Total Domination – Reborn for PC and MAC

"MONEY GRAB!!!" They got greedy and fast. Hope your a serious pay to play with a considerable budget or "visual glitches" and "updates" to game play will consume your troops and resources. There are other strategy games out there I would consider them first...all of them.

How to use Total Domination – Reborn for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Total Domination – Reborn in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Total Domination – Reborn on your PC or MAC.

!!BOYCOTT!! Participating in the boycott along with my clan. This game (more so TD:NS) is not what it used to be, strategic play was lost long ago. It's getting like clash of clans, you can't improve/upgrade your sector because some **** is constantly raiding your sector.

Some suggestions I love it now that under the bookmarks/enemies list there's a small text saying "Your Last Raid " Today". This helps a lot when sorting out sectors that we have raided, taking into consideration that there a "LIMIT" (only 50k resources can be raided from a sector) each week. However, i believe it would help much more if u show the remaining amount of that "LIMIT" for that particular sector instead of the day of our last raid..

I like it but... I am a player of the original TD game, this reborn version is pretty much the same but there are annoying faults. It's just had an update now so fingers crossed its fixed, if all is well I will review this and leave 5 stars.

Return to the basics People didn't play TDR because of the frills and animations; it was because it required patience and building relationships. Gameplay should not be sacrificed for bells and whistles.

Not fun anymore They've changed the game, rewards aren't like they used to be for global ops and infests

There's many other strategy games that actually value players. Plarium doesn't reward the community any longer the way they once did by giving enhanced units to combat the wasteland. I'm a sincerely disappointed citizen of the wasteland. When we contact support about game missions we are told they're optional and a "bonus" well I've invested a year in this game and achieved a high level because of that. Now they're into basically forcing people to pay for $100 Crystal packs to even hold a competitive edge. I'd recommend not getting this app.

Spectanimous This game is awesome! Even when I get irritated sometimes, but I would live to become a good competitor. I also consider the game updates is truly the best event in my lifetime. This new update is as hardcore, as a band member just rolling the high notes. With every update, it helps every time I get in the game.

Games glitches and badly updates I will said with all honesty that I use to love Total reborn domination but lately is a nightmare trying to login,missing troops,poor games rewards. It use to be a great game but sadly now is more about moneys than gamers satisfaction. Hey plarium flash news without players you will bankrupt.

Crippling and poor game play Filled with bugs and means to mess with players in order to get them to spend money. With same lame excuses "it's a visual glitch" don't bother! The original game was 10 times better then it is now :(

Game has ceased functioning properly Every action in game takes a minimum of one minute to load. Viewing a battle report from a recon? 1.5 minutes to load. Claiming your reward from a completed mercenary op? 1.5 minutes to load. Recalling troops from an invasion? Game completely freezes, gotta close out and restart. I can't even recall my 2,000 invasions because the game freezes. Now all my cyberdogs are stuck there and are a drain on my credit consumption. When I first started playing this game, it ran smoothly. Not anymore.

Thumb up Splendid Thumb up with my both hand. This mmo data game is Splendid although troops are bit sofisticated (hard) to remember. I suggest there is plus(+) syimbol and minus (-) at troops making or spending to field. For easy to adding or minus .( my 3rd comment on24/12/15-Thr)

Dull and expansive Takes time to train army, army easily get killed on mission @ during infestation. Expensive crystal. After update its not only 3 type of recources needed to upgrade building, now become 4 type, and you need to buy using crystal @ in mission. This game getting boring and ridiculous.

This game used to be fun Rewards earned used to be better. Now it seems like they got too greedy. Flashy update that is still slow and buggy as hell. W/ graphics I'm sure a lot of vet players could do with out. The lag in the game is so much worse than it ever was. I would of spent money on the old TDR, but now I wouldn't spend a dime. I'd rather throw money at a brick wall.1/4/16 canned reply i see..I feel like my words summed up my issues. I've done the support thing before. I'm not repeating what you guys already know.

Total utter disappointment I've never in all my life come to hate a game I once loved like this's become so unorganized, player unfriedly, and the worst example of corporate greed I've ever witnessed to date. Don't waste your time with Plarium.

Greedy games A game that will sacrifice its life span to grab cash as fast as it could, if u planning to play this game or a new player, better stay away, you will not be able to catch up with those old players cause the recent update they did make it so, unless you want to drop tons of real money for a game like this

BOYCOTT! BOYCOTT ! Do not play this game! Due to the fact that Plarium has made TDR a much less enjoyable game by altering infestations, global op rewards, and numerous other issues, I will be participating in the boycott against your company. Resolve these issues and the other demands of the boycott or I will follow through with the consequences.

Palarium boycott . So we as a community have chosen to come together to inform you of our intent to wage war on your company. Our steps to ensure that plarium will feel our pain will happen in steps if you do not act swiftly. Stage 1: negative review bombs. This will be perpetrated on both iTunes and android and be completely legitimate reviews from the 100's of members in each clan. Stage 2: social media bombs. What this will entail is a mass complaint and review being blasted out for the world to see as #downwithplarium @

Fun in a bun or cash grab pay to win? You can get crystals in game but not enough. If you lose the fight you can spend months trying to build troops back up. 1000 Plasma canons will cost $500 or take 37 days and 12 hours to train if you can get the resources to train continuously. 1000 is not enough for an army so expect months before you can defend yourself again. Defense can be consolidated among players but offense can not so one player worth of offense must smash itself against many players defense resulting in high losses and making the game unbalanced. A max level player can attack low level players so expect trying to get to the point where the game becomes rediculously expensive to be painfull. The farther into this game you get the more expensive it gets. At the end of the game you have to buy gears with crystals. To upgrade the research center will cost 50 U.S. dollars for one level. This is a $5 game that costs hundreds. EDIT: Nice cookie cutter response however, as stated above the amount of crystals a person can earn in game is dwarfed by the sheer quantity of crystals a person would need to maintain an army or upgrade their base. Your token in game crystals are only a drop in the poorly balanced bucket.

MAYHEMIII Lost to many troopsThis has been sent to palurim and why the boycott :To all it may concern: We wish to inform you as a collective community that we are unhappy with how you consistently, manage and change the game, for the worse. The changes implemented recently upon the Holiday Menace event was the most unjust to date. Changing of the infest op parameters during the event was in extremely poor taste and resulted in the unfair loss of untold amounts of troops which we would not have lost otherwise. So w

Use to be a great game!!! Loved a few new updates but most is not worth your time. I played this game for a long time now spent hundreds of dollars thru out. Posted something on global got banned for 1 week tried contacting tech support to resolve the issue and unblock me got BS replies still blocked. If you guys trying to play a free game this is not a free game anymore don't get fooled by commercials Plarium is posting. Don't waist your time ppl. They don't care bout anyone but their revenue anymore. AFC is on Plarium!!!

Greed has destroyed a once great game Players spend more time complaining about glitches, poor program strategies and very poor customer service. Participation in game dropped in last 6 months by 50%. Loved game wish they fix it back way it was but plarium got too greedy and no business sense planning. See the response below, same no matter the issue. They take troops from you and change rewards calculations when they feel like it. Im long time player, sadly now no longer interested in a game that was good and major part of my off time to play.

Game has been ruined! This use to be a great game months ago but slaughtered with the big update. They have taken out all personification of the game! no more fb profile pics they say they took them out cause it affects loading of the game which makes no sense cause the game is still VERY LAGGY! still takes forever to load! rewards are garbage now. All they want is money and you can tell cause crystal packages for sale are the first thing that pops up. Game is dying big time there is a big boycott in game I do not recommend!

Low rewards They give you less rewards on ops than ever It just keeps getting lower and lower .it's no longer worth playing GREED ruined a great game! Like I said greed ruined a great game

Disappointed When greed involves the mind and vision get blinded.When I joined the game I felt it's like a part of my daily life rutin, even i made schedule for log in in daily basis so it can match with my daily life agenda. Greed and day light robbery started little by little in all aspects , we tried to tolerate a lot of times and we compensate this by spending a lot of cash only to stay a life in the game.With hopes and promises that things will be better .The reality they are a bunch of bandits blood suckered.

Sick of being ripped off I have played this game for over a year and I used to love it I couldn't stop playing and then plarium started to get greedy and lower infest and op payouts to the point where its not even worth playing anymore today was the first day in a week I have been on game. I understand plarium is a business and they have to make money but you also have to look after the guys and girls that make their own investments I.e. time effort and in some cases money to develop a sector. Sort it out plarium AFC

Game becoming Pay to Play Global and clan operation rewards have become useless. Company wants you to pay to keep up with the top.

Used to be great This game used to be great game with very few faults and fairly even playing field...since than plarium has added changes that pretty much force you to spend real money to get ahead in game...balance is gone. Some features require so much items that a regular player would take years to get them. Contacting support with valid complaints and ss of thoae complaints usually fall on deaf ears or generate a standard response that nothing is changed and all working as expected.

Favors the spender Once an enjoyable game now all about money and crystal. Pls remember you messed up a lovely game

Fun Until You See The Poor Balancing On first glance this game is incredible. When you start you'll find the excitement of growing your small sector into an established base. However, once you've upgraded enough for higher levels to notice you, the game's over. Anyone can raid you, no matter the level difference, and annihilate all your troops. No matter how many defensive troops you have, you can't do anything against enemy air force units until near the end of the game. I would continue, but I've reached the word limit.

Payouts are crap. .. crystal awards are less .. Morgana is eating more with no options to win our troops back .. ops and clan tasks have pathetic payouts .. you are only creating scenarios where we will be forced to buy crystals to build troops ... you have brought this game to a pathetic state ....

Can't play it but 5★ The game is amazing, the graphics are awesome and it's really fun to play. The down side for me is that my phone can't play it for me even after trying to lower the animation and graphics. Anyways, I am rating this again because I really enjoyed the game and would recommend it. Just a quick note for anyone wanting to play, this is best suited for a large or powerful phone. Not sure it works on a pad but thats a device I recommend you use XD... Hope this helps someone ★★★★★

Kept closing The game would close when I tapped on certain things in the game such as raid reports and it's more irritating as I've only just started playing it

Greedy company! Game used to be so much fun, its a shame that their greed ruined it! This is a war game but its impossible to build or infest enough to get troops. The only way to have an advantage is to spend huge amounts of money to stay competative. Stay away from this game!

Great game. Loved it from day one, perfect blend of daily activities and good customer sypport. An awesome game with regular updates and improvements, no performance issues to date and great social aspects. Really fun to pick up everyday. Could do with some heroes to level up to 100 and some extra raids per day items but other than that no complaints. Keep up the good work lads.

Hate this game They have changed to many thing about this game that has disappointed alot of people. It is no longer user friendly the infest payouts sucks and have to waste alot more troops then before. Things need to go back to the way they were and give us the things we deserve.

Crap This game used to be fun, but with the most recent update, its turned to utter crap

Constantly hanging and losing internet connection always asking to re-logion. Bad for the last 2 updates

Dissapointed Plarium doesn't reward the community any longer the way they once did by giving enhanced units to combat the wasteland. I'm a sincerely disappointed citizen of the wasteland. When we contact support about game missions we are told they're optional and a "bonus" well I've invested a year in this game and achieved a high level because of that. Now they're into basically forcing people to pay for $100 Crystal packs to even hold a competitive edge. I'd recommend not getting this game.

Solid game so far Not much more I can say than above. I've not come across any glaringly obvious glitches or errors. Keep it up

Begin your quest for Total Domination! TD: Reborn is one of the hottest MMO strategy games available for Android! Total Domination™: Reborn throws you straight into the desert warfare action. It’s up to you to raise an army strong enough for PVE combat! Build your defenses and command a force mighty enough to dominate in […]


Price Free
App Size 0 MB
Instalations 1,000,000 - 5,000,000
Score 3.9
Developer Plarium Global Ltd

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