Viking World for PC and MAC

Has an enormous potiental, but needs work As a programmer and gamn art designer, I see that this game has practically infinite potential. I experimented a lot with it, and I notice that the forgeries give infinite silver when you sell iron. The slaves are very very tweaky, they definitely need more accurate commands. I don't like how it's called an open world game when you are restricted to paths on land. I wish that the land was as freely open as the seas. There should be more build options, and the stone walls for the farmhouse doesn't work

How to use Viking World for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Viking World in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Viking World on your PC or MAC.

New review edited I'm adding a star for content and massive size of the game! I noticed if you save and leave the match, when you return your armor resets itself and you need to purchase upgrades again. The weapon stays upgraded, the silver also stays. Also when you return to the game you won't be a jarl any longer, the bribe button works but alliences don't work when presented to jarls. Villagers won't accept you as jarl for very long after a few minutes your longhouse is occupied by the dead jarl

It could be great The problems are movement, combat, npc, the bandits look like the villagers so you have to wait for them to attack the boat turns to slow then to fast. I would like you to add a lv system so damage isn't limited to the equipment.

Fix and improved! First of all, this game freeze alot even on low quality graphic, it doesnt run smooth on high end devices.the control suck. need lots of improvement. make it where we can move 360° degrees. this game has high potential to be one of the best open world game on mobile devices. and i understand its still on beta, but FIX IT!

Just cant. Really like the idea. Super cool idea. But far too annoying. NPC always block you when trying to move. Combat is wierd and really really clunky. I tried to play it, really did. But cant handle how terribly annoying it is just to walk through a city, and how clunky the fighting is. And how annoying the wolves are when they move sideways when you cant. More like alpha than beta.

Love the game but I love the game but the lag is so freaking slow, please get RID of the ff. Moving graphics like cloud, fog, moving ocean, maybe it'll help improve the performance of the game.. hope this game is not dead pls reply if you update the game i would glady play it asap

Not too bad so far. As an indie game development and for being on a phone, it certainly tries. However, the fighting, traveling and camera angle need a ton of work. But as it stands, with current competitors (barely any), excellent. And at LEAST someone is trying to make a world traveling viking game.

Great concept, controls need work I love the idea. It's exactly what I've been looking for. Unfortunately, although it says Beta, it feels like a concept demo. You plunge us into a full world, interactible. We can sail, fish, and kill. I'm dissapointed for the lack of controls, not being able to move in first person. It's dreadful how we move on a platformer fashion, side to side. I wish there was a way to fully move in all 360 degrees, in first person, with ease of controls. needs work with some features, like thralls Wish could post more

U make it seem so awesome But u walk only side to side what the hell man... I was really excited to play it had everything I loved in the description but when I just played it it was horrible plzz... update game to where it is first person and u can look anywhere

Well... Its an awesome game. But thralls and livestock ghost or disappear when you close the app. As well as anything you build. Buttons stick or ghost. Some businesses you cant talk to period. When you get to jarl your citizens recruit and tribute options disappear completely after you leave your land and come back.... But the entire idea is epic.. I got my high score to 4,000 before a wolf randomly 1 shotted me at hull health.. About 2,000 silver and a hell of a lot of goods. Gone.. v im not gonna start over till some of this stuff is fixed.. Ive got like 48 hours invested.. But nope not gonna do it again till this gets smoothed out.. A save option would be good. or when you die a portion of silver goes to your silver stash for next play through.. Just an idea. After seeing the reviews though.. It doesnt look like this will be updated.. Abandoned project?

The scope of this game is absolutely awesome and I would love for it to work but he game play on the other hand is soooo horrendous. It's like having the best car engine in the world running on pushchair tyres... the mechanics are all out of place.

Amazing for me I can not wait for this to git better I play this again and again and it doceint git old to surviveing in the wild as long possible or getting lost in the ocean for having too much whale oil lol I don't know if it's good for other people but I love it

This game is alright, graphics look pretty nice l. Still confused on how to use certain mechanics like unclear commands. My suggestion would be an in depth tutorial on the functions. Other than that, nice job.😉

Stop you haters... Stop rating it as if it were a console game, its awesome and has great potential Please devs dont give up... 9 or something months and no update has me on edge i love game to bits thanks for your patience ☺

It's alright Being the history and norse loving heathen I am and compared to other games I've played and how many things this game has is absolutely awesome and very well done but as its been stated there are some off things that need to be worked on and fixed but that said giving it a try very well done

Great game Great game. But many problems when I load a saved game like my boat and thralls disappearing etc. I like the game very much and hope an update soon.

Needs work Wonderful ideas, no explanation of myriad of buttons and controls, very confusing, character control is very inhibited and simple, like Mario but worse. If this had a first person shooter/RPG feel and controls, I'd be hooked, and pay money.

Good concept but It lags,crashes and the lag ruins the game so much to where I could barely play also I could barely see the text but i do like the idea of text and the overall game.

Needs more of a "Nintendo" finish among other little things Really would like to play, but at the moment, the game is a confusing, incohesive work-in-progress. It seems very rich and innovative and it would be a true shame if development were to cease in its current state. I'd say add more light and less confusion/ people running mad within cities, turn-based halted-movement combat, a more user-friendly interface, and maybe even a tutorial. The buttons should be labelled with words or understandable symbols, the walkable path could even go for a dim-lit option.

Started off fine Now the game keeps resetting its self and it is getting worst please try and fix this before I have to gat rid of the game

Ok....I Gave a 2- because it seems like it would be a great game. Has potential, but lack structure in hero movement...(And you have 2 give some kind of instruction on game play, I know most games like this, but this one needs some "slpain-in"..I could get into this game, but make the first person view able 2 look around, and the side scroll is a little hard, when navigating around to shops and houses. Most times you just wander around till you fall in a house some where and then buy I said- love the idea,..but..

Unplayable It is almost impossible to control your character on land and the boat controls are atrocious it lags horribly even on the lowest setting.

Bad It keep restarting itself...... Please update :) please update and fix this, this is the kind of game I'm looking for. I hope you fix it. I don't want to uninstall this game :(

Help Idownloaded it.. And i click to open..but it stays stuck on loading screen.. Any ideas why? Or how i can get it to work

Good I love the idea and gameplay, but every time I try to sail to England, my game crashes. Any help would be appreciated.

Glitches out I cant even choose a village and it glitches out please fix

Needs a tutorial. It seems really great, but I don't know what to really do. The controls are also really weird.

I love the game but every time I go out of the app my thralls disappear and I lose my ship if you don't fix these I will complain if you fix them I will give 5 stars

This game gave a lot of thing y'all just have to fix the controlling and also the graphic please make more easy for you to become a jarl and y'all have fix the boat because everytime I get on the boat it doesn't sail or it laggy or it spins in circles If y'all can fix these Pringle I give this game 5 stars

epic concept The controls are absolutely chaos don't know what is going on but it looks like an awesome concept change the controls make it more open world

so many bugs the one problem is when u play after sometime the bug will cause it unable to turn and u will be stuck only moving left and right and u cant do anything about it fix this and pls add many other options the jarls bug and the other stuff like pig changing into sheep after u reload the game and make a better save option so we can save insteas of saving when the we only can move left and right i am sure this will make alot of money if u like do some ads to fund your game so many ppl playing fix is and its fine

Tons of potential has everything I would look for it just needs the Kinks worked out hope the developers have not abandoned this it really would be a shame

The graphics and gameplay are great reminds me of a mount and blade warband game but the movement and fighting could be better make it to where we can do 360 joystick movement and maybe make the fighting a little less clunky and this game would be AMAZING

You can't go left or right or do much of anything the 1% excitement is in sailing Can't move left or right can't mine and randomly declares you an outlaw do not get this game

The frame rate is terrible it's lagging and it's not easy to navigate, it would be better if the game had quests to give you an orientation with what you should start first also a fast travel would come in handy

Progression Hey over all game has potential controls a little rough no tutorial creator could we get an update on how things are progressing in your end? Thank you

Great idea for a game and everything but it lags, freezes and crashes. Please fix. This app will be a star

Terrible Sucks like s*** you can't do much because it lags like c*** fix it if you want me to get it again!

It is ok but maybe you could make a update so we can run away​ from the cops so we won't have to die the game.

bug? i tap load game and it just restarts it doesnt throw me out of the game just restarts

Dominate the vast world of Viking-age Northern Europe in original 3D side-scroller, open-world rpg adventure! ● Enormous hand-sculpted 3D game world to explore, raid & settle! Over 60 towns and villages with shops, buildings and churches to loot & burn. Lots of villagers and warriors of over 40 clans to chat & trade, or attack […]


Price Free
App Size MB
Instalations 100,000 - 500,000
Score 3.3
Developer Thorium Game Lab

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