Tsundere Simulator for PC and MAC

It's addictive and easy to control but..... I'd like to be able to save. And i would like to know the score i need to get senpai to follow me. And i would like you to make the game so we can go in the classroom after we go to kill. And a name for our little tsundere we are playing as. Sorry its so much to ask for. But please do this. 😌😊😀

How to use Tsundere Simulator for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Tsundere Simulator in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Tsundere Simulator on your PC or MAC.

I LOVE IT!!!!!! the only yandere sim like game that works for me but some down sides r I have everything a katona or how ever u spell it and senipi follows me (tip just exit the game and come back and he will follow u I think. it worked for me) but now there is nothing to do. add more rooms and have the equip option and can we please customize our people like senipi or your character thx! :B still love it though update soon!!!!!!

This game is so stupid! Whenever I would go to class 3-3 I would climb on the rulers. And the stupid controls would make me fall off and lose all my coins! Don't waste your time playing this game its not worth it! BTW I'm uninstalling this game. If you fix it, then maybe I'll install it again.

It's more like a Yandere game I think you got Yandere confused with Tsundere. You see a Yandere has a Senpai just like the Tsundere. But the Yandere goes on killing sprees more like an if I can't have him no one can sanerio. And a Tsundere is greedy and picky. If she does not like it she will not take it. She wants Senpai all to her self she is agressive, strict, inpatient and gullible. Has been friends with Senpai all her life.

Don't like it I don't like how when you try to go in some rooms it changes to add then after that it starts over. I really don't like the graphics much. And when u are in the place where all of the girls are at, the music vets turned up to loud, Also, the weird thing is that when u lose, it says",you can't confess your love for senpi because you lost all your money's, You guys are really trying to copy Yandere simulator.

I really hated it!!! Ughh!!! The controls are hard to use and I can't run properly... This game has a virus and crashed until my phone got low battery... And after shuting it down for a moment the whole phone was full of viruses... I wasn't able to touch anything... And I spended a lot of money to get my phone fixed... And here it is the result was.... Nothing... The virus was powerful and I have no choice but to buy another one... I commented this to warn you....

I love it but... I love everything about this game! But...I can't get Senpai to notice me. I bought all the heart pieces, I tried stabbing him but no reaction. Don't get me wrong this whole game amazing! I just need Senpai to get up :/ hopefully I'll find a way to make senpai get up and stuff tomorrow :)

To anyone who think they copied YandereDev The characters in this game belong to neither YandereDev or this publisher, they are on the unity asset shop. Neither of them have copyright on the characters and can't be sued for using them. Anyways, I like the game, it has great potential. Add more outfits though and the soundtrack would be great if it was more diverse.

Needs more features I was looking for something like yandere Simulator.Obiously this game was made to be like it. It didn't have nearly the same features yandere simulator. I want to be able 2 kidnap and bully and clean up blood and other stuff in yandere. Just a terrible pick.

Great game, juat a few issues..... It would be great if you could customize the your character and/or senpai and more weapons would be great. An unequip and equip button would also be great so we wouldn't have to buy the same weapon over and over. Thank you :D Also a restart button or door and for some reason all the of senpai's hearts were bought and I only bought one. He won't follow me. Great job so far though, keep up the good work :D

The graphics The graphics should be made more better and the game keeps glitching therefore I hate this game. Plus the controls are really hard to use. It would be nice and great if you could fix these things.

More stuff Awesome game but...You should add more weapons also more floors and rooms. You should let us be able to customize senpai and our character to how we want. Also maybe able to go in first person mode. You should let us also go outside too to make it more funner. And get rid of adds

Ads everywhere Every 1 to 2mons of game play, there is a 30mins ad. And when you loose your health, you loose all your coins... that wouldn't be a problem if the coins were worth more that just 10, full health is worth 30 points and everything else is worth other 120 points. So its a real bummer when you loose all your points :/ :/ :/ wasted 1hr of my life. Don't waste yours

It sucks cuz how the hell do u even get this bullahit to work I tried tapping I tried attacking n nothing happend im just in the class figuring out how the hell to get this stuoid game goin

How do you get senpai to get off his chair I have tried so many ways if you tell me how to get senpai off you'll have 5 more Stars! And also how do you get out of the locker room?One more thing make it to where you can see around! I'm also uninstalling it!

The game is a little okay but the girl gets sort of stuck under the screen everything I try to hurry up and make her turn around. There is nothing to do but collect coins, buy weapons and kill girls, when does the game end do she collect coins for the rest of her life? Please make game more fun!!! Like yander simulator.

Horrible Controls Well...I lost 310 coins in my 3rd try because the controls were not working properly and I couldnt run away, so the girls killed me and I lost, if you fix this I might give it a 5 star rating.

I like it Pretty cool game, it's close to the game Yandere Simulator which was the game I was looking for when I found this. The graphics are a bit glitchy, and I wish that there were more levels or something added so you could win the game. Maybe this could be an update?

Alright but gets old quick It's easy gets old quick theres 4 rooms to fight them in the last room isn't a room just shows an add then sends u to the beginning I earned enough for the best weapon & the heart pieces to make him follow & heal u in an hr then u could only buy underwear which you don't wear or do anything with from what I can tell & other weapons which will take maybe an hr to buy all of them u do the same thing over & over & finish the game in 2 hrs add more classes & character customization & it'll be great

Awesome! But, one problem Very easy to play! But... when I go to the locker room, another girl comes out from another door! And when I kill her, I was like "I'm outa' here!" and then, I can't get out! Girls just keep coming out the same door! That has to be a bug. Please fix it! Also, classroom 3-3 is so cool! Check that room out! There are some rulers that you can clib on to go on the tables and there are coins on top on the tables and becarefull when your'e on the table, cause if you fall, you will DIE and loose all your yen/money.

Not much to do I like the game and when you find out that senpai follows you, you get excited, but than that basically the only thing to do in the game, it's cool and I get the heart thing but there's not much to do and it bores me honestly. If you Could add things like choosing what your character looked like and had more things to do than not I would rate this 5 stars

I can't kill anyone! When I started playing I knew I had to go kill people. But it wouldn't let me . Plus the controls are horrible! I strongly Hate this game.

Is this even a game?!? I can't kill, can't talk, can't customize, CANT DO ANYTHING AND THE CONTROLS ARE TERRIBLE! I don't know why people waste time making this game, and play it.

I like it, but.......the only problem is...............me...... I like the game, its awesome, its perfect, but, the only problem is..........well.......me. Everytime when I try to go into the Locker Room, 3-3 at the end, WC, when the girls that want to kill come out, I start to panic, get scared, ALMOST HAVE A HEART ATTACK!, my heart goes, like,KA-RAY-ZEE pumping like,"Puppupupupupupupup!" It starts pumping soooooo fast I don't know why. So, I'm going to uninstall this because the next time I play it, I might DIE, there's nothing wrong with it, but it's for MY OWN SAFETY, HERE PEOPLE! Thank you for understanding my situation. :)

Kind of buggy but still fun The walking controls are weird...she walks like a car lol but once I got use to them they weren't as difficult, I wish you could edit/customize or buy new clothes for your character and her senpai, maybe add some more levels/music, add a pause menu and a block button :) this game has potential ❤

AWESOME I love how it was made and people are going to say it's terrible, but nobody knows how hard making a game is! Good work! The only downside is when you get senpai to follow you what benefits you that he's following you? Also as more rooms and make there a reason for senpai to follow you!

So boring Hard to move and can't do anything but kill I would add 1 or 2 stars

Hi I am going through a lot of hard time getting to know this game The following user says thank for your time to get back with the other side of things I need the extra money and get back in town

Controls The controls for this game are extremely difficult to use and when ever I position my self accurately to attack some one it doesnt do anything. Please fix this and it might be a better game .

In the future update.... In a future update, I would appreciate if you add these. First, to be able to attack people while they are sitting. Second, please just add better graphics! Thanks!

Nice Game At the first time , i dunno how to make a senpai follow me , then i came back at play store and read the instruction here .. Now i understand it .. thanks for making this game .. please update more Floor & Class For More Future Fight .. I Glad I Picked The Right Choice . (^_^)

Needs work! The controls are wonky, making it hard to move and it needs goals or a story or something. I like it but needs work.

Terrible I can't kill ANYONE and the controls suck. I wanted a Yandere Simulator and thought this would be the kind I wanted but no, it's just not.

Needs different name This is more like a yandere simulator, tsundere characters do not kill rivals, a yandere does

Crashes Stupid game lagged so bad it wouldn't even let me exit or even turn my tablet off I had to hold the power button for over eight minutes (not exaggerating) please fix and I might think about 3 stars (might)

Pretty boring Though, it looks almost similar to yandere simulator, which is the game I really liked, I just didn't like the concept of just killing your enemies... sorry, ain't continuing to play now.

I prefere yandere simulator. This game is boring beacause you cannot kill other people you can only kill bad people.and the controls are a bit slow so i died.senpai will never be mine.i prefer yandere simulator.and how to make senpai follow me

I hope you get Sued You do relize that stealing the characters/game play of a game developer CAN get you sued. This is absolutely rediculous that you've Stolen YandereDev ' s characters.

Horrible controls The camera works fine, but the controls are terrible. I nearly got killed because of the controls plenty of times before I quit.

Full of ads The gameplay is major crap and when i enter into a door an ad automatically plays that you have to wait for how many seconds and there's no option to stop it. Seriously? >:/ Uninstalling it now

Help Tsundere chan make Senpai love her foreverOn your way will stand a lot of other crazy yandere girls who want get him tooBut show no mercy kill your enemies collect coins and buy:* New weapons* Cute pantsu* And whole set of Senpai's heart*** Buy all heart pieces and Senpai will follow you everywhere and […]


Price Free
App Size MB
Instalations 500,000 - 1,000,000
Score 3.1
Developer Tsungire Games

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