WWE Champions Free Puzzle RPG for PC and MAC

Game would be better if the player had a decent chance of winning more often. This game could be way, way better if you actually had a decent chance on winning and advancing. I refuse to spend money on this game until it gets better!!! This game is set up to make you pour money into it used to be fun now it sucks just like the athority sucks!!!! This game blows don't waste your money on it. You have no chance unless you waste your cash on this worthless game. How about the developers make this game a little more user friendly? Thanks for adding ads (like you really need too seeing as how the wwe is a multi Million or even billion dollar company) game is still designed to suck as much money as they can get. How about you actually listen and make this more fun to play!!!!!!!

How to use WWE Champions Free Puzzle RPG for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type WWE Champions Free Puzzle RPG in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use WWE Champions Free Puzzle RPG on your PC or MAC.

When the game was launched it was absolutely awesome. But now since the recent few updates its just got worse and worse and now possibly one of the most frustrating things that can happen to a great game to make it crap has occurred: ADDS. THIS GAME NOW SUCKS. REMOVE THE ADDS AND ITS THE BEST MOBILE GAME ONCE AGAIN.

After update can't even on the game. It took almost 20 minutes to enter the game. What a horrible update. Earlier they cheated by giving 20 duplicate posters of superstar in guaranteed 2 star by collecting 10000 chips. If you want you want to give just poster of hero then why do you call guarantee 2 star player. After messaging to help and support team they just gave 5 health pack and sikpped the chat.

Could be a good game but hard to advance. I just started, only level 5, but I'm stuck already. I need my wrestlers to be stronger to fight the higher level wrestlers but all my guys are maxed out waiting to be enhanced but that's nearly impossible bc I need to max out my moves first and I need posters to do so. Said posters are supposed to be awarded in loot but I've never gotten one. Sucks, I really like this game but I'm going to uninstall it soon. Give more posters and I'll up my rating. Marvel did it better

It's a good fun game however I've noticed that lately when I use a submissive finisher the game will freeze to the point I'm forced to close it which makes me have to use a medical pack on the two characters and gives me a loss. It often does this when I'm about to win a match and it's frustrating. It happens most often with Andre the giant bear hug and now it just happened with big shows colossal clutch

I was really enjoying this game. Fun and addictive. Mind you, there were no ads before last update. Now for the bad. Ads and lots of them. After each match you get an ad. I don't like it. Takes away from the enjoyment of this game. If these ads continue I will delete. It's bad enough that WWE Immortals has not been updated with new characters, but at least there are no ads to put up with. Take in mind developers, having pop up ads after each match will drive gamers like me who enjoy wwe games away. Next update...do away with ads.

I love WWE Champions and really would love to play it again but I'm still not getting a connection. I have tried everything to get a connection but all have failed. Sucks because I have some pretty good guys on my roster...But I still give 5 stars and recommend as this is not only a game but a serious game changer!

Developers clearly only care about milking the users for every nickel they can. Release glitch filled updates, at a certain point you can't continue without using the pay to win option to level your characters and the recent patch makes it so that you can't collect loot....but did include advertisements.

Clearly this is not a game where you can play for free and expect to advance. I understand if people want to pay to do things faster but here it seems you have to pay to do anything at all. Tokens you need are hard to come by, trade in chips for new guys and you get duplicate posters, loot boxes give you nothing but coins, it's infuriating. Also, now with annoying ads. Dont waste your money.

I know it's still new, but sometimes the game freezes at the loading screen transition after a match has completed, so I have to close and restart several times a day. And faction members are mentioning how they'll start matches with barely any health despite fully healing prior... Other than that, a fun game! EDIT: Down to 3* because bug STILL NOT FIXED

Suddenly there is a 30 second ad after every freakin' match. Never get any new superstars even from the supposed "guaranteed" option. Never get any certain upgrade tokens no matter how much I grind and waste my time. What I do get is more instabilities (bugs crashes freezes etc) after every update.

It was a good game to play, But after the last update there is something wrong with the gameplay specially in tag team contests. Even battling against lower talent point has become an uphill task as their life and power are much higher than mine even though my players have a higher overall talent point.

If I spend money on this game, I deserve better. You give me crappy one star characters that I already have and are maxed out on. Why should I be giving this scam of a game a single dime let alone keep playing. If this doesn't change soon, I will personally go out of my way to bash this game on every social media platform I can find and I will find others to join. You have the fans ready and willing to spend the money. Make it worth it to us to actually do it. I'm not saying give me a 3 star.... But you have all these characters and it's just a big tease.

Pay to win in the worst way - you'll be stuck with the initial wrestlers unless you pay to unlock more. Unlocking through events is a joke. One match might get you 10 tokens, which seems ok until you see that you need 10,000 tokens for a single unlock! Don't expect being able to play and enjoy it much as a free user. Update - now they have added ads... as if it wasn't enough of a cash grab already. Ads that play sound even if you've disabled the game sounds and interrupt the music you're listening to. Goodbye terrible game, uninstalled.

Great game lots of fun And customer service team work well to fix your problems. However lost 2 stars because the game keeps telling me i have insufficient storage causing me to uninstall then reintall in order for me to play also its to hard to get the rare tokens you need to upgrade from 2 star or 1 and a half star silver.

Let's see, if you play faction feud you can't take your out of it until it's totally done even if you don't want to play, you put a player on heal request and they don't even show up so nobody can help it freezes on the John cena screen after matches. So many damn bugs it's ridiculous. The update was the worst thing you could of done. Newest thing, they decided to add ads after every match.... game just keeps going farther into the toilet.

I don't mind grinding out matches to get the needed upgrades, but the health recharge is ridiculous. I leave the game for 11 hours and my characters barely recovered half their health. Very poor design.

My only issue is when you complete the different objectives to get free cash it doesnt pay out. And the game glitches sometimes causing me to lose the match and my superstar gets injured

It is extremely difficult to get new wrestlers after unlocking the first 9. That is one of several problems the game makers seem to be ignoring. However, the candy crush meets wwe gets combined brilliantly.

Was a fun game, but been having issues of it freezing during a submission hold on various characters too many times. Very frustrating especially since I was like a second away from winning... After the update the game still hangs up after matches end or sometimes right before it ends leaving me without the win and low health. Kinda sucks after a difficult match to not only lose all your HP but have to replay the match all over again. Uninstalled

Would be okay if they did not force you to use crap people like Roman. Choice is one thing, but you have to use him, that's garbage. Plus, it's NOT an RPG at all

The addition of ads after every match is annoying. It was much better before. I probably won't deal with an ad every minute. Uninstall if if you don't want to deal with with ads every minute in order to play

It might a disappointment for someone expecting a fighting game as its a gems matching game... But a little more than just matching gems. Only thing thats making people download is WWE superstars. Not bad... Really not bad at all.

Look!! I wrote about this before I just spent $20 trying to get some new characters and once again only got things I already have in the last 2 weeks I've spent $60 and I've only got one new character you guys make getting new characters to hard and it's taking the fun out of the game I'm not going to keep suporting your game just to get robbed out of my money!! This is very disappointing and you guys need to do something about it and stop robbing the fans!! Please and Thank You!!

It was ad free earlier, now after new update the has ads after almost every match, which is so irritating. We were not habitual.

Frustrating, can't even connect to the game anymore since the update. Used to play daily and now stuck at 3% loading but won't start up. if not fixed would soon would like a refund for the money I spent on the bags and items.

I love this game. Like a lot of people say, it's addictive. The sound, graphics and playability are top notch. My only reason for 3 stars is 2 reasons, one big, one small. First, I would ask for the new music. Hearing Seth Rollins and Brocks music over and over, gets annoying. The music I had to turn off. The second thing, there's some bug i would like to address. After finishing several matches on story or special match modes, the game gets stuck and doesn't move. I touch the screen and it takes me to purchase loot bags. Not sure if that's on purpose, but annoying none the less.

Couldn't progress very far in the game as the health reporting was rubbish. Multiple times I went into matches thinking I had a fully rested superstar, only for them to have 300 health, resulting in a quick finisher and pin. If this is sorted, the game would be quite a little gacha match 3... Edit: Ads after every other match. I've watched 2 in 4 minutes. Unacceptable really.

I am not happy because this game is allowing advertising for other games inside the gameplay itself, when it goes to load for match play by suggesting that I quit playing this durning a match and go watch an advertising for another game while this game loads during match play its almost double advertising in one game which I am not happy with

Why has the drop rates been altered so much? Even when I'm buying things I can't get any new players just characters I already have to use for move uodates..something needs to be fixed. And soon. There's no reason to support the game 8f I'm just getting no benefit out of it.

After the last update,game is getting slower & even doesn't load most of the time,even sumtimes the Game gets hang & its cost to lost the match & please do sumthing to get players easy & now in my 5 premium chips crats i got training points cards,what is this,i want my 5 players.now game won't even start

The game was great till i purchased the Shane O'Mac Contract. It didnt give me the signing bonus that it said i would get... ive contacted their "SO CALLED" Customer Support....They are basically ignoring the fact that i paid for something and didnt receive it. Ive sent copies of my receipt and anything needed to prove my purchase and im still being swept under the rug. Thanks Scopely for removing any fun i was having with this game, and proving to me why its best to not have faith in you folks.... just too bad countless other people will probably deal with this exact same crap.....

DON'T BE FOOLED!! The offers of notes after installing certain apps is a joke! They do not work and do not keep to their side of the deal. Game is good but repetitive!

It's great when I'm playing it. It doesn't always load. Currently stuck on 3%and unable to play. Hoping to play again soon

When you update something ur supposed to make it better!!!! Wtff with the ads!?! And the factions?! When I send a msg or send a heal request it just stays BLANK wtf?? Fix it!! The update fucked up the gameeee

Guys don't let the nice graphics fool you.. This is a con game with sole purpose to force you to pay money.. Even console games are cheaper than this.. Uninstall before u get hooked.. The game is obviously rigged to let you loose.. They don't even care to read the comments on the game.. Shame on WWE

Lots of potential, good concept but ruined by bad execution and decision to remove everything from the game to make players feel absolutely awful and unrewarding. The game keep cutting and reducing the ingame progress of a player is able to grind for and make them feel like they r wasting their time unless they spend money. Yeah the game have a huge list of 84 wrestlers but u wont get more than 20 wrestlers for months. Always trash Duplicates rinse repeat again and again in lootpacks. If ur feeling too good about urself and wants to feel bad becoz ur a masocist feel free to play this game and open some packs as it will make u feel like shiit and major disappointment. This game projects bad hormones from ur body and creates high blood pressure

Spent 80000 coins upgrading a character to lvl 30, i lost the coins and my character is still lvl 1. Wrote message to complain about this and got no reply...will rate higher if this gets sorted

Games too hard to get new champions it's more of a pay to win and I feel like you have to pay alot.. should be away to unlock who you want when you want and not leave everything to chance or rng

Could be better but it's new so we will see. Update - Well they added forced ads after matches. Scopely is so greedy with this game. Seems impossible to make any progress at a resonable rate without paying. If you are going to try to bring a 1 star bronze up to a 3 star gold you will need a ridiculous amount of materials. I feel this game actively hates me for not wanting to spend hundreds of dollars on it.

Battle the ultimate fantasy match ups in WWE Champions, the new puzzle RPG that pits the greatest WWE Superstars against each other in the ultimate quest for stardom. Collect and customize your team of WWE Superstars and battle through generations of the WWE’s greatest. Send your team into a WWE ring to test your fighting […]


Price Free
App Size MB
Instalations 5,000,000 - 10,000,000
Score 4.3
Developer Scopely

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