Vector 2 for PC and MAC

Epic This game has improved very much compared to vector 1 . It has a lot if upgrades and things like that which were not there in vector 1. In Vector 1 there are just some obstacles and the hunter in Vector 2 there are lasers and mines and keys to activate doors. Its really fun and cool . I also like the armours and boots and all that stuff cause they can protect u from the lasers and mines and others and all of this is free . I gotta say the people of Nekki have really out done themselves

How to use Vector 2 for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Vector 2 in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Vector 2 on your PC or MAC.

Its ok now but feels like a beta version (well it is in incomplete, missing two chapters). Too many upgrades and why are there 3 versions for every trick (basic, superior and ultimate)? I don't mind the random levels, but there are too many random choices you get to make. Gear you get when you level up is random, rerolls are random, most of the stuff you get is random. At least the last patch gives you some fixed upgrades you can get (magnet, emp, dash). You had way more control in the first game and the scenery was better. Also, there is no way i'm buying random stuff with real money.

Console game in a smaller package Game really pulls you in, the syfy atmosphere, opening cinematic, and menus all help to present an interesting story. Love the load out options which add tremendous depth to the streamlined gameplay. Only thing keeping me from rating this a 5 is no pinch and zoom function in the menus.. type is way too small to read, which leads to some frustration when figuring out how to set up your game.

Terrible sequel to a great game The first vector was awesome. I loved the feeling of getting faster and working my way up to new tricks. This sequel threw all of that away. The levels are randomly generated so instead of learning a level and getting faster and better at it, it's just trying to react to what ever comes next. There are upgrades that help you survive traps but many parts where you are forced to die because some blue access card just didn't spawn earlier in the level. There is a bs energy system to make you stop playing.

Amazing This game is so cool and it has good looking graphics. I hope you guys add a free rome campaign and more mistery in the story line in vector 3.oh I almost forgot, please bring back the guard that used to chase him and let there be different characters to choose from

An excellent way to kill some time. I usually download a game and get tired of it after a few days but this is one of those games that you never really get tired of. The tricks are awesome and the floors are pretty challenging which is something I look for in a game. If it's too easy you just get bored with it quickly. But I highly recommended this game for anybody looking for a good time killer

NEKKI! Are you reading this! Vector 1 was my favourite mobile game! (Apart from jetpack joyride) But I was kind of disappointed when I installed this sequel. I went back to vector 1 to check the comments and they basically sum up all the flaws it had. Why doesn't vector 2 feel like an improvement?! Why doesn't NEKKI read our comments?! We may never know.πŸ’€

I was a big fan the first version of this game. And for the second version took away a lot of the qualities that I like. From the first game I love how you could be jumping from building to building and high distances while doing tricks. Unfortunately you're inside a building so there's very little space. Also the tutorial there's no way for you to go back and case you didn't grab everything. The storyline was a lot better in the first game. You hardly understand what they're presenting making it even harder to connect to the game or character. Also the menu options seem to be a big distraction you don't even understand why you need armor or why you need all these little additional options. So all you're focused on is let me go to the next level.

Vector 1 is better The first vector is simple, you just run, jump, unlock new moves and advance to the next level. This one is too complicated and has too many abilities and stuff. Phi f this was made in the same way the first one was then it'll be a lot more fun to play.

I DONT GET IT why are people hating on it? because there 2 stubborn and lazy 2 figure out a few mechanics? if thats all it takes to get people to hate a game I have lost serious hope in these people. I LOVE THIS GAME <3

Painfully flawed sequel. -1 star for lack of device support. Vector 2 requires much too much from a mobile device. -1 star for preventing personalized music (Spotify/iTunes) during gameplay. Both problems didn't exist in version why are they problems in version 2? I'm extremely dissatisfied with Vector 2. Giant disappointment.

The game just boring compared to the first one, the level is pretty mush same, you running around inside the building dodge some traps, do some tricks. The grapich just pretty much same with the first one, event the trick just copy paste from previous game. The energy sistem is annoying. If you play the first one this is huge downgrade from the first one.

-1 star: I don't like the energy system how you have to wait a certain time period. Why cant we just play the game? -1 star: I don't like the unlocking door thing because there's 3 doors and only like 1 to 2 keys in each level. It's the only reason I die. Overall, its a good game.

Best game Really good game hard. But that whats makes it so fun. And the music is cool too! THE TRICKS ARE FUN! Love the new update! EVERY THING ABOUT THIS GAME IS MAX LEVEL BEAST MOOD!πŸ˜†β˜ΊπŸ€“πŸ™ƒπŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ’£πŸŽ§πŸŽΆπŸ“±

Graphics and sounds are good but energy thing sucks Why would you guys make an awesome game but spoil all the fun because there's an energy bar that fills over a long period of time... I'm uninstalling the game. Still gave three stars because of the graphics and a different theme which I really appreciate.

Confusing This game is way more complicated than it has to be. I honestly don't even understand how to play or navigate the menu. The first one was great and it was simple in its design. I had no problem figuring things out in the first game and collecting all of the tricks. Now I have no clue how to get tricks. Just says I need 5 more to unlock. 5 more of what?! Plus they've added that stupid energy system that all companies do when they've sold out and become money grubbers. Instead just play the first one.

not the best I'm a big fan of Parkour and the vector series but this game was a let down so here's some suggestions. One I miss the security guy plz add him back two I want there to always be the ability to go the safe way cuz. I always die going the danger way so plz add three less traps layers I'm okay wit but there too many bombs and mines so plz less of those thank you

Β«UPDATE!Β» (The new update is real cool, but it feels a bit more laggy... Whenever I'm destroyed, I could not go back to the title screen like it used to be. It'll just freeze in there! Please fix this problem, thank you πŸ’•) The new look is very nice; it's simple and clean! The new tips on the loading screen is very helpful, and hey, new picture~ Graphics are becoming much better, what a love! I still love this game. I'm looking forward to the next update, can't wait for the new chapter updates!

Fix the randomizer I've been playing though and am realizing your randomizer for generating parts of a level needs some work. Sometimes I am forced though hazards when I have no other option and no key was available to pickup. Also sometimes the traps are impossible to avoid and feel wrong.

Difficult to play without purchasing upgrades Game is amazing but they are trying their best to make player purchase upgrades and other stuff by making it hard to reach required rank. Have spent 30 data chips to reach rank 5 but still I didn't.

Good gameplay, but... The decryption key stuff always stops you from getting any further than rank 5 for most of the time. This could just be me for being dumb but the mission on floor 8 is way harder than it needs to be once you are halfway done, I honestly haven't gone past it yet. Apart from all that it's a great game with many improvements and I'll leep playing it.

Stole my money I liked it at first. So I bought full version for two dollars. Said it came with upgrade kits. It didn't so I put fifteen dollars for upgrade kits. Never got them but the payment went through. So I figured it was just loading. I thought maybe when I turned the game back on they would come in. Nope. Stole my money.

Absolutely worthless and mindless game. Complete laziness on behalf of the developers. The original was pretty fun. This is entirely different, ruined, and a complete waste of time. I passed the game out of desperation that it would improve in Chapter 2, which doesn't exist.

It's a decent sequel with good game controls and graphics. Although it's a little disappointing because chapter 2 isn't out yet and so the progress just halts after that. One cannot really rate the game properly unless they see and play chapter 2. So far.. it's good is all I can say.

Impossible to beat I don't know if you need to purchase certain things or this game is really hard . Sometimes they throw obstacles that have no way through them thrice in a row , your armour just gets waisted by the 6th level and on the 7th they throw so many bombs that you die instantly within one second of that level. When you use tokens to reanimate the game puts you directly in front of another bomb and you die again immediately

It's OK Pretty much hate what you've done to a simple concept of the original game. Nekki's special style is still there and as good as ever, but the game itself is overcomplicated and tiring to play. I liked plain simple first game better. Still a quality product tho.

Dumest game I ever played friends please don't download this game I bet you that you will delete the in a week . It's very boring to play I say that please download shadow fight 2. Actually I BN should give zero star instead

Overcomplicated The first game was simple and fun. This one has a lot of features that i really don't care about. Also, an ad popped up just as i tried to press the play button causing me to be redirected which is the worst method of advertising. I don't like this game.

Should be great, but Buggy. Lag means jumps aren't timed right. Watching ads don't always reward. Swipes don't always get the action they should. This is sometimes lag causing a different trick, but also sometimes no action, the PC plows straight through obstacle instead of dodging it. Also, with all these problems, watching a video or spending data to reanimate should yield a say, 2 second invulnerability. Better than dying immediately after waiting 30 seconds through an ad of something I would never play.

Vector 1 is better I was so much interested to play vector 2....because it's first part was mind blowing.. but when I downloaded vector 2 . I forced to uninstall it.. it is just a mind eating game..there are nothing to enjoy the game..very difficult and complicated game..but vector 1 is hundred times better than this game..because it is simple and easy to operate and play..

Not as good as the first The 1st Vector had you constantly being chased, which made you feel tense whenever you messed up, this game has nothing. The 1st Vector didn't truly force you to memorize the level design. This one does.

Vector 2 is way too complicated. What was once a straightforward game is now a confusing mess. The menus are too complex, and the opening tutorials left me more confused than when I started. I hate to leave this review as Vector 1 was a fantastic, solidly built game.

It's fun enough, but it feels pretty aimless compared to the first one. You wind up re-doing the same floors over and over again, apparently only in an effort to get more upgrades. Now I'm at the point where there are several upgrades left to unlock but no real objective to accomplish. Seeing as I have to start at floor 15, and make it all the way to floor 21 over and over again to get ONE ultimate upgrade each time, for no apparent reason, I think I'm done. Is there an upper floor limit? Is there an end to the game? Is there a hint of a story? Do I reach the top and dive into a hay bale? Am I actually underground and reach the surface? Is this the hidden wing of the Black Mesa research facility? Inquiring minds...

Awesome This game requires concentration but it's still fun. Usually I hate games that require concentration but this one really got me. The reason why I love this is because of the future vibe y o u get. Overall I think this is a great game

Commercialism ruined the franchise. The first one was so great because you didn't have to pay to play. If you were good, you could unlock all the levels. However, Vector 2 is littered with ads and levels that are just plain too hard to beat. Terrible sequel to a now dying franchise.

The game is jacked. They guy will run in to lasers that can't be avoided and whenever I watch a video to be revived, they don't work. Other than the glitchy things, it ok

Nice and good BUT. I love the 1st vector.. But this one is so difficult and complicated to play, to much bombs and some got damn keys.. I think it more fun if you put the guard back and less some bombs..

Dissapointing The game is confusing at first but fun after I was able to understand it. The only huge problem is that it takes way too long to recharge energy. Its hard to enjoy a game if you can't play it. There also should not be times when it is not possible to avoid damage. It was a horrible decision for designing the game and it completely takes skill out of the equation.

I really liked everything about Vector 2, and is everything I would hope to be as a sequel to Vector, however many changes there are, but the only thing I didn't like, and I hate, is the energy system like in Shadow Fight 2. I hate it more that Shadow Fight 2's because Vector didn't, and I never played Shadow Fight (1). Some may say that the loading is a little long, but I think it's an appropriate amount of time because the levels are (or seem to be) randomly generated, and when I say randomly generated, I mean as randomly generated as Minecraft is randomly generated.

The first one was much better I played the Original Vector 3 years ago and it was a really enjoyable game. Now after playing the new one, it left me very dissapointed - it has more micro transactions and the gameplay is somehow more boring than the first one. I recommend you to play the original Vector.

Vector 2 features intense gameplay with procedurally generated environment and lifelike animations in a dystopian world. RUN FOR YOUR LIFEDescend through a huge and complex research facility and try to get out alive – over and over again. GEAR UPThere's no good run without good equipment! Try out experimental high-tech gear that will help you […]


Price Free
App Size MB
Instalations 10,000,000 - 50,000,000
Score 4.4
Developer NEKKI

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