the Sequence for PC and MAC

Nice "Incredible Machine" style puzzle game. Get the ball in the hole by assembling a series of components that push, pull, twist, and carry. The game does an excellent job easing you into each new component, as levels get progressively more challenging. If I had one quibble it will later on provide you with more components then required. Some may value the freedom this provides but I find it more distracting overall.

How to use the Sequence for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type the Sequence in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use the Sequence on your PC or MAC.

Perfect mix This has the perfect mix of elements for me. An intriguing and clever puzzler, which doesn't rely on finger skill, and with unlimited time to ponder on and come back to the difficult ones. When really stuck, the hint system will drip feed info to you without giving up the answer straight away.

Awesome! The game was easy to figure out without a walkthrough. It almost fries your brain in solving the puzzles. The level is considered as resolved only if the solution built is survived for three iterations, challenging. Simple mechanism but great difficulty. And the price is 50c which makes it a steal. The Sandbox levels are uninteresting as it gives you plenty of controls to solve the puzzles, maybe designed for kids.

Great game In the line of space Chem... Nice to see that no unnecessary permissions are requested. Small improvemens: 1) when you drag/drop an element, this should be selected. 2) when pressing the android back button in sequence mode, go to build mode instead of level selector

The Ur-game This is just one of those atomic games that is just so much it's own thing and boiled down to its purest form like Tetris or 0h h1. There could be millions of variations on this theme but none be able to quite capture what this game has created. It's such an awesome game.

Initally had crash issue Great game. I initially had major crash issues. However, removing all other aps from external SD card fixed the problem. Not sue why this was the only one having issues, and it was installed only on internal storage. May be some firmware bug.

This game is great The levels make you think out of the box and you feel accomplished after completing one. The only thing I dislike about this game is when you move an item after it has been placed, the previous item you selected would still be the active selection causing you to tap the new one before you could rotate or reverse the polarity.

Innovative puzzler This is a really ingenious puzzle game. Well worth buying. Heard about it on Security Now. I love that you have time to think through the problem and to divine trial and error without penalty or loss of points or dependence on how fast you are or having to time a click just right. No need for perfect aim as with some puzzlers. My kind of game.

Nice game I like it overall but my save disappear after a while and I needed to start again repeating all the boring first levels for the third time (first was when I bought the full version and needed to repeat the levels I don in lite version). Please allow to skip the tutorial and transfer saves from lite to full version.

One big flaw Hey man great game but do you mind next time saving the progress so that when someone upgrades from the lite to full version, they won't have to start all over and want a refund? Thnx

This. You need this. This is one of those tough, fun games that will set your smartest friend down HARD and give 'em a serious talking-to about "not being so cocky". There's no easy-out here for the brainy types, this is a good one. Expect to spend at least as much time as you would with a decent book (its worth it). This is no lightweight "summer reading"... expect to be playing the game a lot. It's so good, it'd be hard to be embarrassed if you're caught playing it.

Great idea Very impressive. But it proves extraordinarily difficult for me. Alike games by Zachtronics, but it limits resources, rather than encouraging players to come up with better solutions. And I have been struggling too much to find out that unique solution(s) that is(are) wanted. This is a downside for me. I cannot work through the core sequence without using up almost all the hints, and this affects gaming satisfaction a great deal. Could be something for those real engineers out there. But anyway, awesome!

Yeah, this is cool. If you're into puzzle games, the incredible machine, and the like, then this game is for you. Easy to grasp, but the levels become increasingly difficult. Then, just as you master the tools, they toss a new one into the mix. Soundtrack is a little repetitive, but not annoying in the least. Perfect ambient blend to keep your focus.

Complex & Challenging Without Frustration Im changing my review. turns out this puzzle is very solid. i only played 5 levels with the lite/trial version. then jumped-in to conclusion which is wrong, i know. so sorry for that. wont happened again. when i replayed it until the end of the trial, it really does great and it really hooked me and made me wanted more since it have the complexity and challenges that im looking for in a puzzle game. although its not super-complex like SpaceChem, but it truly worth the 1USD(at time of writing) price tag.

Your brain will thank you Your game rocks. The first time in a while I've really gotten lost in a mobile puzzle game. There's silly timers or hidden information. Recommended to me by Steve Gibson from securitynow.

Fresh Puzzle Game! Heard about this through Security Now podcast. This was a great puzzle game IMO. The different elements were introduced at a very good pace; when I was starting to get tiresome of the current "modules", another was introduced to keep it interesting and challenging! It was a reminder that sometimes you need to step away from problems before your mind will solve them properly. Many times I was stuck, and had to come back to a puzzle hours later with a fresh mind. It really worked like that with this game⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Thanks, TWiT network! (Warning, shameless plug) Installed the trial version after Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte recommended it (Security Now 558, TWiT network, I'm a fan...) I had actually previously uninstalled all the games I had on my android device because I am easily bored. Not with this - I found it completely absorbing. Bought the full version in a heartbeat. It ticks all the right boxes for a puzzle game, at least for me. I'm at level 40something now and still fascinated. Love it.

Interesting game. Needs instructions Got to about level 8 easily then was stumped. Didn't know you could pick up and move the tools and machines as well as the pixel. Used up 3 hints finding out. But good puzzler otherwise.

Excellent game, very well made. The only thing I miss about it is the connection to Google Play which would allow me to save the progress online. I had to switch phones and lost all my finished levels

Wonderful thoughtful puzzle game. I love this sort of game. No timer. No penalties if you do the wrong thing. You simply must figure out watch puzzle... And every few puzzles, new mechanics get added. Brilliantly designed!

Great spacechem-like Excellent puzzle game of sequential moving machine parts, similarly challenging but with less complexity than spacechem. The UI is imperfect, the tutorial is obnoxious (and has to be repeated if you started with the "lite" version). Unacceptably heavy battery consumption, especially for how much time will be spent idle while pondering a puzzle. Otherwise awesome.

Excellent : needs sync having gone from lite to pro to a reinstall it's now three times starting from scratch and being forced to go through tutorials. The game it self is excellent. Session management feels disrespectful of the user. Hence the 4/5

Probably the Best There's not much to say about this one. Probably the best of its kind. The only thing missing might be Achievements (if you're into that). Thank you so much for this, dev!

Amazing, except that it ends Excellent puzzler. Was sad when it ended. One oddity: when using the reverse polarity on the "off-on" switch, is the Reverse Polarity command supposed to get pushed through to whatever the "off-on" switch points at? Because it does, but it's a little strange, and I don't think I ever used it to solve a puzzle.

Highly underrated game Definitely should have more downloads. Edit: The 'sandbox mode' is quite limited because the start and end point are already fixed, just the modules are increased.

Awesome Love it! One of the only games I've actually bought on Android. Think I found a little bug. If you use a turner on a pusher when it's against the edge of a level you get a collision error. Maybe it was intentional, but it didn't happen when the pusher was against gray blocks so it seemed inconsistent.

I have been searching a long time for something mobile similar to Spacechem and Infinifactory. This is the closest it gets, even if it offers less room for zany and different solutions. Be warned, this gets extremely difficult with the later levels. But if you are looking for that like I am, you can't find many or even any better mobile puzzle games out there. For those looking for tough, logical puzzle games, this is simply a must own. And it is now my favorite mobile game ever. Please make a sequel or offshoot!

Simple concept yet challenging I'm about a dozen or so levels in and I had to tear myself away to go to bed. One of the best mobile games I've played and I don't say that lightly.

Great puzzles. Annoying transition from free version. I love these puzzles but I'm taking a star away because it's incredibly annoying to be forced to re-do the puzzles you solved in the free edition.

Great puzzle It's like programming. Some are really hard. But very satisfying to complete a board, especially if you don't use all the tools.

Great puzzle game I'm always looking for those small games that really worth the money, this is definitely one of them. Great puzzles, Alot of thinking and frustration :)

Very challenging! This game has been holding my interest for weeks now.

Battery drain This game drains my battery faster than anything I have ever seen. Even when you aren't simulating it's a battery suck.

A rather demanding puzzle game. Great puzzles involving some mechanical logic, but as it's built on Unity it runs my phone rather hot after a level or two.

A wonderful puzzle game. Great balance of difficulty to "ah ha!" successes. If you don't solve a puzzle first try, do another one then come back later.

Puzzle Lover's Wet Dream This took me a little less than a week, including all sandbox levels. What a fantastic game!!!

Good puzzle game - terrible tutorial The tutorial never explains that modules can be acted upon by other modules. No player is going to guess it is possible, the leap is too great.

Simply brilliant! Everything about the Sequence is just about perfect - simple, clean, easy to understand and use design, ingenious puzzle aspect, flawless operation... nothing I'd change about it at all. Perhaps the best thing about the Sequence is how, when you finally find a solution for delivering the energy, you feel like "Ha Ha!!! I am the smartest person alive!" I hope there's a sequel coming...

Great game Figured out a level without using all the pieces. Now I have to go back and see if that is possible in other levels.

Perfect programming puzzler In the line of games like Spacechem, this is a great mobile thinking game. Assemble parts to accomplish tasks, using greater complexity as time his on. Good interface, clean graphics. Would happily buy more levels. Bought it after Steve Gibson recommended it on Security Now. Highly recommended.

the Sequence is a unique puzzle game. Build a sequence using special modules to transfer binary cell. Find solutions to solve 72 levels with simple and complex structure.Are you ready for a challenge? "The best part of Sequence is that the design is spot-on for puzzle fanatics and casual fans alike." – TouchArcade"Finding the right […]


Price $0.99
App Size MB
Instalations 10,000 - 50,000
Score 4.8
Developer One Man Band

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