Soft Pixel Dungeon for PC and MAC

Not even easy I can't get past the slime I have but then I can't get past the robot defender in the 3rd levels of pixel dungeon what happened to soft pixel dungeon?

How to use Soft Pixel Dungeon for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Soft Pixel Dungeon in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Soft Pixel Dungeon on your PC or MAC.

Well worth it To me, the original was stupid hard. This is not ridiculously easy; still enough of a challenge to kill a beginner off but you'll have fun getting a few levels down.

Sift pixel dungeon I hate this. Yeah you can save but it takes everything that you acquire. Do not down load this app! I can't get past tengu cause I saved it with 11 potions of healing and it won't let me have them! User's beware. Sucks.

Something to say Easy AF , i've finished the normal one with ease , this one is easy , oh , and to the people that say this isn't easy , welp , either u are too unskilled in this particular genre or you suck at games in general , so stop giving the game bad reviews if it's too hard for you.....

Stats Are Terrible My level 12 warrior used 12 health potions on the second(ninja) boss. He still died... You have a seriously bad stat problem that needs fixing. Better balancing. Just because there's tons of items doesn't mean it's easier. Frankly it's harder because there's no improvement to to original characters. Shattered Pixel Dungeon is better and it's pretty bad as of recently.

I think you should be able to remove hunger from the game, it can ruin save files and make it so when you run out of hunger, you find no food, your save file is gone, even if you save it onto another file it still is useless

Nice but there is a bug (BEST PIXEL DUNGEON YET) The game beautiful but I ran into a bug. A Crazy Thief stole my scroll holder. When I was chasing him, I found another scroll holder and picked it up, hoping to get my scrolls back. I didn't. I then killed the Crazy Thief. He dropped my scroll holder. I picked it up. But my scroll holder was empty. Please fix this. I lost about 15 Scrolls of Identify and 2 Scrolls of Upgrade. Thankfully, I could retrieve them by loading my last save file. GREAT GAME THOUGH!

Much better than the original I prefer this version because I can actually make some good progress. When I make a mistake, I don't have to completely do it over. This is what Pixel Dungeon should be.

Thank you for this Its realy usefull sins shaterd and the original are very brutal but you hawe a game braking glich here sins the eye of Yog-Dzewa cant be damiged no mater what i do and it seems other pepole are also experiencing this as well please do somting abaout it

Decent but not great; kind of buggy I love shattered pixel so what could be better than a version that gives you more seeds and food? And saving!!!!!! YES!!!! Unfortunately it also gives you more seed pouches and scroll holders too. It would be really cool if they had seeds or scrolls in them, but no. These things fill up your pack fast. I'd also like the potion bandolier. And wands NEVER show up! The version of Shattered Pixel is pretty old. I really like the newer Shattered Pixel so please update this!

There is no glitch for the god. Good luck everyone :D The game mechanic of the god is very simple but very unique. In order to be successful in slaying the god you must first deal with the hands. I find it useful to use the ice seed and combining it with the water (which looks likes lava) and just trapping them there, then you will be able to hit the god. Another method is to kill both hands, green one first (stand in water), burning and then the god. The god doesn't actually do damage on you, it's his worm minions that do and he has a very high evasion rate.

So far I have done a play through with the warrior class, and I have made it all the way to level 25! ( Which is much farther than I ever made it on the original version ) I have loved this app so far, the original version was ridiculously hard! This easier version was exactly what many people need in order to actually enjoy the game. The game spawns usefull items much more frequently and it really helps you out. The save files have worked great for me and I have not encountered any save file glitches so far. I highly recommend this game to anyone who is getting frustrated with the original version. This version helps you have an exiting and enjoyable adventure.

It's good But it is a bit outdated when put side to side with the original Shattered Dungeon, would appreciate an update :)

The stupid slime things kill u instantly. I was doing so well the a bloody black slime turned up and killed me. The game crashes when u try to save

Game starts out good .. Then it gets way to hard .. Between the monks, the purple eyeballs and the ones that charm you .. You can use 4+ healing potions again a single opponent .. Have armor that can absorb 44+ and still can jacked up way to easy .. And it's bullshit the monks can knock weapons out of your hands .. And having to keep finding .. And not sure if there is a glitch in game .. There has been levels that I could not find any keys but there was a door that needed a key

I HATE THE STUPID GOO!!!!! The Goo in the vanilla shattered version is impossible to beat. He one-shots me always.

Great game Excellent adaptation to the original. In my opinion the original Pixel Dungeon was WAY to hard. The save feature and the "easy" difficulty make this a winner in my book. Only reason for two stars is because I'd like to see some productive updates. Any chance that will happen anytime soon?

Awesome, but hard... I love this game, I've played it passed the robot boss (barely) but it's just too darn hard!! If you could, set up a difficulty thingy and what is with all of the scrolls of identify!! I have 20+ and nothing to use them on, while I have only gotten 1-3 of the other scrolls! Please change it to make it feel like I'm progressing, because I really REALLY want to finish the game!! again, I love this game, thank you so much for making it!

Really good. Shattered was honestly too hard, this version still retains difficulty, while making it more fun to play. Good job!

Bug found. The boss Yog-Dweza (They Eye and Fists boss) takes no damage when I hit the eye. By the looks of it, I am not the only one expiriencing this problem. I would appreciate it if this gets fixed, because this is a good version and I wish to defeat the boss.

Thanks! Its no fun to just starve while trying to build a character and never see the deeper levels..this is the one to play!

It's not bad This game is fun but makes me mad because theres no save button

THANK YOU This game is exactly like the regular Pixel Dungeon except it's actually playable.. Mostly because you can save and load your game and it's actually possible to make it somewhere.

Fun but... I experienced a glitch when fighting. I got randomly teleported around the enemy instead of attacking it. Please fix. It is annoying.

Where's the shop on lv 21?????? Great game but.... Where's the shop on lv 21? And sometimes the key is missing for the locked rooms. I have used the magic !mapping scroll and checked every room but still can't find the key. This had happened on various levels.

I can finally beat the game! I love how this version adds food into grass randomly, so I don't die of starvation, so I can finally beat the game! I finally beat it as rouge, only after 3 tries!

This Game Is Fun!!! You can enjoy this Pixel game now that it has saved levels! I had no real problems playing this game. Its well made and full of hidden loot!

Why do people call this hard? A lot of people complain about this game. Can't beat tengu? I don't declare a save as unwinnable until the dwarf king. Learn the game people. This is almost a walk through version. Only 4 stars because it never updates and because it really is a newbs version.

I'm feeling weird I played the normal PD first and couldn't even get through floor 2. Then I found this and within a couple days I reached the final floor. The saving/loading system is really what helped me. I just wish you can wear more than 2 misc items at once. But this game is great nonetheless. Great job!

Very fun I was finally able to beat this vexing game! To those saying you can't damage the final boss, use the black stone available in the shop to balance your (hopefully already powerful) weapon for weight. My +4 glaive made short work of the final level. Noticed one bug(?): when the crazy theif steals the scroll holder, it's empty when reacquired. Not sure if the same applies for the seed bag or wand holder. Had to restart once because I knew I couldn't take the loss of three upgrade scrolls.

Would give 5 stars for update. It's basically what it says in the description, but it's an old version and I would suggest for an update. Thanks

Please fix these issues. Issue number 1: issue ranking 9: As I was playing I saved all save files and I beat both fists with my level 20 warlock used (1 potion of might on him)and started wailing at the eyeball of yog-dzewa with my level 5 blazing glaive and I realized he was taking 0 damage everytime so I goto another save file and remove the blazing enchant and still no damage so I change the glyph on my mages robe and still no damage... would've been my first time defeating the old god, please resolve this issue thank you.

Great except... Landscape mode does not work properly, the interface becomes too small to use properly. The game is significantly easier than the original. If you are only going to play in portrait mode and the original is too hard for you this version of pixel dungeon is perfect.

Great! As well as adding new content to vanilla Pixel Dungeon (A great game which was made better) this version allows us to get further than floor 5 without sweating our balls off and rage-quitting every time you died to that stupid slime. And for those who still believe this game is hard, make sure you look through every single room on the floor and destroy a lot of grass, there is a lot more to be found, trust me.

This game is amazing Fantastic job on this one. Only complaint I have is when I sell my extra scroll holders, it gets rid of the scrolls I had. Its difficult to see which is the one thats actually holding them.

Needs some work. You gotta rework the dodging. Those gnoll tricksters on lvl 2 are blocking 5-10 times in a row. I dont even get killed on lvl 2 in the original harder version... the crabs on lvl 3 also need some attention. Incase your unaware, they recently reworked a lot of these things in original. Sorry though, two stars cause that is quite annoying.

Huntress health and an IDEA Its too low i died to fetid rat while being in water in one shot ONE SHOT. Please balance huntresses health or damage of enemies.the IDEA is to add multiplayer mode i really wanna play with my friends. Please reply of you are going to work on it

THE BEST VERSION!!! I love this version of the opensorce game pixel dungeon, ive played every version, and his one is by far the best one yet. Isnt up to date completly, but the save feature makes the game entierly differnt. Play and you will see.

Great! I love it, but I have one problem: I killed the Burning fist god And the Rotting fist god, but no matter how much I hit the eyeball god, It never dies. Please, I really need to know how to kill it. Please tell me

Got passed the goo I got too floor 6 and when the thief drops the key it dosent match the door there is nowhere else i can go ive tried dropping it and picking it up love the game though i dont know if im doing wrong or what

This is a small modification of Shattered Pixel Dungeon, which is an enhancement of the amazing game called Pixel Dungeon. Both Pixel Dungeon and Shattered Pixel Dungeon are Open Source and belong to the roguelike genre: randomly generated levels, turn-based movement, lots of dying. I did not write either of those games.Soft Pixel Dungeon is […]


Price Free
App Size 3.2 MB
Instalations 100,000 - 500,000
Score 4.1
Developer wolispace

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