Undergrave — Pixel Roguelike for PC and MAC

10/10 I know it was Alpha and meant to be short, but I love it. It has great potential to be an amazing game. One thing I'd like to see is if mushrooms dropped slightly more often, and bones has some other use (since bones seem to be the most common drop). Also, I beat the game twice, and only recently found an equitable item (being the mask which adds to fire damage), so maybe a few more of those would be cool. Lastly a save system would be amazing. Loved the game though.

How to use Undergrave — Pixel Roguelike for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Undergrave — Pixel Roguelike in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Undergrave — Pixel Roguelike on your PC or MAC.

I absolutely LOVED the game , at first the single life and no save point was aggravating but the more I played the less they seemed nessasary as you attempt to stay alive ! I've played to the end over and over now and even gone back through and collected all the chests I could reach ; liquid mycellium and the bess's wing thingy and it's still fun but where is the extended version???? I'm dyin here waiting for a year and it seems the dev sacked this project?!

RogueVania I love the homage to 2d Castlevania. Kind of reminds me of Morris, the old man NPC, from Circle of the Moon. I do like the crafting system, though I didn't delve too far in. You just have to read the recipes and it's not that hard. The controls need polishing, mainly the jump, but it is almost there. When climbing on ladders, maybe add the left and right buttons as well so players have to take a chance at jumping off. Other than that, superb. EDIT: Maybe some checkpoints too.

Undergrave is very is overlooked gem. It has very nice mixture of the metroidvania retro games with modern crafting and random mapping systems. The overal feeling of the game is spooky yet welcoming. I am an oldschool controller fan, with actual buttons, but developers did a great job making it possible to use touchscreen without lacking of action gameplay.

Really great but Maybe make a leveling system...with abilities..that would be interesting..or weapons idk..coffins could be used as checkpoints if there will be any.. that would be cool too :3 maybe implement the 'dodge' backwards more into the game. .make the enemies give a hint to when they're attacking

Really good for what it is, mad potential A little easy at the moment but the amount of potions you get for crafting is perfect, loving all the different potion effects and how they're not x element y damage. A little more responsiveness from the attacks, more fluid controls and more enemy variety would be nice. First review in the years I've had android, it's incredibly rare to see something with potential and isn't a ridiculous cashgrab, keep it up devs

Potentially GOAT Roguelike Platformer 5/5 I hope you dudes are doing what I think you're doing. From what I see so far this could turn out to be a game that a lot of people want. A true permadeth, proceduraly generated, rpg/platformer. Fun to play, explore, and learn in a way that is both Roguelike and reminiscent of games of the 8-16bit era. That said, the controls are a 0.5/5, tighten that up with a floating virtual d-pad that acts fluidly and contextually or at least just a basic d-pad. Its just a pain to control, ladders...I mean, come on.

Lots of Potential The atmosphere and graphics are phenomenal for an Android game. The crafting system is interesting and while the game is a bit bare-bones for now, the core gameplay is rock-solid. All it needs is more content. I previously complained about the virtual pad but the devs fixed that. Thanks!

Galaxy Note 5 Has a lot of potential. It kind of reminds me of a side-scrolling Dark Souls. It doesn't tell you how to do anything but that's good because this is going and I don't mind the guessing. Some options for button mapping or customization would be nice because I prefer to play on my tablet also you should never lose your progress just because you at exit the game so some save options would be nice

So much potential The game is in the alpha stage so I can't rate 5 (yet), however the potential is amazing. When this gets out, it'll be a blast.

Fun for an Alpha Could definitely do with some quests or objectives and definitely should have game saving. Also I'm a little confused about the appearance of items that can't be used in potions; what are they for?

Love the effort putted in the game Ok, starting off I love the 2D's castlevania and seeing this game brought me flashbacks and I love it it is still in alpha and a lot of work is needed for example putting an exp system so that progression is not only in the map but in the character, but no such thing as learning skills and putting points in stat just plain simple: level up, stats improved. Then for exploration itself put power ups in metroid style not just buying them because that tends people to farm and it becomes very tedious and boring.

It's small for the moment. A set of rooms come after each other randomly, and enemies don't regenerate (which I think is great especially if (like in my case) the crafting room never appeared again until I died about ten rooms later). It's a very simple but interesting game, somewhat reminiscent of Castlevania due to the whip and the music, and would like to see more after the full release.

i don't understand why there's a special button in the middle-down of the screen to get down the stairs/open treasures make no sense at all, its so uncomfortable, make it in the top of the others buttons, is way more ergonomic or even better why there's a special button for that in the first place, get rid of it or combine with the others just like any other game, what where you thinking lol great graphics tho

Lovely, tactical platforming with crafting Beautiful pixel animation rich with its vibrant, creepy theme haunts this early alpha platformer. Completely playable, the challenge is one of careful progress with ingredient crafting to make potions as both weapons and tools. Short but repeatable and promising.

Beautiful art, horrible control execution. If you're going to make a Rogue style game, the controls must leave no room for design error - - they're horribly unresponsive.

Raporteur on masturba-palpaur and Humaniur Righteur... There is no Save points on the crazy hell developed by the agly Russians... I would better uninstall it without any graves.

It's okay Really like the idea but it turns into a bit of a chore. Getting ingredients takes ages, getting back to the potion room takes ages, trying to stay alive isn't too difficult, it's surviving the massively long journeys through environmental hazards on the way back to base that kill you. I think the potion room should reward more quantity from potion brewing, but allow you to craft from anywhere with a mobile potion brewing kit or something. This game has 2 elements and I only ever see the use of one.

Great game Do you guys have a soundtrack for this game? Fucking stellar music. Also the game is great, but maybe... You can like craft a new weapon. Like a sword, but like it's would be realy hard to make. That is all

This is an excellent idea. Making it so that your melee weapon comes secondary to the potions is a fun new mechanic. Here's what I'd advise: 1.) Grant a second portion slot. It's too hard to change them effectively with a scroll when you can't change the inventory order. Having a second one would make much less of a glaring issue because I'd have at least two ready. 2.) Polish that jump button. Too many times did I fall and get nailed with a fire trap because the jump button didn't register. Bad jumping completely screws a platformer game, it needs to be dealt with. 3.) The potion system is kinda punishing, then too rewarding. I failed the first three attempts due to not having enough tonics and actually failing to create new ones since you must have the materials in a specific order and time it specifically. If you mess up, you can't even tell where it when. That's a little obnoxious. Then, you can acquire an abundance of materials and become an immortal god. I also think it's a tad bit too dependent on gunpowder. Mix up the recipes somewhere. That's all I have for now, but this has phenomenal potential. I hope great things come of this.

I love the game and everything, but i have some suggestions: 1.Autosave/quicksave 2.After you die and replay the game, how about you can find your own corpse and loot your items back? 3.Instead of "open" there shall be "loot" 4.Character customisation/other classes (archer, knight etc.). Just leaving some suggestions, would be very thankful if you guys took some ideas from here.

It's alright Main problem is I literally followed the book to make aninmated skull and it fails twice, so either the game is broken or I'm not getting something that is as obvious as it seems to be. It's sorta slow paced. And mostly I just dont need another game not enough to keep me on the app

I think this game is amazing, I could play it all day. I finished it wanting more, the potion brewing is awesome. Can't wait for it to be finished I hope theirs like 50 different potions, new enimies and area. Overall I'd say this game is extremely entertaining and compelling, it's something you wouldn't wanna miss

Tonic recipes wont work Ive followed the recipes but it keeps get me thw unknown substances. Keep dying only because of ran out of tonic as i can't brew new one. Sucks

Nice graphics. Like a castlevania clone, difficult to play on phone.

Its a lot of fun, Just a bit hard to understand, also I know the game is like Castlevania, but its almost a ripoff its so similar, try to make it a bit different, otherwise very fun (Sorry about my spelling)

Help me, please! I enjoy this game, however, I cannot play it due to the fact that the recipe for tonic isn't correct, and honestly I think I made it when I first started playing with a different recipe, but I don't remember how! Please, please update this! Thank you.

I really like it...but could you maybe make it so that it spawns random terrain each time?..also character creation...more weapons+potions...also please like a bigger base that you can teleport to or something...thanks....epic game

Better controls The game has potential. The other big problem is the controls, fix it.

The gameplay It needs checkpoints at each lab, with maybe a penalty of losing some potions, it's really annoying that when I die it's a new game. And every time I play it's a new game.

IM SORRY I play this F#cking game about a 100 times I'm sick of it.I wait for future update but a first its awesome but when everything get monotone its f#cking Annoying

Alpha So it is short. My main problem is the controls arent invisible but thats it.

Authentic This game gives me hope to see what else the developer will be putting out, great game!

It's Gorgeous your gonna be at the top make alchemy more add more uses besides storing or heating maybe mixing or subliming keep up!)

The control isn't much responsive, I've found myself not walking nor jumping nor attacking when I tapped it at times. Otherwise, it's an interesting game, has potential.

Fun but very short Bosses would be a nice addition, puzzles and some hidden rooms.

Is this game still being worked on..? I want to see an update..

Solid bones, but limited Looks great, feels nice, good music, but the platforming is really basic and sometimes fiddly. Definite potential.

This game is awesome this game should be completed but it has a lot of potential as a cool Castlevania remix. Good luck make me proud 👍

NEED MORE !!!!!! When will the full game come out ? I need it now !!

Undergrave is a pixel art platformer game with roguelike elements about alchemy and demons, in which every playthrough is unique.In the game you control a character, which can attack enemies with a chain and throw potions or drink them.To obtain potions, you must craft them with ingredients, which you can find in chests and defeated […]


Price Free
App Size MB
Instalations 50,000 - 100,000
Score 4.3
Developer Three Dudes Make Indie Games

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