates randomly around the island, and wish their were some local islands to go swim too. But really do enjoy the game, also horses would be great to have when traveling around the island.

Good graphics, still buggy. Galaxy s7 The game has great graphics and is a good idea, but it's still really buggy. When the game loads the game play is great. Most of the time it doesn't load right. Meaning, it's either stuck on the load screen with game play sounds in the back ground or it loads and the game is frozen with game play sounds in the background. I'd give 5 stars if this bug was fixed.

Overall its great. But the raft for raiding other players is not working on me, everytime I use the raft it will just freeze for 5 sec and then go back to normal. Nothing happens. I hope you could fix this as what you wrote that its has been foxed from last november 2016 update.thanks

Could be amazing This game is really fun to play but about 15 minutes of playing it freezes and will not load game back fully. Until it's been closed out for a good while. If this was fixed I could play this all the time. Please fix this as I would really like to continue playing this game.

Hmmm Disappointed. Although the game is a good time killer, there is 100% no online feature in this game. You will just simply be met by a soldier bot when you travel to another players island. Sure you can raid the bases that other players have built but that's as far as it goes. Ah well.


Great game. Bad customer service. Too bad the developers don't answer their customers. I would spend money at the altar but never any reply from them. PLAY OCEAN IS HOME.... it is better and they not only listen to their customers they relpy! Bad service.

It's epic in a real gamers opinion. Get a better tablet for all the crashers and area nuts!! The only problem I'm having is not knowing how to get things like metal shards or a large furnace... anyone know? Please respond!

Would be 5 star, if you can fix the crashes Can't play for more than a few minutes without it freezing. When you close it out and reopen, same thing. Mostly does it when you try and load a saved game, either saved to phone or cloud save. Force stopping sometimes helps, but not for long. If the devs can fix this it will be a great game worth donating some money to. But who is going to pay to watch a game freeze up in less than 5 minutes?

Warning! Game freezes ONLY after you buy stuff. Tired of Google play's garbage. After buying stuff the game will freeze up then you've lost everything. It happened to me 3 times and on 4 different accounts using different names. Now I can't raid. Nothing happens when you try to use raft. Listen up Google. You suck. And your stinking garbage pit of shovelware,malware,spyware crap. The greed with IAP (In App Purchase scams is unbelievable. It's garbage like this game that's driving me to buy an iphone. Fuk Google androids and the the IAP SCAMS. YOU SUCK DEVELOPER. FUK GOOGLE!!!

Brilliant, although.. It needs more missions from the helicopter part where there is nothing more to accomplish, need for complex crafting items, more stuff for houses e.g titanium house parts ? Ability to dig and build underground bunkers, or lay spike pit traps for small mammals, there are loads of possibilities that would make it more interesting but it seems like your developement is so slow that im getting bored and many others are now. Your taking too long to improve it..

Pretty fun for about 5 minutes. Till it freezes up and you can't play anymore. Even after restart. Please fix. Running on a moto z force. That runs every other game I've played.

The best survival game on Phone. I started playing it 2-3 days back. This game is insane! I just love it. I wanted a game like "Rust" on phone and here it is. I made my own house and a lot of other things. Some people complain about the fast energy drain, but I kind of like it as I can't waste hours after hours on the game. I play as the energy drains out I study and then again play. I made a raft, but when I go to other peoples land there is a person full armoured with a gun who shoot me. Is it the real person of that Island or a bot?

Great idea but freezes Great game for the ten minutes it will let me play. After that it will freeze. Even restarting the app and even my phone doesn't help. It just loads into a frozen screen!

Freezes on Galaxy S7 Edge 9 times out of 10 it freezes as soon as saved game is loaded. when it doesn't freeze you've got limited time to play before it does. would like to see what the game is all about.

Bugs and other things When I go to other people's island after a little bit I start to die from nothing at all. A good thing about this game is there isn't alot of ad's. Another bug is sometimes when I want to watch a video to get money or get to other players island it doesn't let me. By the way if you want to know where the Devils bunker is its in the water in the middle of the world but you have to go through the portal and climb a hill or a cliff I don't know what it is but I saw it on YouTube. can you fix when you go to do stuff with a campfire or a furnace it freezes and I can move sometimes. CAN YOU PLZ GET RID OF THAT ARMY PERSON ON OTHER PEOPLE'S ISLAND I CANT GET ANYTHING DONE WITH HIM AROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OR ATLEAST MAKE IT SO HE IS RARE TO FIND!!!!! How do you get rid of stone stairs I used a stone pick it didn't work I used a crowbar it didn't work I used a ax it didn't work please respond to me and fix these problems too

Basically this is a revamp of ocean is home but with few improvements, there's mystery and intrigue, but it falls so short of being good. There is no way to advance the story, plane crash, missing daughter, 2 dead bodies, a bunker, a hatch that's locked, a wrecked ship that's just there for decoration and an attack chopper. I spent hours looking for more clues but nothing.

Good game. Idk why is everybody complaining I like the game challeging facts about the food lvl and water like rust. But It needs more building supplies and weapons and armour. Also More Islands to make the game look good. Last is more raiding areas to check from each island. Also Air drops like the real game of rust.

I think it sux. How can so many ppl make vids of raiding players, but when i pay to go im still standing there looking stupid on my island. I watch vid after vid to go to other islands and still not going anywhere. I pay with meat coffee and vid and still not going to other islands. Ill give a week for reply then i will be deleteing. Not gonna play a game where only certain ppl can raid but i cant.

Help please!! This game seems like a great idea, but I can't do anything. When I enter the game it gets really laggy and I can't even look around. Could someone help me. I'm using the Google Nexus 5x

Quick advise Great game but please take of the time u have to play meter and let the dog come raid people places with us and nake him attack because wats the point of a dog that doesnt do anything

Nice try fools Plane crash? lost daughter? forest? there's no differece between this fake game and the original game ( The Forest ) the original game is much better do yourself a favour and remove it from the store

Great game, the only thing I don't like is the walking/running speed, it can get really frustrating. Also....does anybody actually know how to make fuel?? Brilliant concept, would go as far as saying I almost love it! **Please reply as to the fuel issue**

Freezes later on while playing every time. Can't even fix the bugs on this game after this long so dumb and a waste of time. Don't even play this game or you'll just waste your time. Has a good game play if it doesn't freeze after 10min into the gameplay.

I would rate this zero stars. If i could,the cloud save files dont work. All my previous work is gone/lost. Absolutely terrible, what rubish.

This game is awesome, very addictive, it would get 5 stars (from myself, my husband, and my kids who all play it together,) all the way around, IF IT DIDN'T MAKE YOU SLEEP EVERY TEN MINUTES!!!! Please fix that or at least extend it, its very annoying.

A good game just needs more optimization . Willing to donate if the next update shows improvement to optimization issues. Advice to new players search YouTube for videos on help with playing this game. Otherwise still a good game with lots of cool features. GG dev for the effort...Keep working on it!

Give me my money back! I paid for.the praying to inno?? Whatever it was thing and of.course you you took my money but didn't give me what I paid for. Give me my money back

The game freezes about ten minutes into play, then freezes immediately upon restarting and loading your save again. Good game for the bit I did play though

Started to play the game, seemed pretty good so i brought the starter kit , tried to place down the door to start my housd to find it wont let me place anything. also tried to refill my water bottle but couldnt? So i guess the money i spend was a waste. Am i doing something wrong? Maybe there sound be some instructions would help or something. Will rate better once i can get a reply to this problem

Pls give me refund. as soon as i spent money on this game it froze up and i cant play it anymore. Please give me my money back

Cool game but thare are a couple of things you need to fix First bear rugs you need to by able to move them because if you try to put it down it flips out and landed on my fire camp and I could not move it or git to my camp. 2 new update anvils can repair weapons and armer. 3 the fish trap doesn't work I put it in the water and for 5 in real life days didn't do any thing no fish. 4 the slot machine doesn't work I spent a lot of in game dollars but nothing. 5 the zombie noise it's to much you can here it from any part of the island. Please fix these problems thanks.

The new update scares me What do the pigs do,Love killing people and building my house higher and higher addicted to this game forever love Rustland never deleting it because i love it ;)

Great game so far. The only thing it needs is more players. If you are looking for a great survival game install this one. Join and I'll help you get started. I'm easy to find.

Great game can't stop playing I would give this game 5 stars, but I can't due to when shopping the game still runs in the background. I'm always in safe spots and I've died then I try continue game and just end up dieing and having to force stop the app and can't continue game from main settings, end up having to start a new game all over. Can be very annoying and a pain, but really great game other then that.

th best game I've ever got sit many auto save feature its a good game the drain off food water and energy is makes it like a survival game should be but could you make a story line to the ufo I died it but does it do any thing?its a really realistic game that you have to pay attention to and I said you have to constantly save plz add an auto save feature but other than that five stars.

Rustland is a survival adventure game where you craft your own destiny in a huge open world environment. Discover this mysterious world. Use everything you find to survive. Loot other player islands.Experience the full day-night cycle and face the dangers of darkness and cold.Solve the secret of the Island.————————————————–"Rustland" is: – Survival Island – Travel […]


Price Free
App Size MB
Instalations 500,000 - 1,000,000
Score 3.9
Developer AirBT

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