Silent Gear for PC and MAC

Eh Kind of enjoyed it, but its unfinished. And yea spelling and grammar kinda kills the immersion. Leaves with you with that " it was all a dream" feeling which is frustrating.

How to use Silent Gear for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Silent Gear in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Silent Gear on your PC or MAC.

Huh? I couldn't do it. Got maybe 4 or 5 pages in. It seems like a great idea, but really poor execution. Was most definitely not written well. Poor grammar and spelling issues all over. I had to tap out. Fix the grammar/spelling issues and I'll check it out again.

Boss fights unwinable (SPOILERS)Ive done boss fight 13 times cant win its pure random chance and its making me angry. Story is great would be 5 stars if not for boss fight. . . jus got the kill selene ending an it was just insulting to the reader its a forced dream sequence lame evrything u went through in story didnt happend jus makes me mad. An i dont even want to play it again to c the 2 other ending because of how long it takes to defeat a boss. NEEDS ALOT OF CHANGES!!!!!

Good story lacked substance Liked story but boss battles one big pain and did not matter which choice you make if it does not kill you will kill your whole team and no multiple endings only one. If sequel made will need complete redesign.

Good story, but... Makes me wonder if the author's native language is English or not. I really like the story and play style, but grammer and vocabulary needs considerable work. As long as you can understand a little of what he is saying you will have fun with this book. (Example he uses the term EMP Specializing Squad when it should be EMP specialist Squad.) Those are the type of vocab mistakes he makes. Other than that just ignore the common typos like putting periods in the wrong places. You can tell he doesn't mean too.

Poorly written and the computer always wins in an air battle The story is bland and predictable and the computer will beat you every time in an airship battle. I was about to beat the computer after he managed to "predict" my every move before, I was at 40% Hull and he was at 10%. I fired hit him he took no damage, he fired hit me but instead of going down 10% it was an instant kill. Do not download.

Great Personally love book games like these grammar is bad but that's whatever I'd like another one to be made and also is it even possible to do the stealth path at the very beginning? I don't see any way to do so

Disappointed The grammar was HORRIBLE. Well, it wasn't horrible but they were consistent and annoying. Spelling errors, some sentences were in past tense when they shouldnt have been. just all around bad grammar. Get an editor! Story was decent but it forces you to romance one person who wasn't even a decently written character. Just don't. The choices you choose dont even matter

Great story This is one of the best stories I've read. I loved the unexpected love turn only to be betrayed by that love. Then to have to decide to join, injure, or kill that love only to find another love confession letter and be sent back in time to wake up from a comma with the cube. I've never read anything like it. One thing I don't understand is in the beginning I beat Todd but when I went back in time it said I lost against Todd but I woke up with the cube so Im a little confused.

Seriously?! HILO?! You know, not all Muslims are terrorists right? FYI Most of the terrorists in the world are non-Muslims. And our religion does not promote violence and hence does not support the minority of Muslims who are extremists. I don't know why you guys are so prejudiced about us. I mean haven't you ever met a nice Muslim guy? Or maybe you haven't ever been mugged by a non-Muslim thug? Seriously, the game is amazing but why are all terrorists always portrayed as Muslims. Please reply. Thanks

Needs improvement It was a painful read, to say the least. It was very badly written.with grammar mistakes throughout. It attempts to force a romance on you, though since it's written so badly, it doesn't really work. The characters as a whole are rather bland. Lastly, the ads are distracting and regularly get in the way, as well as forcing the page to scroll up. When you finish the game, you have to pay to restart it.

Guessing game This isn't a choice game at all. They provide you with choices however unlike most games there isn't multiple ways to go thought the story successfully and develop your character the way you want. Weak weak weak. Hated it.

Amazing This is a very nice change of pace from the other games i play. Whatever mistakes there are they are very small. It really surprises you with the plot changes you. If you are a halo fan you will love this. I give this app great praise because it is just that good.

Disappointment I'm sorry to say playing this novel just lead me to more and more disappointing aspect of the novel. First was that choices weren't really choices at all it was do this one action or die. Your team you have them for all of five page then you don't anymore. I just felt like I didn't control a thing in this my stats felt really meaningless I got to pick my gear twice but that it. But loved the descriptions of the characters and gear just felt it meant nothing with how quickly they become meaningless.

A lot of mistakes I'm a huge fan of CoG and Hosted games. Up until this point there wasn't a game I hadn't enjoyed, despite a few mistakes here and there. In this case however the mistakes are way to frequently it breaks the immersion of the story. For example; "You see Robby takes out a flask and takes a good chug." That was after a number of other mistakes on the same page. The game could have used a little more proof reading. Also the Middle East is not a continent, and many sentences were not even capitalized.

Grammar, spelling etc. The save is a nice touch even though it isn't new. But the grammar and spelling omg, someone should help the author proofread the gamebook first. Other than that, story is good but it is too short.

Great plotline, lots of little errors. It's a great read, except for the spelling errors, I'd be much more inclined to read it if it were edited for such errors.

Favorite App This kind of app makes the appstore worth it for me. Just started on episode 1 and I'm loving it. There are typos, but only minor ones. I love it so far. Just finished... Still great.

adventure book! reminds me of one of those adventure books where you can choose your decision. no problems with game either. galaxy s4 with 4.4.2

Good Story. Wish it was longer I recommend reading this. I thought it was a game then I was I like I am going to finish it bc it would be fun. Kind of a let down at the end but hey try it. Note: I don't read much but this concept made me do it.

It trys to hard. I really might have enjoyed this game, but to me it feels like they spent more time on the minigames and less on the story and characters. Some of the choices have the ability to be great but then you always wind up doing the same ending which in my oppinion just killed all the point of making choices at all.

Ok The game needs to be longer, the story is fine, I personally enjoyed it but the end was too sudden. Fine game, needs extention.

Its difficult It really is an intetesting story but i do have a few complaints. 1. The story is way too linear. Every desicion point you have either sends you further into the story or leads to almost certain disaster. 2. The boss battles are way too random and require no skill at all only luck. 3. The attributes dont seem to affect anything at all in the entire game i saw 2 checks for attributes. 4. The Stealth check in the first mission seems to be impossible to get even with the stealth boosting implants.

The game was a cool concept and had a decent background; but alot of the game, especially the combat seemed like it was just a guessing game.

Forced Choice is not a Choice In EVERY other Text based Game I play, I am able to choose my.romantic partner. News flash, not everyone is Heterosexual.

Grammatical and spelling errors everywhere For example: "I'm tide up at the moment" and "he switch and duck under to the opposite side of the vehicle . "

Why Its a awesome book I got hooked on the first page its a amazing book I just wish it was longer

Oh, god, the spelling... I don't ordinarily fault a game heavily for poor grammar and spelling, but when the game is entirely text based, you can't afford to mess it up! Especially when it gets so bad at points that you completely lose immersion because you're trying to decipher what you just read. I may try going back into the game sometime, but honestly the grammar and spelling were just to frustrating for me to continue.

Good but it's bugged On the boss fight in the mech suit if they get your shield to 0 for example you can't buff it anymore but if you get there's to 0 they can still protect it.

Great story. Some grammar and spelling mistakes. Also in some parts it seemed like the option I chose did not carry through the rest of the story and the default option was chosen. I also chose female as my character but it seems like that was also not carried through the story and I was seen as a male character.

Frustrating! I like these text games, they are well written, interesting, require skill and thought . . . And then there's this! imagine an ebook where you have to play a chance game to turn the page . . . that's this game, you are given a squad AND THEY DIE!! You can't change it or alter it, they DIE. And ''boss battles'' aren't based on skill, it's a game of rock, paper, scissors with a computer, I spent 2 hours on a "boss battle" and nearly ended up with my phone embedded in a wall! Don't waste your time!

Epic It was really good but sad because of the betrayal in it. But could you make an add on to it because it felt like it could go on longer in my opinion.

I don't get the other comments I loved the game I'd love a sequel with your choices effecting it too lol but yeah its tough but an amazing game/story the grammar and spelling could you use some work but I love this game I might make some of my own lol

Great game an ok read i guess the only thing i hated was the boss fights especially the first one it was challenging but other than that it was a satisfying read

Please fix The story is okay, *SPOILER* but when my main character who was female turns back to the past and wakes up in the hospital she is adressed as a "he" and throughout the story there were only romances with females, I personally have nothing against gay people but I'm not one of them and I would have liked it if there was a choice for me to date either of the guys not just Selene :/ so yeah like I said the story is good, I like the boss fights but the fact I couldn't date any of the guys is sad...

Poor spelling. Boss fights broken (AI can boost downed defense systems; you can't).

Female love interest but not male? Also railroad-y 'You WILL crush on this person'. Also capitalisation issues.

Amazing The story was great but you need more to this story.Stop making new stories and stick with the good ones you already have!

Grammarical errors... So. Many. Grammatical. Errors. Not to mention it's very railroaded, and the combat is broken.

Interesting storyline :) Nice story, but the bosses can get a little difficult and there are many grammatical errors.

Become an elite trained soldier in a grim military future world. You decide your friendship, love, war, betrayal, and above all, survival.”Silent Gear” is an interactive sci-fi thriller by Lee Yuan, where your choices control the story. It’s text-based–without graphics–and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.With the constant economic downturn and conflicts, […]


Price Free
App Size 5.5 MB
Instalations 10,000 - 50,000
Score 3.9
Developer Hosted Games

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