The End of the World for PC and MAC

The most incredible thing I have ever experienced This is not just some game that you 'play' it's a life experience. The story and beautiful art and animation creates a world of emotions through something so minimal. Even though you are simply touching left or right, it was merely the idea and kind of 'broken hearted' feeling you got that moved me. Great experience, thank you - Would make a great animated short film by the way

How to use The End of the World for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type The End of the World in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use The End of the World on your PC or MAC.

Amazing... I understood that the guy took the relationship for granted.. as u can see whenever u touch the clock he is in bed with his laptop instead of fully spending time with her... The red ending indicates he doesn't wanna let go and dies,(as per he fades) white ending indicates he excepted it and learns it's time to move on... The game was totally nerve wrecking. I thank the creator for making this short and beautiful journey..

At first i thought it's good but as i proceed further i realised how sad this game is. It's the reality and somehow what makes me more sad is (what i think from credits) that it's the story of the developer of the game. I loved it and also the fact how it is expressed in a form of a video game. I would love it if it turns into a short film as well. I usually search through for games like these and it's one of those games hard to find these days. Although the gameplay was too short but it's an experience of life we get from this game.

Very Insightful This game is quite short, and it is quite simple. The game has modest artwork and may not appear to have much to offer initially. However, I found this very intriguing. You are walked through a story, in which you are living in the present but discovering events of the past through objects and places. It is a flashback driven game. Decent sound quality, good artwork, and an idea that is short, simple, but meaningful. The ending will leave you with mixed emotions and wandering thoughts.

Needs some work I dont dislike it but I'm just saying this could've been easily more popular if it weren't for some bugs and whatnot. I was completely lost for the first ten minutes of the game and after I figured out what to do I was lost yet again. This "Game" could also use a bit of dialog, I understand the point of it but it lacks "intuition". Anyways still a great job, this game however was only made by one man. That I'll give you credit for. Final rating 2/5 stars.

Heart wrenching!! I played this game 3 times and it left me with goosebumps every single time. I love everything about the game. It is visually appealing and the flawed and haunting soundtrack brings it to life. The painting style story-telling gives it a surreal and dreamy feeling. I felt my heart racing, especially towards the end. Brilliant work by the man who created this masterpiece.

I can't believe that is many people gave this five stars as they did. To be fair, the graphics were good and the game itself started out as... Intriguing...I started playing and right away thought, ooh this is going to be a good one, only to have the game end 10 min later without any task objective or point to it.

Quick but brilliant story game This game is amazing, with beautiful art and music and a touching story. While there's no dialogue, and you finish within 10-20 minutes, the story is well told, if a requiring a lot of interpreting. I actually replayed it three times, getting a different ending each time so there's definitely some replay value. Considering this was a solo project on the side I don't see how it could be any better

Beautiful the graphics are amazing and so perfect, they create such a quiet atmosphere. I think people who aren't interested in deep meanings or aren't good at interpreting meanings won't enjoy this game. the concept and controls are so simple and unique. this game may become repetitive or boring if someone wasn't patient or wasn't looking for a story, but I really think it's a cute and short little experience you can have for a 10 - 15 minutes.

Good story but short I feel depressed after playing this game for some reason because you can definitely relate with the protagonist although he is silent. It's really unique for a game to tell a story that does not have any dialogues at all but the scenes and compelling music tells it all for you. The only thing I dislike about this game is the length. It's too short but despite that, its a good game with lots of potentials. I just wish the game creator did a long shot of this.

It's a really nice game. The graphics are amazing and the soundtrack is also good. I've only one problem with the game that the gameplay kinda sucks. Whenever we interact with one of the stuff the animation comes but after that we end up once again at our house. At least give us some time to explore and comprehend all the info. But still the game is still really good and innovative and it clearly stands out among other stuff here.

Like an art movie turned to a game! Firstly, this game comes off as a brainchild of some indie art movie director, which is really amazing to have in an android game. With really amazing graphics and artwork along with some good background music, helps to bring the intensity and allow you to feel the emotions the character is going through! Some shortcomings are ofcourse there like it could've had a more interactive gameplay and ofcourse more longer! :)

How is this rated so well? Not really even a game. You don't do anything but walk left and right and look at the pictures, even then you'll walk 2 minutes in one direction only to see you're going the wrong way. I think the game's meant to be a metaphor for a break up? Blegh. I will say it had beautiful graphics.

Best ever When it clicked on 5 stars it shows that loved it. Are you kidding how can it not love this. If there were more stars to give I'll give it without even thinking. Loved the game and it's music while thinking about beautiful past. A beautiful way to express love. Brittney must be very special. I am sorry at one point in have to delete this game but still in try to keep it till then.

Not exactly a game More like an interactive short story. It is very poignant and full of sorrow, but it is also very beautiful in its simplicity, both in storyline and in the minimalist artwork. The contrast between music and silence is a perfect way to convey the desolation of the world. Speaking of music, absolutely gorgeous and heartbreaking! My only suggestion; perhaps an adjustment on the description to reflect that it is very much an interactive story rather than an outright game? All around brilliant though.

Lackluster short interactive story Very artistic, I love the aesthetic, and the music is great, but the gameplay animation feels bad, everything including cinematic fades feel jumpy. More ease in and ease out in the animation would be nice. and the game doesnt give me any real motivation to play besides to find out more about the plot (which isn't eventful). A few more choices (more stuff to potentially change the plot) would be great. Honestly even the illusion of choice would go a long way.

Masterpiece It was beautiful. Yes it's short but point is its relatable to those who went or going through breakups. The fact that it doesn't have dialogs or a clear ending allows people to have different interpretations. It would be nice if the transitions between bgms were smoother. Other than that, I have no complaints. Look forward to your next game!

Its sick Great idea amazing way of doing it. Waayyy to short. Make a game like this but longer guys 10 15 min is way to short. At least a good 45 min mannn especially with such nice easy whats going to happen concept. Also kinda wonder how it ends i mean he flu into the sun? The world ended? I mean what was it

Unique Short Story This "game" was something different but just not for me. I beat it within a few minutes and was left scratching my head. Though, I'm not the type that can "read into" things. I'm definitely not an artistic person when it comes to interpretation of art or poetry...I tend to steer clear of all that. The music was really good and I liked the visuals. Just don't expect much in the form of gameplay.

How to save your game? I haven't been able to play it that much but it looks fantastic! I feel like I'll truly love it. One thing is, is that in the times that I do have the chance to play it, when I return I'm back at the house. It's kinda ruining the game for me because I have to go through the tutorial and everything again and again, please help so I can enjoy this wonderful work of art.

It's unique but has a few disadvantages I do think it's quite short, but it's unique. I can only find one of it's kind. Although it could have used more suspense. I liked that it was the end of the world for him cause she left him, I thought it would have zombies and stuff. I am really glad it didn't, cause that is what makes it unique. I quite enjoyed it although, I was lost at the beginning. I think the creater made this to tell his girlfriend/wife how much she means to him. Which is quite romantic

Very touching. Very moving piece of art. Once I came to the end I caught myself thinking, "That's it? No, that's not how this story ends, I must have done something wrong; it doesn't have to end like this!" And proceeded to replay the game over and over until I came face-to-face with the fact that this really IS how the story ends for some people. I'm rendered speechless. Marvelous work. Bravo.

It would've got five stars, here's what I think, beautiful artwork, definitely can relate with story/character. Criticisms- 1) Needs to be longer. 2) There should be a more interactive items. 3) when the character smokes he should be able to walk around with the cigarette for the whole frame, taking drags every few steps. It would give a more realistic feel.

More The first thing that captured me was the graphics. When I saw it I thought immediately that I had to play it. It wasn't a bad choice because I enjoyed it! The music was soothing, and it matched what was happening in the game. The idea was interesting. I was awed. During the duration of the game I was hooked. However I wish it was longer. Moving on was not that easy, so it could have been just like that. The ending was what got me. You actually got a choice! This game is amazing despite the short time.

Amazing Graphics and Music I played it two times because honestly, I was upset and a bit confused at how short of a game it was. After the second play, I realized that there's alternative endings and which ever door you decide to go through depends on how much more of the city you discover. Anyway, both endings were great! Brittney is one lucky gal <3

Thought provoking. I came to the end of this game in about 15 to 20 minutes, so it's not one to download if you're looking for hours of fun. The story, however, is very sad. It provokes a lot of thought and is beautifully made. Slow paced and well thought out; not one I'd play again, but I recommend if you're looking for something unique.

Touching Story + Music Since i have my smartphone and dowload manykind of games.. This is the first time i found this game and feel this game.. Maybe i didnt have a lot of trouble just like a char in this game.. But.. Its make me can feel it.. When i touch the clock the music has changed.. And we can see "his" past.. Ah man.. You made a beautifull Games man.. I just can't explain anymore than this.. Absolutlely NICE..

Truely a work of art! This is my first (and maybe the last) time I will rate an app that deserves being rated here in Google Play. I couldn't resist praising the dev team on this masterpiece. It hit me right in the feels. The animation and color palette used was great. I hope there would be a sequel with more interactivity and a longer story.

Touching, Thoughtful, & Very Relatable This is more like a PBS 'Short Animations' (but interactive), rather than a "game". Graphics, music are very good, & yes, it is short, but that's explained in it's description. I think this story, & how much you like it is solely based on your personal experiences. If your young, it's about breakups; mid-aged, divorce; & older, it's about death, & those different degrees of loss are going to personally contribute to your perceptions. Read Scarlet Bishops' review, it's spot on!

This game... It's truly a piece of art. I did find the two endings, I liked it how the player had his own ending - depending on what he would do, if he would still fight for the love. Music, the little details like smoking, art, generally the whole idea. Amazing! I love it. ♥🌌✴🌟

Short, but still is able to touch hearts The game made me revist many memories, the art is gorgeous, and it's simple mechanics is great for just understanding the theme instead of focusing on "playing" the game. Don't listen to the haters because they probably do not understand the meaning of this game and never went through the heartbreaking pain some of us have.

Truly beautiful art. There are people saying it needed to be longer, or that it needs dialogue and I don't feel that way at all. To me the game isn't supposed to be a game, but more of a story about a man who's world is turned upside down after his lover leaves him. And so he spends his time walking around town constantly being reminded of all of the wonderful times they shared from the moment they met. I feel like the fact that there is no dialogue allows players to interpret the story differently than others.

Love it This is one of my favorite games on mobile. After playing around, I can't let the feelings get out of my mind. The story is so so beautiful and the artwork goes beyond perfection. Besides, music and sound affects just make everything go along so well. I really enjoy it. Hope to see more of your works here.

I mean...'s truly beautiful music and stunning art style... but the entire 'game' has like 4 interactions all together.. and like we don't even get to know anything about the characters or how and why they broke up... or any conclusions's way too short and more story would be needed..

Took me by surprise I did not expect to be so affected by a game that lasts around 10 mins. The atmosphere draws you in from the beginning. The style and music work synergistically to get into your heart and tug at those strings. That last montage was done spectacularly. Just... beautiful (and heart wrenching at the same time)

A vast experience in a tiny window I came across this game randomly and was immediately drawn in by the art style. However, I found that the music, extra touches (getting drunk for example) and changing environments, all meshed beautifully to tell a tale of love and loss. Take your time and explore everything, as this is fairly short otherwise. This is a game to be appreciated.

I love it and I am hungry for more Depression isn't something everyone experiences in their life. It is close to home and it is very livable. As a game or more so choose your story film it is beautiful, it is as if an oil painter and a programmer had a love child. Very pleasing to the eyes and easy to use.

Astonishing for a short game Empty.... that's how I felt when I finished it. Even though it took me maybe ten minutes to finish, but took me much more only thinking about it . I am gamer a story seeker who can play anything for the sake of a well written story and this game is absolutely great simple and sad. Even sadder when I realized that at some points in my life I am the protagonist and this is my game .

I loved it,very sad though.. It doesn't really seem like a game..but imo doesn't matter. The idea/concept of this is what matters and it's fantastic. A visual like that is scary. Also the premise is one of my biggest fears. Well done!! You should make more! 😄

Heart Clenching Magic This App is absolutely amazing. From the way it's created to the way it makes you feel, everything is so exquisitely thought of. And I absolutely loved it. I would say I wanted more when it ended but that would defy its purpose. Thank you for the Great Experience of playing and owning it!

The End of the World is a side-scrolling exploration game. Set in Newcastle, England, you play a lonely man in a world that ended when he lost his love. By living day by day and in the past you unravel the circumstances that led to the end of the world, and maybe a way to […]


Price Free
App Size MB
Instalations 1,000,000 - 5,000,000
Score 4.5
Developer Sean Wenham

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