Shadowrun: Dragonfall – DC for PC and MAC

I cant continue through the game before it reboots!! It reboots randomly during gameplay fix bugs other then that you guys do well by putting more shadow runs on mobile devices

How to use Shadowrun: Dragonfall – DC for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Shadowrun: Dragonfall – DC in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Shadowrun: Dragonfall – DC on your PC or MAC.

Could be awesomer than the first, but.. Concept is great, characters good and gameplay OK. BUT!!! No zoom (??!?). Really really really long load times (even on a flagship phone from last year that has 3GB of RAM). Can't finish the smuggler run, all combat ends and game just sits there. Won't except any inputs. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE address!!!! With 5 stars w/o these issues.

Not a mobile game Text is so small you can't read it without squinting. Buttons are tiny and almost unclickable. Not a mobile game but rather a shrunk PC Version. Don't purchase until they actually make it a mobile game.

That it lags a bit is ok. That it takes forever for the save game list to load, ok. But that it freezes after killing the last NPC on False Flag, repeatedly, is a game breaker (Nexus 9 btw, so certainly not ancient hardware) - literally, since I cannot continue to play now, given that I can't save, can't move, can't do nothing and it's a story mission. Too bad it's too late to return it now. *edit* Ok, apparently the trick is to NOT kill the last NPC but to get your whole team out of the compound while they are still shooting at you. Still needs to be fixed, but for anyone else stuck in that situation: that way you can at least apparently continue the campaign.

Great post-apocalyspe rpg ! 20 + hrs of game storyline with the side quests, multiple moral choices and character classes making this game fun to replay, price is reasonable for how much you play. I wish i could have played it on my tablet and phone through a google play type of save function. It's a bit difficult to read the text on a phone.

Fix this game Crashes over and over, then I'm back to my last saved game repeatedly. Stuck zoomed in, can't zoom out. Ridiculously long loading time. Hard to get any real gameplay accomplished like that. Please please please fix these problems. Other than all that, cool game.

Amazing! Story was great, charters were great, many hours of gameplay. Long loading times and lag were common place toward the end game, didn't ruin experience since it's turn based. Played on galaxy s5. I had no problem seeing and reading everything, definitely recommend

Excellence continues The game is just a work of art with fun xcom like gameplay, mass effect like deeply difficult choices and deep skill customization. I'm amazed at the quality and length considering its a mobile game, can't recommend it enough.

Another AWESOME Shadowrun game As like the first game, small text (doesn't bother me) and lagging ,this one lags more than the first but is so much better, more optional runs.Still miss being able to go into matrix at anytime and steal info to sell, like in the old sega game.Even with alot of lagging and occasional crashes I love this game, hope there's another in the works.

It *%&#[email protected]! Sucks! It is an awesome game that is ruined by very awful operation. It stops constantly and will even shut the mobile down. I have a htc one, not a cheap phone. It is practically too frustrating to play. If it was not such an outstandin game i would uninstall and ask for refund! Redeem yourselves and fix these problems hbc, this game is worth it!

Great game but... Like others have frequently mentioned, the load times can be painfully long and there is a lot of lag. I've been playing on an LG G3 which is pretty fast. On a 5.5 inch screen I can read the text just fine, however sometimes when there are a lot of characters next to each other it is hard to tap the right one. Writing is good, it feels more like an interactive book than a game to me. Either the writing gets worse later in the game or the novelty has worn off. Still, it's a steal at 3 bucks.ButMaybeGetItOnPC

Fantastic! Like playing a novel... Great game, cracking storyline, fabulous characters. Yes, the load times can be long; lack of zoom isn't great; and the screen sometimes darkens when you move during combat so you can't see the enemy- all annoying. But overall an awesome RPG for your phone that you won't regret buying.

Love the game, hate the bullshit Slow load times, wimpy interface, LOSES MY SAVES, would give 4 stars if my game progress didn't vanish, 5 stars if they speed it up a bit

Loving the Game, Hating No Zoom On my 12.2" screen, it can be hard to tap the correct spot (-1 ★) because everything is so small. Except for that, I like the game. Also, it seems more polished than Shadowrun Returns (I like that one too and, it zooms). In the Matrix, it is nealy impossible to tap the right (-1 ★) spot; nothing select next/previous enemy buttons couldn't cure. Shame, too, because I really think this could be a 5 ★ game. Also, believe the reviews; loading is painfully slow, even on very fast tablets. BTW, Steam has them (Returns and Dragonfall) on sale for PCs right now.

An RPG that plays once...bugged out. An RPG with different classes/races that you can only play once. Second time, players weapons/items went missing. Third the game froze at same point multiple times, half way through the game. Samsung Note 3....the first play was good, some lag issues at times. Not worth the price.

Lincoln Crawford Great game with a fantastic story and deep characters. Want another one. Would of been 5 stars, but the interface can get very choppy on my HP 10 Plus.

Really enjoy the game, although as others have mentioned long load times and an annoying freeze at the end of the Humanis quest have stopped this from being a full 5 star game

Unplayable without zoom Maybe it's an actual feature of the game to not be able to see what's written on the (Gnote4) screen. Maybe the devs are trying to speed up the evolution of the human eye and thus bring about a cyberpunk singularity. I dunno.

So promising but stability lets it down. This is is much better game than it's predecessor which I loved. It has more depth and the game system has had some great polishes. I would be giving this a 5 stars if it wasn't for the constant crashing. I have completed the false flag mission, got back to the safehouse and go out to investigate shiny new equipment and every conversation seems to cause a crash. I have spent at least an hour trying to proceed but I think the size of the city area is a massive design flaw on a phone app.

Awww fix plz this game deserves it! This game is sooo good but it not stable plz plz fix it alll ways crashes when i get to safe house it really getting to the point of me giving up but the story line and game play keep me going plz fix coz this game deserves it i just want to finish it the first shadowrun returns works just fine so why cant this one? plz look in too it coz alot of people will buy this game if it didt clashes keep them updates coming dont give up! We need to moan more to get things fix just hope things do!

Needs work The print is the same size as in Returns, the long loads are bearable, but no zoom sucks. Then there's lag, and it crashes frequntly. That being said, it is an awesome game. Hope HBS can make Dragonfall work as good on a mobile as Returns was

An hour of loading screens later... I bet this game would be awesome, if I could play it. It crashes every 2 or 3 minutes. It took 8 tries over 2 days just to make it into then out of the safehouse. I still haven't completed the 3rd mission because I can't even get into the coffee house without the game crashing. Playing on a gpad 7.0. I'll change my rating when I can actually play the game. The best i can give now is that the character creation/customization screen works well. Please fix it.

Great game but terrible performance on Galaxy S5 The depth of the story and the gameplay are excellent. Unfortunately, the load times and lag are unbearable.

Absolutely Mind-Blowing Incredible old-school tactical turn-based RPG. Never heard of Shadowrun before, but have been desperately searching for a good tactical RPG & found this. Incredible depth, with a deep, fleshed-out game world. Runs good on my Samsung Galaxy S6; however the loading times are very long & it can be frustrating trying to get characters to move where I want. This is too good a game to limit to tablet users; also too good for those issues to warrant lowering my rating. Makes me wish I spoke German, though.

Almost the perfect game. I like the game play simply because I love playing D&D and this is an excellent facsimile. Edit: I'm dropping this to 4 stars because it takes FOREVER to load anything and if I even dream about the vague possibility of maybe considering the idea of maybe gentle touching the home button I lose EVERYTHING and have to start over from my last save, which takes forever to load. And why do I have to tap everything 2 or 3 times to get it to work. It's only frustrating because the game is so good otherwise.

A masterpiece... No drek chummer! Dragonfall is an excellent game! While Shadowrun Returns failed to live up to to its potential, the second installment delivers 100%. Abundant side quests and the ability to use your fellow runners skills outside of combat are the main improvements. Also, the load times are gone when transitioning from indoors to outdoors and vice versa. My compliments to the developers for fixing what was wrong with the series. Great work HBS! Please continue to release Shadowrun titles. I'll be sure to buy them.

Great game, too slow loading sometimes I liked Shadowrun Returns, so I liked Dragonfall as well. The game mechanics, scenarios and overall story is very good and it is quite longer than the first one. Very enjoyable for RPG and Cyberpunks fans. However the game takes really long times to load sometimes and it even lags quite often. I have no idea of what causes it, but I am running it on a NVidia Shield Tablet, which is designed for high performance in games, so I'd expect it to run smooth.

So, I LOVED the Shadowrun Returns game. Waited for this to show up on the Play Store because I had the first game on Android and it was a fun travel game. Loaded this game and it was just as fun, but load times are ridiculous and it freezes when saving or during a big combat. At one part in the game it is so slow that one scenario is taking me forever to finish because each time I get half way or more through it, it freezes. I tried saving the scenario in chunks, that was a no go too.literally 3 hours later I gave up. Not happy. So, what you have here is a beautifully done game that is unplayable on 2 year old hardware that played the first game fine. If they fixed that I would say it is 4 to 5 stars. UPDATE: Still not working on Nexus 7 or Droid Turbo. Also, need a magnifying glass to see on Droid Turbo. Really, not kidding. I an going to email devs and see if they will give me a steam credit. The Android version is unplayable.

Awesome Tactical RPG I have both Shadowrun Returns and Dragonfall for PC and Android. Both are great games with expansive storytelling and an outstanding amount of depth. The Android version seems to be somewhat easier than its PC counterpart when set to the same difficulty level. Load times are a bit long, even on a Galaxy S5, but those are fairly infrequent. It can be rather hard to navigate the screen if using a phone without the use of a stylus and seems more suited to a decent sized tablet. An easy 5 stars.

Great game. Bad load times and crashes. Love the series. I'm a big fan but keeps crashing lately. Seems random. I turn everything off so there is some RAM to spare, but its still crashing.

Lovely but pokey Like its predecessor, (A) a small (7") screen makes navigation difficult and (B) it's pokey at times, e.g. level load/transition times are atrocious (so long that the tablet goes to sleep while waiting) . That said - lovely presentation and a highly usable UI (just a bit too tiny on 7" screen and painfully slow on my 10" TF300). Even on a Nexus 7 (2013), some of the menus are painfully slow: saving takes about 15 seconds just to pop up the list of save game slots. The only thing _not_ slow about it is the combat mode. The 3-minute level transition times _really_ detract from play, to the point of not wanting to bother with it anymore.

Great game. Terrible glitches, freezes and hangs I wanted to like this game, but it doesn't want to be liked. Slow loading times make casual play crawl. Bugs never get addressed by support. Text so small that I can feel myself going blind. That said the story is great. The game play is pretty straightforward and fairly intuitive. I still want a refund after not being able to pass the same spot in the game multiples times over and 30+hours playing.

Fun stuff! Easy for short attention spans. Cool story and a lack of adds with great graphics. I wouldn't recommend playing this on anything smaller than 10 inch screen though. The text can get small and the graphics can be very tiny, and when you need to be accurate when pointing in this game it doesn't work well.

Excellent storyline, decent graphics, and overall really fun to play. However, it runs poorly. There are long load times, but I can live with that. The major problems is no matter how much RAM I free up, within 5 minutes of playing, it will slow down and get choppy as hell. I'm playing on an LG G3, so there is no reason this should run this poorly. Also, no zoom feature which makes trying to tap on the correct thing VERY frustrating. I don't know how many times I mean to click on an enemy, just to waste my AP by moving somewhere instead. With the constant slowdown, you tap, then think it didn't register so you tap again, and then you waste more AP. It's a really good game. I would recommend playing on PC instead, if you can.

Loading crash I have finished the first mission, but the game crashes every time it tries to load the safe house.

Good game pathetic game engine Great game design, atmosphere, and characters, decent writing although kinda empty in the end as nothing really changes from taking the good/bad option the only difference is the amount of karma and gold you aquire from the mission leaving only one real option. Very poor game engine suffering from bad lag/system hangups, very long loading times, even traversing the menus incurs some lengthy loading. No zoom, no camera rotation,no ui scaling end up making combat fairly tedious when it becomes extremely difficult to target the correct enemy or the proper cover location. All in all its a decent game with some very aggrivating BS you have to be willing to deal with.

Overtly streamlined, but solid Dragonfall is better than its predecessor in many ways, especially improving on the somewhat lackluster campaign of the original. It also leaves the more regular Seattle setting which I find is refreshing and helps flesh the world out for those of us not familiar with the RPG sourcebooks. Based on DF, I'm very much waiting for the next games in the series and am glad my original Kickstarter contribution has become part of something much bigger! However, the lack of zoom is annoying and the loading times on the long side as has been stated by others, and I also find the firearm improvement and customization too straightforward and "level-based". The skills and cybernetics revolve too heavily around combat, and nice and fast as the system is I would prefer a more detailed system, similar to Jagged Alliance 2 or the original X-Com which admittedly might be too micromanagerial for more modern players. =) Still, a solid game well worth your money if you're into turn-based tactical combat RPGs and/or cyberpunk stories!

Some flaws. Before I start I loved Shadowrun Returns. This game has the potential to be better. The game needs to be a little more optimized, and we should be able to zoom. If you can fix the lag only this game would be up there with Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition.

Awesome game Great story And love the visuals. Slight slow downs and problems double tapping to use attacks do hamper the overall game play.

Looks promising But on a nexus 5 the rest is just to small to read comfortably. If I get a tablet I'll try it again.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut is a standalone release of Harebrained Schemes’ critically-acclaimed Dragonfall campaign. The Director’s Cut adds a host of new content and enhancements to the original game: 5 all-new missions, alternate endings, new music, a redesigned interface, team customization options, a revamped combat system, and more – making it the definitive version […]


Price 299
App Size 813 MB
Instalations 10,000 - 50,000
Score 4.5
Developer Harebrained Schemes

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