The Vampire House for PC and MAC

I don't give many 5 stars ratings but this is an amazing story and an RPG. I love all the little subplots and I am dreading coming to the end and not being able to do more. Nice job, and nice writing! Update: Right after I wrote this review, the game ended apparently as I was unable to find a date for a party. I guess I have to replay and do less studying or something, still I leave the 5 star rating, really much better than all the other choice games I have played.

How to use The Vampire House for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type The Vampire House in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use The Vampire House on your PC or MAC.

So close I want to give It a five star rateing, really I do. But you spend all this time increasing certain stats and they end up having no bearing on the story. Also, without giving to much away, it seems to be leading up to something big but then it just sort of... stops. No conclusion, no resolution, it just kinda stops. And their are some really creative ideas in here too! Please guys, come back to this one and update it. I guarantee it will be a success.

Immersive but short The story is very brilliantly written. It deals with interspecies conflict and the bridge between the two worlds. And the writing is very immersive, as there are many options. However, how many of these options are important? Most of the stats, like fitness, estimated grade, etc, have no actual impact on the story. Then, the story ends abruptly. What is the point of creating all of those complex relationships without actually seeing any plot resolution?

I liked it a lot :) I actually started writing a FanFiction about this game ^_^; I still can't get Damien thou T_T Is there even a Damien route? I only keep getting 5 out of 6 events. I tried 3 times now. Also It would be awesome if the game had pictures. I am an art student would it be alright for you if I drew pictures for the game? ^_^ It will be fan-made, not for any profit just for fun. Msg me if you are intersted :)

Good Stuff Okay sooo I am a junky for this type of stuff.I really did love the story, it was little more fun and intense at parts. I loved the characters and I loved the scary factors in it. I loved the writing as well. NOW things I was not a fan of or disliked, I felt like the story was rushed. I played it through once and because I didn't make a solid enough encounters with at least one of the other characters it ended the game. More story,more character development and more storyline please.

Can agree with most reviews. Well written, super immersive. Both a fun premise and and interesting characters and interaction. But I felt like the universe was only just established and we might reach the end of the first act it's suddenly over. Out of nowhere. Apparently you really have to commit to one single character of you want at least that subplot to conclude but what are all the other stats and activities for? Huge fun while it lasted but that sudden end was a real killjoy. Heaps of unused potential :(

YES After playing through it for so many times, I FINALLY got Damian. Just needed to know the proper sequence, is all. Would've been nicer if he and the MC had a longer expositional ending but I'm satisfied with how it turned out overall. I wonder if there would be a sequel because it would be interesting to have one (or a few more.)

Great fun for a few hours but little replay value. It was a good read the first time, but mostly left me wanting more time to build stats and investigate more. I restarted a couple times within the first day, and skipped most of the story to get right back to the main chojces. My fourth run through was a little boring. I love these characters though.

Not Bad All in all I would say this story is well worth the read. It's pretty interesting (even if the ending felt a little rushed). If I had anything to suggest it would be that maybe the players should be able to have more opportunities to interact with different romantic interests. You have to commit to interacting with a single person to even get the ending of the story.

Too fast. The game is great. But I felt as if the story ended too quickly. I mean my character learned three or four spells, kissed Elizabeth, and that's it. I wanted to start hunting more monsters with Damien. I wanted to learn more about the world. I wanted to learn more spells and just fully immerse my character into this other world. Perhaps even have some huge grudge match with Matthew do to differing opinions. But it just ended with no real pat off.

The R.O. The R.O. for Damien is bugged, I've played this game several times and have gotten the ending for him before but it won't register the times I visit him this time. It just stops at 5/6 and won't let me pick him as the date. Fix it and I would give you 5 stars but until then my rating stays at 2.

It was great, I was getting really into it-the story was finally forming and we were getting more than just little clips of what was going on--and then *poof* the end. Am I not getting the full end because I haven't bought it yet? Is it because there weren't "viable" people to choose from regarding the Party? Also, on that note, is it part of the game that Damien can't be picked for the party? I went everyday to visit him, but it stopped counting "Encounters" after 5 even though I went two more times. Then he wasn't available to choose as a guest. Will there be an updated to the story in which we get some sort of an ending rather than just a blunt, whiplashed stop? Just wondering the answers because this is quite an enthralling tale.

The story is Pretty brilliant!! But it left me on a cliff.. Cliff hanger!! Please release a second part!! Im really dying to read the sequel of this!! Please!! Hahahah i didnt mean to be silly but honestly though.. make a second part.. and please dont make us readers wonder on how the story will end.. Amazing world of imaginative thinking.. that is what this game brought us.. For me yes.. I dont know the others.. maybe they're wanting to have a second part of this too.. Please.. :D thumbs up to this!

Good engagement.. no ending why can't you pay, and get an ending? I understand the "free" version being a cliffhanger, but it says "unlimited" play with payment this is FALSE. The actual story was fascinating, why you still get 4 stars, but please make a FULL version with an ending, even if it costs the $2.99 ill pay but finish the story!!! Or at least a sequel! I know first hand writing interactive stories can be draining and hard but please finish!

I. Want part 2 ASAP Loved it!! I hate the way it ended but I guess everything has an end. things I'd change? the ability to practice magic as an activity and being able to shop in the other dimension. Like buy books about magic and actually be able to buy stones, also how short the game is....I would recommend cutting down time it takes to finish book's, to exercise and raising grades takes to long to up your stats. But besides that, I love it that's y the 5 stars!!! Get part 2 out fast plzzzz!!! : )

I actually really liked the story it was short but it was one of the best ones I've read in a while. I just wish there was a secod so I could see if you get turned into a vampire or not from the bite snd progress my person farther and see what happens during/after the Halloween party.

The story was great. I was excited to see the end, however I never really got that.. At first I imagined I probably didn't build firm relations to a specific character, but after a second play through I realized the creators must have not made one at all... If it were not for this, I would have given 5 stars.

Fun but needs more I spent hours on this game and it was really fun but it gets to certain parts and just stops like a writer just stopped writing halfway through it. The story needs a lot more. I played another one and I had to pay for it but worth it, it took like a day to finish. Add more and make it like 2-3 dollars for a FULL story and go beyond holloween and I'd defiantly love it

At first I was really confused, it seemed like the game ended in th middle. Almost like it ended before the game was done. Then I played it a 2nd time. How fast the game ends is up to how you play. Kinda clever if that was your intention. Either way, loved the story, though I do wish it was a little longer.

So, this game was shorter some of the others I've played. Really immersive and a great read, but like others have said the stats don't really do anything and it ends abruptly. Also, there was no foreseeable way(with my choices?) That I could romance Elizabeth. Which was pretty lame.

It'll pass the time. I was happy to find that you could pay through the whole story without paying the 2.99$. Though, I feel like all I played was the beginning of a story with potential, as if I actually had to pay to earn a somewhat satisfying conclusion because I certainly didn't achieve one when I finished. For a chose your own adventure game, your choices are pretty meaningless; for a game with romance, most relationships lead to a dead end. If you're bored, give it a try. Just don't expect too much of the game.

Only one issue I love this book and have finished all but one ending, for Damien. His events gets stuck on 5/6 no matter how many times you pick to visit him. If you can fix this bug then I'll give it 5/5 rating and it will be so much better.

I'm really liking it so far, and is quite a bit more tame in the pacing which I quite appreciate. Also I love the first 'If you die you will return here' checkpoint because everthing up to the point is a little mundane and not at all life threatening. So it appearing so suddenly made me chuckle.

I can't even begin to write how much I love this! Not so much a game, but an RPG, a "choose your own ending" type story. I love it!! The story is well written and fun, and I found myself not able to put it down. There's 5 different endings, and I found myself obsessly going back and trying to get the different endings. If you love stories about magic and monsters mixed with teen emotions, you will love this.

Surprising The beginning was hard to read as it seemed to target a teenage girl demographic exclusively. It just had that anime cliche feel to it especially with the overused vampire troupe. The writing and actual story ended up being good and engaging, but was cut short unless you picked a romantic partner. Hated both main characters though the character you play as has their moments, mostly when they act as annoyed as I was with the other characters. The game had ok replay value.

Holy shit Damien is TOO CUTE. I chose him over the others because YAOI, DUH. I am not rating it a five star because you dont have much character choices. Its one set story. Not flexible enough. But all in all, pretty good.

Sure there were some parts of this that were a bit cheesy and you are somewhat limited in the choices you get to make, but I absolutely loved every minute of it. I am a complete sucker for romance and this is certainly the certainly the first story I have found where I can date a lesbian vampire so that's several bonus points right there. Also even if you aren't as interested in romance as I am the majority of this is still extremely well written and I would highly recommend it.

This is only half a story! I actually liked it quite a bit. I would have given a better rating if this story had a proper ending. It cuts you off ebruptly and I was extremely disappointed because I really wanted to know what happened at the end.

Short but sweet The story, no matter ehat route you take, is highly entertaining. The characters are fun, and for once the PC in one of these games isn't a complete moron. I like the diversity of characters and that your chosen gender doesn't matter.

Where is the rest If you gotta pay for it let me know but but it just suddenly ends and that's a bit annoying. So is not knowing if seeing someone counts as an event since it's a waste of a day.

What?!?! I play the game for hours and then a random update happens, now if I want to constantly play I HAVE TO PAY? The game was free before and I loved it, why do I have to wait 20mins or PAY before I can play again? This is a very cheap move to squeeze money out of people, I would rate "5 Stars" but now that I can't just play, it has to be a one. Like I said before, this is a sad way to get money. The game was fully free and had NO wait time before, why did it have to change?

Roxanne? I'm not sure if your not done updating this game or what, but for some reason it isn't letting get the final event for roxanne. I try, but it just tells me I hang out with her pack and I can't get the final event point. Overall though this game is fantastic.

Worth it I loved this, although it was too short, it ended just as I was getting fully into it, I couldn't put it down. You should make it longer, it ended before the party and didn't give an option to take anyone, which is quite a disappointment. But the game was really really good so I rate 5. Please make it longer!

Good story, but... This is one of their longer adventures before you have to buy into it. It is a good story, but, you are limited in your choices of actions. You will reach a point where you will be given the same choice and receive the same results over and over. Money and lives are not a big issue in this story so, don't worry if you are broke. You die you start over, there is only 1 checkpoint in this story.

Would give five stars The only reasons I don't is spelling errors and the ending felt really rushed. Everything else had me hooked. It took me about five hours to get through which isn't nearly as much time as I wanted. But that's no big deal considering it's free. I enjoyed the story and will definitely play through it again.

Demian I'd give a better rating (because game is actually good) if the Demian route actually worked. It stops me at 5/6 and I can't get higher, I've replayed it around five times and I still can't ask him as a date. I've payed for the full app so I'd like to ask for this to be fixed.

Great game Really enjoy this game. Its very captivating and can definitely hold your attention for a while. It's surprisingly short though so keep that in mind. I beat it in a couple of hours and am going back on another play through.

Such potential! It's got such potential in it, some of the plot points could have been thickened with more choice and a little more for the character to do instead of always passing time mindlessly at times. I really like this game though ^^

It's an amazing app but I still kinda hate it now... I finished it within a day and loved it. But I hate that it just STOPPED. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STORY! I hate the cliffhangers that will never be solved like this one.😢😢😢

BEST GAME EVAH IDK IF THERE'S A SEQUAL OR I MESSED UP AT THE GAME BUT I NEED MORE! It's such a good game with a good plot that is both parts thrilling and enjoyable, this game is something that can be played so many different times and still have a unique outcome. I would play any game made by the same people and i will not stop playing this despite how sleep deprived i am right now

Human/monster romance at its finest! Overcome species diversity. Meet new and exciting creatures. Learn to cast spells. Train to fight monsters. Study to improve your grades in school! • Experience a world filled with monsters.• Study an occult text.• Romance various monsters and demons.• Develop your athletic prowess, or become a bookworm.


Price Free
App Size MB
Instalations 50,000 - 100,000
Score 4.3
Developer Hosted Games

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