Secret of Mana for PC and MAC

Doesn't even open before crashing This game immediately stops upon trying to run it on my Nexus 7. So until I can actually play it, one star.

How to use Secret of Mana for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Secret of Mana in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Secret of Mana on your PC or MAC.

This game needs to be fixed it is a mess he start running by self screen comes up and just keeps spinng around fantastic game that is not working correctly it's a mess

Memories of the Past Game is still just as fun as it was in my teenage years. Just remember the controls take some getting used to. Getting this 55% off make this purchase all the more enjoyable.

Ed, Edd n Eddy: Secret of Mana® The Eds are the three protagonists in the hit show Ed, Edd n Eddy. The group consists of three boys sharing the same name, Ed, Edd and Eddy, who spend their days scamming the local neighborhood kids for money. The Eds have a strong friendship bond as evidenced in the show. The boys are rarely seen apart and are willing to work with one another to achieve a common goal.

Secret of Mana So far the game runs on Lollipop, though the digital controls are iffy as I try to evade monster attacks but find myself hit often. Despite that the rest of the UI is serviceable and works well enough.

Amazing game as i remembered it The game itself is amazing however the controls aren't. Need some different options since this was in fact a 9 dollar game. Controls can make or break considering it is a real time battle system

Great port of Seiken Densetsu 2 Plays great on the S5, now I'd love to see an official port/translation of Seiken Densetsu 3 on Android. It's such a great game with a pretty good fan translation... But I'd personally prefer if Square could make it official for the first time in English. The entire "Mana series" should be ported to Android. Please make compatible with Android TV.

This better be awesome. Drakerider not working and never going to work has soured my joy over this company but this was on sale and I have always loved Square Enix games, so...I'll update the review after I play more. You really need to start reading reviews. NO ONE BUY DRAKE RIDER!

Good game; decent port The game is quite fun and still holds up. The port could be better, but the bonus is that it works on android TV. I play it on the nexus player for super fun times. Its not fully optimized for android TV yet, but props for making it available. The game can run slow or lag sometimes.

GREAT GAME!...but... This game is still my Top 5 SNES games during the 16-bit era. This Application improved the graphics in so many ways! How ever, I have a few issues about it... the movement control is very lackluster, the screen size is meh on my phone, saving in the inn is okay, but can we have a sub menu for that to change the options and such?

Unplayable on Note 5 Game acts like down right is held constantly. Scrolls menus uncontrollably. Cannot stand still. I love this game so I struggled to make it work, but couldn't get far past first enemy.

Memories! The first action rpg I played.. I still love the game but some of the gameplay could be Improved like how creatures can you spambash youre hit points down. Your allies AI sucks too.

Controls poorly The game is not made for phones at all. Moving is very difficult even with the guided direction thing on. The analog stick is very small and you can't make it bigger. Also quick side note on my phone the menu would randomly open up a lot like every 5 minutes which got very annoying. However the game works much better on a tablet on a bigger screen. I also wish you could access saves from other devices that would be very convenient when I want to play the game and only my phone is around. Other than the poor controls the game is very good and very fun.

Fun but really really disappointed Good port, but who's idea was it to remove the great Easter Eggs and glitches? Can't get to Karon's ferry in Kakkara early? No Mana Sword upgrade glitch? Terrrrrrible idea. Come on Square!!!! If anything, *add* to the game; don't *subtract* from it.

Good But the handiness outdated, especially magic wich is such annoying to use (going into the menu for each spell, select it, launch it, wait for it, etc...) It was OK with a controller but now I can't bear it.

Good times This game brings back fond memories in a slightly polished form. The gameplay and story is still great more than a decade on. Pros: polished graphics, good onscreen controls, wide screen. Cons: no multiplayer - this was one of the key things for the SNES game and part of why I enjoyed it so much playing with two friends. No cloud save (or achievements). Add in local/online multiplayer and I'd give it 5*s instantly. Add cloud saves as well because it just makes sense. Achievements would be nice bonus too.

Good game, terrible customer service Solid game, decent port and a good value on sale. Not a huge fan of the controls, but it's easy enough to get the hang of. My major complaint is the same on all my purchases form square. HORRIBLE customer service. I would have never bought another title from them had it not been I sale.

Great game and port! I usually don't write reviews but I felt I needed to. You get a lot of games with 4.5 stars ratings which are quite boring or silly... And then the games with good story lines tend to be awful to play on a phone. With secret of mana you get an amazing action RPG (best for mobile as far as I'm concerned) which is a joy to play! On top of that, it is not ridiculously priced as other RPG ports! Definitely recommend it! Best purchase ever!

Glitchy It was great and all until I got to a certain part. I can't heal with Udine for some reason. Whenever I try to heal all, it just heals the enemies. And when I try to heal one person nothing happens. Also I got a javelin orb and when I went to go check for the upgrade, it shows that I never got the orb. I don't know why this is happening. The controls are a bit glitchy as well. I might have to start from the beginning again :/

Love the game but controls derpy This is one of my all time favorite games, which is why I am so frazzled that there is a serious problem with one of the control mechanics in this port of a super Nintendo classic. On my Samsung galaxy s5 more than half the time I hold down the attack button to try to charge up my weapon it glitches out and doesn't charge. Worse still, while holding down if I move it instead swipes an attack, usually with under 100%, because I was trying to charge up after striking. This is truly sadly a game breaker.

(Mostly) Faithful Port The game is faithful to the original with a few exceptions. The most notable at first are the subtle graphics upgrades. The on screen controls take some getting used to, but become almost intuitive once you do and can be adjusted. The action menu is a bit more simplified as well. The downside is pretty much all the old exploits have been removed, such as getting the 9th sword orb, and getting into the moon palace early, but that can be overlooked. Overall, a highly enjoyable droid adaptation.

My favorite RPG on android! I'm very happy with this release. It's not just a port, it has better visuals and quite some new sprites fitting in just fine. Great controller support (playing on jxd7800 gaming tablet with hdmi on tv..beautiful!) and I love the four shortcuts you can make for items, weapons and magic. The game is a bit faster and harder too!

You're better off with an emulator They've updated the visuals and honestly, they look good. The sky reflections in the pools of water are a nice touch. The sprites are all updated to a higher resolution and the soundtrack is there in all its glory. Problem is, they've found a way to make this game run badly on high end hardware. I'm playing it on a shield tablet and I've played it on high end phones. The animation is very jerky and sometimes makes the game almost unplayable.

I want a refund I am using a NOOK HD+ and other Square Enix games run fine. Secret of Mana starts fine but as soon as I use the direction control the character runs off on his own in a random direction. If I pull up the "ring" thingy the items just keep circling. The game is unplayable and a waste of $9.99. Now, if someone could make a compatible version of the Dragon Warrior series, that would be cool.

One of my favorite games of all time I love this game. This seems to be a pretty faithful port, so of course, I thoroughly enjoy it on Android. However, that's also the downside. I wish they increased the resolution a bit so that it looked nicer on HD displays. It doesn't look bad. Just a little blurry on a quad HD 10.1 inch display. Also, I wish they added achievements and cloud save. Since it's a direct port of the now several years old IOS version, I understand that achievements would be a little tricky to implement. However cloud saving really should be added in a future update (hopefully soon!). That said I still think this game is great, and the touch controls are much better than I expected. I hope Square continues to bring games from its old catalogue to Android.

A classic that fails to impress..... kinda Gripes... on the title screen, links to japan websites... i cant read Japanese. Pricepoint, kinda on the steep side.... 5.99 sounds a little better. Ai.... the artificial intelligence of the npcs in the party S.U.C.K.S. the grid to tell the npcs what to do must be broken. I do not remember the ai being this bad in the snes version. Likes... enhanced graphics, the clouds in the water is a nice touch. Controls, just as good as a snes controller, kinda. Sound, doesn't miss a beat, even the square enix logo at the start of the game. This whole experience makes me wonder how good dragon quest 3 is going to be..... whenever they drop it!

Terrible job. Music cuts out. The graphics have been changed for the worse. Play just 5 mins of the snes version and this and is nearly literally night and day. The opening sequence is darker or at night in the snes where this port shows it as day. The water looks different, sure you may like it but in the snes version it showed direction of flow. Even rock textures look AWFUL in this port. WHY CHANGE THEM!!? You can't turn off the blurred look. They also changed the maps, blocking off areas you formally could access. Awful port.

Stuck. Glitch? I just returned the Mana Seed at the Water Palance and the dude told me to head to the Upper Lands via the Cannon Travel guy. All the walk throughs say to head to Cannon travel and the option will be there...only Water Palace and Pandora for me. I cannot proceed.......won't rate high until fixed.

Still a great game Playing on the galaxy note 4. The screen size makes it very easy to play. I love the new water graphic that reflects the sky. Amazing!

Fix Once magic reaches max level of 8 it no longer works. Fix problem and will rate a 5 till then just a 1

Secret of Mana is enjoyable overall I am a huge fan of this game. I actually still own a SNES with a copy of the original Secret of Mana. That being said I was very wary about this purchase. But I found after the initial awkwardness of getting used to touch screen controls I could really appreciate having this game with me wherever I go. - Pros: subtle graphic upgrades- are nice/ auto save feature- is great for when my game gets interrupted/ Cons: AI- the AI is not the same as SNES it sucks, I have to switch my parties actions constantly.

Brings tears to my eyes I played with my brother and sister as we use to take turns watching each other play through the mysterious world of Secret of Mana. The soundtrack always gets to me making me feel the power of the past, and reliving this game again is well worth it. Thank you, Square Enix for not forgetting the truly memorable classics.

Great game, mediocre port The game is as incredible as ever. However the improved graphics are hit-or-miss, the control scheme is passable at best, the menus are clunky and buggy, and some sound effects clip or disappear in ways they never did on the SNES.

Buggy The game is fun, but this version has some serious drawbacks. Occasionally the movement circle gets bugged on the screen, resulting in inability to properly control the character. There aren't enough shortcut bubbles available on the right hand side of the screen. And the app crashes unpredictably when tapping near the attack circle, including once right after I spent hours fighting and finally got my last spear orb in the mana fortress...only to lose it when the app crashed.

Game is great, controls are bad! Besides from being a classic, Secret of Mana is also one of my favorite games of all time. When I saw this in the app store I had to have it. Unfortunately this version is barely playable for two reasons. First of all as others have said gamespeed is to fast, seems like the whole game is fast forward. Secondly the 360° wannabe control stick is very bad makes the characters uncontrollable, and together with the game speed makes the game almost unplayable, sadly. A 4 direction D-pad would have been much better. Only gave it 5stars because it's secret of mana, otherwise this version itself is really bad. Playable only with a gamepad, or on an android console (like a JXD)

Controls are glitchty The graphics are great. Very nice upgrade. For the most part it's the game I love from back in the day. My only complaint is the glitchy menu controls and the sloppy control system. The character runs around like he has adhd. Menus spin uncontrollably. The glitches almost make this a game breaker. Honestly, this would have been better had it been ported to the DS. I don't really understand why it wasn't, as the ds is clearly more compatable than a phone or a tablet.

Very Good, but needs refinement and polish. Secret Of Mana for the SNES is easily my favorite game of all time. This version is good but needs some attention to detail. The support for physical controllers is good, if slightly glitchy every now & then. The sequence when the animation for sleeping at an inn plays and the group finishes sleeping before the sleeping music finishes and is cut off by the save screen music is a glaring problem, the pace at which animation for the main characters walking/running is much faster than the pace at which they actually move, game story text uses a standard android font instead of the original font for the SNES game and doesn't "fit" into the game at all. This version of the game is still very good, but it could be great with some TLC! This will be the ONLY SquareEnix title I purchase until the requirement for being online all the time and the restriction for rooted devices are removed from other games in your library. I have most of the Final Fantasy's & Dragon Quest's in my wish list and I'll be checking on them from time to time. When those unacceptable and extremely annoying limitations are removed, I will happily purchase them. NOT UNTIL THEN!

2nd boss fight bugged Issues with the 2nd boss as you can just get hit all the way from full health to zero while the controls are unresponsive. Was enjoying the game until that point. You can tell it's a glitch because it's not a gradual increase in difficulty, the difficulty goes from tricky and fun to 'this literally cannot be done' the second the boss appears. All walkthroughs and guides refer to a spot where you can avoid his attacks. This spot has no such immunity, rendering the section impassible. Let me know when patched and I can enjoy the rest of my £6 of gamplay.

Very good port - but could be better This is a very good port of the classic SNES title, but there are a few things about it that irk me. The good: graphics are mostly intact with a few upgrades (water looks great), game runs smoothly and touch controls are well done, music is perfectly ported, two save slots and a quick save function, and controller support. The bad: magic visuals and sound effects are less impressive than on SNES, controllers are supported but button layout isn't customizable, touch control d-pad can be fussy.

Only good for nostalgia. I was really hoping to see some tweaks to the gameplay. But the AI manages to be even worse off in this port and refuses to respond to the action system, they only attack the furthest target over the closest. The attack charge is too slow for any real payoff and most monsters become invulnerable after a single strike from a multi attack. But why worry about that when magic is beyond overpowered, its totaly broken. You can freeze a boss in place with cast after cast and a good supply of walnuts.

Initially released in Japan in 1993, Secret of Mana took the world by storm with its innovative real-time battle system and gorgeously rendered world. It continues to stand out among other action RPGs for its seamless gameplay that anyone from beginner to veteran can enjoy.One of the most memorable elements of the Mana series is […]


Price 799
App Size 66 MB
Instalations 50,000 - 100,000
Score 4.4
Developer SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.

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