Squad Strike WS : Free Shooter for PC and MAC

Love this! This game is one of the best shooters I've played, but, agreeing with everybody else, it's incomplete. Maybe add more characters and a custom selection: change the color of your player and add custom pieces to attach to player options. And more maps too. Like an abandoned neighborhood with enterable houses. And more guns! Like a rocket launcher, handgun, and double pistols. Other than that it's an awesome game!

How to use Squad Strike WS : Free Shooter for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Squad Strike WS : Free Shooter in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Squad Strike WS : Free Shooter on your PC or MAC.

Great but room for improvement This game has shown your improvement as a developing team. Great gameplay, interesting customization, and no p2w advantage, and the sci-fi elements are executed amazingly . How ever there is room for improvement on the visual side, since the gun effects are the same from your last shooters and are a little underwhelming. Look at other games gun effects and it should give u ideas. Also, if able to do so, make actual shadows and be able to control their quality in settings. Keep up the good work

Great game but feels incomplete Personally, I love the game but from time to time I play it, the more it feels somethings are missing. For me, these are the things needed to be in the game. Online chatting, gamemodes (Free for all, Deathmatch, Bomb scenario, etc), AI using all characters more maps, more charater, in-game currency to "buy guns" instead of levels, better animations, sprinting or dodging, and maybe even jumping. Sorry for sounding like it's easy but can't help to point these out. From player name "Gray Fox", with love

It's a great FPS game but it needs more touch..... I like the game, the war suits and the weapons are quite good. But I think it needs new maps, more weapons, and even more cool war suits or armor. Well it's kind of a downer having only two suits to use. Well the game is named WAR SUIT afterall, so the contents should also follow what the title says. Anyways, again it's a great game....but it needs more improvements.

Wow!! when is the nxt update? This is the game which is really next gen.. Right now im lvl13 tnx to the ninja.. Ive unlocked everything... Thanks for making it.. Plss add more suit/character and more weapons.. Dont let me down your a great game maker.. You should not look on gamers' negative comment keep up the good work.. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Š

Good graphics Good game good graphics simple controls some glitches like i can go thought the walls and save progress problems when i quit the game and i was lvl 2 then i open it again i am lvl 1 again? I think that was a bug in save progress and the problem at leveling up lvl 1 is too much harder to level up to lvl 2 pls fix the problems and add some maps sometimes i got bored in this game there was a thrill in the game

I think whoever created this did a terrible job srry 1st I join online and it takes me to my hme screen 2nd the turning is terrible I got killed so many times trying to turn. This game is gonna need alot of improvement to be honest

Good show. This is nice I've been looking for a shooter that I can play anywhere the online and offline capability is very nice and convenient. Please keep updating and improving the game. If need be add some small in-game microtransactions for faster level ups. I'm sure people wouldn't mind donating a small amount to help keep the game becoming greater.

Good game but needs update Well this is a great addictive game but it took me only 2 days to max out EVERYTHING! in the game like literally everything. Needs improvement. Only two characters, 2 guns for one and 6 for the other and only 3 abilities also maybe AI could use both characters and be able to jump, sprint and dodge as well as new game modes. One last thing please add in secondary weapons. I know i make it sound horrible but it is not. Great game but desperately needs an update. From player Ashy with respect.

Fix Problems Graphics needs more improvement Also If you kill someone you can keep shooting or Melee'ing in the same spot to kill the person again.Walking animation need to be improved. More guns and perks Map needs to be sealed-you cant see through the map. Better weapon level up System . Better controls. Second class/Suit needs to be Nerfed..melee damage is to Op(Maybe make it Slower)Second Suit speed should be nerfed. (Weapon Secondary Needs Buff) Pistols for Secondary/Second Suit Needs to Be buffed More stats..Also more Weapons For Second suit..

It can be fun ----THIS GAME HAS---- : unique in-game UI, good-enough bots, overheat-styled guns, not-so-many ads. ----THIS GAME NEEDS---- : respawn protection, better main menu, more mode, more suits, xp stats screen after battle, map, remove sticky aiming, in-melee-range indicator, cover system, advance weapon customination, skill tree (personal opinion), class system (personal opinion), better animation, better graphic render, local multiplayer, world and in game chat, news from developer. DON'T ABANDON THE GAME, DEV!

Really good game just needs one thing Can you guys add a new suit and add in a shotgun and the next suit should have all explosive guns OK can you do that please and can you nerf the machine gun it's too overpowerd and now I get so many ads that I keep disconnecting from games and it's annoying

Not bad Only problems with this is when I choose a number over five for comrades my camera doesn't work. Can't you make the camera more sensitive? Also please add more maps and different kinds of bot guys

Absolutely love it! The game is cool and I'm level 12 and I beg you please add secondary weapons and more weapons and more suits! And add a jump button that would really help and allow us to customize our gear including the first suit the war suit and the ninja suit thanks and also put more maps and colors so we could colorize our gear and weapons thank you so much and thank you for making this cool game thank you and good bye!πŸ˜‰

Graphics are OK, but controls are awful No proper controller support or inverted look. Game play is too twitchy, needs jump and dedicated/customizable controller support for xinput(most Bluetooth n Xbox controller). I'll check again in a few months

It's confusing As much as I love this game, it would be nice if the sniper rifle had a scope. It's hard to have good accuracy with a sniper (even though that is what makes a sniper rifle unique). Also, there is to much "stuff" on my screen at one. You don't really need to know how much damage the enemy is doing or the distance, all you need to look at is the hp of the enemy. Also, cloak is useless. As soon as I see an enemy with cloak, the orange box comes up. What the point of it if the ememy gets a nice little aim box?

War suit the original Mega bytes size is 142mb,but it's Pretty awesome,,, need to download more content on inside game,smooth gameplay no lags,the only downgrade is we can't jump and throw grenade.update soon we need suit customization part and that kinda be cool.

Great It's an amazing game and really fun to play, just needs more stuff in it because it can get boring after a while. I recomend; missions, more maps, more weapons and bot types and more game modes (not just team death match)

Gears of War Mobile Please add a shotgun with the same dynamics as gears of war. And Grenades as well as a secondary firearm. Also can you make the sound effects sound a bit more authentic? LG Volt adreno 305

I love it But i dont like tht it only has two players nd not alot of guns, yaww should make tht u get money to buy the guns nd get more maps and more abillty nd if yaww do nd fix tht sometimes it takes me out this game and they have been asking this since 2015 so i hope yaww finally make 2016 and so ur game will become famous, plz fix all this plz

Sucks Don't buy this game please don't it just sucks the controls are bad. It turns the screen completely black when you get hit. And if you play against fake characters they kill you in 1 shot.

Fun little shooter. I don't normally like these types of games, but I had been playing Warframe and wanted a mobile game that gave me a similar experience. Well this isn't really like Warframe, but it is fun to play and a cool mobile game. Recommended. A++++

Easy but fun It's so much fun. I'm stuck using the carbine rifle with all 10 points on the fire rate and can just go through and kill with ease. I recommended it to a few of friends. I really liked it

It's good but THERE ARE BUGS I THINK because i can't aim properly most of the times it's stuck in one position please guys help me fix this, the game mechanic's really good no doubt about that but thr errors and bugs just take it away.

Pathetic I can't even kill anyone and to top it off I'm up against people way higher than me and there is no way to switch sides of the camera. Plus every time i come with contact to an enemy the aim just goes haywire and does things by itself please fix

Needs more For the ninja guy he only has 2 guns he needs more weapons and his damage on his weapons r very bad. But every thing else is great.

good game but not best this game requires many improvements..such as adding more maps,more suits,more game modes,adding cloud saving,adding gadgets like grenades,adding in-game chatting...etc...and if u guyz can do this..it is possible to beat shadowgun DZ...i swear...work on it..i will rate 5 stars..

Amazing Although the app may look underwhelming, it's really a jewel on the playstore. Graphics are a bit lame, maps could be better, but game play is fantastic ,smooth as butter. Not like those cruddy game loft games,

Wow. One of PlayStore's Hidden Gems. This game deserves more recognition, Great work dev. I'll be watching Value Games for more releases. How about a separate game that focuses on campaign but still uses the assets from this game, that'll be awesome. (Samsung Galaxy S4) All right first the pros- Graphics were okay (Grey Fox armor? lol, the default armor is much better looking), 3rd person shooter- finally a decent shooter that is not FPS. I havent tried online yet but the offline bots were great, snipers stay far away as possible and make pot shots, great AI. No In-App purchases which is awesome. That's Value right there. The Cons- The controls. While it is good (when it works), sometimes the controls (camera movement when aiming) locks up, better take a look at this dev.

Good Good game, but there is a glitch that when you shoot someone's dead body, they still take damage and they die when they respawn. This should be top priority, along with more suits and guns. Overall, good game otherwise.

Best shooting app ever! Loved the app, its great but hardly anyone plays so there's like 3 people it the lobby. Also grenades, another class, and the ability to switch guns/loadouts mid game would be great. YALL SHOULD PLAY IT!!! (Graphics were on point as well)

It's awesome but needs more maps n guns Add more maps plz! The guns are amazing but needs more think about a gun that blows people away from your team mates make it B to blow haha!

I love it but...MISSIONS Please... Characters designs are great, needs objectives. Mindless shooting spree gets old...Zoom on current sniper rifle should be available on all weapons when upgraded, and get the sniper rifle more distinguished zoom. You soldier needs a roll button and the ninja a jump button.

I suggest I suggest stuff like more guns,ability / power ups and customizable suits also this is a great and fun game to play on and offline can you add stuff like Free-For-All for all Flag Capture and more -----------COMMENTARY also, say I have a mic, Bluetooth connectible to IOS or earbuds with a mic, ----------------Again this is a great app very fun for me to play a special offline thanks please please upgrade and add clans

I would rate higher if could. I recommend this game to all who like war games. Only problem is there robots not people and I think it's not to real. other than else I recommend this game to every one out there.

Rotation problem..... Come on! Evry time about like 5 minutes....the rotation is bad! I cant rotate it properly...if u fix ill give 5 stars....by the way...good game..

Great This is an awesome game. I do agree that controls can be a little better but they are still nice. The next update should have more levels and either more characters or more guns. Also, if it isn't already, you should make multi-player more international for more game play.

So much ads that get in the wayπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘Ώ This game is awesome but here's the thing there are too many ads like almost 90% There is ads every single time whenever i join a server please remove them. But awesome game just please remove ads😎. Also add new guns, suits, abilities and maps.

Really Come on its a great game but u need more guns more abilities and more maps especially more new awesome suits I mean it is called war SUIT after all do this and I will rate 5 stars and recommend this game to every one I know friends family whatever but in till u do improve all that stuff I won't seriously fix this please

Nice game! This has everything someone would want in a mobile shooter game. It is only 3rd person, but it is still great. Too bad it's only for Android...

Free online / offline TPS (Third Person Shooter) game. FEATURES:– Online multiplayer mode.– Offline bot match.– Smart bot.– 8 customizable guns.– 3 unique abilities.– 2 unique WarSuits: Soldier and Ninja.– Beautiful 3D graphics.and more! Powered by Exit Games Photon Cloudhttps://www.exitgames.com/en/Realtime


Price Free
App Size MB
Instalations 1,000,000 - 5,000,000
Score 3.9
Developer Value

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