Too many ads. It's really ridiculous how many ads there are. After every inning, every time you change a screen, any time you do anything. It used to be okay but not now. One star until that changes. Game isn't really controlled by you. It's all computer. You've got no say it what happens. They don't give you the gold for watching the videos half the time. Don't even try to download or complete a task for more gold. Won't happen.


You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type TAP SPORTS BASEBALL in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use TAP SPORTS BASEBALL on your PC or MAC.

Fun at first Game was fun but latey been acting up stole 100 wins from my records and change some of my player stat on it own also poor customer service since i m not the only one having problems but they have yet to reply to anyone mail

Gameplay is pretty fun but... Ive been ripped off of getting free gold for watching videos many times. Id watch 3-4 videos then it would say network connct. failed & I wouldnt get credit. if u contact CS expect a canned reply that doesn't answer your question. U can spend thousands of gold on 1st rd picks, @ higher levels & get bums who don't even make your bench. There is little control over team lineup.. ie u cant put a 1st baseman @ 2nd, etc. U cant decline a game (w/out a loss) if the person scores first. a lot of tweaking needed.

"CRAPSPORTS BASEBALL" Pre-Scripted games.Need no skills at all. The computer plays out the games instead of the players.You don't Pitch,Only can steal on first pitch so computers knows wen ur going and u get thrown out from the wall Constantly.Curveballs go off screen and behind ur back for a strike.The pitchers stop everything like a tree.And that's just da haft of it.Gameplay is Supergarbage.Its sad cuz it could've been a great game.

Can't play a game when you want to ,you end up waiting around for your opponent when ever they get back to the game and that may take days or never.so I would like more games with out the wait... Have to wait around in till your opponent finally gets back to the game.needs more game time

Just a money machine for maker. If you don't spend money you won't be "good". I save up the gold they "give" me ONCE IN A BLUE MOON. The spin to get a 1st round pick or spin to get a #1 pick is f'ing bogus, 99.99% of the time you will get a 3 star player or less. Greedy SOB's. They used to allow us to buy draft picks with game cash, but nope not anymore. Also, there's no control of your team basically. Just whose on the field. Not where they bat in the order. No way should a guy with 1 power be batting in 3 or4 hole. This game has failed!

5 stars This game is awsome..able to draft players to better your team.. upgrades for all around play..im addicted..make your team today!!!

Good until legends playoffs Great game until you reach legends playoffs, once achieved that milestone, since it's impossible to beat that team, game gets boring quick!

Great game I don't like waiting on other people to play but it's a fun game.

WTF Google can you please contact the developers and ask them to start addressing these concerns, ppl enjoy the game and concept, it's just frustrating watching advertisements and not being compensated for our time spent watching them, network issues, actually money issues, in game play, etc., if they wanna make money off the game, that's fine, but do it respectfully, so all can enjoy the game no matter what level they are

Tap Sports baseball Absolutely astonishing!!! Awwwwwwsome Game.Yes Kenneth to to to many ads.Every half inning. Great at first. It stinks now. I made the mistake of giving it 5 STARS, Now I'm given it 1 STAR!!!! Thanks Kenneth!!!

LOCKED UP Love the game until it totally stopped working. I played it for 3-4 months then all of the suddenly it locked up. I tried for a couple of days to get back on the site but got nowhere. I have uninstalled it many times but I cant get past the open page and it locks up. Has this happened to anyone else? I would like to continue to play .

Fun Until It's fun until you start playing kids who spend money on the game. Stinks when you finally get 100 gold coins to get 1st round player and end up with 2 star player through the "random" spin. Hence, the fun is running out.

Rip off It's getting to be a rip off. I have a good team and I bought a package with 6 bonus games and lost every one. It's unfair how they do that. I won't ever purchase anything again. And after I play a couple innings something is Goin on with the ball to where it gets hard to see

Glitchy I like the game, but the pitches are aggregating because they are so unpredictable, the strike zone is massive but the swing zone is small. Plus the game kicks me after every inning. But other than that, it's a pretty fun game. If those were foxed it would be a 4.5 star.

Its alright but for some reason this game completely erased all my progress and try to make me start all over. Don't like that

Wasted potential If you enjoy correctly guessing the pitch, timing your swing perfectly, hitting the ball right when it crosses the plate, and grounding out anyways, this game is for you. Batting feels totally random. Pitchers throw a couple of pitches that are physically impossible to throw as well, going straight as an arrow off plate, then breaking hard in mid air to go right over the plate for a strike. Naturally games tries to get you to spend money. You NEVER get good players in the draft roulette, they always suck.

Fun but VERY FLAWED Decent game but every "random" pick is bullshit. After I started noticing that it screws you over I starting keeping track and here's the results: 61 2nd round picks for ZERO 3 star players (let alone the 4 stars they say you can get). 11 first round picks for ZERO 4 star players. 9 first overall picks with one 5 star player and then all 3 stars. Obviously I got lucky once, but consider that at least half of the players that whiz by during the random spins are better than you will ever actually land on.

Every thing ok? No. Only thing about it is you only hit. It gets boring if you just want to hit you will probably like it. But I dont like it at all.

This game is 99% Computer Controlled and 1% You.How can u have skills in this game If you can't control what happens? No matter if u got the game mastered it doesn't matter.Because u don't decide the outcome of the games.The computer does...You'll lose have 26 hits and score 2.lol..Really!!Fake.. Pitchers go 7 innings with no K's and shut u down..Fake...Plz Make me feel like I'm playing the game and not getting played.Like it is now.You have no control of what happens.Games Trash!!!!!

Crap Doesn't matter what stats your players have. I can nail the ball and it's a pop out or a fly out or a ground out. It's bull crap. My gold disappeared and my game just all the sudden started over. This game is crap. When I hit the ball then at least some time don't let it be a ground out or pop out etc. That's all that happens most of the game. Make it easier to actually win and I will change my ratings.

FIX THIS PLZ! >~< Like the game though! :D When I hit it foul over the side fence the guy in the outfield still catches it. Also, when the pitch throws it to the ground, it calls a strike. Plz fix it! >-< I also would like if you could pitch too! :)

not too bad i wanted to be able to throw my own pitches too- all u do is bat and i HATE waiting on the other person to play!! been two days waiting on s few people.... other than this no real issues-

Too many glitches Overall the game is very fun and almost addictive. Unfortunately, the app is unstable and crashes quite often. If you purchase gold for real money, you'll find yourself losing it due to the apps instability and crashing before the reward is given. GLU has a no refund policy and their customer service is inexistent. Do yourself a favor and don't play it. If you do, don't get suckered into the "in game purchases". Imo, they shouldn't charge real money for something that is not stable and rips you off

Infuriating game Takes too long to wait for other players. Horrible game matching. You need to spend seriously obscene amounts of money to get a decent player. Are you IDIOTS HIGH? No one with a brain cell spends that type of money on a mobile game.

Tap sports I spent more money on this app then any other app. I played for 31 days straight, spent money, and was loving the game. Then one day it stopped loading for me. I wote 6 emails n still no response. My friends are still playing it n they haven't spent a cent.

The bugs during outfield hits are crucial. Over the head extra base hits turn into drive killers because of the glitches. Lag in batters swing and pitcher pitches throws of timing. Other than that it would be 5 stars... Spend and win

Wth. Seriously got some questions So the game isn't too bad, I actually really enjoy it. There are numerous things that I can say good things about. The biggest problem I have right now is somehow my wins disappear without anything happening to lose them, and today I noticed that my individual stats are jacked up. How am I supposed to get the achievement if my stat mysteriously vanishes to less than half what it should be? I'm starting to get frustrated with this vanishing junk, I might just uninstall and not play...

Not fair It was really fun at first but as I got to the pro and all star levels I noticed that everyone I was playing against were always a lot better than me because they spent money on the game. Everything I've got on this game I've earned and its like if you don't spend money on it your not gonna win too many more games by the allstar level

Crazy The pitching is horrible. Too fast to be able to make a decision. Change the view to be able to see pitches better...the height on some pitches is very deceptive because of the angle. Game seems scripted also...can hit the ball right on the screws and it will wind up a ground out or a high and overly dramatic pop-up! Good concept...make it a little more like real baseball and it will be a great game.

terrible..just terrible force closes constantly...no stability or consistency in gameplay. in app downloads for gold never get issued.. dont waste ur time

Just a cash grab and ad platform It was decent until recently, now everytime you complete an inning or change screens there is a popup ad....complete waste of my time. Also you can only get so far with cash, eventually you need gold to upgrade, which is a real pain to obtain.

Very good potential needs more work It lags every time the ball gets to the plate hitting is very hard people who pay for players are unbeatable and it takes forever to get good players I like it I'll keep on playing I just hope there's updates edit++++ i have watched like 20 videos the past few days to get gold and it wont give me any gold

Would get 5 stars if it didn't Have computer's team you are crushing out of nowhere scores 10 runs in one inning. Plus you need to fix the foul ball system because foul balls are being played

Fun at first It's fun at 1st, then as you get to the Pro and All Star levels, everything is a fly out or ground out no matter how hard you hit it. Some pitches you can't hit, but if you let them go they're strikes. Don't get suckered in.

Why do I keep winningManny Machado Can't hit homers. No matter what w new forced update. Some of the strike calls are actually balls. Getting bored w it real quick. Don't play as much cuz of it. I'll just delete soon unless bugs get fixed free agents suck or can't afford cuz of imbalanced coin cash system ughhh and now the ads...ads...ads...nonstop. Then freeze. No good in tournament keep winning Machado over n over n over. Fix that glitch

Eh.. I play this at work with my coworkers and we all have the same problem- The outfielders catch the ball EVERY TIME.

Pretty Good A lot of fun, but a little confusing at first

Was a great game now broken Play every day but some days does not credit me with playing so I loose days played credit. Once at 28 days once at 16 days and now with 6 days played

Good game, bad integrity It's fun and addicting until you start playing and realize that you need gold to compete with others at a decent level. So then Glu (the company) puts up this big shiny offer to get free gold by completing offers such as downloading apps (and other offers). So I spend time and effort downloading these apps, but never receive any gold at all. None. Even though the app says the offers were completed. Just a huge let down after the time and effort. :( And don't even bother contacting support, it's hopeless.

Tap Sports BaseballPLAYERS CHOICE® “Tap Sports Baseball is a fun game for casual and hardcore fans of the sport” – Modojo“…for a free mobile take on baseball, everyone in the middle is going to find something to like.” – Gamezebo“You should be playing Tap Sports Baseball” – PastaPadre Lead your team to victory! Step up […]


Price Free
App Size 34 MB
Instalations 1,000,000 - 5,000,000
Score 3.9
Developer Glu

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