Siegefall for PC and MAC

Great game!! Only short fall is the chat n gliches during attacks. Don't like vanguard, it's a waste of time n space. Card crafting should b able to b selected so u can eliminate cards from the craft process that u never use. Upgrade times r to long. U should b able to upgrade as many buildings u have resources for. Not just 1 at a time. U should b able to use gold for resource purchase instead of just troop development. U should b able to donate resources to guild members. It's a guild, should b able to help your teammates out.

How to use Siegefall for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Siegefall in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Siegefall on your PC or MAC.

Steals your gems BEWARE!!! Latest perk in game was open tavern chests for half price on Saturday and Sunday. Well 1st off it only worked for about half that time....luckily....having 1400 gems on hand i decide to spend 400 opening chests at the reduced price. I spend my 400 open chests then log out. Only to log in later in the day to discover 400 more deducted from gem pool. Leaving me a total of 600. This is not the 1st time my gem pool has been tampered with and customer support for this game is non existant. DO NOT SPEND MONEY!!

Still has potential, BUT!!! Wtf??? You have taken the rarest item in the game and made it to where you need hundreds of these very rare orbs just to upgrade hero's... Its going to be impossible to upgrade and advance in the game now. Either go back to how it was or make these rare items more abundant. Also you have eliminated the primary way to obtain these by removing map frags from PvP rewards. The game is going down and faster then I can upgrade 1 hero...

Love the game, graphics are great. Would love to see some sort of multiplayer battle mode where you team up to take down a super fortified players or computer controlled castle. Could give extra towers and cannons etc to person defending and bring multi attackers etc

Very entertaining Playing on Hudl2 no problem. This game is a derivative of many gone before and is of a type I enjoy. I have played many, some for months and some for only seconds. The graphics are very good. The game mechanics work well. The developers have included a number of additional ways to extend a player's interest. I am a little baffled by the negative comments. If you like this type of game the I can recommend it. Good grief, it's free to download, free to play and free to uninstall.

Unique. Good graphics, good gameplay style. Great troop choices. Lots of ways to get gems. However there are multiple freezing points, long load screens, and the "Boom Beach style of choosing your attacks isnt very favorable. Also there are hidden downloads which is basically a data usage force that is unseen. All of that being said, it is a great game. I foresee myself playing SiegeFall for several months to come. Good Job.

Rip Off Impossible to build up without spending a lot of money. I spent $50+ and still cannot get past level ten because there is no way to create the resources needed to upgrade anything. Always I must purchase gems. They give you 1 or 2 gems in the chest but it takes hundreds to upgrade anything. I will Uninstall and find a game that doesn't rip you off.

Chest expirey problem. . Do u guys read our feed backs? Chest expires much before the stated time period. . I lost many valuable resources. . M really pissed off by that.. I hav invested a lot of tym in this. . I hope things will b rectified sooner

THEY STEAL YOUR MONEY!!!!!! The game runs glitchy since Vanguard patch. Game steals gems do to glitches during Vanguard battles. Chats are laggy at best. BUT THEY GOT LOTS MORE ADS AND OH, MORE ADS AND MORE ADS! They didn't forget put more ads though! All this game does is glitch glitch glitch freeze freeze glitch glitch glitch glitch freeze freeze freeze glitch glitch glitch freeze freeze and steal your money. If you spend money on this game you have to be a special kind of stupid!

siegefall by GEMloft it was fun to play, it was addictive and dominating game and that was it was before. but today it is expensive and it is very time consuming in upgrade. you have a 4hrs chest lifespan, you have a low capacity of storage and have a hours to days of builders. plus a million golds worth of upgrade vs. 800k gold storage = buying gem pack at the shop. really siegefall? is this how you are planning to profit with your game? well goodluck devteam, it is your game anyways. just put the money on the BUG.

Great Game...!! This game and the graphics are really mind blowing... with awesome reality in it. But the problem is it doesnot have frequent updates. we are expecting some frequent updates with new structures or features or new options or New buildings.. which will make us more enthusiastic and will not make us feel bore as well.So waiting for the updates...??!! WHEN CAN WE EXPECT THE NEXT UPDATE? Please provide it soon..;)

Epic Online strategy game but with serious issues Siegefall the name says it all you n your army get to siege other players' kingdom. Beware your kingdom can also b under siege. The game has unique n interesting mechanics involving resources, army, magic cards, heroes n even clans. Beware it has large downfall requiring online connection at all times, stupidly long loading time, mostly unecessary loading, n constant disconnection. Recent updates caused players to lost all their chests, i lost over 40. If u insist on playing add this code 1a6a.

Gone bad Started good and with each new patch they ruin game more and more. More bugs, chest rewards disappearing, broken bet system and impossible requirements for elemental globes . Cheats for vanguard mode where players dc before end and somehow end up victorious .

Good overall, some game killing mechanics need fixed So overall this game is good, and could easily be made one of the best games for Android! Comparable to a game like clash of clans, but with much more depth, features, story line, etc. Much more fun. The bad though... PvP system is broken. It's supposed to be based off medal count to match you against opponents near your skill. Not at all. I get the same 15 opponents, have had them for weeks. I'm XP lvl 50, keep lvl 9. They are from XP lvl 10 (keep lvl 2) to XP lvl 150 (keep lvl 14+) And chat doesn't work

Update has ruined it You will pretty much get this from most players, the last update has killed the game. No warnings about chests and their reduced availability time. I had contacted support about it and did not get a response. And now you need orbs to update your heroes? And a hero I had access to and could upgrade is now locked till I reach Vip lvl 22? How ridiculously stupid is that! And seriously you need your QA team to own their testing better. Horrible glitches. It's become impossible to play now..

ITS AWESOME!!!!! It's so addictive. It's like Clash Of Clans mixed with Boom Beach mixed with Clash Royale! Once you start, you can just keep playing; There's always something to be done! I totally recommend this to EVERYONE I know. Not even joking; It is THAT good.

Bye bye Today is my first day. I am level 5 and because I have only one builder, things are progressing way below slow, not to mention the stupid balance between resources. Thus I leave you with goodbye. I would give it 0 stars, but... Goodbye and farewell. Maybe next time you will hire more competent developers.

I would rate it five stars but it keeps disconnecting especially when I'm in a battle. Keeps telling me "returning to vanguard due to unstable connection". And yea I keep loosing my chests too. And oh yea the game takes up too much data connection to play fluently

Siegefall Brilliant graphics packed with loads of great features. Artwork and voice acting is fantastic. Loved this game. 5 stars to the developers and team that put this together. I like the quirky sense of humour from certain charectors. Would love to be the voice of one in the future. Artwork and game play mechanics combined with HD look amazing on my Samsung tablet. Don't be shy, give it a try.

Update ruined a fun game! Way to go. New update, brand new set of crap. We needed a unicorn? Are you f'in kidding? And now all our upgrades just became just like clash of clans bs...too long. And now chests expire in 4 hrs!!??What the hell? That is weak sauce.

Terrible after update After the late yes update the game has gone terrible. My rank is around 60 and I keep getting opponents over 100 rank. Previously the game used to match the rank and select opponents. Now I can neither win a war nor defend because the opponents are always too strong!

Why? Why all the permissions? I was having second thoughts when it asked for full access to my media... Then it wants my location and contacts,i can understand location....but why do u want my granny's address and phone number!!!! why do u want sensitive information?? I'd love to hear why

New update has your chest expiring before the time it says. Had 3 chests with a total of over 150 gems amongst the 3 with 2 days left to collect and they disappeared. Was at really good game considering uninstalling unless fixed

I want my chests back What are u guys doing with my chests? Last 3 days they disappearing after eatch login.. I lost all resources over 1mil each and some card and some shrines -.- Please fix that...

Siegefall They upgrade & add more bugs to the game. I have one in Vanguard. I have my gate & a wall. The wall is missing a tower. I have said this on 5/6/16. Sent snapshots also. Gate & wall. Missing a tower. Can't remove the wall. They keep asking for more information. This game has become money hungry

Fascinating The game itself is quite fun. The cards are a nice touch. I could see it being over ppwering if players that play a long time get better stuff.. But with that said.. Cards are random and hopefully diversity of cards outweighs the abilityto troll.

I'm disappointed I've been playing this game for a long time and it use to be really well balanced. Upgrading troops and buildings was well designed but now with the new update the resources required is way to high. Its make a progressing much much slower. Really takes away from the enjoyment of the game. I am disappointed how this game has turned into a money grab it use to be fun... :(

This is the best game better than coc.. Smiliar to warcraft bub in android..if .. Many kinds of option lyk human races..orcs ...u can go through n play being that would hv been betttr than ...nythng.. Nice game ... Every 1 must join... It

Forced into expensive gem purchases This game started out great but with the recent update 6 players are forced into the unpopular vanguard mode for elixir, and hero and troop upgrades have been set so high they are unobtainable except for players in the top 3. Game rebalanceing has not increased fairness, only that those who pay win.

It's a good game but there is a small problem wich annoys me. The problem is every time I buy a rune with crowns... It just takes my crowns and give me no runes. I hate that. So what point are the crowns used for now????? Fix it plz.

Nice, but needs improvements Too good graphics, pleasant to eyes, game play is also good. But resource allotment is very imbalanced. Gold & iron storages almost always full & wood & stone storages are always not enough. Please balance them.

Wow How am I 114 but every body on my map is 130 n up please change this my name is viscious on here..... now my account won't let me sync to my account please fix this problem I spent to much money on this game

Dev By Amateurs?! Lots to say about what needs to be rectified but my biggest one is losing my progression because of "my" unstable Internet connection?! My Internet connection is perfectly steady! So that with some stupid mistakes make this game so frustrating...

Even worse than before Charge way too much im only willing to pay 3 to 1. Major issues with freezing. No other apps do this, so it is 100% Gameloft software issues.

Was awarded the best box in Vanguard battle but never given I won a Vanguard battle and was awarded the 3rd and most precious box. When i was returned in my base it was the 1st and least valuable box shown. Very disappointed about that obviously. Hope Gameloft see my message and retrieve my item for me...

Don't waste your time So first of all, this game is a carbon copy of 150 other games that came before it. Not an ounce of originality anywhere. Just another copy paste job with a different overlay. Pitiful. Furthermore, it doesn't work! I'm now stuck on a mission where I have to perform a very specific motion to progress, but that motion doesn't work on my device (s7 edge brand new). I've read countless forum posts of other players suffering the same inconvenience as far back as the games release. Awful game.

I have to agree with most of the people who have written reviews. The balance of resources is not good and it is getting to a point where you are forced to buy gems to upgrade and move forward properly. I am not happy with the fact that you need orbs to upgrade your heroes now. I remember how long it took just to unlock Orinda, can you imagine how long it will take to upgrade her never mind the heroes too.

This latest update has treasure chest expiring in 3 hours instead of 3 days. Ruins are rip off and VIP levels sucks too. Trying to mint money. Sorry to go but such cheap practices are despicable 01/09/2015 Since this new hero update, the game won't replay the attacks. When you choose to replay after the attack it gets stuck on loading and won't move on. You can't go back as it does not allow you to. I have to force close the app each time. Graphics and story are good but not many people attacking. Loading is slow. Is it in beta or what?

Siegefall Truly a great game! I give it 5 stars because its graphics are clear and magnificent, I love the spell cards! The heroes you get right off the bat, the mechanics of the game are interesting and a good concept. Overall a great game but so few people even heard of it. Glad I found it!

I love this game, the graphics are great, the play is great and so far no problems, and I am for lack of a better word very, picky, with my games on my phone. I finally found dominations second but very possibly better runner up... I HAVE ALREADY RATED YOUR GAME, DO YOU REALLY FIND IT NECESSARY TO ASK ME 20 TIMES A SESSION???ENOUGH ALREADY...THE GAME IS GREAT, I YET TO FIND A BETTER IN THIS CATEGORY, ONLY PROBLEM IS ONE, SOMETIMES THE CROWNS AND GEMS ARE NOT RECEIVED FROM THE TAVERN AND MARKET...THANKS.

Build your ultimate army with mighty Heroes, brave Spirits, powerful Troops and magic battle Cards, and then clash with other players around the world in live PvP battles. *IMPORTANT* An Internet connection is required to play. Execute your best game plan in this tactical game full of action! Clash live with millions of players worldwide […]


Price Free
App Size MB
Instalations 1,000,000 - 5,000,000
Score 4.3
Developer Gameloft

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